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Isabel424 the chinese invention of paper presentation ver 3


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Published in: Business, Technology
  • thank you so much great help; everyone in my class loved it and hopefully learnt alot
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Isabel424 the chinese invention of paper presentation ver 3

  1. 1. The Chinese invention ofPaper By Isabel
  2. 2. Before paper was invented, the Chinese were in search for something to write on.People tried bone, stone and wood but they were hard to write on and heavy to carry.Then they tried wooden scrolls. They were made out of slips of bamboo tied together wiThey were O.K. but it got tiring carrying lots of heavy wooden scrolls.Next people started using sheets of silk to write on. They were the best out of all the wriAttempts but they were expensive and not everyone could afford to buy silk.Finally, Cai Lun invented paper. Everyone’s problems were solved.
  3. 3. In earlier years, the Chinese didn’t use paper for writing on. They us clothing, shoes, armor and blankets.
  4. 4. Cai Lun’s Papermaking proce1. Soak ingredients in water2. Cut to pieces and cleanse with w3. Immerse in tree ash and grass. S4. Rinse with water and pound.5. Fish fibers out with paper matrix6. Dry7. Paper!!!!
  5. 5. Modern Papermaking proce Today paper is made of wood.1. Trees are cut down2. Wood is ground into chips3. Wood chips are made into pulp with water4. Chemicals are put into mixture to stop yellow5. Pressed6. put through rollers several times7. Cut8. Paper!!
  6. 6. In Ancient China paper was made of many ingredients. bark rice hemp seaweed fishnets bamboo stra grass rags w (one sheet of paper doesn’t have all of these things in it.)
  7. 7. Cai lun was the inventor of paper. Cai Lun didn’t actually invent paper but he improved the art of making paper,although he might have been credited with an invention of someone from alower class. Before Cai Lun After Cai Lun
  8. 8. Cai Lun was born in Guiang duringthe eastern Han dynasty.He was given severalpromotions under the of he of han.Cai Lun got involved in palace intrigue. As a result of this, in 121Cai Lun was to report toPrison. Before he did, he committedsuicide by drinking poison.
  9. 9. How paper spreadPapermaking spread to Japan in C.610 and to Samarkand in C.751. From there itspread allover Europe to Italy, Spain ,England and other European countries. It was alsointroducedTo the Arabs and the Egyptians. The first paper produced in American colonieswas in 1690.