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  1. 1. Proposal Within media we are asked to create our own music magazine of our own chosen genre, this including a front cover, contents page and a double page spread from taking and choosing the photos to writing the feature article that will be included. Before beginning to create my own music magazine and plan what I wish to create I have been completing some research which will aid me in making a number of decisions, for example I have come to the conclusion that when looking at the majority of music magazines it is a convention that it is sold fortnightly or monthly. Therefore, linking other existing magazines with the genre I have chosen of ‘pop rock’ I shall issue my magazine monthly. Examples of existing magazines I have looked at include; KERRANG, Q, Top Of The Pops, Rolling Stone being a range from rock, soft rock to pop music. I decided this to be my chosen genre due to the fact I listen to this style of music and hence know a lot about what a reader would want to see within the magazine. Using the other magazines as examples I will have a female cover model which will be a well known artist within this genre of music. The model shall wear clothing that expresses the genre clearly such as leather jackets, dark eye make up and leggings which portray the genre rock clearly or use pop clothing such as a dress with a rock twist like booted heels and messy hair. The model shall have body language such as not smiling and looking directly into the camera, also the shot will be a studio shot which is a close up. This will link to the colour scheme I will use which will not be gender specific and allow the pop side of the music to come through using colours such as red or purple. I will use a balance of the codes and conventions of both a rock magazine and pop magazine to make sure I attract my audience yet have a twist to make it stand out and seem more mature rather than childlike. I will have a housing style which will include my colour scheme as well as have an easily recognisable lay out such as having the title behind the close up shot of the models face to enforce that the magazine is a well known, popular brand.
  2. 2. KERRANG – Magazine Example
  3. 3. Q – Magazine examples
  4. 4. Rolling Stone – Magazine Examples
  5. 5. Top Of The Pops – Magazine Examples
  6. 6. Target Audience – Proposal While looking at the different types of magazines for inspiration I have chosen to create my magazine around the music genre of pop rock, this is because many well known successful magazines are of the genre soft rock or rock. In addition, it is a popular genre of music currently and can be primarily aimed towards the male gender between the ages of 16 – 25 yet also have a close secondary audience of females between the same ages of 16 and 25. This shall be my chosen audience due to the fact that between the ages of 16 and 25, people are essentially young adults, meaning that they have the freedom to visit concerts and have the disposable income to spend on my magazine. They will be from the social class B and C1 as they will be interested in music and the intellectual side of music with the artists back grounds and music rather than the gossip about what clothes they wear. I will make sure that the price of the magazine is affordable for those who I have chosen to be my audience as most of my audience will be students, therefore the magazine will be monthly with a affordable price so the know they are getting value for money.
  7. 7. Institutions – Proposal I would get my magazine to be published by Bauer Media Group due to the fact that this magazine publishes many rock magazines such as Q and KERRANG which are heavy rock yet leaves a space in the market for my magazine being soft rock. This means the company will have an understanding about the genre yet be able to attract a different audience. The company are well known and publish magazines that I wish to have the same or similar layout to mine meaning it will look professional and eye catching. The company is international and so will be able to make my magazine extremely well known around the world with a good, classy reputation instead for their love of music rather than gossip which is what pop magazines such as Top of the Pops is like.
  8. 8. REPRESENTATION To make sure my magazine is representing the genre correctly I will ensure my cover model is wearing the correct clothing such as dark colours or leather, or pop with a ‘dark’ twist. I will make sure the model is being presented in the right way with the correct body language like Rolling Stone where the model looks directly into the camera and doesn’t smile. This will make my magazine look professional along with the studio shots I wish to incorporate. The poses that my model will do will be a subtle yet powerful image to make them seem dominant within the genre and attract the men and women in subtle ways.