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How To Keep Your House Cool In Florida


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There will be times when you need to learn other ways to keep your house cool when working together with your hvac system or alternatively after a disaster such as a hurricane. These tips will keep you cool with and without your AC system

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How To Keep Your House Cool In Florida

  2. 2. Florida ranks as the hottest state in the USA. Therefore, it becomes a must priority for the residents of Florida state to keep their homes cool. But how to keep the costs down and save money while keeping the homes sufficiently cool?
  3. 3. AC TIPS TO KEEP COOL  The most basic way is to avoid using AC’s excessively.  By reducing the time and usage of AC’s unnecessarily, you will already be saving a lot of money and resources.  Not just saving the money, you will also save electrical resources and contribute to making an eco- friendly environment in a way.
  4. 4.  Using solar panels to power AC’s is really not a good idea, especially not in warm states like Florida.  A solar panel of about 1 KW can make up to 5 – 6 units of electricity on a hot sunny day.  An AC consumes around 1 – 2 units in an hour, which means that a solar panel can only power an AC for 4 – 5 hours continually.
  5. 5. AC TIPS TO KEEP COOL  Keep the hot air out of your home as much as possible while keeping chill AC air inside.  Keep the windows, doors, and unnecessary openings close at the hottest times of the day.  Ensure a proper insulation of your to save cold air inside and keeping warm air outside.
  6. 6. AC TIPS TO KEEP COOL  The most important one is to keep annual check and maintenance of your air-conditioning system at home.  Make sure that your air-conditioning system is properly tuned up to face of the hot season without causing other expenses apart from bills (such as repairing).
  7. 7. Get in touch with an HVAC repairing service in Florida right away and keep cool and calm in hot weather in Florida. For More Info, Click here keep-your-house-cool-in-florida