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Respectfully submitting my Special Report on Go Negosyo.

Thank you.

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Mbah 10b entrep sr go negosyo

  1. 1. MBAH Entrepreneurship Special ReportProf. Jorge SaguinsinBy Anna Noreen Antoinette P. Tamayo
  2. 2. What is Go Negosyo?1. Non-stock, non-profit ORGANIZATION2. advocates for a CHANGE in MINDSET and ATTITUDE.3. provides LINKS to our partner entrepreneursbusinesses, to business opportunities, to entrepreneurship-related training programs, and to funding sources.
  3. 3. Why was it formed? ENABLE Filipinos to address poverty in the country by engaging in entrepreneurship and developing an optimistic, passionate, creative and innovative, resourceful, diligent and persevering character.• ENABLE Filipinos to take charge and make the most of their resources and abilities by utilizing and transforming these into viable enterprises.• Demystify entrepreneurial success and popularize entrepreneurship as an alternative to unemployment, job-seeking or migration.
  4. 4. What is The Dream?To create an ENTREPRENEURIAL CLIMATE forthe Philippines: one that would lead to a countryof ENTERPRISING AND PROGRESSIVEFILIPINOS who are optimistic andempowered, and who dont rely on dole-outs andare in control of their destinies.To forge a country of smart, innovative andvalue-adding entrepreneurs by INSPIRING andby teaching.
  5. 5. What is the Motto?To "teach a nation how to fish, and feedthe nation many lifetimes".The statement represents the collectiveeffort of all their partners to foster aculture of enterprise and promoteinnovation and the best businesspractices in the country.
  6. 6. How did they get started? After being appointed by President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo as the Presidential Consultant for Entrepreneurship, Joey Concepcion envisioned a movement that would advocate for a positive and enterprising attitude among Filipinos -- a mindset that would help them move up in life. With the help of like-minded trustees, Go Negosyo was born. (2005)
  7. 7. Who is Joey Concepcion? • He leads the RFM Corporation, the second largest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines generated P10 billion in net sales for the year 2001. • He also bought the brands Selecta and Cosmos .• Joey Concepcion III is the • He considers business not only as a way Chairman and Chief Executive of making money but as well as a way Officer of RFM Corporation to show love for the country. He wants to help others, already-entrepreneurs• Presidential Consultant on and budding entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship alike, that, together with other eight• One of the founders of the colleagues, they founded Philippine Philippine Center for Center for Entrepreneurship. They aim Entrepreneurship to encourage and mentor entrepreneurs.
  8. 8. 21 Board of TrusteesTRUSTEES Justin S. Uy Corazon D. Ong Carla S. Limcaoco President Founder Executive Managing DirectorFounding Trustee Profood International CDO Foodsphere, Inc. Philippine Transmarine Corporation Carriers Inc.Jose Ma. A Dr. Ricarte "Ray" A. GapuzConcepcion III Gov. Luis Raymond President Ramon M. LopezCEO and President "Lray" Villafuerte R.A. Gapuz Review Center Executive DirectorRFM Corporation Founder and CEO Philippine Center for Laras Gifts and Decors Prudencio S. Garcia EntrepreneurshipBoard of Trustees President Esther A. Vibal Mekeni Foods Corporation Socorro C. RamosFelix R. Ang President General ManagerPresident Vibal Publishing House, Inc. Atty. Felipe Gozon National BookstoreCATS Motors President and CEO Myla Villanueva GMA Network Edgar "Injap" Sia IITony Tan Caktiong Managing Director Founder and PresidentPresident MDI Group Holdings, Inc. Dr. Rolando Hortaleza Injap Investments, Inc.Jollibee Foods Chairman and CEO Rosalind L. Wee Splash Corporation Harley T. SyJoselito Campos, Jr. Founder and Director Executive Vice PresidentChairman and CEO Marine Resources SM Prime Holdings, Inc.NutriAsia Development Corporation Vivienne Tan Vicente Andres Zaragosa Founder Chairman and CEO Entrepreneurs School of Asia Pentium Group
  9. 9. The TeamJose Ma. Concepcion IIIFounding Trustee ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCERamon M. Lopez Sophia RamosExecutive Director MEDIA Finance and Administrative Manager Thermina Ann Akram Lea AfablePROGRAMS DEVELOPMENT Media and Communications Accountant OfficerStephanie Jane Dy Tiapco Lissa LeePrograms Development Manager Ann Margaret Antonio Admin Assistant Head WriterJohn Paul UmingaPrograms Development Officer Serge del Valle II Segment Producer COMMUNICATIONSRose PeraltaPrograms Development Assistant Jimico Esquivel Monica Dianne Ramirez Segment Producer Communications and Special Projects Officer Eleonor RafolMARKETING TV Program Manager Maria Angelica Reyes Communications and Special ProjectsCarie Babasa OfficerMarketing Officer
  10. 10. How they got started? Established Linkages to increase Access to Negosyo Support System for Nationwide Coverage • Academic • Entrepreneurs institutions • Local Government Units• Business corporations • Government Agencies • Non-government Institutions (chambers and professional • Microfinance organizations) Institutions
  11. 11. How do they function?  Improve entrepreneurship EDUCATION  Provides a marketplace of IDEAS  Driver of INNOVATION  Introduction of BUSINESS MODELS  Teacher of BEST PRACTICES in business“We provide links to our partner entrepreneurs businesses, to businessopportunities, to entrepreneurship-related training programs, and tofunding sources .‖
  12. 12. What are the TOOLS? Caravans & Summits Negosems Multi Media Campaigns (TV, Newspaper, & Internet) Books
  13. 13. Tools: Caravans & SummitsCaravans and Summits serveas Go Negosyo’s venue toinspire attitude change, topresent entrepreneurship asan attainable career choiceand means of living, and toteach basic concepts instarting and running asuccessful business. Held forone day, Caravans andSummits are free of charge andopen to all individuals whowant to start their ownbusiness.
  14. 14. TOOLS: Caravans & Seminars ACTIVITIES: • Awarding of respected and accomplished entrepreneurs from the local area or sector, to serve as role models and icons • Talks and Forums featuring established entrepreneurs and business experts, to inspire and provide knowhow in starting a business • Exhibits/Exhibitions of various products and services, to provide examples of business models and stimulate innovative thinking • Breakaway Seminars on special topics of interest, to help spur more ideas for business opportunities
  15. 15. TOOLS: Negosems Go Negosyo conducts forums and expos in key cities around the country. Our Caravans allow for interaction via forums and mentoring sessions between participants and our Go Negosyo entrepreneurs. We have also started offering Negosyo Seminars or Negosems for those who wish to learn about the basics of starting a business. You can also learn by watching our TV show and reading our books.Go Negosyo conducts forums and expos in key cities around the country.They have also started offering Negosyo Seminars or Negosems for those who wishto learn about the basics of starting a business.
  16. 16. TOOLS: Negosyo Caravan: Destinations
  17. 17. TOOLS: NeGosyo Caravan: Tips STARTING A BUSINESS Materials and Useful LINKS that can help you kick-off the business of your dreams. NEGOSYO OPPORTUNITIES Enumerates LINKS and resources about potential negosyos and franchises. . BUSINESS REGISTRATION Business Registration rules and requirements. MARKETING, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, TECHNOLOGY How to improve your product and reach more customers. FINANCING List of Financing Organizations that can help you start, grow, and expand your business.
  18. 18. TOOLS: Multimedia Campaigns
  19. 19. TOOLS: YouTube:Go Negosyo AVP 2008<iframe width="560" height="315"src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  20. 20. TOOLS: Multi-media Campaign: Kaya Mo TV Show Every Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 – 8:30 AM at QTV Channel 11 with replays every Sunday, 8:00 PM at NBN 4 Broadcasted in GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV
  21. 21. TOOLS: Multi-media Campaign: Kaya Mo TV Show Go Negosyo, Kaya Mo! The show features successful Tagumpay Mula sa entrepreneurs and business Kahirapan is a 30-minute gurus who share their two-part tele-magazine experiences and business show produced by Go Negosyo knowhow. It gives budding and established negosyantes their weekly dose of practical business advice and the latest negosyo news and happenings.
  22. 22. TOOLS: Multi Media Campaign: Philippine Star News Column Ask Go Negosyo – appears every Thursday at the Business SectionNews Columns which talks about recentevents in the entrepreneurship community,as well as moving life stories of successfulbusiness personas, in the eyes of Mr. Go Tagumpay – appears bi-monthly, onNegosyo himself, Mr. Joey Concepcion. Mondays, at the Business Lifestyle Section
  23. 23. TOOLS: Multi Media Campaign: Website
  24. 24. TOOLS: Multi Media Campaign: Social Networking Site Go Negosyo continuously rides with this time of Technology making its presence in popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  25. 25. TOOLS: Multi media Campaign: Books With inspiration come great possibilities. Go Negosyo continues to inspire and enable negosyantes and wannabes alike, with its bestselling books on inspiring stories of entrepreneurs.
  26. 26. Books: GO NEGOSYO: Joey Concepcions 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories Price: Php 250 The first book, GO NEGOSYO: Joey Concepcions 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories, features stories of accomplished and remarkable entrepreneurs and business personalities such as Tony Tan Caktiong, Socorro Ramos, and Henry Sy. It instantly became the number one non-fiction bestseller in National Bookstore.
  27. 27. Books: GO NEGOSYO: Joey Concepcions 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs Price: Php 200 Behind every successful woman is a story. Go Negosyo: Joey Concepcions 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs shares the stories of successful "womenpreneurs" such as Zenaida Tantoco of Rustans, Milagros Yee and Clarita Go of Goldilocks, Elizabeth Lee of Universal Motors Corporation, Myrna Yao of Richwell Trading Corp., and Vivian Sarabia of Sarabia Optical. The book was edited by Philippine Star Columnist and People Asia Editor-in-Chief Joanne Ramirez, and photography was provided by celebrity-photographer Sara Black.
  28. 28. Books: GO NEGOSYO: 21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business Price: Php 200 This book contains tried-and-tested formulas in starting, sustaining, and succeeding in a business. Just like the previous books, this book inspires and induces a fist-pumping "I-can-do-it-too" moment from its readers. But this book goes a step further and answers the question: "Now what do I do next?" Dean Pax Lapid of the Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and self-help guru and motivational speaker Ping Sotto combine their vast experiences and share the formula to business success in this user-friendly workbook.
  29. 29. Books: GO NEGOSYO: Joey Concepcions 100 Inspiring Stories of Small Entrepreneurs Price: Php 180 The fifth Go Negosyo book celebrates the success of all small entrepreneurs who have succeeded in beating poverty. Hats off to this countrys micro, small and medium negosyantes! They may be simple and ordinary people, but they remain negosyo heroes worthy of respect and emulation.
  30. 30. Books: 8 Simple Secrets to Raising Entrepreneurial Kids Price: Php 200 All parents dream of raising their children to be successful. We try our best to give children opportunities we never had, work hard to give them a good education, and pray that their future will be much better than ours. Written by Mary Joy Canon- Abaquin, the founding directress of the Multiple Intelligence International School in the country, the 8 Simple Secrets aim to share with parents the secret in making their kids successful, by being smarter about money so that they wont go through
  31. 31. Books: GO NEGOSYO: 50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs Price: Php 250 Be inspired by the 50 trailblazing entrepreneurs featured in this latest publication of Go Negosyo, who have proven that being young should not prevent you from pursuing your dream to make a profit not just for yourself but also for others. Like them, you too can make a living out of your passion. Read their stories, learn their lessons, and share their belief that entrepreneurship can make the Philippines a better and more prosperous nation.
  32. 32. Go Negosyo: Joey Concepcions 50Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs (Celebrity Edition) With lessons of entrepreneurship by Vivienne Tan and photography, of course, by Jun de Leon. With this book, we hope to inspire more Filipinos to develop an optimistic and entrepreneurial mindset through the success of famous people.
  33. 33. Who supports the idea:? LINK LIST: Franchise InstitutionsFRANCHISESAssociation of Filipino Franchisers, Inc.Philippine Franchise AssociationThey help you make sure that the franchise being offered islegitimate. It would also be advisable to attend events onresponsible franchising and to read books.
  34. 34. Who supports the idea:? LINK LIST: Government AgenciesDTI - Philippine Trade and Training Center (DTI-PTTC)Compendium of 2010 HRD and Entrepreneurship Training Programs for MSMEs(PDF) – Compiled by the DTI-PTTC, this Compendium is a list of all the trainingprograms and coures offered by government training institutions on BusinessTechnology and Livelihood Skills, Entrepreneurship, Finance, GeneralManagement, Human Resource, Information Technology, Marketing, andProduction, Quality and Productivity.DOST - Technology Resource Center (DOST-TRC)Business and Livelihood Trainings -- DOST-TRC conducts in-house trainings aspart of its thrust to promote technology-based products and services for livelihoodand enterprise development. They also sell videos and instructional materials onthat teach the utilization of technologies step-by-step.Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)UP Institute of Small Scale Industries
  35. 35. Who supports the idea? LINK LIST: Private Organizations & SchoolsPRIVATE ORGANIZATIONSABS-CBN Bayan Foundation -- Through its Bayan Academy, the ABS-CBNBayan Foundation offers entrepreneurship and livelihood trainings, as wellas seminars for microfinance institutions and members of the socialdevelopment sector.Nego-skwelaBusinessCoachSCHOOLSEntrepreneurs School of Asia offer undergraduate and graduate courses forstudents and aspiring entrepreneurs alike who truly want to pursue a morethorough, practical and systematic understanding of entrepreneurship.Ateneo’s Center for Continuing Education offers certification, diploma, andbusiness excellence courses for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs alike.
  36. 36. Who supports the idea? GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP MONITOR • The FIRST ―POPULATION-BASED‖ entrepreneurial survey of 2,000 adult Filipinos nationwide • A brainchild of Babson College and the London Business School • Conducted by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship With the help of the Presidential Social Fund and the National Livelihood Support Fund • Profiles the entrepreneurial landscape of a country using a defined set of measurements and aims to uncover factors leading to appropriate levels of entrepreneurship.Positive and encouraging results as four out of 10 Filipinos now havebusinesses and many are looking at business opportunities as the way togo. Results also revealed that Filipinos are clearly also bullish aboutentrepreneurship.
  37. 37. What is Go Negosyo Today?21 trustees, 31 200,000 weeklyAngelpreneurs special Negosems viewers of the Go(mentors) or ―angels for the sector of Negonesyo: Kayato entrepreneurs‖ persons with Mo! TV showand disabilities, theentrepreneurship inmates of the Newenablers Bilibid Prison and This advocacy also the beneficiaries of proves that the Gawad Kalinga government andtwo columns in The private sectors canPhilippine Star— indeed workAsk Go Negosyo together towards aand Tagumpay. already reached goal for a betteralmost 300 columns. more than 230,000 Philippines Filipinos
  38. 38. What is Go Negosyo Today? 700 Go Negosyo first international Entrepreneurs Negosem in Italysold 100,000 sixth book — the conducted more than a Go Negosyo: 8 hundredcopies of our Simple Secrets to caravans, summits, boofive bestselling Raising k tours and NegosemsGo Negosyo Entrepreneurs by (Negosyo Seminars)books Mary Joy Canon- nationwide Abaquin
  39. 39. Who are the Partners?Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine FranchiseAssociation, Association of Filipino FranchisersInc., Philippine Chamber of Commerce and IndustryPLDT SME Nation, Smart, RFM Corp. and BPI FamilyBank LBC, Condura, Avon, Unilever and Microsoft
  40. 40. To end: A few more words of wisdom from Joey Concepcion….Business opportunities can be found by looking atone’s SURROUNDINGS, at the currentTECHNOLOGIES that are available, and, the mostapparent, at one’s PASSIONS AND INTERESTS.All business ventures require passion.Aspiring entrepreneurs must match their interestswith what is in demand in the market.
  41. 41. Go Negosyo AVP 2008<iframe width="560" height="315"src=""frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  42. 42. Acknowledgement: 201