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Gourmetrecipe collection bacon craze


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love and obsession to bacon ... watch this simple video ... brought to you by GOURMETRECIPE COLLECTION

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Gourmetrecipe collection bacon craze

  1. 1. Gourmetrecipe Collection BACON CRAZE
  2. 2. The growth of the Internet also gave enlargement to the acceptance of bacon, with a lot of people proclaiming their love and obsession to bacon, putting up websites and clubs in the name of bacon, and spreading their delicious and unique recipes, developments, and reinventions of bacon. Bacon is one of the most loved and addictive foods in the world, and in recent years it became the national meat of America.Any bored dish can be made more enticing and delightful with the addition of bacon. Atouch of bacon on sauté, stews, soups, casseroles, pasta, salad, vegetable, fish, and meatdishes can make them succulent, aromatic and lavish, and can turn the ordinary to great.The chain lards in bacon has an attractive savory taste called "umami," which increasesthe flavors of other dishes.The outstanding rage for bacon is so-called "bacon mania," and has stemmed in oddrecipes like bacon doughnuts, bacon-infused vodka, bacon whisky, bacon coffee, deep-fried bacon, chocolate-dipped bacon, chicken fried bacon, bacon explosion, bacon mints,candied bacon, baconnaise, bacon cookies, bacon cupcakes, bacon salt, bacon sauce, andhard-boiled eggs coated in mayonnaise and wrapped in bacon.
  3. 3. Restaurants around the United States hold bacon and beer tasting nights, whilecelebrity chef Bobby Flay approve such events as "Bacon of the Month" online and onnational television. Some people feel that Americas obsession with bacon is a fittingreproduction of over-consumption and the culture of obesity. Others find it inspiringand a direct rebellion to the health-conscious trend that is also so omnipresentnowadays.The love for bacon goes beyond food and many people have taken their love for baconby consuming it as material for art, crafts, and even science. There are bacon roses,bras and underwear made of bacon, bacon paintings, bacon sculptures, and baconscience experiments.Here are some suggested bacon recipesfrom GOURMETRECIPE COLLECTION:
  4. 4. Bacon CasseroleSoothing and simple bacon casserole makes ahearty breakfast or pleasant side dish to meats,vegetables, or fruits. Potato bacon casserole isone of the easiest and most adequate meals thatcan style breakfast more alive. When baked, thepotatoes must turned into golden and tenderhash browns, while the crisp and tender baconpieces give the dish a magnificent flavor andaroma. This dish can also be served for brunch oraccompany meats and fish, or being served withtoasted bread for a filling snack.To make a simple but pleasant potato bacon casserole, preheat the oven to 350 degreesF and coat a baking or casserole dish with grease. Layer the dish with potatoes, onion,bacon, and cheese, irregular and repeating layers to the top, with the cheese as thefinal layer. In a bowl, whisk together an egg, evaporated milk, and season with salt andpepper. Pour this mixture over the dish and cover with a foil. Bake the casserole for 55minutes to an hour then remove the foil. Bake the dish for an addition 5 minutes tobrown the cheese. Let the casserole stand for 15 minutes before serving.
  5. 5. Other delicious bacon casserole forms contain zucchini with cheddar cheese and baconcasserole, bean and bacon casserole, spicy sweet potato and bacon casserole, corn andbacon casserole, egg and bacon casserole, bacon egg potato casserole, and lima beanand bacon casserole.Creamy, cheesy, hearty, and savory, bacon casserole also makes a lovely and aromaticChristmas breakfast. Beat up a bacon casserole after the holidays and serve it withleftover turkey and chicken for a extended celebration. Some like to make the casserolea day or a night before, so that by breakfast time, all they need to do is to pop it is to letit stand for a few minutes at room temperature then pop it in the oven.
  6. 6. Bacon Sandwich Bacon has a quality, aroma and savor that go well with a extensive range of elements, pastes, and condiments for creating a simple or gourmet, or outrageously sumptuous sandwich. Perhaps the simplest way to type a bacon sandwich is to cook three or four strips of bacon until they are crisp and place it in between two slices of toasted bread. Some like to butter the bread first or spread a thin layer of mayonnaise, horseradish, mustard, or honey mustard. One of the most widespread sandwiches are bacon and egg sandwich. YouAnother popular sandwich loved around can consume regular fried eggs, scrambled eggsthe world is BLT, short for Bacon, Lettuce, or sunny side up eggs. Layer it with someand Tomato, which sums up the cheese or use cheese omelet for a dense andingredients of the perfectly balanced and attractive breakfast.harmonized recipe. Club sandwich isanother typical that comprises bacon, More gourmet forms of bacon sandwich cantomatoes, lettuce, chicken or turkey, and contain fancy cheeses like Brie or Camembertmayonnaise, and often, scrambled eggs. with spinach and egg.The sandwich is characteristically cut upinto quarters and held composed bytoothpicks.
  7. 7. Bacon also goes well with grilled cheese layered with apple slices or peach wedges. For aMexican-inspired dish, layer strips of bacon with guacamole, tomatoes, and lettuce andsmoke-dried jalapeno. Salsa also tastes spectacular with bacon and burger, and so doespineapple.Wrap bacon strips around hot dog and cook it on the grill to make mouthwateringhotdog sandwich. Dress it up with as much condiments as you like such as mayonnaise,mustard, pickle relish, jalapeno, and ketchup. Serve it with some French fries and soda orbeer for the vital outdoor party food.Bacon and pickles also go well together in between rye bread, add a slice of cheddarcheese and you have a classic pub preferred. You cant go wrong with a sandwich of beefbrisket with melted cheese and mushrooms topped with crisp bacon slices.
  8. 8. Bacon WrapsThe thin, long and stripy nature of bacon, people cant help wrapping all kinds of foodwith it. Its almost like second-skin; its fun to do like playing and preserving food. Inaddition to make taste ten times better, it gives dampness and an enticing aroma toany dish.Whole chicken and whole turkey can be covered in bacon. Some like to wrap the leg orthe breast, or cut the meat into bite-sized chunks and wrap those for a scrumptiousappetizer. Some of the widespread foods that can be wrapped with bacon includescallops, oysters, crab legs, shrimps, asparagus, potatoes, fries, corn, mushrooms, tofu,cheese sticks, jalapeno peppers, whole eggs, dates, water chestnuts, pork tenderloin,pork roast, liver, ostrich, hotdogs, corndogs, sausages, cinnamon rolls, and even baconwrapped in bacon. A common bacon dish served in bars called Angels on Horseback, includes oysters wrapped in bacon and held with a skewer. It is seasoned with cayenne and broiled until crisp. Bacon-wrapped shrimp is a impressive party food, which comprises peeled shrimps with the tails detached and wrapped in bacon and baked.
  9. 9. One of the extreme recipe is ever considered, Bacon Explosion, involves of baconweaved into a lattice and wrapped around spiced sausage and crumbled bacon,dispensed over with barbecue sauce and barbecue seasoning and baked in the oven.Bacon PizzaFew things in life can beat the mixture of pizza and bacon. A layer of cheese and layersof bacon strips make a memorable meal or snack. Some like to cut the bacon into smallpieces while others relish the long strips when they bite into their pizza. Bacon bits canalso be added to a pizza loaded with other ingredients like ground meat, sausage, bellpeppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and pineapple. To make the most out of bacon,however, it is best to enjoy the crisp strips as simple as possible with mozzarella,cheddar, Parmesan, goats cheese, or Gruyere.There are many styles of bacon pizza. Somelike to add caramelized onions for a sweetand tangy compare to the salty and savorybacon. Bacon strips can be sliced into two orinto one- to two-inch pieces so that it wouldbe easier to assemble on the surface of thepizza. Avoid clumping or overlapping, so asto stop the bacon from cooking unequally.
  10. 10. Some people like to cook the bacon before topping it over the pizza to get some of thegrease out, as uncooked bacon baked in the oven with the pizza can turn into a pool ofoil on the surface of the cheese. Cooking the bacon also permits you to control thecrispiness you prefer it to be, but be sure to undercook it so that it will finish crisping inthe oven for a perfect texture. After cooking the bacon strips, place them out on a papertowel to absorb the oil.For gourmet versions of bacon pizza, add some slices of apples to balance the saltiness.Top with a soft cheese like Brie or Camembert for a decorative delight. Another elegantbacon pizza recipe is adding sour cream, ricotta cheese, and onions to the toppings for ajuicy party food best enjoyed with white wine.Bacon Soup Add bacon to pumpkin, squash, tomato, zucchini, potato, or spinach soup and it will be a hundred times better and beyond doubt memorable. Bacon is a secret ingredient that cracks the simple into extraordinary. Bacon can be used to boost the flavor of a soup, or as alternative to beef or chicken cubes. Bacon is also the perfect garnish for creamy soups, beans and chili.
  11. 11. When creating beans or lentil soup, sauté the beans or lentils together with bacon. Thiswill dispense a great flavor and aroma to the beans and give it moisture and juiciness.Also, when youre cooking with bacon, you dont need to use any more oil since thegrease of bacon is enough to sauté other ingredients. A basic vegetable stock usuallyconsists of carrots, celery, and onions. Add bacon to this and it will instantly taste moreflavorful. Add potatoes and cook until tender then add water and cream to make aflavorful soup. Add white wine if you wish, and season with salt and pepper. Cook untilthe alcohol dissipates. Puree the whole soup using an immersion blender or a foodprocessor until you get a delicately rich consistency. Pour the soup in bowls andsprinkle with bacon bits and chives then serve with some crusty bread for a reallysplendid snack or starter.One of the best ever matches for soup is pumpkin and bacon. The beautiful orangecolor of pumpkin is simply well-matched with the rich brown color of crisp bacon. Aswith the potatoes, you can sauté the diced up pumpkin together with bacon to flavorit, or cook them separately and add the bacon in the end. Add a dash of sour cream fora refreshing appetizer. Zucchini and bacon soup is a refreshing course that can beserved either warm or chilled.
  12. 12. Bacon PastaCurly bacon not only looks beautiful adjacent with swirly strands of pasta, but theblend is simply divine and moves the senses to break. Few things in life are moresustaining than strips of mouthwatering bacon intertwined with creamy spaghetti orpenne in the palate.Some like crispy bacon bits sprinkled on their pasta while others like whole baconstrips, still a bit soft with noticeable streaks of fat, curled around embracing thenoodles and scooping up thick creamy sauce or rich tomato sauce. In most cases, it isbest to cook the bacon distinctly so that you can control the level of crispness thatyou desire. You can cut the bacon into half or into bits, into two- or one-inch pieces,or leave it as whole strips, then toss it with the pasta and the sauce. This way, itremains the texture and does not melt into the sauce or become mushy.As a flavor enhancer, bacon can be used as abase for tomato sauce or cream sauce. It can besautéed together with onions and garlic andserve as a base for the pasta sauce. It can alsobe cut and cooked into bacon bits and used torelish the pasta at the end of the cooking orduring plating, on top of grated cheese.
  13. 13. Spaghetti Carbonara is one of the classic examples that make use of bacon bits. Creamybacon pasta can also be made even more pleasant with mushrooms. An interestingmixture is zucchini, bacon, and lemon spaghetti. Onion and bacon with goats cheesecan be made with bell-shaped noodles like penne or gemelli. Shrimp and bacon makean extraordinary delicious pasta dish. Other vegetables that go well with bacon formaking pasta recipes include broccoli, spinach, peas, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard.Bacon lasagna or Mac and cheese with bacon make a terrific snack or party food.LINK LISTS:http://www.gourmetrecipe.com