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Arm brochure


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20 Year achievements of ARM,Baliapal

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Arm brochure

  1. 1. Two decades of A R M at a glance [1989 — 2009] Alternative for Rural Movement Baliapal, Ba| asore, Orissa, lNDIA
  2. 2. ‘ilr: iiir= .ii1~: -. in =1-irr-i i‘ii»: w:iui: m> ggmgssed _. ..—‘v ' Action and " lntrospectio Loc. -.«: r'io. -V ARM is located in the Parulia Village of Baliapal Block in Balasore District of Orissa in the north- r/ .9’ East of Indian Subcontinent. It is about 50 kms ‘KK away from Balasore railway station and 250 kms /1 from the State Capital, Bhubaneswar. The cli- mate ls hot and humid with an annual average C i. .ii. v - ‘r » I rain-fall of 1500mm. Baliapal is close to the Bay of Bengal having rich diversity of crop and ma- rine resources Establishment of an equitable social order through motivation A facilitation and self activity among backward rural commu- nities with emphasis on women and children in the sphere of health, education, human rights. economy and rural leadership. ’| SIOr' To find out an alternative strate- gy of rural social intervention and facilitate the NGO move- ment in the state of Orissa. ARM Head Quarter ARM Liaison Centre . .gn~i= .li ‘wiiioii in ctiniim afseiimieiiiiiniiioii
  3. 3. Hit? -Nnrf-lT"l: in -"ill"-I . 'u~w: m:: uI‘ ", {‘m_assed ‘, » 1; Action and ‘ 3%“-* _, » introspection 9 E K. .'F-$1 s_ Driven by a desire to lead full lives, live as members of a group doing things for them- selves, their fellow beings and for the commu- nity as well, a handful of academicians, vision- aries and professionals of North Balasore at Baliapal dewombed ARM unto the limelight in the 8th of March, 1989. construed to extend a helping hand to the suffering mass against re- current vagaries of nature (flood & cyclone ) In the coastal district; the arms of ARM have been engaged since then in the empowerment and mainstreaming of socio-economically margin- alized and vulnerable rural sections by viewing development as a process of increasing the personal and institutional capacities of mem- bers to mobilize and manage resources to pro- duce sustainable and justly distributed im- provement in their quality of life consistent with their own aspirations. Altemative for Rural Movement (ARM) has been registered as a vol- untary development organization under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1850, Income Tax Act 12 A & Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 and organized till date over 300 Women Self Help Groups (WSGs) across 100 remote rural villages In 16 Gram Panchayats serving a population of 1, 18,748 (21376 fami- lies) of Balasore district in the state of Orissa (India). THIT-'—i~. «.Ai*! DAT-E - To facilitate empowennent, solidarity and leadership capacities of backward rural women and the under privileged social sections. - To sensitize, act and promote basic ed- ucation, rural health, eco environment and quality of living in the problem vil- lages. - To restore and strengthen the advocacy of human and child rights activities of vulnerable social categories concentrat- ing on women and girls rights for pre- venting social discrimination and op- pression. - To garner economic empowerment and rural self employment of socially handi- capped sections through credit and sav- ings, eco friendly sustainable agricul- ture, micro enterprises and establish- ment of a value chain based marketing network. - To conduct information networking, need based research, documentation and create a data base on all aspects of a prospective rural soclo- economy. GQRE-’. ~*= .L-UES - People centered development vision - Social justice. sustainability and inclusive- ness as the principles of authentic develop- ment. - Views development as a people's move- ment. - Enable people to develop themselves - Ascendance in nurturing , enabling and con- serving dimensions of female consciousness - Mass sharing of benefits of development - Mass contribution to development - Sensitivity & responsiveness to the aspira- tions of common people - Creating and sustaining an atmosphere of growth and social change - Honesty and integrity in thought & action ~ Result oriented approach. ' ' Houses represent rurality Hqsymbolise the Gender Spokes indicate alternative Arrows back leadership Coupling for solidarity cum partnership ’ Wheel stands for movement . ‘l(: l‘Ir= I?": "M Till"-I I'll“-"’= _lI‘ll: ~lII9
  4. 4. Alternative for Rural Movement W Amassed Action and introspection PHILOSOPHY OF OPERATION The “Trickle Down" Model (TDM) of socio-economic development advocated & pursued by the state administration after national independence sine (1947) found very little evidence of any- thing tricking down to the common masses. The failure of the model has caused concern which set ARM's like —minded group of activists to think about a viable alternative strategy as a matter of urgent necessity. The situation became different from the past with the rising con- sciousness among an increasing number of people that the existence of mass poverty and reigning socio-economic handicap should and could be changed. Hence the christening of “Alternative for Rural Movement" (ARM). It was observed that there was a need for new and innovative approaches for a more equal and just development according to the real needs and wishes of the poor population on the basis of local needs and demands not only for the suc- cessful implementation of the proposed development projects but also for their lasting effects. It was thus felt that modernization concepts with large scale development programmes where a ‘trickle down’ effect was hoped for, but rarely achieved through ‘top—down’ planning strategies should be superseded by more poverty oriented , participatory development concepts through small scale programmes and ‘bottom up’ planning procedures. ARM has since then been trying to project & implement a people centred development vision that looks to justice, sustainability and inclusiveness as the principles of authentic development. ARM views development as a people's movement, rather than as foreign fundedl Government projects and enables people to develop themselves with the minimum available resources and maximum incorporation of prevailing administrative opportunities within the existing infrastruc- ture . Thus the three basic ingredients of popular participation as identified by ARM team of development harbingers towards a sustainable social order include “mass involvement in deci- sion making", "mass contribution to development” and “mass sharing of benefits of develop- ment" in consonance with various UN resolutions. Hence, the concept of ‘mass participation in decision making and implementation’ is viewed at ARM as a system of interlocking relationships between villagers & the village level institutions that mobilize this participation and strengthen the level of institution further up to the national mainstream . Our bottom up participatory long term approach, thus, seeks to release the social energy of the people towards attaining the self — defined goals of development and ratifies the principle of planning with the people through micro planning efforts with micro planning achievements incorporating the relevant principles of poverty alternation to contribute & com- plement this innovative paradigm. Native to Village Community — alternative for Rural Prosperity
  5. 5. Alternative for Rural Movement Amassed Action and introspection -$” _, 9 SCORES ON GENDER SOLIDARITY & EMPOWERMENT =2 Focuses on rural women solidarity through Women Self Help Groups (WSHG) organisetion C-305 Women Self Help Groups organised so far c. =~Capacitated 3954 women for self help and development 47620 women have been given legal aid 31478 divorcee and destitute have been saved from gender violence i-‘Rupees 9658318 have been mobilized by the WSHGs for economic self investment ®Rupees 21756500 has been availed as Bank loan by the SHG members «? '-*924 micro enterprises have been introduced @639 women have been self empowered @639 women have earned Rs.7658000 from micro enter- prise promotion -. -514 seminars conducted on gender e63 training programme conducted on gender orientation. 0:28 training programme conducted on women leadership promotion. 2:39 campaign conducted on gender issues & rights. 3-11 workshops conducted on women empowerment c141 Adult women literacy centres have literate 1148 illiterate rural women 0456 women being vocationally trained. =2 Epic struggle on rape & molestation rised in 2001 626 conference on gender empowerment & mainstreaming = =:*214 of legal awareness camps conducted & 947 women being supported Alternative for Rural Movement
  6. 6. *”‘‘M—’: ‘i Amassed x‘ Action and as '- , -9"’: lntrospection F SCORES ON MOTHER 8: CHILD HEALTH Homoeopathic clinic on mother & child health treating 3815 patients 1098 free health check up camps conducted treating 18460 patients in 52 villages. 25 tubectomy sterilization camps being conducted benefiting 574 women & distrib- uting 1748 strip oral pills, 2362 condoms & 26 lUDs. 24 camps, 37 training & 12 street play being conducted on HIV/ AIDS control. One year training course on Community Medical Service for 100 students giving employment to 37 youths. The Community Maternity Centre has provided treatment & care to 2545 pregnant women, promoted 438 institutional delivery & 711 referral services. 196 orientationlawareness camp being conducted covering 9495 population. 19 health training programme conducted covering 288 women & adult girls. 115 first aid kits distributed benefiting 8495 people. 319 Mobile RCH camps organized treating 41303 patients, referring 1641 to the hospital . Counseling and treatment of 5874 STD/ RTI cases. Survey on health & sanitation status of Basia B| ;ock as Nodal NGO associating 10 grass root NGOs. 17 TBA training programme conducted covering 118 UTBAs. 211 toilets & 18 drinking water tube wells established under rural health & sanita- tion. Managing one Primary Health Centre on PPP mode. 26127 patients treated in the PHC sofar with 78 institutional deliveries. 1374 Patho tests being conducted. PHC management Training to 32 local NGOs & Hospital Management Committee Members. Regular RCH Mela, IEC/ BCC advocacy camps & focus group discussion conducted on the campuspremises. 24 ASHA Thematic training conducted covering 187 ASHA Workers in 2 Blocks of Balasore district
  7. 7. "1I(: -l 'nr: l{‘~. ~.. . ' : . Uri *-vwiiiii: -til’ ’ “Amassed Action and lntrospection Five years of pre school education in 5 centers covering 500 children 230 children literate in 5 village conformal centers Six ICDS centres conducted covering 212 children on integrated child development Educational material support 2759 children of 24 PrimaryIHigh school from 28 village 20 children clubs organized in including 2194 children members 572 children given annual scholarship of educational material with Rs.2, 86,153]- 30 children on songs 30 on art, 20 on craft , , 20 on music and 60 on dance being trained under extracurricular activities . Sports and cultural competition to the Tune of 17 including 748 children 12 science exhibition conducted including 1287chi| dren from 24 schools 23 exposure trips conducted including 1360. children 29 seminar and 37 workshop conducted on child right One model school run for last 12 years covering 378 children and pre- venting 183 dropout children. One SCRDC centre functions on child resource promotion and educa- tional quality control. One mega children's library established having 3824 books and children's literature 18 issue based children rallies being conducted including 1486 chil- dren poverty. 16 teachers training programme conducted from 30 nearby schools coming 482 primary and high schools teacher. Regular advocacy & lobby with Govt. administration for reform in the education system Regular campaign on child Labour, child rights and mainstreaming Organising 168 Govt. school education committees for adoption of inno- vative education. ARM feels proued of being a partnar of ACTION CHILDREN AID, Denmark for all children advancement activities. C . ‘K "5 / ;§, -- . "_ , . -_ ‘ A-4 - i, . fn ( {K3 _ é __- I .4, ~-. 1,. ‘ I, .4 —. _ ‘ y/ -., ‘ * -4». -‘ < I . '~ — . . " l T I - / " ~ ': ’~' 4 - I ‘ « 3 . J C‘ o ‘ill: -i'ir: iil“ '2 ~ I in lIlI“'13-IIIIPIIII.
  8. 8. , _, Amassed E ; _ / ,2, Action and 4,, “°'-~ psi" lntrospection 3 SCORES ON WOMEN SELF EMPLOYMENT, CAPACITYBUILDING AND LIVELIHOOD GENERATION 56 women trained on sabai products and bio bag production 64 women vocationally skill trained on coir products 32 women trained on ancy mat production 360 unemployed girls being trained on vocational self employment 183 heave been self employed 18(i(_gir| s and women trained on tailoring and embroidery ma in 725 m? cro enterprise units being run through micro unit funds benefiting 3600 poo0r women Formation a coir production centre and cooperative society including 52 women Micro enterprise 598 women enterprises Computer operation training to 50 school dropout girls for self employment livelihood support to 1495 families on animal husbands and crop seeds and planting materials 200 women being trained on rural women entrepreneurship 44 women being trained on 5 day paralegal training 40 women trained on sustainable organic farming 1200 women being trained on SHG management through 45 no. of management training programme 70 women being sent on exposure trip to various outside sta- ions. 14 campaign on women human rights 40 tribal women cultural nights being organized including 728 tribal women Capacity building tribal cultural fair including 1857 tribal Research project on involvement of fisher women in fishing in coastal belts of Baliapal Determination of training needs and development models on women capacity building
  9. 9. Amassed -_ , Action and “W 944" lntrospection DISASTER RELIEF AND 14 Years of relief and rehabilitation work on disastermitigation Relief assistance worth Rs. 40,29,052.06 distributed benefit- ing 23,638 people in 86 villages 275 shelter units being constructed in CASA collaboration Repairing of 230 shelter units 4 high raised platform (HRP) constructed 50.5 km of a proach roads being constructed and repaired 32 km of em ankment being constructed and repaired 21 canal , pond and water harvesting structure being reno- vate 40 tube wells being installed 1325 farmer being assisted with agro inputs, seed and fertil- izer worth Rs.4,87,000/- 30 DMTF groups being assigned including 210 volunteers 30 VDCs 20 no. of farmers clubs being organized including 592 members 8 disaster preparedness training programme conducted cov- ering 239 people 244720 person days being created under CASA assistance 1223.6 mt. of food grains being distributed to 38 village :25 quilts have been distributed to 425 poor and nee y chil- ren 210 carton of BP 5 nutritious dry food has been distributed to poor people of Balia al Block. 6750 flood affected amilies have been distributed Blankets, utensil, sarees, dhotis and dry foods supported by CASA, Kolkata. One community latrine constructed in the campus of Badha- pal High school 21 tube well plat forms have been constructed.
  10. 10. 0 Amassed / J, Action and - 9.9"’ lntrospection ' . '-l, 'li‘i‘il’ROGRAMllE OR‘SSt. “i'DE. -7 VCCZ‘‘4‘ , l O 2;: use . ' , -~ -C. i(A' , " . _ _ I , § @133 E‘9[FU[lE3H sue me [time Action Children Aid, Denmark on children romotion Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action(CASA , Ko| kata Give India, Mumbai Karl Kubel Stiftung, Germany M| SEREOR, Germany Catholic Relief Service, USA American Jewish World Service , USA Balasore Social Service Society, Ba| asore Woman kind , UK CEBEMO, The Netherlands _ Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi National Rural Health Mission, Govt. of Orissa Water & sanitation Mission, Ba| asore Directorate of Fisheries, Cuttack NABARD, Ba| asore Department of Environment & Forest, Govt. of Orissa Sir Dorab'i TATA Trust, Mumbai CAPART, hubaneswar | AMANEH, Switzer| and MEM| SA, The Netherlands
  11. 11. Amassed '4». /.3, Action and o 9-5’ 1 "" 1/ 1 0 lntrospection I I A ‘. I '1. Esteemed Action Children Aid (ACA), Denmark is our friend and core partner for 13 years _ Espousing the cause of deprived children for ARM Ex ending unstint_ed support and continued cooperation Believes iri_ organ_izationa_| _freedom & inde _endent action Generous in providing critical funds for ac ionable children ai Uninterrupted support to ARM’s children since 1996 _ Ever increasing schooling of deprived rural backward children Reduction in primary school dropouts, wastage and stagna- ion New directions in ideal, joyful and inclusive education _ Emphasis _on s stems approach and long-term interventio_ri Chretmpioning t e issues of children empowerment and child rig s Project Slg)| £0f'I for Sch_oo| Child Resource Development Centre(S DC) establishment Promoting the arts_, crafts, skill, sports and games and other extracurricular activities _ S_u_ portin the education, empowerment and economic reha- bi_| i_a_tion 0 risk gir_| s _ _ _ Visiting, encouraging and guiding the children advancement activities of ARM Encouraging us to act as a professional NGO on child devel- opmeni . . Inspiring us to broaden our area of operation in the field of chi d development Raising money for the children of Orissa from the fara way Denmark Established us as a credible NGO in the district & the State of Orissa Promoting the genius and talented school children in Balas- ore district through fund & resource support.
  12. 12. ,, Amassed ’ t . Action and , °;~-- _, .<» lntrospection To undertake an integrated project for empowerment of women of scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other back- vv_ard co_mmu_ni_ties thro_ugh education, _| ega| counseling and aids, sk_ill trainin and income generation aCIIlVl_IleS _ To provide mobi e health care and referral services by involv- ing and educatin community people Development of chool Resource Centre To strengthen and flourish inter group youth network through electronic and mass media communication facilities. To organize rural youth into future taskforce for social and_ National development through sports, adventure, economic empowerment and right based ro rammes. _ To develop rural libraries for so 00 students and iieo literates To establish health centre for reproductive and child health care service delive _ _ To establish a voca ional technical education school for women/ Girls _ To undertake HIV/ AIDS/ STDs | ntervent_ions rogrammes To strengthen and extend micro enterprises or poor and To strengthen and extend support _for promotion of Self Help_ Groups and development of thrift savings and micro credit rogrammes for women _ _ _ _ _ _ o undertake comprehensive tribal development activities inc| uding_deve| opme_rit of tribal cultural heritage Community Based Disaster Preparedness pro ramme To set up and run home and day care centres or aged ersons o_ undertake low cost housing _and sanitation programme in Tribal and Scheduled Castes villages. To adopt Govt. Rural CHC/ PHC/ Sub Centres for better man- agement of the heal_th services _ _ _ To adopt Govt. public schools for introducing model education approach. ' ? ’il= i1IIj_1i cation
  13. 13. Aitenn'atiiie. :rei ' i ' ~ {I l¢. %¥! ?s"p:2?on Amused H YE ILAENJEID SS 1984: Creation of the base organization, “Education for Rural Poor” 1 989: - Nomenclature of the Alternative for Rural Movement(ARM) ' 1990: Full-fledged Institutional voluntary service 1991: ARM run on peoples and members contribution 1992: First offshore project on child development 1993: Micro enterprise development for women _ 1995: Nutrition programme of CR8 1995: Food for Community Development Programmme from CASA 1996: Integrated Child Development Centre 1997: Establishment of on campus model primary school 1998: Women and child health programme 1999: Micro credit support }f 2005: Support to school children 2007: Project on Risk Girls 2007: Resource Centre on School Children Govt. PHC under ARM at Paschimbad Alternative forI’Rui; =al Movement
  14. 14. ‘til= —l'Ill’= W"’? ~ rs ' : . urr ~~~: mr= m (Amassed . /ft Action and " agree , ,-st’ lntrospection u _ . - -. 3.; 3, , ,,, ,. §;3re 931/ grner. ... .‘2J. ‘§. ‘§t. f@. ... ‘2.§71 . ... ... ... .. . .:; name 1 zrérare s'acrq. ..5.! ..9.%. ‘2.. .§c, zre age gee Mesa zrraéeer. .f. ‘.-. .!. ’). :.§1‘5k§ei area cesarean acreerrrerc-§~o§ gnrer cg gore eerrareafir '4 ‘. $1.1 , E45: L. ) . “'5 °*°= =--six‘ to '. I ‘_ : §'. “:' _, {27 ' ' rnwr<. ‘9s1¢'*“'i1- ni)ora3!_.3L*era 0 00 OOOOOOOOOOOOIIOCOIIOIOCOOOOOOOOOIOIIOOIIOOOO -000 1 J 22 | ll‘lE: lll: l'tl0ll; lL ‘ll0llEll’3 ml‘! — 2008 Tcrerllrraerr: llrlrlrarrllrlilrlrr This certificate of Appreciation is being awarded to ARM (NGO), Balasore towards its excellent contribution in Women Empowerment Activities in the district for the year 2007-08. “V: .; :~ ’ , -- Dist Social Welfare Officer Collector & Distlllagislrate Balasore Balasore . O‘Ol on 0ooiotonoooonloooIoooooooooooooooouoo 00 ouoooonooocooooooooooooo to 0 .0 no 00 0IOOIOOOOOOIIOOIOoooooooloooooalooooc on cococoouuooooooouoooooeoo , on Iocoooolnoooocoooooooootoonuoloouooocononooo IO : ;'ii; )”f: .IflV Kw ;1err: <)"r: | Mi ~*': .,n': '.l: J‘ ‘UI, :?'1I v. '¥OLj, I;)‘-E51‘-'
  15. 15. ‘ti(=4'Il"-| ?"’: 4 r ” :1 Hr: *~r:4“1:. ”| <' Amassed Action and Intros pection , ‘~-_: v—-—x~_z. ... ._ , um qyac mfié: can ' ' lHANO! CRAFT ITEVS} (73 ‘ RISK GIRLS "4 VJCATIONAL TRAINlN(s cams NAYABALI - AR’: -.‘. , Baliapal ACA. Denmark 1.. ',Lr1rIlar; _r‘3j; fy_1r; +rJ@r§ u. T J L _V % ~ r _ _: . . (§‘§R. 'P, ¢_’3: PR9-JE3'T') I M -- . I ‘-" j, “‘ ~ 1- n_$‘I ‘ . . . r. ’ w ‘';1‘ 5“ . - ‘f ‘— r - if §hIldrn-n And, Dfmmark ‘ .5 ' r }"/ ‘ —‘: ~—, - l . , 1 A 4 ' v‘~‘i'(= |“If= ll“”‘v 1 v =2~: r l'tl"'l= -lI'Il. =lIll
  16. 16. RC5] @W®3 Social development drive of ARM is continuously reorienting its priorities and restructuring the policies to suit into the changing scenario of local needs and situations. The organi- zation is reviewing its thrust areas of research and outreach to develop long term strategies on food security, livelihood and empowerment to reduce vulnerability of rural poor as well as accelerate inclusive socio economic growth. Issues prioritised for end to end solution are social deprivation, non delivering administration, gender inequality, neglected primary education, broken rural health and environment, lack of natural resource utilization and entrepreneurship as well as unprepared disaster suffering population. ARM is working in partnership with other stakeholders and funding agencies to generate resources, demonstrate technologies and enlighten the communities on the lines of national main- streaming cum progressive thinking. As backward commu- nities and vulnerable social sections like women, children and Dalits feel the heat of administrative negligence, lack of capacity of intervention and resource crunch of new initia- tives, the future planning of ARM is diverted towards assist- ing them in their becoming knowledgeable, skilled and cosmopolite to garner support and services for their positive thinking and sustainable living. ACTION INSINGNIA _: '~l, « _-Q0‘. DES} er°er@-a <> , 79,; ,%l emf? Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM) Baliapal, Balasore, Orissa, India - 756026 arm100@rediffmail. com, armorissa@gmail. com www. armngo. com