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corporate social responsibility

  2. 2. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY It is a form of self-regulation , integrated into a business model of a firm.  The concept came into prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  This idea was mentioned popularly in 'strategic management:a stakeholders approach' by R. Edward Freeman in 1984. 
  3. 3. TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE  PEOPLE – Relates to fair business practices toward community and region where corporate conducts it's business  People,planet and profit also known as the triple bottom line, are words that are practiced and realized in every move made by an organisation.  PLANET – Refers to sustainable practices .For example,abstaining from production of weapons ,toxic chemicals,batteries with dangerous heavy metals.  PROFIT – it Is the economic value created by the organisation after deducting the cost of all inputs, including the cost of capital tied up.thisdiffers from traditional accounting deficiencies of profit.
  4. 4. ITC – corporate social responsibility “Inspired by the opportunity to a more secure and sustainable future,ITC ltd. Has structured innovative business models that leverage its brands,tech capacity, agri - sourcing strength and unmatched trade distribution network to create unique oppor- CORE VALUESITC's core values are aimed at developing a customerfocused,high -performance organisation which creates value for all its stakeholders. Innovation – committed to constantly pursue newer and better processes,products,service s and management services. committed to innovate newer technolgy and allocation of resources towards enabling the society in the direction towards excellence. -tunities for sustainable livelihoods” - Y.C.DENESHWAR CHAIRMAN ITC LTD.
  5. 5. EXEMPLARY CONTRIBUTION TO THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE(TBL)      PROFITA growing portfolio of business encompassing FM CG,paperboard & packaging,agri & F oods B usiness,H otels and IT . A tunover of US $ 7 billion and a mkt.capitalisation of nearly US $ 35 billion. T new FM businesses support the he CG competitiveness,technological upgradation and market reach of over 150small & medium enterprises. IT group provides direct employment to C more than 29000 people. T otal shareholder returns,measured in terms of increase in market capitalisation and dividends,grew at a compound rate of 26% p.a. Over the last 15 years.
  6. 6. ITC- contribution to TBL...  PLANET ITC has been 'carbon-positive' seven years in a row.  'solid waste recycling positive' for the last 5 years.  'water positive' for ten consequtive years;thus creating over 2 times more rainwater harvesting potential than ITC's not consumption.  All environment,health and safety management systems in ITC conform to international standards.
  7. 7. ITC- CONTRIBUTION TO TBL...  PEOPLE  ITC's business generate livelihoods for over 5 million people.  Itc's globally recognised e-choupal initiative is the world's largest rural digital infrastructure benefitting over 4 million farmers.  Social and farm forestry initiative has greened over 125000 hectars,creating over 56 million person days of employment among the disadvantage.  Itc is also involved in watershad development activities ,women empowerment,,emancipatioon of women and children,education,integrating animal husbandry ,and many more.
  8. 8. ITC'S CSR ACTIVITIES   ITC's globally awarded e – choupal initiative is a powerful illustration of a unique business model that delivers large societal value by co-creating rural markets with local communities. The e – choupal digital infrastructure enables even small and marginalised farmers in rural india,who are de-linked from the formal market,to access relevant knowledge,market prices,weather information and quality inputs to enhance farm competitive in the national and global markets.customised agri-extension services and farmer training schools through a focused programme -”choupal pradarshan khet”- enable farmers to access best practices in agricultural and improve productivity. Together the digital- physical-human infrastructure has led to the creation of an efficient 2 way channel- raising farmer incomes and productivity,transforming rural communities . Intovibrant markets- empowering over 4 millionfarmers,which is world's largest digital rural digital infrastructure.
  9. 9. ITC'S INITIATIVES IN SOCIAL &FARM FORESTRY AFFORESTATION ITC produces wood-pulp &paperboards business from renwable plantations cultivated by tribals and farmers on their private wastelands.ITC invested in extensive R&D to create clonal saplings when apart from being disease resistant , grow much faster and in harsher conditions. A large number of tribals and marginal farmers have benefitted by growing these pulpwood saplings on thair private wastelands. ITC's paperboards business is a willimg buyer of their produce,whist the growers are free to sell to the highest bidders in open market. Recently,itcs social forestry project in andhra pradesh was registered under the clean development mechanism of the UN Framework Convention on climate change.the carbon credits earned will also he shared with the tribals and farmers,enabling them to participate in an international carbon-market mechanism. The ITC's afforestation programme has been one of the very succrssfull initiatives til date..thus greening 125000 hectares and providing over 56 million person days of employment.
  10. 10. ITC afforestation activities:  ITC has greened over 77,000 hectares ,creating an estim ated potential for 35 m illion person day of em m am s ploy ent ong the disadvantged.this has been highlighted in ITC's 4th SustainabilityReport released by Com panyrecently . Besides converting private wastelands into productive assets and addressing critical issues relating to biom depletion,soilerosion,water ass security ,biodiversityand ecological balance ,this has enabled ITC to sequester twice the am ount of carbon em itted fromits m operations,contributing effectivelyto the national goals of clim change m ate itigation.
  11. 11. Watershed development initiative:    Integrated watershed develpement: I TC's initiative in wate rshe d de ve lo pme nt invo lve s irrig atio n o f o ve r 9 0 0 0 0 he ctare s o f dryland. Suppo rt the cre atio n o f wate rshe d pro je cts in wate r-stre sse d are as, pro viding pre cio us wate r re so urce s fo r ag riculture , rural co mmunitie s and live sto ck. base d o n a participato ry appro ach that invo lve s lo cal co mmunitie s, t5he pro g ramme facilitate s building re viving and maintainig ` waste s harve sting structure sas we ll as manag e me nt o f wate r re so urce s to re ve rse land de g radatio n, pro vide critical irrig atio n and incre ase ag ricultural pro ductivitie s.
  12. 12. WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT:     A ssisting the wo me n to fo rm micro -he lp g ro ups that e nable the m to build up small saving s and se lf-e mplo yme nt and micro e nte rprise s. Alarg e numbe r o f wo me n e arn inco me as se lfe mplo ye d wo rke rs o r as partne rs in micro e nte rprise s. So urce s spe nt o n childre n's e ducatio n, he alth and nutritio n, and it is a catalyst fo r g e ne rating de ve lo pme nt. Thus, I has be e n e co no mically e mpo we ring TC ne arly 40 , 0 0 0 wo me n.
  13. 13. Providing supplementary education    I TC's supple me ntary le arning ce ntre s o ffe r additio nal co aching that backs up scho o l le arning , ste mming dro p-o uts and e nabling mo re childre n to co mple te scho o l. Suppo rts o utre ach pro je cts, including mo bile librarie s that fo ste rs the re ading habit and a 'ro aming -lapto p' pro g ramme that pro mo te s co mpute r skills and inte ractive le arning . Apro mine nt e xample o f such initiative s are the classmate no te bo o ks which do nate rupe e s 1 fo r e ve ry unit so ld.
  14. 14. WoW : wealth out of waste    I launche d its W W initiative a fe w ye ars ag o TC o to pro mo te re so urce co nse rvatio n and re cycling . it cre ate s aware ne ss abo ut impo rtance o f “ re duce -re use -re cycling ” in pro te cting and re sto ring the e nviro nme nt amo ng the g e ne ral public , scho o l-childre n, co rpo rate . I also inculcate s the habit o f so urce se g re g atio n t and pro vide s re cyclable s fo r a numbe r o f industrie s, e . g . Pape r, g lassplastic, e tc. The y are o pe ratio nal in citie s like hyde rabad, che nnai, bang alo re , co chin, co imbto re , e tc.
  15. 15. WoW : wealth out of waste   The W sche me he lps in aug me nting g re e n oW co ve r, co nsume s scarce natural re so urce s, make s surro unding s he althy and cre ate s live liho o d o ppo rtunitie s fo r unde rprivile g e d pe o ple . Thus, thro ug h all the se ste ps I is cre ating a TC po sitive e nviro nme ntal Fo o tprint thro ug h waste re cycling
  16. 16. RENEWABLE ENERGY AT ITC : REN A LE EN EW B ERGY SO URCES A D CA ON N RB N EUTRA FUELS PRO VI M L DE ORE THA 38 % N OF THE COM A Y'S TO TA EN PN L ERGY CON SUM ON PTI . ITC set up a 140MW wind energy facility to provide power to company's packaging unit in chennai. It Commissioned a 21 MW Plant in karnataka and a 2-5 MW plant in Rajasthan. Additional investments in Winds energy is made to supplement the power re -quirements of hotels
  17. 17. ITC : - GREEN CENTRE AN EPITOME FOR ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY BUILDINGS AROUND THE GLOBE ITC GREEN CENTRE in gurgaon , is Certified by US GREEN BUILDING COUNCL for leadership in energy and Environmental design,thus inspiring Green buildingsd movement in india. Recently ITC green centre was re-certified as The world's highest rated platinum Certified green building by the US GREEN BUILDINGS COUNCIL.
  18. 18. EMPOWERING THE DIFFERENTLY ABLED: Itc's hotel division has taken up positive step in the empowerment of the differently abled people across their hotels.  Committed to the principal that everyone should be treated with sensitivity and empathy,over 100 differently abled people have been employed.  ITC has created an atmosphere of sensitivity and caring NCPEDP Shell Helen Keller Award conferred on ITC hotels.
  19. 19. ITC's sustainability report :  The sustainability report highlights its milestones of being water positive 5 years in a row,  Carbon positive for two years  Nearly zero solid waste discharge status. Making it the only company in world to achieve this record.   It has successfully created a positive footprint in rainwater harvesting where the potential created in 2006-07 is nearly 4 times the net water consumption of all operations. ITC's exemplary performance in achieving nearly zero solid waste discharge status is demonstrated by the fact that more than 95% of all solid waste have been recycled. The sustainability report ;published now for the 4th consecutive year and in accordance to the stringent G3 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative ,demonstrates ITC's continued commitment to the triple bottom line objectives of contributing to building economic,social and ecological capital for the nation.
  20. 20. HALL OF FAME :   Over the years ITC's CSR activities have received accolades from around the globe,for example: World Business Developement Award 2012 for ITC's social and farm forestry programmes.   FICCI Award for Outstanding Achievement in rural and community development presented by honourable finance minister,Sri Pranab Mukherjee Development Gateway Award for e-choupal's contribution to information and communication technologies for development.
  21. 21. ITC's exemplary contribution in the direction towards enhancing the human and natural capital in our society with non-profit making orientation is a diadem in its corporate framework ,paving ways and setting examples for future entrepreneurs towards a better business environment and a far better society
  22. 22. THANK YOU