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Gluten Free Recipe


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Who knew eating gluten-free is good and be so delicious and so easy! Thanks to my favorite food site,, finding recipes just got a whole lot simpler. Here is a round-up of our favorite gluten-free recipes.

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Gluten Free Recipe

  1. 1. Gluten-Free RecipeFor those with wheat allergy or celiac disease, a gluten-free diet could be an option.Gluten is a protein found in wheat and rye, and as some or most of our table stapleslike bread and baked goods contain gluten, it might be at first consuming. But withthe right choices of food and a dash of creativity, it can be fun with recipes that youwill enjoy. The key is to staying positive and being patient. Yes, you can do this!Besides, there are foods that are already gluten-free to begin with. These foods arefresh eggs, fresh meats, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. That alone would give uschoices as to what dishes to make –whether grilled, fried, buttered, soups, braised,the choices are endless.Baked tomatoes and avocado feta cheese stackers are excellent starters or partyfinger foods. Chicken sausage broccoli and hash browns can be served for breakfast,and yes, potatoes are allowed in gluten-free diets so we still get our carb fix. If youlove fries, be sure to check labels again. Other awesome dishes to try are easy tomatosalad (excellent source of phytochemicals and vitamin C to combat infection),caramelized fennel onions and garlic, and gluten-free fried chicken.There are grains that are still allowed such as buckwheat, corn and cornmeal, flax, rice,soy, and tapioca so be sure to check ingredients at the labels section when purchasingsomething. This goes especially for pastas, breads, beer, and fries, as there are someflours such as durum, semolina, graham flour, and malt products that should beavoided if you’re a follower of this diet. For baked goods, there are gluten-freealternatives available in the market. It’s best to check labels if they are indeed gluten-free or seek a dietician or doctor to know if it’s best to take them or not.Special diets need not mean bland, tasteless things or everything juiced up. Knowingwhat’s right for you and what’s not, you can mix and match ingredients, researchrecipes like the ones given, or try and do some kitchen experiments to create tummy-friendly meals to enjoy. A sweet fix can be achieved with fresh fruits and smoothiesand there are hearty meals to choose from. A diet does not necessarily mean totaldeprivation and boring menus daily. It’s just mixing and matching different choices offoods and ingredients to design meals fitted for a better and healthy lifestyle. Look atit that way and food and meals can be fun and exciting all the time.
  2. 2. Asparagus with French Orange SauceThe French are known for their amazing vegetables, sometimes served with delicatesauces. This recipe makes a kind of hollandaise, which should be cooked carefully, andwithout scorching.Servings: 6Cooking Time: 30 minutesDifficulty Level: AverageIngredients:¾ cup unsalted butter, 3 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon cold water, 1 tablespoon freshlysqueezed lemon juice, Juice and grated rind of 1 orange, 30 asparagus spears, toughbottoms removed, Sea salt, Cayenne pepperPreparation Instructions:In a small saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Remove any foam from the surfaceand set aside. Place a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of just simmering water. Addthe egg yolks, water, lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of the orange juice. Season withsalt. Whisk constantly over low heat until the sauce begins thickening. Remove thebowl from the stove. Whisk in the melted butter, a couple of drops at a time andleaving the milky solids in the bottom of the saucepan behind. The sauce shouldthicken. Add the orange rind and 2 to 4 tablespoons of orange juice. Season with saltand cayenne. Keep warm, stirring from time to time. Fill a deep skillet with 2 in. ofwater. Bring to a boil over medium high heat. Add the asparagus. Return to a boil.Simmer for 4 to 7 minutes, or until barely tender. Drain gently. Pat dry. Place theasparagus on a platter and spoon some sauce over them. Serve immediately.OTHER LINKS:lina epicureyogurt beveragehaeger pizza stonehurricane drink recipe wikichocolate delight pudding dessert