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November—Go Out—TEDxYouthAmman


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Published in: Education, Technology
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November—Go Out—TEDxYouthAmman

  1. 1. Out CreatingPositive Change Go’s Annisa Rochadiat takes a look at the upcoming innovative TEDxYouth conference being hosted in Amman L eading the life of your typical West Ammani fourth grader, Dania Juma may come across as another cute bubbly young lady with a sweettooth and penchant for cupcakes who loves to swim, write, draw, hangout with her best friend, and is also an avid fan of teen pop sensation Selena Gomez. What most of us don’t realize (and will be pleasantly surprised to know), is that Dania is anything but your average nine-year-old. Amid all the studying and after-school activities, she is also in charge of liaising with her peers in age; voicing their interests and aspirations, churning ideas in an effort to keep them inspired and engaged on one of the largest grassroot projects that has generated much hype the world over. Joining a line of some 20 other dedicated volunteers ranging from college students to social activists, Dania is part of a team of visionaries who have taken it upon themselves to carve out a third space in society — a space which is conducive to the mutual exchange of ideas and aspirations among younger generations. Dania and friends will help deliver the Kingdom’s first youth-inspired TEDx event: TEDxYouth@Amman. Founded by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks in 1984 in Monterey, California, TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design), is an intellectual forum for people to share ideas and inspirational experiences through a series of conferences and motivational talks. Spearheaded by people who believe in the power of ideas to create positive change and progress, TED speakers have included a range of cross- spectrum global visionaries such as Bill Gates, Al Gore, Temple Grandin, and Bono. EvEnt DEtails When: Saturday, 19 TED became an annual initiative in 1990 November, 2011 and has since developed into a global-wide Where: Cultural Palace, project that includes, among others, self- Gate 1, Al Hussein Youth organized, locally-hosted events called “TEDx,” City, Queen Alia St. a project that was first introduced in 2009. Set Get Connected: to take place on 19 November, TEDxYouth@ www.tedxyouth Amman is part of a series of TEDx events hosted exclusively for and organized by young Facebook: www.facebook. people all over the world in commemmorating com/TEDxYouthAmman Universal Children’s Day, known as the twitter: @TEDxYouthAmman24 | NOV. 2011
  2. 2. TEDxYouthDay series. Although varying in size and theme, TEDxYouthDay events share a 3 Minutes common vision of “inspiring curiousity, igniting new ideas, and empowering young leaders.” of faMe Would you like to share Hoping to pioneer new standards for creative an idea on stage for three minutes in front of some thinking and self-learning among the youths of 1,500 people? Go for Jordan, the region, and beyond, TEDxYouth@ the TEDxYouth@Amman Amman seeks to open up a conversation Youth Award competition! on “Educativity.” This is a relatively novel All you’ll have to do is send in a three-minute concept that aims to explore and capitalize video — in English on the relationship between education and or Arabic — of what creativity, while reflecting on the role creativity “Educativity” means in education holds in society. It also assesses — to you and simply wherever and whenever relevant — the country’s email it to dina@ Be education and learning system in the process. sure that it’s an original, Picking on the brains and life experiences never been publicized of the nation’s young, the full-day event will video to preserve the showcase Jordan’s best and brightest as they element of surprise until exchange education and creativity-inspired the event day. Now, if you’re eager stories, ideas, and ambitions, as well as to tune into what the community-building initiatives and blueprints for nation’s finest have to change. Dania and the rest of the TEDxYouth@ offer, but happen to be Amman team represent a growing phenomenon out of town during the of extraordinary, bright, creative, and outspoken event or weren’t able to register for attendance, young people — Jordan’s own born and bred — not to worry. As with who are driven to learn and excel, to inspire and other TEDx events motivate people around them in bringing about and TED conferences, positive change to society. TEDxYouth@Amman will Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in be live-streamed via at the solid line-up of speakers set to share the tedxyouthamman. TEDxYouth@Amman stage. From prodigies of music and the arts to inventors and SCAN HErE entrepreneurs, educators and writers to social for WEBSitEThe opportunity activists, this event promises to be one ofto volunteer at the city’s most intellectually stimulating andthis year’s event entertaining occasions not to be missed.may have closed,but if you oryour companyis interested inbecoming asponsor, go aheadand shoot anemail to today!