Press note dt.27.11.10 gujarat branch


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Press note dt.27.11.10 gujarat branch

  1. 1. Date:- 27.11.10 To, Editor Sir, Kindly give publicity to the following press note regarding beginning of famous organization Arogya Sena ( Health Army ) in Gujarat. Sincerely Yours, Mr Mahendra Waghela, Co ordinator, Arogya Sena Gujarat branch, 09825000263 National Chief of Arogya Sena Dr.Abhijit Vaidya to inaugurate Gujarat state branch of Arogya Sena at Ahmedabad on 5th December 2010 Arogya Sena is one of the most leading organizations in our country working in the field of Disaster management, medical relief and health rights. Arogya Sena was founded by renowned cardiologist, social activist and socialist thinker Dr.Abhijit Vaidya in 1995. The organization has 14,000 trained volunteers, mainly youths across 5 states of India viz. Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Jammu-Kashmir and Bihar. Arogya Sena has given free treatment to approximately 41,000 patients and distributed free medicines worth Rs 55 lacs during various natural disasters. Apart from this the organization fights for the health rights of our people. By the word health rights, Arogya Sena means public, social and political health rights. The latest battle which Aroyga Sena is fighting is against spurious milk and Khoya rackets. Since Aroyga Sena does not accept any government or foreign funding is not a NGO. It is a movement for social change. It is a forum for dynamic and dedicated youths of our country who genuinely want to serve our nation and wish to wedge a battle against injustice, in equality, poverty, corruption, fundamentalism, caste based politics, violence and terrorism within the frame work of Indian constitution and democracy. Arogya Sena is now starting a state branch of Gujarat on Sunday, 5th Dec.2010 in the esteemed presence of the founder national chief Dr.Abhijit Vaidya. Dr.Vaidya will arrive at Ahmedabad on 5th Dec. morning along with two central committee members Mr. Laxmikant Mundada and Prof. Pramod Dalvi. The programme will be held at M.G. Science Institute ( Theater 5 ), Navrangpura, Ahmedabad and will begin at 9.30 a.m. with registration, followed by training ( short crash course ) in ‘Disaster Management, medical relief work and fight for public, social and political health rights’ which will begin at 10.30a.m.
  2. 2. The training will be personally delivered by Dr. Vaidya himself who has trained around 14000 volunteers across India with the help of around 250 audio visuals. The training deals with various topics like disaster management concept, preparations for various disasters, examination of victims and their care, mass casualty incidence, triage, nuclear, chemical, biological war, concept of public, social and political health along with actual work experiences. The inaugural function will begin at 1.30p.m. The branch will be inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Vaidya and all the participants will be given a certificate, a badge of Arogya Sena and the pledge. This training is ‘free’ and is given only to those who become members of Aroyga Sena and wish to work for the organization. There is no membership fee either. To become members, wishful can visit the official website of Arogya Sena and contact co coordinator for Gujarat state branch, Mr. Mahendra Waghela (09825000263 ) who is instrumental in bringing Arogya Sena to Gujarat. An ad hoc committee for the new state branch will be declared on the same day. This new committee would be responsible for further trainings of youths across the state, undertaking immediate medical relief work after any disaster and become a watch dog for failing public, social and political health.