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Kvorning Design & Communication:
Company Profile, References and Selected Exhibition Projects

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Kvorning Profile|References|Cases

  1. 1. Company Profile · Kvorning Design & Communication _____________________________________________________________ Kvorning Design & Communication is a versatile design company specializing in exhibition design, museums design, graphic communication and interior design. Our clients are government ministries, heritage sites, public and private organizations and companies. We have developed and completed design projects in more than 40 countries around the world. We develop and bear full responsibility for carrying out design projects regardless of their particular type, scale or complexity - everything from business cards to a World’s Fair. Our team of exhibition designers, graphic designers, architects and project managers, in unison with communi- cations experts and project developers, find solutions for specialized assignments demanding a select degree of complementing skills and experience. We are specialized in museum design and exhibition design - from concept development (interpretation) to on- site installation (design & build), including graphic, interactive solutions and web design. Kvorning is DS/EN ISO 9001/2008 certified. CAPACITY OUTLINE • Idea and concept development • Exhibition design - permanent, temporary, travelling exhibits, design of display systems, setting de- sign, display fixtures, as well as light and sound design • Graphic design, visual identity programmes, design manuals, magazines, annual reports, promotional campaigns, informational materials, packaging • Interior design, furniture and furnishing design, product design, lighting, architecture • Interactive installations, digital user platforms, hands-on installations • Budget management, product management, logistics, mounting and installation • Branding, design policy – development, project management • Web design, CMS, analysis • Animation, motion graphics, film editing • Communication, marketing, promotional campaigns, PR
  2. 2. List of References · Kvorning Design & Communication _____________________________________________________________ Kvorning Design & Communication is an all around design studio specializing in exhibition design and graphic communication for government ministries, public organizations, and private firms in Denmark and internationally. We have arranged and carried out graphic design projects and exhibitions in over 40 countries, including: Den- mark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Brazil, USA, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Exhibition and design projects carried out for: Advokaterne Amagertorv 11 (law firm) Visual identity Alfabeta Book layout Academic Publishers Visual identity, internet, and book layout Albertslund Kommune (City of Albertslund) Visual identity, exhibitions, inter and intranet solutions Andelsboligforeningen Hesseløgade (owners’ association) Courtyard design Arkitektforbundet (Danish Union of Architects) Logo, visual identity, internet solutions Arkitema Visual identity for campaign in China Arktisk Institut (Arctic Institute) Visual identity and exhibitions A.P. Møller Permanent company exhibition at corporate headquarters Benneton Sign program for corporate headquarters in Treviso, Italy Birch & Krogboe Fonden (engineering fund) Visual identity, exhibitions, internet solutions Boligfonden Kuben (housing fund) Visual identity, exhibitions, internet solutions BVB – ByggeskadeFonden (Building Damage Fund) CD-ROM, internet, and publications By- og boligministeriet (Ministry of Cities and Housing) Exhibitions Byfornyelsesselskabet København (urban renewal) Exhibitions Center for byrumsforskning (center for urban studies) Internet and publications Center for Dansk Billedkunst (Visual Art Center) Internet solutions Center for tilgænglighed (Danish Center for Accessibility) Inter-Nordic traveling exhibition COOP FDB (consumer cooperative) Poster (first place in open competition) Copenhagen X Architecture Biennale in Venice; X-marks in Copenhagen Danida (Danish International Development Assistance) Exhibitions and conference organization Danmarks Eksportråd (Danish Trade Council) Internet solution Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser (Environmental Research) Exhibition at Kattegat Center Dansk Arkitektur Center (Danish Architecture Center) International traveling exhibitions – incl. ‘The Danish Wave’ Dansk Biblioteks Center (Danish Bibliographic Center) Exhibitions Dansk Jazzforbund (Danish Jazz Federation) Graphic Design Dansk Jødisk Museum (Danish Jewish Museum) Consulting, exhibition design, graphic design, and internet Dansk Litteraturcenter (Danish Literature Center) International traveling exhibitions Dansk Møbelindustri (Danish Furniture Industries) International furniture exhibition in Europe, and USA Den Danske Ambassade, Berlin (Royal Danish Embassy) Exhibitions Den Danske Ambassade, Reykjavik (Royal Danish Embassy) Exhibitions in Reykjavik and Akureyi Det Danske Ambassade, Paris (Royal Danish Embassy, Paris) Exhibitions in Maison du Danemark Den Danske Forlæggerforening (Publishers Association) International traveling exhibition Den Svenske Ambassade, Berlin (Swedish Embassy, Berlin) Exhibition Det Danske Kulturinstitut (Danish Culture Institute) International traveling exhibitions Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturcenter Saxo Grammaticus exhibition at the Danish Royal Library
  3. 3. Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Danish Royal Library) Exhibition Det Kongelige Kapel (orchestra) CD release Det Kongelige Teater (The Royal Theater) Exhibition Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst GmbH Exhibition DMF-Dansk Musiker Forbund (Danish Musician’s Union) Exhibitions, graphic design, CD-production DR-Multimedie (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Graphic design Econ Danmark Exhibition and graphic design Effector Graphic design Elkraft (power company) Graphic design Erhvervs- og Boligstyrelsen (Enterprise and Housing) EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan – proposal for Nordic pavilion Expeditions Polaires Françaises, Paris Temporary exhibition Experimentarium Temporary exhibition FFS-Folkemusikkens Fællessekretariat (Danish Folk Council) Graphic design, magazine production Fonden Realdania (construction fund) Graphic design, exhibitions, and book layout Forhistorisk Museum Moesgaard (Prehistoric Museum) Temporary exhibition Forlaget Palle Fogtdal (publisher) 3.000 square meter photography exhibition GlaxoSmithKline Graphic design Grønlands Hjemmestyre (Greenland Homerule) Temporary exhibitions HKH Kronprins Frederik (HRH Crown Prince Frederik) Sirius exhibition in Paris and London Høst & Søn forlag (publisher) Graphic design and book layout Icopal Temporary exhibitions and graphic design ID-Forum Visual identity, exhibition and internet solution Indenrigsministeriet (Ministry of the Interior) Graphic design and book layout Jenka Visual identity Karen Blixen Museet (Karen Blixen Museum) Permanent and traveling exhibitions, graphics and internet Kattegatcentret (The Kattegat Centre) Permanent exhibition space Koldkrigsmuseet Stevnsfort (Cold War Museum Stevns Fort) Concept development for museum and activity center Kort- og Matrikelstyrelsen (Topological and Geological Survey) Graphic design Kreab Graphic design Kultur K&mmunikation Graphic design Kulturministeriet (Ministry of Culture) International traveling exhibitions and graphic design Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole (School of Architecture) Exhibitions in Meldahl’s Smithy and graphic design Kunststyrelsen (Danish Arts Agency) MIDEM-arrangements, exhibitions, and graphic design Kvarterløft Nordvest (urban renewal program) Exhibition Københavns Energi (Copenhagen’s Energy) Permanent water-experimentarium ‘The Water Works’ Københavns Havn (Port of Copenhagen) Graphic design and exhibition concepts Københavns Kommune (City of Copenhagen) Exhibitions and graphic design Københavns Universitet (Copenhagen University) International traveling exhibition and graphic design Køge Skitsesamling (Køge Art Museum of Sketches) Graphic design for temporary exhibitions Lars Lilholt Band CD production LIF - Lægemiddelindustri Foreningen (pharmaceutical industry) Graphic design L&R Uddannelse (publisher) Graphic design Lokale- og Anlægsfonden (Foundation) Exhibition Miele Graphic design Miljøkontrollen (environmental agency) Graphic design Miljøministeriet (Ministry of the Environment) EXPO ‘93 - exhibition and graphic design Miljøstyrelsen (Danish Environmental Protection Agency) Graphic design Multivers Forlag (publisher) Graphic design and book layout Museet ved Trelleborg (The Museum at Trelleborg) Permanent exhibition and graphic design
  4. 4. Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneve Temporary exhibition and graphic design MXP-Danish Music Export & Promotion CD release – ‘Music from Denmark’ Nasjonalbiblioteket i Mo i Rana (Norwegian National Library) Exhibitions National Museum of Dubai, UAE Entry into permanent exhibition competition Nationalmuseet København (National Museum of Denmark) Permanent exhibitions Nordatlantens Brygge (North Atlantic House) Exhibition Nordisk Ide Forum (cultural institute) Visual identity and graphic design Nordisk Råd (Nordic Council) Traveling exhibitions Norsk BreMuseum (Norwegian Glacier Museum) Temporary exhibition and graphic design Odense Bys Museer (Odense City Museums) Traveling exhibition project for HCA2005 year Olympia Park Lillehammer Graphic design Pen-Sam AS Exhibition and graphic design, magazine design Petter Dass-museum, Alstahaug Norway Permanent exhibition Post & Tele Museum Temporary exhibition Promenadeorkesteret (orchestra) DVD production Rambøll Exhibition Red Barnet (Save the Child) Logo for international campaign RobinHus Visual identity and internet solution ROSA-Dansk Rock Samråd (rock music council) Graphic design Royal Greenland Exhibitions and graphic design Råstofforvaltningen for Grønland Traveling exhibition and interactive model production SBS Byfornyelse (urban renewal organization) Temporary exhibitions Scanagri International traveling exhibitions and graphic design Schering Danmark Exhibition Schweizerisches Alpines Museum, (Swiss Alpine Museum) Temporary exhibition Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen (Palaces and Properties Agency) Development of graphic concept for exhibition Statens Kunstfond (National Art Fund) Architecture Biennale in Venice Sundhedsdirektoratet (Health Directroate) Graphic design Svenska BoProjekt AB (housing exhibition) 1000 square meter temporary exhibition ‘Möte’ for H99 Sydsjællands Museum Graphic design Text 100 Copenhagen Corporate publication, graphic design Tocano AS Exhibitions and graphic design Træets Arbejdsgiverforening (wood industry trade association) Exhibition TV Danmark Exhibition equipment Udenrigsministeriet (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Graphic design Undervisningsministeriet (Ministry of Education) International traveling exhibition and graphic design Valby Bydelsråd (neighborhood council) Graphic design Zoologisk Have København (Copenhagen Zoo) Theme based exhibitions Zoologisk Museum København (Zoological Museum) Exhibition projects År 2000 Fonden (Year 2000 Fund) Annual report, CD production etc.
  5. 5. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #1 Christiansborg Castle Located under Christiansborg Castle - which houses the Danish national parliament - are the ruins of two earlier castles - the castle of Copenhagen's founder, Bishop Absalon, and Copenhagen Castle. The permanent exhibition and the complete lighting systems are now re-designed and updated. Since the exhibition opened Kvorning has designed temporary exhibitions, signage and shop concepts at the castle. Period: 2005-2008 Value: GBP 315,000 Contact: Flemming Frydendal The Palaces and Properties Agency 21 Løngangstræde DK-1468 Copenhagen K, Denmark +45 3392 6300
  6. 6. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #2 Treasury at Rosenborg Castle Kvorning Design & Communication has submitted the winning bid for the planning and production of 18 special showcases used in the new exhibition in Rosenborg Castle's former wine cellar. In addition, we were also responsible for arranging the objects in many of the show- cases - including one spectacular display of royal orna- mental weapons. Since this exhibition opened Kvorning has worked with new exhibitions and a LED-lighting project at the castle’s treasuries. Period: 2005-2009 Value: GBP 312,000 Contact: Niels-Knud Liebgott, Director The Royal Danish Collections 4A Øster Voldgade DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark +45 3315 7619
  7. 7. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #3 Copenhagen Zoo Kvorning Design & Communication designed and installed all exhibition activities in the new elephant house at Copenhagen Zoo. We included functions that present a wide range of interactive attractions for visitors to the special 'elephant experimentarium.' Normann Foster and Partners were responsible for drawing and constructing the fantastic new home for the elephants. The elephant experimentarium is filled with hands-on activities, interactive screens, specially developed games, a spectacular video show and a dramatic lighting design. Period: 2006-2008 Value: GBP 1,250,000 Contact: Peter Haase, Head of Exhibit Dept. Copenhagen Zoo 38 Roskildevej Postboks 7 DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark +45 7220 0270
  8. 8. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #4 Maritime attractions at Limfjord Museum Limfjord Museum presented Kvorning Design & Communication with the exciting challenge of establishing a completely new activity centre in the museum’s new building. The project was completed in record time; it only took eight months from the day the ground was broken until the building opened with its new exhibits. The exhi- bits capture the atmosphere in a vivid narrative about life around the fjord, Limfjord - about fishing, hunting, daily routines and much more. The histories are told through tableaux, scene-setting graphics, projectors and motion pictures. First and foremost, however, the exhibit contains a number of typical vessels - boats, kayaks and other smaller craft that have sailed the waters of Limfjord through the years. These compelling major display items are the most important scenic installations. Period: 2007-2008 Value: GBP 258,000 Contact: Anders Bloksgaard, Director Limfjordsmuseet Kanalvejen 40 DK-9670 Løgstør, Denmark +45 9867 1805
  9. 9. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #5 Frederiksborg Castle Kvorning Design & Communication created an information centre in and around Café Havehuset in Frederiksborg Castle Garden in Hillerød. The centre provides information about the history of the garden, the styles of landscaping used through the years, royal persons who frequented the site and much more. We developed a new and extremely versatile signage system that includes everything from large pylon signs and outdoor poster stands to smaller glass signs and other fixtures for the interior. The assignment was done for the Palaces and Proper- ties Agency and the special signage system is on its way to being used in other royal gardens around the country. Period: 2007-2009 Value: GBP 210,000 Contact: John Nørgaard The Palaces and Properties Agency 21 Løngangstræde DK-1468 Copenhagen K, Denmark +45 3392 6300
  10. 10. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #6 The Danish Jewish Museum Kvorning Design & Communication was responsible for consulting, exhibition design, graphic design, and web design for this fantastic museum, located in the Boat- house of the Royal Library gardens. Architect Daniel Libeskind of New York was responsible for the museum's architectural design. This project involved two tasks: First, to outfit the museum with high-tech exhibition and communication equipment that is able to meet the present and future needs of the museum; Second, to organize the museum's opening exhibition, ‘Space and Spaciousness.’ A series of special features were developed for the museum. Three of these features are a complete LED lighting system, an advanced touch-screen display named ‘Screeny,’ and an integrated speaker system. Period: 2004-2007 Value: GBP 224,000 Contact: Janne Laursen, Director The Danish Jewish Museum 6 Proviantpassagen DK-1218 Copenhagen K, Denmark +45 3311 2218
  11. 11. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #7 Cold War Museum Stevnsfort Kvorning Design & Communication has worked for several years on the project development for a Cold War Museum under the cliffs at Stevns Klint – 18 metres under the ground. The museum is situated in a former Cold War installation that was a vital element of Danish defence from the early 1950s, and has been one of the best kept secrets in the country. In an exciting and surprising fashion, the museum pro- vides loads of information about Denmark's history during the Cold War as well as the story of the installation. The unique geological setting of Stevns Klint adds to the attraction. In addition to the exhibition design, Kvorning developed the graphic identity, website and signage con- cepts. The Cold War installation is brought to life and dramatized through audio-visual media, a complex sound design and an extraordinary lighting design. Period: 2006-2008 Value: GBP 210,000 Contact: Tove Damholt, Director Østsjællands Museum 38 Højerup Bygade DK-4660 Store Heddinge, Denmark +45 2536 4606
  12. 12. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #8 Odense City Museums Kvorning Design & Communication has designed and produced a major permanent exhibition in Møntergården, one of the oldest buildings in Odense. The site functions as the main museum of the City of Odense Museums constellation. The history of Odense during the Middle Ages and Renaissance is told through completely modern exhibits and technological solutions, which are now being integra- ted in the unique old building. The exhibition opened in June 2009. Period: 2007-2009 Value: GBP 374,000 Contact: Anneken Appel Laursen, Project Developer Odense City Museums 48 Overgade DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark +45 6551 4615
  13. 13. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #9 The Blue Planet Kvorning Design & Communication is part of designing a great new attraction, 'The Blue Planet' - Denmark's Aqua- rium. Six architect studios were invited to submit their ideas to the competition, and on June 27 it was announ- ced that 3xN together with Kvorning won the assignment. Kvorning is responsible for designing the exhibitions and interactive attractions. The new site for the aquarium will be by the shore of The Sound, Øresund, just north of Copenhagen Airport on the island Amager. When the aquarium opens its 9,000 sq m in 2013, Denmark will be the proud host of northern Europe's largest, most modern aquarium. Period: 2008-2013 Value: GBP 2,492,000 Contact: Ida Greisen, Senior Project Manager 3XN A/S 73 Strandgade DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark +45 7026 2648
  14. 14. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #10 LEGO System Toy maker Lego chose Kvorning Design & Communication to design and furnish its new visitor centre - Lego Collec- tions 2010-1932. The centre takes visitors on a trip back- wards through time and toys - from tomorrow's virtual communities through the era of the world-famous plastic block to the original wooden toys produced by the compa- ny's founder. The display is located in one of Lego's original factories in the town of Billund, but it is closed to the general public. Kvorning created the display's design and was responsible for implementing the full exhibition concept Period: 2005-2006 Value: GBP 400,000 Contact: Jette Orduna LEGO System A/S LEGO Idea & Documentation Centre Ole Kirks Hus, building 01-03 DK-7190 Billund, Denmark +45 7950 6306
  15. 15. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #11 The Petter Dass Museum The Petter Dass Museum in the municipality of Alstahaug near Trondheim, Norway is housed in a completely new building and features an advanced design for exhibits. The museum opened on 20 October 2007. The Norwegian architects, Snøhetta, have created the fantastic building, which is dramatically placed right by the sea and is carved into the face of a mountain. Kvorning Design & Communication was chosen to deliver the design and display implements for exhibitions, sceno- graphy and interactive installations. Exhibition designers from several countries competed for the assignment in an international pre-qualification round. Since the opening Kvorning has developed a special design for temporary exhibitions. Period: 2006-2008 Value: GBP 560,000 Contact: Ivar Roger Hansen, Director Petter Dass Museum Alstahaug N-8800 Sandnessjøen, Norway +47 7511 0150
  16. 16. SUMMARIES · selected exhibition projects · #12 Shanghai EXPO 2010 Kvorning's exhibition project - developed for and in con- junction with the City of Odense in an international compe- tition - was chosen to be realized at Shanghai EXPO 2010. Entitled, 'Revival of the Bicycle,' the project places Odense in focus as a unique 'bike city,' while also highlighting the city's tourism- and business-related attractions. The Odense project was exclusively chosen in competition with cities such as London, Milan and others. Period: 2008-2010 Value: GBP 648,000 Contact: Helle Thylkjær Henriksen, General Commissioner Mayor's Department Odense City Hall 2 Flakhaven Room 118 DK-5000 Odense C +45 3053 6690