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Catalogo 1

  1. 1. Belden Copper Catalog ®One Enterprise. Belden IBDN Copper SystemsOne Infrastructure.One Partner.
  2. 2. Belden has the end-to-end copper cablingsystem to meet your current networkingchallenges while providing the bandwidthand scalability for the needs of the future.
  3. 3. One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.Belden IBDN Copper Systems ProvideReliable, End-to-End Networking PerformanceBelden understands that cabling is the core Table of Contents Pagefoundation of every network — its ability toprovide high performance, reliable transmission Introduction 3-7 Section 4 – Workstation Outlets 48-62is essential for carrying out day-to-day business Section 1 – IBDN Category 6A Systems 8-19 KeyConnect Faceplates 49operations. From critical data center links 10GX Cable 9 KeyConnect Adapters and Boxes 50that connect network switches and servers,to horizontal and backbone links that deliver 10GX Patch Panels 10 KeyConnect Tamper-Resistant Faceplates, MediaFlex Faceplate Kits 51voice, data and video for a wide range of 10GX Modular Jacks 11 MediaFlex Plates, Adapter Boxesnetworking, communications, audio-visual, 10GX Modular Cords 12 and Accessories 52security and building management applications, Modular Cord Configuration Matrices 13 MediaFlex Inserts 53-54Belden has the end-to-end copper cabling system 10GX Pre-Terminated Cabling System 14 Interface Plates, MDVO Faceplates 55to meet your current networking challenges 10GX IDC System 15 Interface Surface Adapter Boxes,while providing the bandwidth and scalability 10GX Shielded System—Cable 16 MDVO Adapters 56for the needs of the future. 10GX Shielded System—KeyConnect Patch Multimedia Outlet Boxes and Modules 57 Panels, Modular Jacks and Cords 17 Multi-User Outlet Box, 10GX Shielded Pre-Terminated CAT5E BIX DVO Outlet 58 Cabling System 18 Accessories 59 SFP+ Direct Attached Cables 19 Tools 60 Section 2 – IBDN Category 6+ Systems 20-34 LabelFlex 61-62 DataTwist 4800 Cable 21-22 Section 5 – Miscellaneous Cables 63-71 DataTwist 3600 Cable 23-24 DataTwist 6, 5e and 5 Shielded Cable 64 DataTwist 2400 Cable 25 DataTwist 5e Cable 65 MediaTwist Cable 26 DataTwist 5e Outdoor Cable 66 KeyConnect Patch Panels 27 DataTwist 1200 UTP Siamese Cable 66 CAT6+ Modular Jacks 28 Limited Combustible Cable 67 CAT6+ Modular Cords 29 DataTwist Outside Plant Cable 68 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System 30 IBDN Plus Backbone Indoor Cable 68 GigaBIX IDC System 31 DataTwist 3 UTP and D-Inside Wire DataTwist 2400 Shielded Cable 32 and Backbone Indoor Cable 69 CAT6+ Shielded Patch Panels and Patch Cable 70-71 Shielded Modular Jacks 33 Part Number Index 72-78 CAT6+ Shielded Modular Cords 34 Customer Service and Section 3 – IBDN Category 5e Systems 35-47 Other Belden Contacts Back Cover DataTwist 1200 Cable 36-37 KeyConnect Patch Panels 38-39 CAT5E Modular Jacks 40 CAT5E EZ-MDVO Modular Jacks 41 CAT5E Modular Cords 42 BIX Cross-Connect System 43 110 Cross-Connect System 44 DataTwist 1200 Shielded Cable 45 CAT5E Shielded Patch Panels and Shielded Modular Jacks 46 CAT5E Shielded Modular Cords 1.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361) 3
  4. 4. Representing Networking Leadership at Every Turn Belden IBDN Copper Systems represent long-term investment that will outlast several networking leadership at every turn, providing equipment and application upgrades. Combined top-performing structured cabling systems that with a host of patch panels, assemblies, connectors reduce downtime, ease deployment and facilitate and accessories, as well as a pre-terminated migration to advanced networking technologies system, the IBDN 10GX System is the ideal solution and converged building systems. Designed with for any current and future data center or innovative technologies that provide beyond- horizontal cabling system. standards performance, Belden IBDN CopperFive different levels of Systems are available in five different IBDN 4800 System levels to meet your specific needs — no matterBelden IBDN Copper what your application, your environment or The highest performing Category 6 system your plans. With verified performance through available, the IBDN 4800 System providesSystems are offered comprehensive, independent third-party testing, guaranteed bandwidth to 300 MHz with Belden IBDN Copper Systems are available with exceptional signal power and signal-to-noiseto meet customers’ the following wide range of components — each performance that tops TIA/EIA Category 6 tuned to its other system components to provide requirements. From transmitting large volumesspecific needs. optimum, end-to-end system performance. of data throughout the LAN and data center, to today’s advanced applications like Voice over • Pre-Terminated and Field-Terminated Systems IP (VoIP), video over IP, Power over Ethernet • Nonbonded-Pair and Bonded-Pair cable (PoE) Plus and IP-based security and building and assemblies management systems, the IBDN 4800 System • Unshielded and shielded cable, assemblies supports a variety of environments and and components applications. With a wide range of components and accessories, the end-to-end IBDN 4800 • Ultra High-Density, AngleFlex and standard System offers the longest operational life span of patch panels any Category 6 system. • KeyConnect and MDVO-Style modular jacks • Patch cords, pigtails and pre-terminated IBDN 3600 System cabling assemblies The IBDN 3600 System offers the best price- • MediaFlex, KeyConnect and MDVO-Style workstation outlet systems performance ratio of any end-to-end Category 6 system on the market. With guaranteed • BIX and 110 IDC cross-connect systems. performance to 280 MHz, the IBDN 3600 • Indoor, outdoor and specialty backbone System offers headroom beyond the TIA/EIA and riser cables Category 6 standard to support any current IP- based application, including VoIP, PoE, wireless The following is a recap of each of the five Belden access points and building automation systems. IBDN Copper Systems. Enhanced crosstalk and impedance performance, combined with a compact size and available pre-terminated system for rapid data center IBDN 10GX System deployment, makes the IBDN 3600 System the The IBDN 10GX System is an end-to-end most cost-effective solution for high-traffic copper system designed with dynamic enabling and high bit-rate applications throughout the technologies to support the most demanding LAN environment. current and future high-end applications with performance beyond the TIA/EIA Category 6A standard. With a guaranteed 625 MHz of usable bandwidth for 10BASE-T applications and the highest supported frequency for broadband video at 860 MHz, the IBDN 10GX System is an ideal4 1.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361)
  5. 5. One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.IBDN 2400 System Belden IBDN Copper Systems – Performance and Component Selection MatrixThe IBDN 2400 System offers moderate IBDN System 10GX System 4800 System 3600 System 2400 System 1200 Systemcommunications performance for general Performancebusiness applications and transactions, including Standard Category 6A Category 6 Category 6 Category 6 Category 5eadvanced file sharing and downloads. It offers a Availableguaranteed bandwidth of 250 MHz to support 625 MHz 300 MHz 280 MHz 250 MHz 160 MHz Bandwidth10/100/1000BASE-T applications with enhanced,error-free Category 6 performance. With cables, DataTwist Cable DataTwist DataTwist 2400 Series DataTwistmodular jacks, cords, patch panels and a cross- 10GX Series Selection 4800 Series 3600 Series 1200 Seriesconnect system, the IBDN 2400 System is an ideal MediaTwist Seriesmarket-entry solution for businesses ready for 10GX IDC GigaBIX Cross-Connect BIX and 110reliable end-to-end Category 6 performance. Cross-Connect Cross-Connect 10GX CAT5E Patch Panels Patch PanelsIBDN 1200 System CAT6+ Patch Panels Connectivity 10GX CAT5E CAT6+ Modular JacksFor networks requiring only Category 5e Selection Modular Jacks Modular Jacks CAT6+ Modular Cordsperformance, the IBDN 1200 System is the best 10GX CAT5Eperforming Category 5e system available. The Modular Cords Modular CordsIBDN 1200 System exceeds all requirements KeyConnect and Flex Modular Patch Panelsfor Category 5e performance with guaranteed MediaFlex, KeyConnect, Interface and MDVO Outlet Hardwarebandwidth to 160 MHz—more bandwidth than (Configurable with appropriate modules)typical Category 5e systems. Ideal for budget-conscious and short-term investments, theIBDN 1200 System is robust enough to supporta variety of basic business applications instandard environments, including basic 1.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361) 5
  6. 6. Top-quality Flagship Innovations Provide the Ultimate Value Backed by years of field-proven telecommunica- Pre-Terminated Cabling Systems tions experience, Belden IBDN Copper System Ideal for data centers components include several innovative tech- where time, reliability and nologies designed to ensure cost-effective, easy performance are critical, deployment and maximum performance and Belden Pre-Terminated reliability, while meeting current and future needs Cabling Systems are easy for capacity and scalability. These products are to configure, easy to order designed with the same focus on quality and per- and easy to install. With an formance found in Belden’s complete product line. intuitive plug-and-play action, built-in reliability that virtually eliminates testing, and simple Belden Bonded-Pair Cables reusable components, Belden’s Pre-TerminatedThere’s a Belden Available for each IBDN Cabling Systems provide superior performance, save significant time and money and offer energy Copper System, BeldenIBDN Copper System Bonded-Pair Cables and waste savings. At the heart of these systems are two core components — pre-terminated cable feature a patented designthat’s right for you. that bonds the individual assemblies and RJ45 modular couplers. The pre- terminated cable assemblies are a 6-cable bundle conductors along their terminated with smaller footprint RJ45 plugs that longitudinal axis for provide easy pulling, routing, cable management extremely uniform spacing that maintains pair and connection. Compatible with Belden’s full line geometry and consistent electrical performance. of KeyConnect modular patch panels, the RJ45 With higher pulling tensions and tighter bend modular couplers are RJ45-to-RJ45 inline couplers radii, Belden Bonded-Pair Cables are better designed to meet the performance requirements suited to withstand the rigors of real-world of a single plug-jack connection while offering installations and accommodate high-density data the inherent simplicity of a true plug-and-play center applications that experience a great deal solution. The Belden Pre-Terminated Cabling of cable bending in and around patch panels. Systems are available in unshielded and shielded Because Belden Bonded-Pair Cables avoid gaps 10GX Pre-Terminated Cabling Systems for along the twisted pairs, they provide improved 10 Gigabit applications and in the 3600 Pre- return loss and balance performance that makes Terminated Cabling Solution for the ultimate in them less susceptible to electromagnetic and Category 6 performance. radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) in noisy environments. This innovative Belden technology is ideal for high frequency 10 Gigabit and broadband video applications, as well as any mission-critical situation where dropped signals are not an option.6 1.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361)
  7. 7. One Enterprise.One Infrastructure.One Partner.KeyConnect Modularity Modules. KeyConnect components come in a variety of colors and styles, including moreBelden’s KeyConnect than 19 colors of jacks, stainless steel faceplates,System includes a wide Best-in-Class Support and Warranties single-gang and double-gang configurations,range of KeyConnect and boxes equipped with protective shutters. All Belden IBDN Systems are backed bypatch panels, expert service and technical support and afaceplates, adapters commitment to delivering high-performance,and boxes, combined Best Design and Installation Partners reliable transmission solutions. Belden backswith a complete line of Well positioned as a leading single-source cerified IBDN systems with two unique best-KeyConnect Modules, provider, Belden’s global network of top-quality in-class warranties for complete peace of mindincluding KeyConnect Modular Jacks available distribution and fully-trained installation partners — a 25-Year Product Warranty and a Lifetimein 10GX, CAT6+ and CAT5E to suit any network provide comprehensive local and global support Application Assurance Program. From the dateperformance level. Each modular component of from design, delivery and installation to post- of installation, the 25-Year Product Warrantythe KeyConnect series seamlessly fits together to installation support. Belden recruits and qualifies warrants against defects in materials andaccommodate any application—from the data only the best design and installation partners as workmanship and guarantees components tocenter to the workstation. Designed with superior our authored Certified System Vendors (CSVs). meet or exceed all applicable standards. Undersignal transmission performance, the compact Belden invests heavily in evaluating, training the Lifetime Application Assurance Program,KeyConnect Modules can be easily inserted and qualifying our partners so they have the Belden warrants that each certified IBDN Systemand removed from any keystone-style opening, knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure will deliver its specified throughput rate andproviding design flexibility, reduced installation that the design and installation of each Belden minimum bandwidth capabilities and be capabletime and the ability to reconfigure as needs IBDN system is optimized for the required of operating the applications that the systemchange. For data centers and telecommunications standards, technology environment and was originally designed to support, as well asrooms, modular KeyConnect Patch Panels can be lifespan of the network. any new applications, for the lifetime of thepreloaded or configured using any KeyConnect installed system.Modules for any level of density, including a48-port/1U configuration. The modules can alsobe used with front-loading Belden MediaFlex Contact Belden TodayOutlets for mixing and matching with Multimedia For more information about the Belden IBDN Copper Systems, call 1.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361) or visit designing yourown Copper Systemby selecting from theproducts featuredon the 1.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361) 7