Prototype and tesing warut vichanyuttanakul


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Prototype and tesing warut vichanyuttanakul

  1. 1. Job Encyclopedia VS Mobile career path data application PROTOTYPING & TESTING
  3. 3. ¡ 4th-year financial major student who is in crisis looking for jobs that relate to their field of study needs a way to learn what they can do outside their field because the job directly related to their diploma is limited and might not be the right job. ¡ Ideas : creating job dictionary which compiles data of ALL positions/careers available in the world for them to study and inspire themselves PS & IDEAS
  5. 5. Printed job dictionaries PROTOTYPE I My prototype planning that wasn’t shown to my stakeholders.
  6. 6. Printed job dictionaries PROTOTYPE I I show this index page to my stakeholders and collect feedbacks.
  7. 7. Printed job dictionaries PROTOTYPE I Sample page in the dictionary.
  8. 8. Interactive mobile application PROTOTYPE II My prototype planning that wasn’t shown to my stakeholders.
  9. 9. Interactive mobile application PROTOTYPE II Application prototype
  10. 10. Interactive mobile application PROTOTYPE II Stakeholders can click some panels and I will show them where the links lead to.
  11. 11. Interactive mobile application PROTOTYPE II
  12. 12. Interactive mobile application PROTOTYPE II This is the result shown when stakeholder reach their job.
  13. 13. Interactive mobile application PROTOTYPE II
  14. 14. TESTING
  15. 15. What worked What could be improved Questions Ideas FEEDBACK
  16. 16. ¡ Prototype I § The contents which include § The interview section > help inspire reader § Career path section § Qualification section § Salary ¡ Prototype II § The contents (more or less the same with the 1st prototype) § The search engine system > help reduce the searching time WHAT WORKED
  17. 17. ¡ Prototype I § The A5 size can carry little information. § The book can be too thick. § Try new arrangement rather than alphabetical order. ¡ Prototype II § Design > current design look too much alike the normal recruitment platform. § Word choice > since mobile has small monitor, we need concise but comprehensive words. WHAT COULD BE IMPROVED
  18. 18. ¡ Prototype I § What kind of pictures will be shown? § Will some positions overlap with others? Ex. Assistant manager VS manager ¡ Prototype II § How does it differ from normal recruitment platform. § Will the apps be accessible by all users? How about those who do not have smart phones? § What is your business model? QUESTIONS
  19. 19. ¡  Prototype I §  Some contents should be added to differentiate my work. §  Critical review from personnel in that position. §  Nature of the works itself – i.e. working time §  Nature the position in each company ¡  Prototype II §  Similar content with prototype I could be added. §  Make use of clients’ profile to suggest them the related jobs to make it easier to look for. §  Can be connected with Linkedin. §  Contact companies for help. They would be willing to if this could help them find the right person for the right job. §  Make use of system to form the alumni network which can show them what her seniors are doing now including both those who work in financial field and those who don’t but still happy! IDEAS
  20. 20. REFLECTION
  21. 21. Showing my prototypes to the stakeholder I have interviewed earlier helps me gain more empathy to her and help me identify the weakness of my prototype. The idea itself was welcome with joy but the design of my execution is still too weak. On one hand, she was glad that I’m looking for the way to help her gain more insight in the working market. She said it would be nice if she has access to data like career path, salary and interview with people that really work in that position. She even suggested I compile data based on graduation field so that students can see what their seniors can actually do to working life. On the other hand, she thinks the design resembles too much with existing job searching engine. Also, she thinks that if I were to collect people’s profile, people should do it with least effort. I can connect to Linkedin or other existing databases to help people reduces time. WHAT DO I LEARN
  22. 22. Next step I should take if I were to continue on this project is to improve my prototype or create new prototypes that could also work. Then I will need to test them with many people to see what is the best choice. After that I will need to find the sustainable business plan before try launching the product. WHAT’S NEXT