Relief proposal 2011


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Relief proposal 2011

  1. 1. Emergency Relief Proposal 2011 ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT (ARM)Name of OrganizationExecutive Director Mr. Rajendra Kumar Rana Mr.Pramod Kumar BhuyanProject Contact Person ARM AT/PO:Baliapal,Dist: Balasore,Orissa,INDIA Pin Code :756026Mailing AddressPhone (include country ++916781253424code) ++916781253424Fax armorissa@gmail.comEmail www.armngo.comWebsite “Relief and Rehabilitation Support for Flood Victims of Coastal Balasore”.Project Title USD 20,000Amount Requested (USDollars)
  2. 2. 1 Summary description of relief effort The unprecedented flood in river Subarnarekha affecting 4 blocks of Basta, Balasore, Jaleswar and Bhograi of North Balasore has caused widespread damage to lives and properties of people, leaving them helpless under the sky. About 6 lakh 57 thousand people of 548 villages of 4 blocks have been severely affected where in 361 villages have been completely drowned. The loss of property is to the tune of 200 crores. The flood affected people are spending sleepless night on the roads and embankment without any relief and rehabilitation support. The post flood situation has left the area damp and disease prone. Under the circumstances we need your express assistance to help the people by providing temporary shelter materials(polythine sheets), sarees for women, teaching material for children, sanitational Bleaching powder ,phenyls, halogen tablets etc and critical agricultural input support for sustainable future livelihood of marginal farmers.Flood victimsThe relief and rehabilitation assistance is meant for the flood victims of Baliapal block inBalasore district. Who are economically backward and unable to stand themselves due toheavy flood incidence? About 109447 number of people, from 17647 households comprisingof 71,068 number of home and children have been deeply affected and rendered helpless inthe devastating flood. Crops have been completely damaged that need immediate seedsand planting materials support to restart. Therefore the relief proposal aims to help peoplethrough distribution of polythine sheets, sarees for women teaching material for children,sanitational Bleaching powder ,phenyls, halogen tablets etc, and critical agricultural input sothat the community could be restored from the present danger of living health andsanitation to exist and continue their future livelihood.Relief/Reconstruction Activity: Provide a detailed description of the effort for hich youare requesting funds including a description of the region where it will take place and thetarget population it will reach:Our organization observes people to meet some essential items to maintain their familiesand be saved against bad weather conditions. The affected women community in particularneed some clothing materials ,children need teaching aids and all the affected populationneed medical aid as well as critical farm input support to return to normal physical andmental conditions .Essential; food supplies and medicinal support have been met by thestate administration and is in no mood to think of the future rehabilitation of the floodvictims.The flood relief assistance is meant for the badly affected Baliapal block of Balasore districtin coastal North Orissa which has been badly affected due to 92% of low lying areas o1
  3. 3. 2meter above the sea level and proximally located to the Bay of Bengal. As said earlier, thetarget population constitutes the people who are socio economically underprivileged havingthatched roof mud huts and farming as their mainstay for which they have been the mostaffected.Relief ImplementationTIMELINE OF IMPLEMENTATIONSl.No. Activities Tentative Week and Month nd1 Identification of most affected flood victims 2 week of Oct.2011 (Completed) (Relief Assistance restricted to 2000 families due to funds constraints.)2 Time of initiation of relief activities 2nd week of October 20113. Distribution of Shelter material ,Clothing and 3rd week of October 2011 medical aid4. Distribution of Children’s’ teachings aid 4th week of October 20115. Distribution of vegetable seeds to marginal farmers 1st week of November20116. Completion of program Last week of November20117. Reporting of activities to Donor Last week of November2011 Project Goals:  Relief and rehabilitation support for restoring the health and livelihood of 2000 flood victim families.  Critical long-term support for restoring crop and economy of the affected 2000 farm household  Teaching aid for flood affected 1000 children to restore their schoolingCommunity Participation:The relief and rehabilitation programme will be taken up in the flood affected villagesthrough our village level network of Village Development Committees(VDC), Women SelfHelp Group leaders and Farmers Clubs, so that the affected people will participate and planthemselves in the best utilization of relief items. The affected people are prepared to labourhard and stand against the flood devastation for which these critical relief items could helpthem in increasing their participation to build the lost resources.
  4. 4. 3Target BeneficiariesThe flood damage being wide spread in the area, our assistance has been short listed 2000most affected house holds which will benefit about 10,000 people in 25 villages.Budget: Immediate assistance requested for 2000 flood affected families in the operational area (Baliapal Block ) of AR M activities . Sl.No. Items Quantity Unit cost Total USD Amount USD A Temporary shelters Polythine sheets for temporary 500 6 3000.00 shelter(500 Family) B Subsistence items Sarees for 2000 family 2000 Pcs. 4 8000.00 Teaching materials for 1000 students 1000 kits 3 3000.00 (Pen,note book,pencil,white paper) C Medical aid Bleaching powder ,phenyle,halogen tab. 2 4000.00 for 2000 family E Agriculture supplies Improved Seeds Vegetable seeds 100 gram /family (1000 2 2000.00 family) Transportation and administration 200.00 Total Amount USD 20,200.00 Local Contribution USD 200.00 Amount requested USD 20,000Twenty thousand dollar onlyRAJENDRA KUMAR RANA Coordinating Member