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Silego Green PAK Short Feb2011


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Silego Technology\'s GreenPAK Programmable Mixed Signal FPGA Product Highlights

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Silego Green PAK Short Feb2011

  1. 1. Silego
  2. 2. GreenPAK is a cost effective one-time NVM programmable Mixed Signal FPGA useful for integrating many discrete ICs into a single device The GreenPAK IC is user configured and can be programmed in minutes utilizing Silego’s GreenPAK Designer Software 1.03 and GreenPAK USB Programming Kit GreenPAK is ideal for replacing many 4 & 8-Bit Microcontrollers, integrating Glue Logic, Low to High Level Shifters, Power-On Resets, Voltage Monitors, and other utility functions while reducing the component count of a design GreenPAK 1 comes in a 2x2 mm TDFN 8-pin package GreenPAK 2 comes in a 2.5x2.5 mm TDFN 12-pin package Over 45 Million production units shipped since Dec 2009 www.silego.com2 Silego Technology Inc. proprietary & confidential
  3. 3. www.silego.com3 Silego Technology Inc. proprietary & confidential
  4. 4. GreenPAK Benefits Benefits Over Traditional IC Design • Smaller PCB footprint – 2x2 mm or 2.5x2.5 mm vs. typically ten to fifteen components of various sizes • Fewer Components/Lower Cost – A typical GreenPAK implementation removes at least ten to fifteen components per instance • Design Security – Makes reverse engineering of your design substantially more difficult • Lower Power – Save power by removing passive PCB resistors in voltage dividers, pull ups, pull downs, etc. and replacing with IC transistors • Tested Solution – Every GreenPAK is 100% tested. A discrete circuit is not tested prior to the final board level test www.silego.com4 Silego Technology Inc. proprietary & confidential