™                                                                                                                         ...
makes buildings instantly energy efficient   Planet Supra™ is a nanotechnology paint. It contains Silica Beads for   super...
high-performance green technology                               Insulating   Ultra-Fine Hollow Nano Silica Beads          ...
selected project referencesCarrefour store (Thailand), Jan. 2010:                   Benchmark Electronics (Thailand.), Feb...
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Instantly make buildings energy-efficient, improves hot/cold insultation, reduce CO2 emissions


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Planet Supra Thermal Barrier Paint is a nanotechnology high performance and 100% eco-friendly heat reflective coating. It can turn any surface into a best-in-class heat shield: clay tiles, concrete, metal sheet, tent fabric, plastic fiber, wood, ...

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Instantly make buildings energy-efficient, improves hot/cold insultation, reduce CO2 emissions

  1. 1. ™ Insulating Silica Beads  heat reflective nanotechnology  instantly saves on energy bill  certified to offset carbon emissions • up to 33ºC less on roof, wall1 • 49% saved on air-conditioning1 • up to 80ºC less on oven, boiler1 94.6% solar reflectance21 ) actual on-site measurements by customers 2) Solar reflection rate as per JIS R 3106:1998: near -infrareds: 94.6%, all wavelength: 92.3%, visible light: 90.4%
  2. 2. makes buildings instantly energy efficient Planet Supra™ is a nanotechnology paint. It contains Silica Beads for superior heat reflection and Titanium Dioxide for self-cleaning effect. Ultra-Fine Hollow Nano Silica Beads are the result of the latest achievements in high performance insulating nanotechnology materials research. The silica beads are manufactured at nano scale (billionth of meter) which gives them amazing properties: a 200 micron dry film thickness coat reflects 94.6% solar radiations for up to10 years. Nano Titanium Dioxide or TiO2 is certainly the most well-known nano material. It has an unmatched ability to break down pollutants and dirt molecules such as nitrogen dioxide or NO2 , and carbon dioxide or CO2. It makes Planet Supra self-cleaning and mold-free for life, while contributing to clean the air around painted buildings. Planet Supra™ turns coated surfaces into high efficiency heat shields ordinary paint Planet Supra™ Reflecting heat away is the most 35ºC efficient way to insulate buildings, ambient vehicles and equipment. For example, once painted with Planet Supra™, a cement tile roof’s 62ºC 42ºC underside temperature typically roof & wall roof & wall drops from 60ºC to 40ºC by an surface surface ambient temperature of 38ºC: indoors is up to 8ºC cooler than outdoors without air-conditioning*! 60ºC 40ºC roof & wall roof & wall Silica beads are very resistant and back side back side durable: their performance is constant during the paint’s life, 43ºC 30ºC helped by the TiO2 which keeps indoors indoors the surface clean. Improving insulation equals to Cooler buildings reduce Urban Heat direct savings on energy bill Island Effect, fight Global Warming Studies from Public Cities are warmer than the surrounding countryside: this is known Electricity Boards as the Urban Heat Island Effect. Vast areas covered with in Asia, Europe concrete, steel and tarmac accumulate heat during the day, and the United radiate at night. Painting rooftops with a solar reflective coating States prove that makes cities cooler, which contributed to mitigating the effect. improving It directly helps to insulation directly fight Global Warming, saves money which is why Planet Supra™ spent on energy. was the first coating This is true for air- certified to offset carbon conditioning and emissions by the heating as well. Japanese Government.* Actual temperatures measured by Trading Green in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2010.
  3. 3. high-performance green technology Insulating Ultra-Fine Hollow Nano Silica Beads Offset your Carbon Footprint Nano form a radiant barrier that reflects heat back to Silica Beads its source. Gapless lifelong performance. faster than by planting trees! Near IR World-Class Solar Radiation Reflectance Far IR a wide spectrum of solar radiations are reflected, 94.6% solar reflectance* UV the paint offers a best-in-class insulation as per JIS*. = = CO2 Nano Lifelong Self-Cleaning Effect x 10 x6 1 ton Titanium daylight reacts with Nano Titanium Dioxide, breaks Dioxide dirt and pollution molecules, which rain washes off. Planet Supra™ is the first coating certified Extreme Durability in All Seasons to offset carbon emissions by Carbon Offset Japan (COJ). the paint does not peel, fade, swell, craze. It is very resistant to abrasion, sea salt and even acid. For every 10 cans used, the Japanese Government grants 1 ton of Carbon Mold Green Pollutant-Free Emission Reduction credits (CER) to the Fungus the paint’s composition makes it unattractive to manufacturer for its contribution to Algae mold, fungus or algae which do not grow on it. fighting Global Warming. Smart 100% Eco-Friendly Composition One ton is same amount of carbon that is Green offset by six adult 25 years old pine trees all components have been chosen to protect the Conserve Reuse Recycle Solution environment: water-based, no VOC, no solvents. or thirty-six adult maple trees! Product range and technical characteristics Dry Film Per tin of Coverage Primer Compatible Application Finish Weight Liters Thickness (DFT) paint area, 2 coats required surfaces methods 2 coats Concrete, metal, Planet Supra Matte 10 kg 15.4 L 40 SQM 200 microns No wood, fabric, Roller, airless spray plastic, brick, gun, spray gun, 150 to 200 ceramic, cement, Planet Supra Yes, any brush, … Glossy 16 kg 15.4 L 65 SQM microns clay, old and Neo (incl. primer) type new, … Versatile application Fast curing times Easy painting process Dry to Half Planet Supra Planet Supra Neo Cured touch cured 1. Clean surface 2. Mix with 5% to 10% demineralized water Planet Supra is compatible with 3. Paint 2 coats 3. Apply primer all painting methods: brush, roller, spray gun, mechanical and industrial. 30 min. 8-12 hrs. 48 hrs. 4. Paint 2 coats Unlimited colors, in matte and glossy finishes, for unlimited creativity Planet Supra (matte finish): Base color: white, miscible with water-based colorants 21 other colors available, more can be made to order. Planet Supra can be ordered in Planet Supra Neo: 22 matte finish colors ready to paint (above: palette v.2010.2). Base colors: glossy white, glossy light grey, any other The 2 last digits of each color color can be made to order. Non-miscible with code indicate solar reflection %. colorants. Heat reflective performance is best with lighter colors.* JIS R 3106:1998: Japanese Industrial Standard certification.
  4. 4. selected project referencesCarrefour store (Thailand), Jan. 2010: Benchmark Electronics (Thailand.), Feb. 2011: Bouygues-Thai office (Thailand), Jul.2010: 7-Eleven store (Thailand), Jan. 2010:building heat load reduced by 33%. 4,610sqm facility painted in glossy dark green. 49% saved on daily air-conditioning bill. metal sheet roof cooler by 33ºC. your project here !PTT gas station (Thailand), Oct. 2010: Tell us how Planet Supra helped your project Coca Cola 14,000sqm facility(Japan), 2009: DHL office (Thailand), Apr. 2010: roof-ceiling46% saved on daily air-conditioning bill. and advertise your Go Green initiative with us! Planet Supra chosen over 30 competitors. air gap 15ºC cooler, 35% saved on air-con bill.DHL trucks (Thailand), Apr. 2010: JVK International Movers (Thailand), 2010: Linfox refrigerated trailer (Thailand), 2010: True Corp. (Thailand), Feb. 2010: Internetrefrigerated truck saved 20% on fuel. personnel transport truck roof 18.5ºC cooler. air-conditioning fuel consumption dropped. cabinets 10ºC cooler, protects electronics.Toyo-Thai(Thailand), Sep. 2010: liquid chemical Mattel factory (Thailand), Jul. 2010: Four Seasons Hotel (Thailand), Feb. 2010: Dubai Aluminum (U.A.E.), 2009: steam pipesstorage tank insulated, content protected. 50ºC less on die-cast oven surface. boilers insulated, energy conserved. 13ºC cooler than with ceramic coating. your sales contact:Warehouse(Japan), 2010. Wal-Mart store (Chile), 2010. info@tradinggreenltd.com Phone: +66 (0) 2660 3601 Fax: +66 (0) 2660 3881Private home (Pakistan), 2009. Container office(Abu Dhabi), 2009. Exclusively imported by Trading Green Ltd. Interchange 21 Bldg., 32nd fl., 399 Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok smart green 10110, Thailand. P: +66 (0) 2660 3601 F: + 66 (0) 2660 3881 email: info@tradinggreenltd.com website: www.tradinggreenltd.com product