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Fruits, a good source for hydration


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Buying seasonal means that you’re choosing to eat fruits and vegetables that are native to a specific area. Seasonal foods thrive in conditions where the climate is most perfect and appropriate for that particular species. Therefore, these foods are nutritionally ideal and flavorfully robust.

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Fruits, a good source for hydration

  1. 1. CucumbersCucumbers taste greatraw, sliced thin anddipped in vegan ranchdressing or hummus.They are made ofmostly water and areone of the best foods tohydrate the body. Youcan even float them insome filtered water for aunique, refreshingdrink.WatermelonAgain, this fruit ismostly water. I love ahuge slice ofwatermelon, but it’salso fun to blend it withice and a little coconutpalm sugar, and make afrozen granita for a lightdessert. Watermelonscontain essentialhydrating salts, calcium,magnesium, andpotassium.Buying seasonal meansthat you’re choosing toeat fruits and vegetablesthat are native to aspecific area. Seasonalfoods thrive inconditions where theclimate is most perfectand appropriate for thatparticular species.Therefore, these foodsare nutritionally idealand flavorfully robust.Fruits, A Good Sourcefor Hydration