Steamed Cooking tips


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Steamed Cooking tips

  1. 1. Steamed Cooking Tips
  2. 2. Steamed Cooking Tips One of the trials in cooking is by looking for the right technique on how to attain the right flavor of your dish. There are lots of methods on cooking and one of them is steamed cooking or simply steaming. Earliest society says us that it is one of the oldest systems of cooking food is merely by taking water to boil while the food lies on top of it. It is also said one of the vigorous and nutritious way because the nutrients and enzymes of the food are not lost since the water never comes in contact with the food. Hence, only the steam of water touches the food. Here are some helpful tips to get your kitchen steaming on the right track:
  3. 3. Prepare the steamer properlyFirst thing to do, fill the bottom panof the steamer with at least belowtwo inches of water. You must bringthe water to boil before placing thefood on top of the steamer
  4. 4. Remember evaporation time Don’t let the water evaporate if you intend to steam the food for a longer period. If you wanted to preserve heat inside the steamer, then you need to add more water. The food must be proportional to the water if you are considering time. This is simply a margin to the first rule.
  5. 5. Limit liftingWe have to limit in lifting the cover ofthe steamer so that it will notinterfere or interrupt thesimultaneous flow of the steam.When this happens, the steam willescape from the steamer and it maydelay the cooking process. Wait forthe allotted time before lifting thecover of the steamer.
  6. 6. Steam can cause burnsSteam can cause serious burns, specificallysecond degree burns. Make sure to becareful when you remove the cover of yoursteamer and the food itself. It isrecommended that you use a tong whenremoving the molder from the steamer.Also, do not wash the steamer right awayas it can cause direct heat contact to yourskin. Kitchen gloves are also recommendedto use. In case you undergo serious burns,do not rub the part with toothpaste. Placean icepack over the affected part beforegoing to the hospital. Don’t try to move itfor it will worsen the pain.Kitchen cooking requires serious discipline as one needs to take precaution ineverything that he or she does. Now that you know the best ways on how to steam , gethold of that steamer and make your kitchen steam with goodness.
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