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Customer 2020


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The future promises surprises and opportunities that imply to make evolve the way brands interact with their customers.
This point of view is a prospective analysis of what could be the "customer of tomorrow". We also identify 3 main issues related to this evolution: humanization of the relationship, profitable customer loyalty and synergies between material and immaterial worlds.

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Customer 2020

  1. 1. Customer 2020 A point of view by Arnaud Huet June 2009 1
  2. 2. The future promises surprises and opportunities that imply to make evolve the way brands interact with their customers Customer Market Technologies Collaborative intelligence Clouds of objects Hero connected, fixed and mobile He is now asking: This is what I need, Sustainable development can you provide it? CRM 2.0 / 3.0... New vertical relationships Augmented reality Reasonable purchaser Word of mouth marketing He pays attention to the respect of eEdition environment Behavioral targeting Electronic clothes Influencer Participatory culture Clickable environment He discusses with peers and argues in order to influence others Economic stabilization Invisible robots Humanization of media Intelligent materials Personal broadcaster He defines and communicates about his Free currency personal life as a marketer Organic research of information / Organic ad- eReputation engine 2
  3. 3. Humanization of the relationship is the first issue of the 10 next years. To embrace this vision, marketing leaders will particularly need to put the concept of customer centricity into practice  Target the empowered customers and recruit them: – Define how to reach empowered customers (e.g.: semantic analysis, level of involvement of brand in social relationship) Engage – What you’re trying to accomplish, empowered  Own and lock them: customers by – Define how you plan to strengthen your relationships with them. E.g.: developing – Embrace personal marketing like an insider “new vertical – Communate about your Brand as a UGC and without cheating about your identity – relationships” Define your strategy of retention  Measure the results: – Collect data in order to measure the experience delivered – Monitor the engagement and the financial impact  Listen to individual customer’s needs and desires as often as you Build talk to them and as often as they talk to you relationships – Deliver the personal service that they deserve at every touchpoints – Make “Empathy“ a guideline of the operational recommendations through  Astonish customers and make them live unique experiences emotions and – Launch initiatives regarding their ROI per segment or cluster 3 adapted – Measure “Engagement” as a KPI made up of four elements: involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence experiences – Link your results with financial metrics in order to fuel a business plan and monitor the ROI Non-exhaustive list
  4. 4. Profitable customer loyalty is the second issue. Many firms fail to lock their customers and a few have figured out the recipe for transforming their capabilities in a profitable way  Make your best customers High expectations switch from stable to engaged customers. Disappointed Engaged Examples of initiatives: – Astonish the customer with Poor Great experiences emotionaly positive experience experience – Use technologies to ensure the At-risk Stable delivery of appropriate customer experiences in stores – Recognize the customer as a person who enjoys to be involved and rewarded Low expectations …  Try to keep « At-risk » and « Disappointed » customers that are profitable. Example of initiatives: – Identify the most profitable dissatisfied/dissafected customers and focus your actions on them – Monitor the ROI continuously and in real-time …
  5. 5. The development of synergies between material and immaterial worlds is the third issue. The development of the overlap will impact the allocation of marketing investments and the internal organization of firms. With the advent of the clickable environment, Advices and Digital is integrated in informations our everyday life. collected from Digital Immaterial environment enlighten the way the Digital cutomer interacts in the store. Selfcare Peers contribute to Selfcare by sharing Contact center their return on experience about Customers become problem solved. more and Store more informed before getting in After Sales Service touch with the after Internet was a sales service. So channel. It becomes recommendations the link between Material and diagnosis need material and to be argued and immaterial worlds. didactic.
  6. 6. Contact For more details or comments To consult my professional background huet/0/9a3/3b4 6