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Sinus Buster


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Sinus Buster

  1. 1. SINUS BUSTER by Sinus Help
  2. 2. With many patients turning away from traditional drugremedies, the Sinus Buster products are fast becoming theall-natural substitute for the cure of sinus infection causesand symptoms.How does Sinus Buster work?Mostly, the Sinus Buster line of products have capsaicin astheir active ingredient.This substance is naturally seen in cayenne pepper and canbe utilized as a pain reliever, which is currently beingemployed in topical solutions for body pain.However, not only for pain relief, therapy of allergic rhinitis,sinusitis and sinus headaches is also possible with the use ofcapsaicin, as shown in over 40 studies.Inflammation, congestion, and pain reduction can beachieved with the use of capsaicin.Though a lot about capsaicin is still a secret, here are somethings that it can do...• Desensitization of the mucus membrane and obstructionof Substance P, a chemical messenger that sends pain signalsto the brain.• Improves mucus secretions in order to flush outbacteria, allergens, and other annoying substances• Dilation of constricted blood vessels that have beeninducing headache
  3. 3. Under the Sinus Buster line of products, the following beloware some of the preferred choices...Sinus Buster Nasal Spray = Useful in addressing allergies,sinus congestion, and headaches, the Sinus Buster Sprayincludes various botanicals, apart from capsaicin.It also stimulates nasal drainage.Headache Buster = This Sinus Buster headache formulacontains capsaicin, and also feverfew and peppermint oil,which is exceptionally valuable for various kinds of headache,such as sinus headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches.Allergy Buster = Maximum relief from allergy symptoms canbe obtained with the application of the Sinus Buster Allergy,which contains capsaicin and nettle.Sinus Buster Nasal Rinse Salts = Clogged and inflamed nasalpassages can be immediately eased with this Sinus Busterproduct, which includes eucalyptol, lemongrass, spearmintoils, and capsaicin, and this product is ideal for use whiledoing nasal irrigation.With the all natural ingredients of the Sinus Buster line ofproducts, any side effects or the rebound phenomenon thatgo with conventional decongestants are non-existent.Likewise, in contrast to pharmaceutical products that involveweight computation to get the correct dosage, there is nonecessity for weight control with Sinus Buster products.
  4. 4. Many retailers who sell this product have received positiveSinus reviews in their websites.Kevin G. of Blackwood, NJ, is one of these pleased andgratified clients, that has published a Sinus Buster reviewabout the products advantages in sinus infection therapy.(SEE QUOTE HERE: reviews may even have recommendations to patientsabout trying this product.For any person in need of natural solutions to sinus infectionand its connected symptoms, the Sinus Buster lineofproducts is certainly the therapy of choice.