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Improve Your Google My Business Ranking In 5 Easy Steps And Get More Revenue


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How to improve your Google My Business ranking is an essential part of any small business growth-toolkit. It should be considered as a foundation of your marketing strategy on how to get more clients. Here are a few easy steps to follow so that you can start making a difference today.

Grow your business by ranking your Google My Business listing:

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Improve Your Google My Business Ranking In 5 Easy Steps And Get More Revenue

  1. 1. Get More Clients Rank Your Business Listing in 5 Steps
  2. 2. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 2 Meet Arnaud Growth ‘Guru’ Conscious Technologist, multiple Innovation Award Winner, he is also the CMO of and (with a respective audience of 1M and 12M p.a.), founder of which champions Positivity & Heartfulness. ARNAUD SAINT-PAUL / Founder Teamwork 65% Ideas 77% Passion 72% Skills 86% Workhard 65% Technology 77%
  3. 3. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 3 Make Sure Your Business Is Listed So That Searchers Can Find it
  4. 4. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 4 Dozens Of Opportunities To Promote Your Business
  5. 5. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 5 Claim Your Business In 4 Steps Open The Door To Potential Clients 1 2 3 4 GATHER INFO GET VERIFIED SUBMIT YOUR INFO VISIT DIRECTORY Get all the information about your business: opening hours, address, category, … GATHER INFO Go to each business directory (request our cheat sheet) VISIT DIRECTORY Make sure that the information you share is the same across all directories SUBMIT YOUR INFO Request verification via mail or text message and enter the code provided GET VERIFIED 01 02 03 04 For Each Directory,
  6. 6. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 6 Rank Your Business in 5 Steps #1 - Put Your Business on the Map BUSINESS DETAILS My Business My Address My Phone # Submit your information on Google My Business, Google Maps, and all related business directories
  7. 7. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 7 Rank Your Business in 5 Steps #2 - Make Sure Your Business is Everywhere & Consistent BUSINESS DETAILS My Business My Address My Phone # Consistency & Ubiquity is paramount so that search engines can rank you and your clients find you. Make sure your information is consistent across all directories.
  8. 8. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 8 Rank Your Business in 5 Steps #3 - Place Your Address on Your Website Place your business address in the header or footer of your website. If you can, use the markup to send the right signals.
  9. 9. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 9 Rank Your Business in 5 Steps #4 - Put a Google Map on Your Contact Page Insert a Google Map of your business in your Contact Page so that the directories can match it with your listing.
  10. 10. SIMPLYFLYNOW.COM 10 Rank Your Business in 5 Steps #5 - Reviews, Reviews, Reviews Ask for reviews from past and current clients. Make sure new ones will leave a review on one of your listings.
  11. 11.