Social Business - Why? What? How?


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Why should we become a Social Business?
What is a Social Business?
How do we become a Social Business?

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Social Business - Why? What? How?

  1. 1. « Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen loves to call himself a ‘Wild Duck’ as he tries to think differently about life. He has held a multitude of positions in his career: a photographer, journalist, chief editor, writer, sales manager, personal productivity consultant, military professional and, 0047 41535313 @Arne_S_Nielsen now, is a collaboration and senior social business advisor and evangelist at IBM. Arne has also written several books on themes such as sales, marketing and key account management, and is a hard core blogger.» TEDx
  2. 2. The Value of Social Business: What? Why? How?
  3. 3. Warning! Don’t make social your business! Make your business social!
  4. 4. IBM has changed dramatically
  5. 5. We have changed the way we work
  6. 6. And that has changed our culture, our focus and our strategy
  7. 7. One of the things we noticed is that with the emergence of social software inside the company, we have moved on from collaboration that is private and in silos - which is very powerful inside that team but outside of that nothing else happens - and we’re breaking down those silos and actually fostering an enterprise-wide collaboration on a wider scale. Luis Suarez
  8. 8. The use of these social tools has helped people understand that work no longer happens through the traditional corporate driven top-down approach, but that work actually organizes itself around networks and communities informally Luis Suarez
  9. 9. So what is all this talk about social really about?
  10. 10. Jungle drums! Open Dialogues!
  11. 11. Social collaboration has been here since the beginning of mankind!
  12. 12. Now we just do it in another way that reaches all over the world instantly!
  13. 13. So, what is social business?
  14. 14. Social business is just about ordinary business! Revenue! Profit! Competition! Productivity! Skills! Employees! Innovation! Competence! Marketing! Information!
  15. 15. But in a new and more productive way..
  16. 16. Social business is about connecting brains
  17. 17. Because none of us is smarter than all of us 1 + 1 = 3
  18. 18. It is about utilizing the total corporate IQ
  19. 19. Crowd Sourcing Open Dialogues Communities Activities Innovation
  20. 20. Social collaboration is the new way we do work
  21. 21. Social collaboration is the new production line We call it IBM Connections…
  22. 22. Why? !
  23. 23. Because it pays off! !
  24. 24. If I give you one dollar - and you give me one dollar - then we have one dollar each! ! But, if I give you one idea - and you give me one idea - then we have two ideas each! ! Proverb
  25. 25. It is a mathematical fact that if the average number of relations between people in an organization increases by 20 percent - the value creation in the organization increases by appx. 40 percent! ! Lars Kolind, Jacob Bøtter, UNBOSS Lars Kolind is a mathematician and business professor at Århus University, Denmark and board member of many danish industry companies. The quote is from his book, UNBOSS, which is a «must read»!
  26. 26. McKinsey: Source: McKinsey Global Institute July 2012: The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies
  27. 27. McKinsey Quarterly: When adopted at scale across an emerging type of networked enterprise and integrated into the work processes of employees, social technologies can boost a company’s financial performance and market share, respondents say, confirming last year’s survey results. ! ! ! Executives at internally networked organizations note the highest improvement in benefits from interactions with employees; those at externally networked organizations, from interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers. Executives at fully networked organizations report greater benefits from both internal and external interactions.
  28. 28. How?
  29. 29. Some important points..
  30. 30. Top Down Bottom Up
  31. 31. It is a matter of strategy
  32. 32. It is a matter of change management
  33. 33. 80 % psychology 20 % technology
  34. 34. Warning! Sharing documents only is NOT social
  35. 35. Documents do NOT create business value Activities create business value People do activities Be people and activity centric!
  36. 36. It is the collaboration between employees with different competencies, that makes the best knowledge based organizations flourish! ! Lars Kolind, Jacob Bøtter, UNBOSS
  37. 37. Move employees out of silos..
  38. 38. ..into an open, social culture!
  39. 39. Set the brainpower free! Empower your employees! Create engagement! Use social tools!
  40. 40. Internal social dialogues!
  41. 41. Internal social communities!
  42. 42. Internal activity sharing!
  43. 43. Internal file sharing!
  44. 44. External social tools - cloud!
  45. 45. Mobile on many platforms!
  46. 46. Updates - example IBM Connections on iPad + iPhone and Android devices
  47. 47. Files - example IBM Connections on iPad + iPhone and Android devices
  48. 48. Activities - example IBM Connections on iPad + iPhone and Android devices
  49. 49. External Cloud To-Do’s - example IBM To-Do’s on iPad + iPhone and Android devices
  50. 50. External Cloud Chat, Awareness, Video, Phone IBM Sametime on iPad + iPhone and Android devices
  51. 51. The future of email is social! * Integrated social tools * Gartner
  52. 52. Instant communication Awareness Chat Clippings File transfer Phone Web meetings Video meetings
  53. 53. Open Social Plugins Find People Send SMS External Social Media
  54. 54. Drag & Drop Reading News Sales Tools
  55. 55. Integrate 3. part plugins Track Travels Book Travels
  56. 56. Share Activities & Files
  57. 57. Some principles..
  58. 58. Cloud first Mobile next * All platforms ** Open Social Standard * iOS, Android, Blackberry, (Windows Mobile) ** Windows, Linux, MacOS
  59. 59. What did we achieve?
  60. 60. # 1 - # 1 - # 1 - #1 IBM world wide market leader within social for enterprise 4 years in a row! IDC
  61. 61. Get Social. Do Business.
  62. 62. Thank You! 0047 41535313 @Arne_S_Nielsen Hope i didn’t waste your time…