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OSGeo INSPIRE Ping-Pong Match


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This presentation is a summary of the active participants of the INSPIRE OSGeo workshop geared towards better understanding the gap between the software and the requirements.

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OSGeo INSPIRE Ping-Pong Match

  1. 1. Ping Pong Match:OSGeo & INSPIREOrganized by:● Arnulf Christl, metaspatial, @sevenspatial● Margherita Di Leo● and many other OSGeo members
  2. 2. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 2AgendaPart 1:Short presentations fromhigh level representatives:● Public Administration● EU Commission● IndustryPart 2:Presentation of a short listof guiding ideas followedby a productive dialogbetween all participantsOSGeo Wiki follow-up:
  3. 3. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 3The Speakers● Clare Hadley● Stefan Jensen● Michael Lutz● Hugo de Groof● Armin Retterath● Stefan Sandmann● Wolfgang Tinkl● Jani Kylmäaho● Chris Little● Jeroen Ticheler● Markus Schneider● Arnulf Christl● Margherita die Leo● Simone Giannechini● Just van den Broecke● Paolo Viskanic
  4. 4. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 4Timing● 90 minutes● 14 Speakers+ Dialog● Each Speaker has 2 tomaximum 5 minutes● Questions are encouraged atANY time!● Spontaneous presentations atANY time, given they areshorter than 60 seconds
  5. 5. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 5Ordnance Survey GBClare HadleyProblems do not ‘go away’!
  6. 6. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 6Where do I come from?What is my role?● I work for Ordnance Survey, the national mappingagency for Great Britain.● I am responsible for meeting our INSPIREobligations and our contributions to the wider UKLocation Programme● I chair the UK Location Business InteroperabilityWorking Group● I was chair of the INSPIRE Data and ServiceSharing Drafting Team
  7. 7. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 7What I want or have to do● I have to ensure that OS publishes compliantINSPIRE data and services with compliant accessand licensing terms.● I want our customers to be able to meet their ownINSPIRE obligations when it includes some of ourdata● I want the GI data providers in the UK deliver theirservices such that we have an interoperablebusiness infrastructure across UK and wider
  8. 8. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 8What are the blockers preventing mefrom getting it done?● A lack of attention in INSPIRE to access controland rights management● A lack of clear open standards to achieve thiswhich INSPIRE could endorse to promoteinteroperability● The fact the technical and legal people often speakdifferent languages● A belief that the problem will ‘go away’
  9. 9. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 9EEA (SEIS)Stefan Jensen
  10. 10. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 10JRCMichael Lutz
  11. 11. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 11Where do I come from?What is my role?● Involved in INSPIRE since 2008● Data modelling and technical contact point forINSPIRE data specifications● Contact point for INSPIRE maintenance andimplementation● Involved in international standardisation (OGC,ISO/TC 211, W3C)
  12. 12. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 12What I want or have to doCoordinate maintenance and implementation process● Coordinate with MS experts (MIG), NCPs, IC members● Involve stakeholder experts / community– submitting comments– providing expertise and experience– maintaining content● Support implementation in MS– tools, software● Maintain central infrastructure components– INSPIRE geoportal– INSPIRE registry
  13. 13. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 13What are the blockers preventing mefrom getting it done?● Creating motivation for stakeholder to contribute(finding funding, showing benefits, …)● Different interests of stakeholders (NCPs, dataproviders, vendors, OS community, standardisationbodies, …)● Innovation vs. stability● Wide thematic scope● Standards often too vague● Not enough communication● Not knowing what is going on “in the trenches”?
  14. 14. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 14DG EnvironmentHugo De Groof
  15. 15. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 15Rhineland Palatinate, GermanyArmin Retterath● Geoportal RLP
  16. 16. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 16Bez.reg. NRW, UBAStefan Sandmann● Geodatenzugangsgesetz
  17. 17. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 17LFRZ AustriaWolfgang Tinkl● Joint Member State contracting● Get out of Upgrading Hell
  18. 18. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 18Where do I come from,what is my role● From external IT Center of Ministry forEnvironment● Responsible for technical implementation NS● Member of IOCTF Network ServicesLand-, forst- und wasserwirtschaftliches Rechenzentrum GmbHLFRZ – System- & Software-Entwicklung,
  19. 19. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 19What I want or have to do● Use Open Source products● Implement generic solutions for network services● Think of solutions for data harmonization● Minimize / optimize the costs of implementationand maintenance● Set up useful services that are really used
  20. 20. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 20What are the blockerspreventing me from getting it done● Insufficient coordination between INSPIRE and OpenSource provider / OGC● Difficult commitments between member states whencontracting together assigning a company for changesin the core of an OS Product● The EC / JRC should take a lead role here● We are facing problems when upgrading to a newVersion of an OS Product (merging our changes notimplemented in the core)● Functions ahead of standards have to be implemented(e.g. Multilinguality). Useful?
  21. 21. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 21Finnish Land SurveyJani KylmäahoPaikkatietoikkunaOskari
  22. 22. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 22What does the Industry say?Nota bene: Liek everywhere the edgesbetween producer and consumer areblurring.
  23. 23. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 23UK MetOfficeChris Little● IT Fellow - Operational Infrastructures● UK Met Office● Co-Chair Met Ocean DWG OGC
  24. 24. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 24Where do I come from?Chris LittleMeteorology has been global for decades, if not morethan a century. Globally interoperable, real time, 4D,data exchange, but specific to meteorology andoceanography, but not hydrology or ecosystemsscience. Latter becoming more important forintegration with mainstream meteorology and globalexchange in near real-time.
  25. 25. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 25Where do I come from?Chris LittleAll Met Ocean data now increasingly important for effective, efficientintegration with mainstream Geospatial data.Data formats were for >50 years based on telegraphic technologies,including compact, language independent codes tabulated andmaintained in several languages. These are being transitioned to binarycodes (save factor of 2!) and controlled vocabularies. The gridded dataformats are GRIB and NetCDF and for point and line data BUFR andCREX.WMO and other authoritative organisation have the bureaucracy tomaintain these tables/controlled vocabularies.Real-time disciplines have been useful to force standardization.
  26. 26. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 26What I want or have to doChris Little● Seamless, effective, timely exchange of geospatialdata across the above domains.● Use Conceptual Model driven schemas to constructdesired data exchanges using on-the-flyserializations, but maintaining automaticconversions to and from Met Ocean communityold-fashioned formats and allowing contentvalidation.
  27. 27. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 27What I want or have to doChris Little● Do not want the verbosity of XML. JSON may be goodenough. If not, would like the compact Met Ocean formatsto be easier to use.● National Met Services, and WMO, will continue to be theauthoritative voice for weather forecasts and climatepredictions. E.g. would you evacuate 1 million people onthe strength of a CNN forecast? Or invest an extra $1B inwind farms or nuclear power on the strength of onepersons climate prediction ("its not happening!")
  28. 28. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 28What are the blockersChris Little● OGC not being apparently as open source friendlyas I would like.● People coercing 4D data into 2D solutions forquick fixes e.g. putting data such as wind speedand direction, into a RGBA image pretending theyare colours.
  29. 29. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 29What are the blockersChris Little● The architectural solution for many met ocean applicationssuch as visualisation still entail downloading a big 4D datacube and then slicing and dicing and transforming locally.Too much assumption that maps and images are not veryvolatile.● Perception that O&M standards are too heavyweight orcomplex for real-time crowd sourcing of environmentaldata.● Assuming English and EDT time will solve everything.
  30. 30. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 30What are the blockersChris Little● History of all South American activity mediated viaUSA.● Acceptance of existing library based protocols forcatalogue content and searching (OAI-PMH,ISOS23950 + SRU1.3) outside of the librarycommunities.
  31. 31. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 31GeoCatJeroen Ticheler
  32. 32. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 32Where do I come from?● The Netherlands● FAO● OSGeo● Java● Metadata
  33. 33. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 33What are my Roles?● Director GeoCat● OSGeo Emeritus Director● Software Architect● Project Lead
  34. 34. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 34What I have● GeoNetwork Software● SDI Implementations● Open Source● Open Standards● GeoCAT Bridge
  35. 35. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 35Occam LabsMarkus Schneider
  36. 36. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 36Where do I come from?Markus Schneider● Germany● Software development● Open Source● Open Standards● Java
  37. 37. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 37What I have● deegree INSPIRE ready software– Metadata– View Service– Download– Transformation● Training and Support● Standards expertize● SDI Implementations
  38. 38. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 38metaspatialArnulf ChristlOpen Everything!
  39. 39. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 39Where do I come from?Arnulf Christl● Open Standards● Open Source Software● Open Data
  40. 40. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 40What I haveArnulf Christl● Know-How● Network● People Skills}
  41. 41. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 41What I wantArnulf Christl● Support the evolution of INSPIRE !● Test, Innovate and Iterate ...● Interesting Projects !● Business €
  42. 42. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 42What are the blockerspreventing me from getting it doneCall for the Pool for Experts for the INSPIREMaintenance and Implementation Framework (MIF)...2.6 Expenses1. Participants in the activities of the pool ofexperts shall not be remunerated for theservices they render.
  43. 43. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 43Joint Research CenterMargherita die LeoOpen Everything!
  44. 44. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 44What I want or have to doMargherita die Leo● Taking care of the European Forest Data Centre(EFDAC) of the JRC● I have to edit / create metadata INSPIRE compliant
  45. 45. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 45What are the blockers preventingme from getting it doneMargherita die Leo● Actually not a blocker, but Id like to be sure thatthe metadata we produce are actually INSPIREcompliant. How do I test them?
  46. 46. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 46GeoSolutions ITSimone Giannechini
  47. 47. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 47Where do I come from? What do I do?● My Mother● Computer Engineering in Pisa (a nightmare, believe me...)● Freelance Consultant● Director at GeoSolutions● PSC of GeoServer● PMC of GeoTools● PMC of GeoBatch● Charter Member of OSGEO● I used to be good at coding, now I talk about other’speople code– Maybe this is a hint I was not THAT good…
  48. 48. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 48GeoSolutions● Founded in Italy in late 2006● Expertise– Image Processing, GeoSpatial Data Fusion– Java, Java Enterprise, C++, Python– JPEG2000, JPIP, Advanced 2D visualization● Supporting/Developing FOSS4G projects– GeoTools, GeoServer, MapStore– GeoBatch, GeoNetwork, ImageIO-Ext● Clients– Large NGOs, Public Administrations– Private Companies– Good balance between Italian and International Clients
  49. 49. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 49GeoWebCacheGeoWebCacheGeoServerGeoServerGeoBatchGeoBatchGeoNetworkGeoNetworkMapStoreMapStoreIngest & PreprocessIngest & PreprocessMetadataMetadata Maps & DataMaps & Data Tiles & KMLTiles & KMLMashupsMashupsData & StylesData & Styles WMSWMSMetadataMetadataWhat I have
  50. 50. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 50Our Offer● Enterprise Support Services– Bug Fixing– Support– Customizations & New Features● Professional Training● End-To-End Projects (Integration)Tell me what you need, I’ll put it together for you● Take our core products and● Bend them, twist them, embed themhammer them to make clients happy● FOSS4G Software is core for us
  51. 51. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 51What I want
  52. 52. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 52JustObjects.nlJust van den Broecke Just Objects
  53. 53. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 53Where do I come from?● Geospatial● Scripting and ETL● Open Source and Standards
  54. 54. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 54What are my Roles?● OSGeo Netherlands Lead● Software Developer● Entrepreneur● Doer
  55. 55. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 55StetlWhat I have● Stetl, Streaming ETL, is a toolkit for thetransformation (ETL) of geospatial data.● Loads of experience with GML● INSPIRE-FOSS project/repo:● Heron MC GeoExthttp://stetl.org
  56. 56. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 56R3 GISPaolo Viskanic
  57. 57. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 57What I have● FreeGIS● GISClient● MapServer● PostGIS● gvSIG
  58. 58. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 58Our experience with INSPIRE● The project allowed us to study andimplement new technologies to meetINSPIRErequirements● Through the participation to conferences and OGCwe met new partners and created a network tomeetchanging requirements of market● However all this was possible because of the use ofopen technologies. Through Free and Open Sourcesoftware we are actors in the application ofINSPIRE and not spectators
  59. 59. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 59Our experience with INSPIRE● We re-engineered our products to use the samestack of applications as the referenceimplementation● We implemented INSPIRE policies in ourapplication (e.g. management of urban green areas)● We proposed and implemented SDI based on thistechnology in many municipalities, provinces andregions in Italy and Austria● We are constantly extending the stack ofapplications of the project: e.g. mobileoffline client
  60. 60. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 60Our experience with INSPIRE● INSPIRE enables "interoperability"● Interoperability opens new opportunities● INSPIRE opens new market opportunities● Through we have tried to lower theentry barrier for small administrations toimplement INSPIRE compliant services● However we miss consciousness about INSPIRE inthe local Administrations in Italy and in Austria(our two main markets)
  61. 61. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 61Part 2 – DialogNow it is time for a dialog.● Ask questions● Exchange ideas● Follow-up
  62. 62. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 62Guiding Ideas for the Dialog● Maturity of the standards● Maturity of the software● Maturity and correctness of the data● Implementability of the INSPIRE directive● Degrees of freedom in the implementation● Complexity of INSPIRE technical guidance and OGCstandards● INSPIRE implementing rules, international and nationalstandards● Communication channels between OSGeo and INSPIRE● How to contribute to INSPIRE Maintenance(Presentation by Vanda Nunes de Lima)
  63. 63. 2013-06-24 INSPIRE Workshop 63Thank YouOrganized by:● Arnulf Christl, metaspatial, @sevenspatial● Margherita Di Leo● and many other OSGeo members