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Healthy Dinner Recipes


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Healthy Dinner Recipe is a comforting Winter meal at night, and the fact that making a delicious batch is little more than throwing ingredients in a pot makes it doubly so. Make this healthy dinner recipe for a filling meal that makes your family satisfying in its taste.

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Healthy Dinner Recipes

  1. 1. Healthy Dinner RecipesIn most countries, dinner is a very substantial meal as this is the one taken at homeafter a day’s work. But talk to a lot of doctors and health advocates and they are quickto recommend eating more during the day either at breakfast or lunch.Most dieticians and nutritionists recommend that dinner be the lightest mealconsumed as body does not have adequate waking time to digest the food. Going tobed on an excessively full stomach has been connected to weight gain, digestiveproblems and sleeping problems. This can be avoided either by taking easily digestedfood during dinner or simply taking dinner early.There is even the six o’clock diet which proposes to eat as much as you want butbefore this time which is basically saying “skip dinner” or eat it very early. Popularizedduring the 90s, it can potentially be a beneficial temporary diet to lose weight ifobserved properly, that is meals taken during the day are adequate amounts ofnutrients, vitamins and minerals. The tendency to break this diet depends on whattime a person sleeps.However, if this cannot be achieved sustainably, like for most people who are stillheading home from work at this time, consider these tips in preparing dinner.Consume lean protein in reasonable quantities. Four ounces of chicken, lean beef orpork (the size of a deck of playing cards for those who do not have a kitchen scale) isenough for dinner. You can replace this with beans or tofu for vegetarians or vegans.Include complex carbohydrates and vegetables as the added fiber aids digestion not tomention micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts,mustard greens, kale and cauliflower contain three cancer-protective bio-chemicals.Tomatoes contain lycopene, which enhances the absorption and utilisation of betacarotene, so eating tomatoes with beta carotene-rich foods provides an added boost.Carrots and tomatoes are a good combination. Best salad sources are dark green leafyspinach, broccoli, tomatoes, red peppers, kidney and garbanzo beans. Use a bit ofgarlic which has also been shown to have health-promoting and possibly anti-cancerproperties.The recipes featured satisfy not only physical cravings for great tasting food but alsoaddresses your nutritional requirements. Even a few pieces of crown roast of pork canbe a part of a great tasting healthy dinner as long as you do not eat the whole dish!
  2. 2. Zeeland Lobster SaladAre you looking to make Recipe Zeeland Lobster Salad? Youll find the most uniqueand interesting Recipes here! A delicious light lobster salad made with ripe freshtomatoes, red onions, and fresh herbs. Lobster is usually classified as flattest food. Itneed not be so expensive to have a lobster dinner in humoring if you buy a little lookfaulty. Such mixed looks gallivant lobster at great prices. In this right homerun neednot be large. It is important to browse the shell and cleaned before cooking begins.Servings: 4Preparation Time: 15 minutesCooking Time: 15 minutesRecommended Wine: Macon classe, domaine de la Beaugron, cuvee tradition, annee98.Ingredients:2 Zeeland lobsters (1 lb.), 1 ½ tablespoons corn salad, 24 endive leaves, chopped dill,chopped chervil, chopped chive, allspice, basil, cress,1 bunch green asparagus,mesclun (chervil, arugula, leafy lettuces and endive in equal proportions), 3tablespoons winter truffles, 3 ½ tablespoons artichokes or chanterelle mushrooms,Xeres vinegar, salt, pepper, 4 tablespoons truffle oil, olive oilPreparation Instructions:Cook the Zeeland lobster for 7 to 8 minutes. Cut it into slices. Remove the intestineand withdraw the stony bag from the head. Cut the tail into escallops. Prepare aseasoning with olive oil, garlic, coriander, Xeres vinegar, pepper, and salt. Add herbs.Soak mesclun in the seasoning and add some salt and pepper. Add corn salad,artichoke, and asparagus. Place on a serving dish. Sprinkle with chives. Add a mix ofallspice, basil, and cress. Place the salad and the vegetables in the middle of a dish,then add the lobster, then the body, and finally the meat). Sprinkle with parsley.Prepare the CHINA TRUFFLE with some truffle oil, salt, and pepper. Decorate the dishwith THE CHINA TRUFFLE.
  3. 3. Grilled Buttermilk ChickenButtermilk is essential for fried chicken, but as this recipe proves, it’s terrific for grilledchicken, too.Servings: 12Cooking Time: 30 minutesDifficulty Level: AverageIngredients:4 cups buttermilk, 15 cloves garlic, sliced, 1 cup fresh rosemary leaves, 2 tablespoons +coarse salt, 2 tablespoons + freshly ground pepper, 3 (3 lb.) whole chickens, cut into 8pieces, with the breasts halved, Olive oilPreparation Instructions:In a bowl, stir together the buttermilk, garlic, rosemary, 2 tablespoons salt, and 2teaspoons pepper. Lay the chicken pieces out on two or three baking sheets. Pour halfthe buttermilk mixture over the chicken; turn the chicken pieces over and pour theremaining buttermilk mixture over them. Refrigerate overnight, turning the chickenpieces now and then. A half hour before cooking, remove the chicken pieces from therefrigerator. Preheat the grill and coat the grate with olive oil. Remove the chickenpieces from the baking sheets, patting them dry with paper towels. Grill the chickenbreasts and drumsticks over direct heat for 10 minutes, being sure the skin side facesthe heat. Turn and cook over indirect heat, covered, until a thermometer in the thighreads 165 degrees F., about 15 minutes or so. Grill the chicken wings over direct heat,turning frequently for about 15 minutes, or until cooked thoroughly.
  4. 4. Beef fillet with red wineThe tenderloin and even the sirloin are sometimes called, or rather known, under thename of fillet, when cooked. It comes from the French fillet - tenderloin. The red winebrings out all the best flavors of meat, especially with beef.Servings: 6Preparation Time: 120 minutesCooking Time: 60 minutesRecommended Wine: BrunelloIngredients:For the red wine sauce: 2 lbs. beef bones, 0.33 lbs. carrots, celery, and onion, 2tomatoes 4 laurel leaves, 10 1/2 cups red wine (Brunello di Montalcino); 2.1oz.shallots, 3 ½ tablespoons butter, 10 ½ tablespoons sugar, salt. For the Medallions: 6beef fillet medallions (0.4 lbs. or 6.4 oz. each); 17 ½ tablespoons butter, 1 poundboiled spinach, 4 tablespoons butterPreparation Instructions:To prepare the sauce, start by cutting the beef bones in pieces. Roast them in a 392degree F. oven for about 1 hour. Put the bones, freed from grease, in a steel pot withcarrots, celery, onion, tomatoes, laurel and 8 cups wine. Bring to a boil. Continueboiling on low heat and reduce by ¾, occasionally scooping off any grease from thesurface. Meanwhile, boil the shallot with 3 ½ tablespoons butter and sugar. When thesauce begins to caramelize, add the remaining wine and boil lightly until the wine iscompletely evaporated. Add the previous reduction and boil for about 5 minutes,adding a pinch of salt. Remove the sauce from the heat. Add 17 ½ tablespoons coldbutter, cut into small pieces, and mix with a beater. Strain. Salt and sauté themedallions in a pan, beginning with high heat, then cooking on low heat for about 8 to10 minutes. At the same time, sauté the spinach in a pan with butter. Cut themedallions vertically in slices of about 1/5th of an inch in thickness. Place the spinachin the middle of the serving dish. Lay the medallion slices around it, and add the winesauce on the border.OTHER LINKS:best coffee dessertspictures of pasteurizationnicaragua drinks recipesethiopian coffee wikipopeye chicken wiki