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How to Grill Chicken Wings


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Along with their tangy flavor and wide popularity, also comes a rather rich tale of the history of buffalo wings. There are four different persons who claim to have invented buffalo wings.....

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How to Grill Chicken Wings

  1. 1. Gourmetrecipe Collection How to Grill Chicken Wings
  2. 2. How to Grill Chicken Wings In general, barbecue chicken wings are now becoming quite well-known for most people who like to hanging out in a bar or eating in a restaurant. The first chicken wings were discovered in a bar called Buffalo New York in 1964, which gave rise to the term ‘Buffalo Wings’. As of now, there are lots of variations when it comes to chicken wings which are now served from hot and spicy to sweet and savory. Typically, they are served as a lavish appetizer or tasty snack.If you want to experience having chicken wings in the relief of your own home you can have it whileat the same time saving money on the costly charges of bars and restaurants when you ordered yourmost well-loved chicken wings. Here are some very easy and simple ways on how to grill chickenwings in your home:First, you need to prepare the chicken wings of course which is the start of your grilling activity. If forinstance, you don’t want to cut the chicken wings yourself, you can actually purchase them, alreadycut, with the wing tips already detached.When you are done with your purchase, you may continue to the next step which is the cutting. Youneed to cut the remaining piece of the chicken wings in half. After cutting them you need to rinsethem under cold water and then put them to dry on a paper towel.
  3. 3. After the cutting steps, you may now proceed with the third step which is the marinating of thechicken wings. When it comes to marinating your chicken wings you can test and explore other meansof marinating and seasoning them by simply using your creativity and imagination. With this, you cansurely create your own personalize flavors of your chicken wings. In marinating the chicken wings, youcan use honey, hot sauce, lemon juice, brown sugar and BBQ sauce. You can try mixing them to comeup with a flavor for your chicken wings which is truly unique and truly yours.Now let us go the grilling steps of the chicken wings.First, you need to pre-heat your grill to a minimum heat and you can lightly coat the grill grid with adrop of olive oil or cook and spray.You must keep in mind that chicken wings do not take long to cook. They can be done between six toten minutes.After, pre-heating your grilling and putting on the cooking oil, you need to keep turning the wings overoften to avoid burning them. With this, you can grill the chicken wings just the way you likethem, whether it is medium or quite crispy.While doing this, you can keep basting your marinate sauce over the chicken wings to avoid them fromdrying out.After that, you are done and you can now serve and enjoy your most well-loved chicken wings.