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Susanna Architecture China

  1. 1. Building DesignThe most important rules of building were: buildings should be long and low instead of skinny and tall symmetrical roof was held up by columns instead of the walls (walls are for just for closing the space)
  2. 2. Other things about houses: Most homes had a central house with wings attached Rooms faced south for protection against wind
  3. 3. Roofs Roofs pointed upwards at the end to ward off evil spirits They are also curved to look like a brushstroke in calligraphy
  4. 4. Gardens/Courtyards Most homes had gardens or courtyards are supposed to look like the world outside: big rocks were mountains, ponds were oceans and small trees and bushes were big trees Rocks were very important-special for decoration
  5. 5. Pavillions Made of wood or stone Can be almost any shape Can be made almost anywhere Have no walls