Syncron - SAP Partnership
Maximize supply chain performance, lower total cost...
Syncron and SAP solve global supply chain challenges
Tired of snail-like ERP rollouts and costly high risk IT projects? By...
60% of the Syncron
                                                                                    customer base is us...
Combining the best of two worlds
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Syncron Sap Partnership


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Syncron Sap Partnership

  1. 1. MANAGE YOUR GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN - EASILY Syncron - SAP Partnership Maximize supply chain performance, lower total cost of ownership, and accelerate return on investment for our common growing customer base. Syncron, the fast growing supply chain management vendor and SAP, the world’s leading provider of e-business software solutions have entered into a partnership. Benefits of the Syncron SAP solution Easy integration Quicker ROI by extending your SAP implementation with Syncron Solutions Reduced cost of integration using Syncron SAP adapter Access leading supply chain functionality and flexibility No customization of your SAP solution
  2. 2. Syncron and SAP solve global supply chain challenges Tired of snail-like ERP rollouts and costly high risk IT projects? By adding Syncron to your SAP and other ERP implementations you can extend your collaboration, improve the performance of your supply chain and get the flexibility you need to stay ahead. Stop adjusting your business to the IT solution limitations. Join the global leaders on a smarter, faster and more cost efficient path to support your global processes! Global supply chain challenges Companies across the manufacturing sector are striving to deal with Syncron is leading the way competitive pressures and the speed of change. Globalization and industry in your industry consolidation have forced companies to re-examine their approaches to managing supply chains. Linking supply chain requirements with global We offer best-of-breed supply business strategies, supported by information technology, is an increas- chain solutions that have been ingly complex issue. As a reaction many companies are considering to, or tailored to the specific need have made, significant investments in SAP to provide a backbone to help of the industries we serve, transform their organizations and implement common processes. namely: Mining & Construction The power of one – a romantic cliché Equipment SAP focuses on ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning. To provide additional comprehensive functionality for specific industry sectors SAP has a wide Industrial Equipment ranging partner eco-system. It is acknowledged by SAP that success in today’s marketplace only can be achieved through co-innovation. Aerospace & Defence Emerging business challenges require holistic thinking. SAP has invested Automotive heavily in ongoing efforts to move to an open architecture to integrate best-of-breed solutions. Consumer & Industrial Products Syncron + SAP = support for global processes Syncron provides fully integrated best-of-breed supply chain solu- tions certified by SAP. The full potential of the SAP business suite can thereby be leveraged. 60% of the Syncron customer base already has benefited from this partnership and utilizing this unique technology to extend their supply chain processes throughout their enterprises MANAGE YOUR GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN - EASILY
  3. 3. 60% of the Syncron customer base is using SAP The joint SAP and Syncron customer references include: Atlas Copco BAE systems British Gas Deutsche Bahn JCB Syncron optimizes global inventory, enhances order and supply manage- Komatsu ment processes and streamlines the flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain, end-to-end. Manitowoc Metso independent of the existing IT infrastructure. To meet the new business drivers Syncron provides its customer base with solutions with flexibility TetraPak and strong business process management capabilities in combination with robust functionality to support sophisticated and complex global supply Volvo chain processes. VW This solution combination will maximize supply chain performance, lower total cost of ownership, and accelerate return on investment for our common growing customer base. A powerful combination Global supply chain leaders need best-of-breed solutions Companies have made significant investments in SAP business Is this the solution of tomor- solutions, but the rapidly changing market, organizations continue to be row? Yes - We are convinced challenged with adapting to changing business needs. Many global orga- and researchers agree: nizations also face the challenge of integrating and collaborating in their supply chain processes that often reaches outside of the their own legal “ There are virtually no enterprise. To achieve this SAP needs to be integrated with the extended single enterprise appli- value chain but this is can be very time consuming, complex and costly. cations today that can fill all of a user’s needs. Simultaneously managing global sourcing and fulfillment, multiple Some combination of channels, customized orders and increased demand for rapid deliveries best-of-breed and in- makes the planning and execution process extremely complex. This of- tegrated suites will be ten leads to part shortages, excess inventory, increased rush orders, staff with us for some time. overtime and unorganized transportations. The results include high costs and decreased customer service. Aberdeen Group Syncron is the best-of-breed provider leading the way unifying the supply chain processes of manufacturing companies across organizational, geographical and technological boundaries. MANAGE YOUR GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN - EASILY
  4. 4. Combining the best of two worlds Proven results The SAP eco-system, of which Syncron is an integral part, helps SAP customers address challenges specific to their industry needs. As Syncron is a global leader in the area of supporting large scale manufacturing and 60% of the Syncron customer distribution companies to maximize the performance of their global supply base already has benefited chain processes the two companies, SAP and Syncron found it natural to from the Syncron SAP part- enter into a formal partnership. nership. This powerful com- bination allows our customers Being a SAP Partner is a solid stamp of approval that identifies Syncron to extend their supply chain as a valuable player and value added partner in the Enterprise Software processes throughout their market. With the resulting partnership status, Syncron activities are enterprises independent of ensured to be compliant with SAP, providing superior supply chain the existing IT infrastructure. management applications and the highest level of expertise for any organization using SAP solutions. Combining Syncron and SAP solutions: Syncron is focused on supporting SAP customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries to realize the tremendous benefits available to them Maximize supply chain from efficient supply chain management. Syncron has therefore certified performance. Syncron Solutions v.8 and developed a SAP Adapter. Lower total cost of owner- The entire Syncron application portfolio has been tested and approved ship. by SAP Integration & Certification Center and with our new standard adapter we can deliver industry leading integration functionality and services Accelerate return on in- enabling short implementation times and quicker time to value for vestment for our common companies running SAP. The adapter supports bidirectional calls in growing customer base. real-time between Syncron Solutions and all the major applications in the SAP business suite. Integration is dramatically simplified, yet still flexible by using configuration instead of coding. The Syncron SAP adapter fully supports BAPI and IDoc which thereby can be incorporated into Syncron Contact us Solutions without modifications on the SAP solution. Providing customers the ability to leverage their SAP business suite with a For further information about quality tested supply chain management solutions from Syncron makes it Syncron’s partnership with SAP, possible to achieve a quick return of investment and sustainable business please contact Ulrika Olsson. benefits. Phone: +49 173 710 90 04 Key business benefits of the Syncron and SAP partnership E-mail: Short implementation time to achieve best-in-class support for your global supply chain processes. Japan +81 (0)3 5545-5446 Increased flexibility to quicker adjust your system support to changes Germany +49 211 649 999 29 in your processes and market environment. UK +44 (0)121 503 2650 US +1 (678) 638 6275 Leverage your SAP business suite by easily extending it with Syncron Sweden +46 (0)8 410 802 00 global supply chain solutions achieving both a quicker and stronger ROI. For more information about Access Syncron’s leading supply chain functionality and flexibility, Syncron an its solutions, visit: specifically supporting your processes, with no customization of SAP. Utilize Syncron SAP adapter to reduce cost of integration by accelerating the regularly time consuming integration task often requiring difficult-to-access expertise. MANAGE YOUR GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN - EASILY