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Rock garden options


Published on (314) 749-1005 Rock garden design options - creating a low maintenance yard.
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Rock garden options

  1. 1. ROCK GARDENSRock gardens are an ideal way to add texture and color toyour lawn. As a simple mixture of rocks and plants, thisdesign offers the solid rugged look of stone, with thedelicacy and color of flowers. As an option, you can createa small rock garden in one portion of your yard, or use acreative plan to make your entire area a low maintenancedesign. m 314-749-1005
  2. 2. • The single biggest reason for designing a rock garden in your front or back yard is the ease of construction. Additionally this classic natural look adds a high level of curb appeal and can dramatically improve the look of hills and slopes in your yard while adding flair to the design. You can easily use natural stones and rocks from your property, or buy them from your local landscape supplier.• This easy do-it-yourself project does not have to be tackled all at one time. Because many rock garden designs do not require planning or symmetry, the results tend to look unplanned and natural. m 314-749-1005
  3. 3. • The key to any type of garden that contains flowers, trees and plants is to ensure the area has good drainage. Most any type of botanical you plant in your rock garden will require soil that is not water-bound. The best base for a successful rock garden would be a sloping area where any natural water can simply run off. Be sure the type of soil you use in the main area is grittier than typical soils or composites as a way to stimulate a more natural growing environment for the plants. m 314-749-1005
  4. 4. • One of the many rock garden design options includes using large boulders in a variety of sizes and shapes. Boulders are ideal for hiding from view the things you would rather visitors not see. Boulders are perfect for hiding septic risers, manholes, utility boxes and pumps. As a functional solution to your landscaping, they add beauty to the design. Boulders are often used in the front yard as a way to display the propertys address. m 314-749-1005
  5. 5. • A natural looking rock garden design should be based on natural colors that are indigenous to your region. Adding some color, without going overboard, will create a more organic atmosphere to your yard. You can easily incorporate colors including yellow, silver and white. These color choices make a perfect addition to any beautiful rock garden. m 314-749-1005
  6. 6. • As part of any additional option or feature to add to your rock garden, consider using weathered limestone in a variety of sizes and shapes. In direct contrast, round field boulders tend to make front unnatural looking rock garden, and river gravel only works well around creeks and ponds.• Plant selections should be based on the type of botanicals that survive well in a rocky environment. These plants include Alpine, ericaceous, perennials, alyssum, verbena and geraniums. Take this list to your local nursery and asked them what other types of rocky environment plants they have that will easily survive through the harsh conditions of living in your rock garden. m 314-749-1005
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