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Sanju's POWER point


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Sanju's POWER point

  1. 1. Three main styles of cookingThree typical styles of cooking are: Frying Smokingand Roasting
  2. 2. Steam cookingPeople sell soft, fat buns on the streets of China.They use a Wok of boiling water. Steam rising fromthe Wok keeps the food hot.
  3. 3. People eat every part of an animalSome people in China eat every part of an animal. Some people eveneat: Chicken feet Jellyfish Sea slugsand Duck tongues
  4. 4. Rice and NoodlesRice and noodles is the basic diet in China.At family meals, everyone simply has a bowl ofrice and noodles and then adds vegetables andmeat.
  5. 5. Festive treatRice dumplings called Zongzi are eaten during theDragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan aChinese poet.
  6. 6. Peking DuckPeking Duck is a popular dish in Beijing.It became popular in the 1860s. A large platterof warm, crispy roast duck would be put in the middleof the table. Then family members would servethemselves.
  7. 7. Cantonese cookingCantonese cooking is famous for its bite size dishesCalled dim sum which means “touch the heart.”Most dim sum dishes are filled with shrimp, meat, orvegetables.
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