Omdømmedagen 2009: Peggy Brønn (BI)


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Peggy Simic Brønn om hva RepTrak-resultatene betyr og hva de kan brukes til.

Holdt på Apeland Informasjons "Omdømmedagen 2009" på Latter 26. mai 2009

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Omdømmedagen 2009: Peggy Brønn (BI)

  1. 1. Hva betyr resultatene og hva kan vi bruke dem til? Peggy Simcic Brønn førsteamanuensis BI, Leder, Senter for Virksomhetskommunikasjon
  2. 2. Organizations’ Reputations are based on Perceptions Created by: What people experience when dealing with you What you say about yourself What other people say about you
  3. 3. Some Thoughts • Six of the 29 highest ranked firms (70+) performed best on leadership • Nearly 60 percent of firms ranked lowest on citizenship (samfunnsansvar) • Some links to Kundebarometer results but no clear correlations
  4. 4. Firms weighted highest on leadership • Norwegian -- Bjørn Kjos • Aker – Kjell Inge Røkke • Olav Thon Gruppen – Olav Thon • Choice – Petter Stordalen • Microsoft -- Bill Gates • Kiwi – Per-Erik Burud
  5. 5. Sustainable strategy? • Adjusting results – Norwegian drops five places – Choice 10 • Norwegian losing ground on customer satisfaction • Choice has hard competition
  6. 6. Citizenship/Samfunnsansvar • 60 percent of firms ranked lowest on samfunnsansvar (citizenship) • Together, csr and ethics carry nearly equal weight with products and services • 27.5% versus 26.7%
  7. 7. Why Important • Norwegians want to buy from firms they know support good causes • Norwegian firms’ social initiatives are not impacting people’s impression of them • Are people unaware or not paying attention? • Are some people are simply skeptical to the firm’s motives? • Trend: The most influential dimension on reputation is Product/Services, followed by Governance and Citizenship.
  8. 8. Example • Statoil is being passed by a lot of firms • Receiving more negative nominations • But – when asked to name a firm that supports a good cause: – more than 22 percent named Statoil – 5% Norsk Tipping – 1 % Tine • People believe the firm is good at making money, not so good at corporate governance or social responsibility • In other words, people remember Statoil’s message, they just doubt its truthfulness
  9. 9. Misc. • Skandia banken – high in Norway, third from the bottom in Sweden • Norwegian – rated 17 places lower in Sweden than in Norway • Norwegians’ impression of Skandiabanken not impacted by their scandals • Swedes’ impression of airline Norwegian not effected by the strength of the firm’s leader
  10. 10. Challenges
  11. 11. Å bedre omdømme er den viktigste grunnen til samfunnsansvar Is that a bad motive?
  12. 12. Omdømmerisiko • Gap mellom atferd og forventning – hva en organisasjon mener og gjør, og det en organisajsonens viktigste interessenter mener at den bør mene og gjøre. Peggy Simcic Brønn
  13. 13. Align expectations, perceptions and reality Reality: Quality KPIs Products: manufacturing standards Innovation: European Innovation Standards Networks Working environment: Best Place to Work, Expectations Perceptions other internal surveys Ethics and CSR: DowJones Sustainability Index, other CSR indices (ISO26000) Management: 360 degree evaluations, etc. Financial performance: ROI, price-earnings ratio, etc.
  14. 14. Recommendation • Build reputation on different platforms • Broad reputation platforms yield sustainable results – The highest ranked firms rate high on several dimensions
  15. 15. 7 Dimensions Provide 3 Core Pillars  Deliver high quality, innovative products and services  Practice transparent and ethical business, treat employees well and engage with society  Articulate a clear vision for the future and deliver on financial expectations
  16. 16. Reputations are : • Built on relationships, which are • Built on trust, which is • Built on fulfilling expectations, which are • Built on promises, which come • From communication Peggy Simcic Brønn
  17. 17. Reputation = experience + actions + history + people K. D. Paine Gratulere og tusen takk for meg.