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Karan's Projects

  1. 1. LIST OF PROJECTS - By KARAN KAPUR karankapur90@hotmail.com Mob: 9960 228 6931) "WIRELESS MULTI-USER LOCAL AREA TEXT BASED COMMUNICATION SYSTEM" (COST: Rs. 12,000/-) It is a text based communication system that communicates using text messages, among people carrying this portable communication device. The device is similar to a Walkie-Talkie radio communicator, except that here text messages are sent and received, rather than voice communication. Also, unlike a Walkie Talkie, which only supports broadcast communication, i.e. anyone within range and having tuned to the same frequency can intercept communication, here both broadcast, as well as unicast communication is possible. Unicast communication of such kind is secured through encryption. This system sends and receives free sms to any user who is carrying this device and is in the local area. It also enables such users to chat live, in REALTIME. It does not require internet, or any server or any mobile. It uses 8051 microcontroller and cc2500 wireless module. The device can also communicate with any computer in range. And it supports 65000 users at a time. Features of Device: Broadcast/Unicast communication, Server-less live chat, Chat logging, support of Aliases instead of device Id, etc.2) "COMPUTERISED WIRELESS POWER GRID CONTROL SYSTEM WITH DATA LOGGING AND FAULT DETECTION" (COST: Rs. 12,000/- Rs. 11,000/- for wired) Here we can control an entire power grid, i.e. the entire power system of a city for eg., by one central computer server. We can switch the power supply to any area of the city ON or OFF with the click of a button. Also, we can divert power to any area from another source. Such a system resembles power control systems often seen in Hollywood movies where the entire power system is computer controlled. If implemented, functions like fault detection, performing load-shedding of any area, data logging and retrieval, power diversion during major faults, etc can be performed from one central server only. Here the server communicates with all node stations WIRELESSLY.. It uses Intel 8051 microcontroller and cc2500 wireless module and also there is software that runs on pc which is written in C.3) "COMPUTER CONTROLLED COLOUR BASED INDUSTRIAL OBJECT SORTER USING COLOUR SENSOR" (COST: Rs. 10,000/-) It is an industrial device, which sorts produced objects according to color, to various platforms. For e.g., in a toy factory, that produces toys of different colors, it is required to sort these objects, and redirect them to different roller platforms for transfer to different packaging chambers. As such, this industrial project does exactly the same job. It ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY separates the objects to different roller platforms using a mechanical actuator arm, while also logging statistical data about these objects like their quantity (both total, as well as of each color). The device is controlled via a PC which is communicates with the device WIRELESSLY. Any and all commands like switch ON/OFF, PAUSE, RESUME, DISPLAY COUNT, VIEW LOG, etc are given through the PC. A data log report that is generated is also stored in the PC. It uses software written in C, 8051 uC , TCS-230 color sensor module and stepper motor and mechanical assembly for the actuator arm.
  2. 2. 4) "PATH PROGRAMMABLE MULTIPURPOSE VEHICLE" (COST: Rs. 12,000/-) A path programmable Bot is such a device, usually a robot or a vehicle, that roves around an undefined terrain, but on a pre programmed path in order to perform a programmed function or task. In this project, we develop such a four wheeled bot, and install various useful features in it apart from the path programmability, which is its prime function. These features include PATH REVERSAL, REALTIME PATH RECORDING, PATH PROGRAMMABILITY SCRIPT, and MANUAL OVERRIDE – USING A COMPUTER AS WELL AS A PORTABLE CONTROLLER. The bot would consist of a four wheeled vehicle, and a wireless controller for it. This wireless controller could be used to manually drive the vehicle to wherever we want. This is the feature that we call the manual override. Along with this, we plan to develop a real-time path recording mechanism, which enables the user to record the driving path while in manual override mode, and replay it later. This mechanism resembles a MACRO that is often used in various computer software such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop, to record a sequence of events and later automate them. The replay feature re drives the bot, the way was originally driven using the manual controller. Also, in situations where such a macro record procedure is not a plausible option, and when the path is known, it can be simply programmed using a script that can be loaded into the device. The device reads the script and UNDERSTANDS the instructions and functions accordingly. Such path programmable bots are very useful in industry where the same device needs to be used for a certain duration of time to perform a task, and where the change the task requirement is dynamic – i.e. it is not constantly defined, but rather changes with time. Here such bots co[me very useful as they can be programmed with scripts, or for the less experienced or new and novice users, can be recorded in REALTIME. The bot that we plan to develop for the project will be developed using the Intel 8051 uC, also the controller(manual) would consist of this uC. The computer side software to load the script and for manual override using computer function, would be developed in ‘C’.5) ""CUSTOM SCRIPT BASED PROGRAMMABILITY FOR AUTONOMOUS TRANSPORTATION MACHINES"" (COST: Rs. 12000/-) A script, in simple words is a written set of instructions, in a certain known and recognized format, and consistent with the standard set of rules for the language in which the script is written. As such, a script can be written for various jobs, which may be task processing in a computer, or a batch processing script, or a script to enhance web designs, for e.g. JavaScript. For whatever purpose a script is to be made, a scripting language exists. The scripting language defines all rules and formats for designing the script, in order for the script complier to understand the script and function accordingly. Hence it has always been the goal of script designers to make the most easy to understand and write scripting language, so that even novice users can write it. These scripts are designed so that they remain as close to being a high level language as possible, that is, being as similar to human languages, like English for e.g. In this project, we plan to develop such a script programmable ability for autonomous machines used in transportation. Our main aim is to develop a custom easy to understand scripting language, that can be used to reprogram autonomous transportation machines used to transport raw material and goods in industries, as well as in privately owned cruising areas. These autonomous machines that we are talking about are such machines that perform a certain programmed function (which here is transportation along a specified path). As such, it may be noted that these are hence such machines, which earlier performed a manually controlled operation, until their functionality was automated.
  3. 3. 6) "HOME AUTOMATION THROUGH CENTRALIZED PC BASED CONTROL CENTER" (COST: RS. 12,000/-) The Home Automation is a wireless home automation system that is supposed to be implemented in existing home environments, without any changes in the infrastructure. Home Automation let the user to control the home from his or her computer and assign actions that should happen depending on time or other sensor readings such as light, temperature or sound from any device in the Home Automation network. Every Home Automation box is a stand-alone device. It is connected to the mains and controls the power outlet of the electrical device that is plugged into it. There will be a receiver and transmitter in each of the box, so they can exchange information with the master (a computer). People can control power supply of electrical devices in order to create an interactive home environment to facilitate the control without changing any home appliance. People can enjoy the high technology and simplicity modern life style. Each device will be with standard setup and while adding it into network; it can be given an address and tasks to do. All the setting will be easily resettable to default value, so people can move the devices between different electrical devices and networks. Home Automation boxes will be put into different rooms at home, depending on the needed functionality. Various different sensors could be attached to the boxes. The sensors are used as triggers for actions, that user can set up in the computer program.7) "ADVANCED HOME SECURITY SYSTEM USING PYROELECTRIC INFRARED MOTION SENSORS" (COST: RS. 10,000/-) Home security is top priority of all concerned. Home security is the most significant one for every homeowner either in an individual house or an apartment. . Using a top security system helps prevent unwanted intruders. You may be at less risk when you have huge family members and where few of them are always at home. People engaged in business and often going on a business or personal trip is at the maximum need of home security. With the technology scaling new heights, it offers various options to safeguard ourselves and our properties. Home security system can range from an electric fence to a home alarm with the sole aim to protect our hard earned money and belongings. The key to choosing the perfect home security equipments understands your personal property and their needs, since there are new products brought out with more advanced facilities. We propose to develop a Security System that makes use of pyro-electric sensors to capture and detect motion, thus have the ability to detect intruders. This task requires both interfacing of the sensors to a microcontroller, and the development of software to add the appropriate behavior to the security platform. Pyro-electric sensors (also called PIR) detect passive infrared heat from passing bodies; most packages contain two pyro-electric elements that create an analogue output opposed signal when their temperature changes. When both elements are at the same temperature the sensor produces a constant signal. The raw signal of these PIR sensors is very low voltage; therefore, an interfacing board, which amplifies the signal, is required.8) "MAGIC CONTROLLER - HOME AUTOMATION BASED ON A PORTABLE POCKET SIZED DEVICE CALLED MAGIC CONTROLLER" (COST: RS. 12,000/-) (THIS PROJECT IS SIMILAR TO THE HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM DESCRIBED ABOVE EXCEPT THAT HERE INSTEAD OF CENTRALIZED CONTROL BEING ON A PC, IT IS ON A PORTABLE DEVICE CALLED MAGIC CONTROLLER WHICH IS A SMALL PORTABLE POCKET SIZED DEVICE THAT CONTROLS ALL DEVICES IN THE SYSTEM)
  4. 4. 9) "PAGING SYSTEM FOR HOSPITALS FOR FREE TEXT BASED MESSAGING AND MULTIPLE PROGRAMMABLE STATUS INDICATORS" (COST: RS. 12,000/-) It is a communication system similar to a paging system that allows sending of personal text messages or text based status messages. We plan to develop such a system and implement it in hospitals. The need for such a system arises in large hospitals with multiple doctors. In such large hospitals, where there may be over fifty patients, it becomes difficult to reach the doctor (within the hospital) in case of emergencies or when sudden changes occur in the patient’s condition. As such, we aim to develop a system that may be used to contact the doctor, wherever he may be within the hospital premises (in technical terms within ‘range’). Should such a system be implemented, doctors would need to carry a small device similar to a pager. Our paging service would be running on a central server. The central server would allow sending of such messages to any or all such pager devices in range. Thus both broadcast and selective communication is possible. These pager devices would consist of various features similar to a conventional pager including beepers, as well as advanced vibration systems to operate in ‘quiet’ mode. On receipt of a message the pager would beep as well as vibrate, and the message would be displayed on an LCD screen on the pager device. Also, we would implement STATUS indicators in the form of LEDs to indicate the priority of the message, the sender, or the sender location. Features of Device: FREE PERSONAL PAGING SERVICE, COST-LESS MESSAGING, support of Aliases for user name, etc, VIBRATION ALERTS, etc.10) "INDOOR ASSISTED NAVIGATION FOR BLIND PERSONS USING RFID NETWORK" (COST: RS. 12,500/-) The aim of this project is to help blind people to identify different places available in his locality. Differentiation of places is done used passive RFID modules. Each RFID card has is own unique identification number, this unique information details is stored in MC that is present with the reader in the robot. The robot when moves near the door of the room, the reader fixed in the robot reads the tag id from the door in which the tag is already embedded. The controller compares the tag id with its database. Once if it seems to match with its database, it signals the person about the current location using various beep and vibrate code combinations that the blind person identifies.11) "AUTOMATIC METER READING SYSTEM USING GSM MODEM" (COST: RS. 13,000/-) The AMR system starts at the meter. Some means of translating readings from rotating meter dials, or cyclometer style meter dials, into digital form is necessary in order to send digital metering data from the customer site to a central point. With the use of Electro-optical interface and Signal Processing Electronics. The data from the meter is stored in the microcontroller and the each rotation of the disc is calculated with this optical interface method. The data from the microcontroller is fed to the gsm modem with the use of serial communication and AT commands. The gsm modem is a device which is designed for GPRS, data, fax, SMS and voice applications. Thus the data from the customer site is transferred to the central monitoring unit. Which is otherwise called as slave mobile phone or even again a gsm modem can be used to note the reading. Even if a system is interfaced the data’s can be monitored in a near real time process. Utilizing an existing cellular network for data transportation requires no additional equipment or software, resulting in a significant savings in both time and capital. Cellular technology utilizes an encryption technique to prevent an outside source from receiving the transmitted data. The cellular network provides full two-way communications, allowing scheduled reads, demand reads, alarm and event reporting, power outage reporting and power restoration reporting.
  5. 5. 12) "A LOW COST GSM BASED WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SYSTEM" (COST: RS. 13,000/-) Home security system is needed for occupants convenience and safety. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of low cost, low power consumption, and GSM (global system for mobile communication /general packet radio service) based wireless home security system. The system is a wireless home network which contains a GSM gateway and three kinds of wireless security sensor nodes that are door security nodes, infrared security nodes and fire alarm nodes. The nodes are easy installing. The system can response rapidly to alarm incidents and has a friendly user interface including a LCD (liquid crystal display) and a capacitive sensor keyboard. The wireless communication protocol between the gateway and the nodes is also suitable for other home appliances. Furthermore, some methods are taken to ensure the security of system information. This project mainly focuses on providing security when the user is away from the place. The system is SMS based and uses wireless technology to revolutionize the standards of living. This system provides ideal solution to the problems faced by homeowners in daily life. The system is wireless therefore more adaptable and cost-effective. This system provides security against intrusion using SMS. The system uses GSM technology thus providing ubiquitous access to the system for security.13) "RFID BASED HUMAN / VEHICLE DETECTION AND MONITORING SYSTEM" (COST: RS. 12,500/-) In this demo model we have made a HDS, which uses RF 433 MHZ communication instead of actual microwave communication. This project actually tracks a HUMAN and gives the area info of that PERSON to the control station thus this project, can also be stated as HUMAN monitor. In this model we provide necessary tower, which resembles similar to a cell phone networking while the vehicle lies inside the coverage of particular tower, the tower name is displayed in an LCD display, which is actually placed in the control station that is few meters away. The TRANSMIITER that is placed with the person emits modulated RF rays as soon as it receives area information from the tower, Each tower is assigned with unique serial data codes by serial encoder HT12D and HT 12E while RF signals are picked by the unit that is with the person. And in turn generates a serial encoded signal which is transmitted to the control station by a RF transmitter with 433MHz, the RF receiver placed at the control station picks the RF signal and demodulates and retrieves back the serial signal. The serial decoder placed after the receiver section converts the serial data into binary codes; the binary data is fed to the micro controller AT89C51 which in turn drives a LCD, which displays the area information.14) "Wireless Military Video Surveillance and Bomb Detection Robot" (COST: RS. 13,000/-) Now a days every system is automated in order to face new challenges. In the present days Automated systems have less manual operations, flexibility, reliability and accurate. Due to this demand every field prefers automated control systems. Especially in the field of electronics automated systems are giving good performance. In the present scenario of war situations, unmanned systems plays very important role to minimize human losses. So this robot is very useful to do operations like detecting metals (conductor). In this system, a robot is fitted with motors. A micro controller is used to control all operations. According to the motor operations the ROBOT will operate as specified in program. Whenever any bomb is detected, the Buzzer will ON. In this system we have one Bomb detector. Whenever the detector observes the bomb, buzzer will be on. A 12V battery is provided to power the robot to perform all functions. These are very useful for carrying files in offices, or any other material which human cannot handle.