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Marketing Communication Campaign Evaluation


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The basis of this presentation is "What, When and How" to evaluate a Marketing Campiagn.

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Marketing Communication Campaign Evaluation

  1. 1. MARKETING COMMUNICATION Campaign Evaluation<br />Presentation Flow<br /><ul><li>Whatto Evaluate?
  2. 2. When/How to Evaluate?
  3. 3. Evaluation Techniques
  4. 4. Recommendations</li></ul>Satyam Arora<br />
  5. 5. WHATTO EVALUATE?<br />Formative (Front-end)<br /> Objective: To Assess strength/weakness during/before the project<br /><ul><li>Target audience perception towards the issue?
  6. 6. What message work with what audience?
  7. 7. Best Messengers?</li></ul>Process Evaluation<br />Objective: To Measure efforts and direct output<br /><ul><li>Evaluation of Campaign’s reach
  8. 8. Number of people reached
  9. 9. Material Put</li></ul>Outcome Evaluation<br />Objective: To Measure effect and changes that result from the campaign<br /><ul><li>Any affective change
  10. 10. Any behavioural change
  11. 11. Any policy change</li></ul>Impact Evaluation<br />Objective: To measure Community-level Change or long-term results<br /><ul><li>Has the behavior resulted in intended outcomes?
  12. 12. Any system-level change</li></ul>Satyam Arora<br />
  13. 13. WHEN/HOWTO EVALUATE?<br />Satyam Arora<br />
  14. 14. Econometrics<br /><ul><li>Mindshare and BrandScience are two of many companies who are not implementing this complex statistical methodology to measure ads effectively.
  15. 15. Attempts to build relation between different sets of events.</li></ul>RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)<br /><ul><li>It uses a microchip, an antenna and radio waves to identify people or objects.
  16. 16. Place sensors in magazine and tag the reader to see what they read and time spent looking on an advertisement.</li></ul>Eyetools<br /><ul><li>Viewer is asked to view an ad and a beam of infrared lights is aimed at the eye. The beam follows the movement of eye of the viewer and shows the exact spot where the viewer is focusing.
  17. 17. It is inexpensive and complements it’s credential by adding realism.
  18. 18. IBM, American Express and Cisco are some of the clients.</li></ul>EVALUATION TECHNIQUES<br />Online assessment of Campaigns are getting prominent. Itest assessment, MetrixLabs, etc. have come up with various measurement techniques to measure you Brand related issues.<br />Satyam Arora<br />
  19. 19. RECOMMENDATIONS<br /><ul><li>To compute the actual change in, and compare the Corporate Equity before and after the campaign, a similar research finding is essential on the basis on which the campaign is planned.
  20. 20. Other Important Measurements:
  21. 21. Source Factors: Who is speaking for you?
  22. 22. Message Variables: Is your message strong enough to create the pull?
  23. 23. Media Strategies: Which media and why?
  24. 24. Budgeting Decision: Anticipation of Investment and Output.
  25. 25. Pre-tests are important from Cost Standpoints- whether it be Actual Cost or Opportunity Cost.
  26. 26. Publishing Case Studies is a good means of reaching out to Potential Employees. (Via B-Schools, MDPs, etc.)
  27. 27. Social networking sites have their own Evaluation Mechanism.
  28. 28. Continuity/Innovation always helps.</li></ul>Satyam Arora<br />
  29. 29. Thank<br />You!<br />Satyam Arora<br />