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Annual activities report of Alternative for rural Movement(ARM) 2012-2013

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Arm annual report 2012 2013

  1. 1. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 2012ANNUAL REPORT 2012-13 Empowering Rural Poor
  2. 2. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Preface Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM) has been working in the rural areas of the eastern part of odisha from the year 1989. During its long journey it came across so many obstacles and still it maintained its originality, mission and vision. It has been reaching the deprived community at the time of need. Now it became transformed into a movement in Balasore district. It has created its place in the heart of the community for which I am thankful to my community members and the persons who are associated with us for a long time to make our efforts successful in terms of enhancing the capacities of the community, making the community aware about the various aspects of Health, enhancing the sustainable income in form of Self Help Groups, motivating the farmers for the use of new technologies in the agricultural activities, helping the child in distress etc. As a grass root level organisation we are working on the issues like women and children welfare, women empowerment, maternal & child health, child labour, girl trafficking and child help line etc. We are very much thankful to our esteemed partners like Action Child Aid (ACA), Denmark, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Japan Consulate, MISEREOR, National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Blue Door Foundation, Give India, Childline India Foundation, Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Odisha, GlobeMed, Global Giving Foundation and Meheta Family Foundation etc. for their constant encouragement and support in our rural movement. I take this opportunity to present the Annual Report 2012-13 on the events, activities & achievements taken up by the Organisation ARM, Baliapal. We hope this booklet will useful for our esteemed partners, various stakeholders and guide us in future course of time. Thanks for you love, affection and blessings. (Sumati Raj) Chairperson, ARM 2
  3. 3. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 FOREWORD Education, Health, Livelihood and Agriculture have been critical focus areas in our inclusiveness approach & strategy in the rural areas of Baliapal, Jaleswar and Bhogarai blocks of Balsore district. Constantly we are putting our effort in our rural packets to make the community to aware about the positive and negative impacts of these issues and take appropriate steps to overcome these. Nearly about 80% of our population live in villages out of which over 50% are below poverty line. The causes behind this are many such as: lack of education, lack of health infrastructure & services, lack of skilled human resource, lack of use of technology in farming, lack of departmental convergence, lack of awareness, lack of associations, lack of focused approach, lack of strategy etc. There are large numbers of factures which are adding misery to our rural population. Balasore district has a lot of potential in terms of Agriculture. In keeping view of that, Esteemed NABARD, the pioneer in agriculture and rural finance in India in collaboration with ARM has come up with a pilot project called “Augmenting Farm Productivity” in the last couple of years to identify the weakness and threats associated with agriculture so that the opportunities available could be exploited and strengthened. This Project is a bold step in this regard which addresses the multiple issues of improved farm practices, adoption of new technologies, enhancing productivity, increasing marketable surplus, scaling up food security and formation of farmers collectives in Balasore district. ARM has played a pivotal role in health sector by accepting the challenge to manage the Primary Health Centre (PHC), Paschimabad in collaboration with the NRHM, Odisha which is meeting the expectation of the GoO and Community. Similarly ARM creating instances for others by its programmes called Adarsha Vidya Mandira, Reproductive and Child Health, Child Line etc. We are dedicating our Annual Report for the year 2012-13 to all our partners and well wishers, so that they will join their hands with us to build a self sufficient community. (Rajendra Kumar Rana) Coordinating Member, ARM 3
  4. 4. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 ARM AT A GLANCE “Man can make a nation great, Not the glittering gold, Man whose hearts are pure and true, And both strong and bold” VISION: To find out an alternative strategy of rural social intervention and facilitate the NGO movement in the state of Orissa. MISSION: Establishment of an equitable social order through motivation facilitation and self activity among backward rural communities with emphasis on women and children in the sphere of health, education, human rights, economy and rural leadership. Mandates To facilitate empowerment, solidarity and leadership capacities of backward rural women and the under privileged social sections. To sensitize, act and promote basic education, rural health, eco environment and quality of living in the problem villages. To restore and strengthen the advocacy of human and child rights activities of vulnerable social categories concentrating on women and girls rights for preventing social discrimination and oppression. To garner economic empowerment and rural self employment of socially handicapped sections through credit and savings, eco friendly sustainable agriculture, micro enterprises and establishment of a value chain based marketing network. To conduct information networking, need based research, documentation and create a data base on all aspects of a prospective rural socio economy. CORE VALUES OF ARM People centered development vision Social justice, sustainability and inclusiveness as the principles of authentic development. Views development as a people’s movement. Enable people to develop themselves Ascendance in nurturing ,enabling and conserving dimensions of female consciousness Mass sharing of benefits of development Mass contribution to development Sensitivity & responsiveness to the aspirations of common people Creating and sustaining an atmosphere of growth and social change Honesty and integrity in thought & action Result oriented approach. Accreditation The Credibility Alliance has accredited ARM as member under desirable norm. It is a great achievement of ARM. Desirable Norms are the next level of Norms for good governance and public disclosure. These ‘desirable norms’ will enhance the transparency and accountability of ARM. 4
  5. 5. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Gender Advancement SHG promotion Programme The main constraints behind rural women backwardness is their lack of solidarity. Women SHGs these which exist in small rural pockets are untrained and un organized to lead themselves. The present support for SHG promotion and their capacity building NABARD Bhubaneswar has fulfilled the need of organizing women SHGs, strengthening the existing owns and capacity building of their leads and number for participants in the socio economic activities on contemporary village setup. 4 No. of financial literacy training was organized during the year with active participation of 10 SHG Leaders. Financial Inclusion Programme Large chunk of rural population are away from thrift and credit availability which hinders their economic wellbeing and entrepreneurship traits. Keeping in this view esteemed NABARD supported a project on financial inclusion of rural people which aimed at organizing of farmers, women, SHGs and women groups to promote through credit and saving needs and by virtue of that potential to adhere loans from rural financial institutions towards economic prosperity and future self reliance. Under the project extensive 28 wall painting and awareness programmes were organized throughout Baliapal block for highlighting the importance and means of financial inclusion. Total wall painting:=28 in (8’X 4’) Social and Economic Empowerment for 100 Rural Women through Handicrafts Micro-enterprise’ Saree Embroidery: 25 minority community women at Baliapal have successfully undergone the last batch of training on saree embroidery for a period of 6 months. One expert training Instructor has conduct the training. The trained women have acquired proper skills on design up gradation and hand embroidery work on the sarees. They are now efficient in embroidery work on sarees in the production centre and marketing their product locally. They conveyed sincere thanks and gratitude to the Management Committee and Executives of Blue Door Foundation, UK. Tailoring Training 25 trainees have undergone the tailoring training for six month at Asti village under the direct guidance of expert trainer. The training was conducted very successfully. During last two months of training programme the trainees collect orders from the village and earn. They have acquired the skills on cutting stitching of ladies and gents garments. Some trainees have decided to run tailoring centres in the village. Trained women convey their thanks to Blue Door Foundation, UK for enhancing training facilities. Micro Enterprise Management Training: Under the Micro Enterprise Management Training 50 women group leaders have undergone the training very successfully for a period of 2 days from 09.07.2012 and 10.07.2012. Discussions are made by the resource persons on management and running of micro enterprises. Group leaders have interacted with resource persons for solving their queries. Teaching 5
  6. 6. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Cooperative Management Training: The cooperative management training is provided to 50 women leaders to reach the goal of the project - form women’s cooperative incorporating trained women. The 2 days Cooperative Management Training is conducted from 09.05.2012 to 10.05.2012. Experienced resource persons have conducted the classes on cooperative formation and its management. IEC materials are used in the training. Teaching learning materials are given to all participants. The main issue of discussion on how to form cooperative and its management, benefits etc. Marketing Development Training: Marketing is a vital point for sustainability of any economic venture. So, emphasis has been given on marketing development training orientation. 90 group leaders have undergone the training for 2 days. Teaching learning materials are given to all participants. Resource persons have conducted the training successfully. Women Empowerment training The training is organized for 100 women 2 batches on dated 24.05.2012 & 16.09.2012 at ARM campus. Rural women are lacking of information about their rights, various existing government schemes and facilities for women. Resource persons conduct the training programmes. Participants exchange their views and interact with resource persons and empowered with information and knowledge. Impacts of the Project: A total of 50 entrepreneurs have been trained on saree embroidery & tailoring. Production has been started by the trained entrepreneurs and becoming self sufficient. One Women Cooperative Society is formed and its registration is under process. A marketing Committee is formed and functioning. Trained women on tailoring (25) and saree embroidery (25) have started income generation by collecting orders locally. The target women groups are determined to be self reliant. Other women are interested to learn vocational skill training on tailoring. 100 women leaders are empowered about women rights etc. 6
  7. 7. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Children Empowerment ADARSHA VIDYA MANDIR , A MODEL SCHOOL Model Education against Primary School Wastage and Stagnation: AdarshaVidyaMandir (AVM) has been functioning with the goal of model education system for neglected rural children through concentration on learning the art of living, equipping with knowledge and applying it for the improvement of future generation and humanity in joyful environment. AVM Model School strives to make the children self reliant in all respects in future By allowing children in their area of interest. Action Children Aid, Denmark has been providing support since 1997 for the AVM Model school. ARM and poor neglected children and their parents at Baliapal block are grateful to Action Children Aid, Denmark for its support for the noble causes. Sl. No. Activity No. of students 1 Teaching learning materials distribution 157 2 School uniform/shoe distribution 157 3 Midday nutritious tiffin to students round the year 157 4 Health check up 157 5 Extracurricular – song, dance, art, craft training 6 First –aid 107 7 Recreational and sports 157 8 Exposure trip 50 9 Social Awareness and Parent Motivation 84 10 43 Extension observance of national, international days of importance Class 157 Pass out Result 79-60% 59-40% 80-100% 49-30% I 3 9 9 3 II 2 6 6 2 III 3 7 8 4 IV 1 4 8 11 V 1 9 7 13 10 35 38 Total 33 7
  8. 8. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Child Line Project (District Sub Centre) Child India Foundation has been providing support for the project child line under Ministry of Women and Child development Govt. of India. The main objectives of the project is to help the children of 0-18 year age group avoiding them from child labour, torture and social disparity through awareness generation among parents and community, protection of children from unhealthy situation and rehabilitated with provision of education, health care, fooding etc. Following activities has been conducted during the reporting year by District Sub Centre, Baliapal of child line project, Balasore. Outreach programme Under the outreach programmes, 141 at Baliapal,Bhograi & Jaleswar block have been cnducted. Every day different kinds of programmes are organized like visit to home and schools for educating them about the work and the issues that are dealing with, solving the problem of children. Booklets have been provided for enlighting them about the helpline as well as the problems that we have come across.A total of Village level awareness programme 84 numbers of awareness programmes have been organized with the awareness strategies aim at empowering children to dial 1098 when in crisis, building partnerships across society where each one has a role to play in protecting children, and advocating for children. Through this programme 342 nos of children and their parents have been made aware of purpose of Childline etc. GP Level awareness programme In the GP Level awareness programme 58 children and their parents, teachers, community leaders have been made aware regarding child rights and purpose of Chilline. Among the speakers are Smt.Minati Pattanayak,Sarpanch of Asi GP ,Smt.Barnisikha Bhadra ,PS member,Nityananda Bhuyan,Panchayat Secretary. The programme is organized on 22.01.2013 at Asti Panchayat Office. In the camp we have identified a case of child abuse and provided support to the victim for justice. The detailed programmes have been conducted as follow: Cases identified & intervened:50 Awareness programme conducted:84 Outreach programme conducted:141 FIR lodged:09 Meeting conducted with various stakeholders:67 8
  9. 9. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Mainstreaming of Girls at Risk Girls in the rural areas at Baliapal and Jaleswar blocks are deprieved of their rights to childhood development. Most of the rural girls live a life of malnutrition, family negligence, drudgery, child marriage and trafficking. These girls are at risks. Action Children Aid, Denmark has been providing support to organize the risk girls, socio economically support for their self reliance and mainstreaming them through legal and technical assistance from the existing social inflictions. Brief information of activities is given below in tabular form. Training on Micro Enterprise Management Training 100 girls have undergone the 1 day duration micro enterprise management training on tailoring, goatery, poultry, nursery and gardening, mushroom cultivation. Among the resource persons are Sri Sunil Kumar Pila,Prativa Sahu,Rebati Rana & Parameswar Behera. Discussions was made on self analysis, risk analysis, entrepreneur traits, basic business management. It was a very fruitful programme for the risk girls. Sl.No. 1 2 3 Date 10.04.2012 20.05.2012 14.07.2012 Participants 20 20 20 Subject Tailoring Goatery Poultry 4 5 03.08.2012 10.08.2012 20 20 Nursery & Gardening Mushroom Cultivation Health:The following training were conducted during the year to create Orientation on Reproductive Health: awareness on Reproductive Health in the community. Sl.No. 1 2 Date 15.4.2012 23.04.212 Participants 30 30 Village Parulia Sanmainsadi 3 4 5 06.05.2012 12.06.2012 24.06.2012 30 30 35 Dalua II Badhapal Badkhanpur 6 7 8 9 10 02.07.2012 21.07.2012 16.08.2012 09.09.2012 16.09.2012 32 32 30 35 30 Akna Jharpimpal Kalikapur Chhotkhanpur Kantabani 11 22.09.2012 32 Asti 9
  10. 10. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 The camps are attended by risk girls and their parents, SHG leaders and members and women in general of the concerned villages. They interact with the resource persons and gain information and knowledge. 120 girls have undergone the vocational training on poultry, mushroom cultivation, tailoring, nursery raising and goat rearing for their economic empowerment through skill development and enhancement of income earning opportunities and to ensure their future socio economic security. Maximum emphasis has been given to conduct the vocational trainings and therefore the girls have attained skills on quality production and this has ensured their sustainable livelihood. The trained girls have been provided with starter fund and they have started their income generation activities. By earning money the girls have achieved self reliance and freedom to share their views in family affairs. In fact their status in the family and community has been upgraded. Agriculture Development NABARD Pilot Project on Augmenting Farm Productivity It is a pilot project financed by the NABARD-R.O, Bhubaneswar. The overall goal of the project is to maximize the income of the poor farmers in a sustainable way by to op&mize their produc&on level. ARM has been implemen&ng the project with technical collabora&on of KVK, Balasore, Baliapal in 59 GPs of Baliapal and Bhograi Blocks of Balasore district in Odisha. Ac vi es conducted– Under the project initiatives 503 villages of 59 GPs at Baliapal and Bhograi Blocks have been covered during the reporting year. Kharif season Demonstration conducted on Paddy: 59 numbers demonstration patches have been conducted in 752 Hac of land involving 1489 farmers in target 2 blocks. The identified variety of paddy has been introduced. As a result of such intervention 25% yield enhanced at Baliapal block and 19% at Bhograi block. 390 master farmers have undergone the training successfully in 13 training camps. They are equipped with knowledge and skills on new technologies. Technologies like soil preparation and fertilization with vermin compost etc, seed treatment, pest management has been introduced. The NADEP demonstration and Vermin compost has been conducted in 745 plots. Demonstration on Azolla cultivation has also been conducted in 745 plots. 2 nos of experience sharing workshops are organized, one at Baliapal and another at Bhograi. Sl.No. Particulars 1 Total demo patch 2 Baliapal Block Bhograi Block Total 27 32 59 Total area 432 320 752 3 Total farmers involved 737 752 1489 4 Yield enhancement 25% 19% 5 Master farmers training conducted 5 8 13 6 Total Master farmers benefitted 162 228 390 7 Total walk through campaign conducted 8 Total demonstration on NADEP 27 32 59 297 448 745 9 Total Demonstration on Vermin compost 297 448 745 10 Total Demonstration on Azolla cultivation 297 448 745 11 Experience sharing workshop conducted 1 1 2 10
  11. 11. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 RABI SEASON Type of crops: Paddy, Groundnut & Pulses In Rabi season demonstrations have been conducted on paddy ground nut and pulses in both Balaiapal and Bhograi blocks. The paddy variety MTU1010, KHANDAGIRI, PARIJAT, ground nut variety TAG24 and pulses variety HUM12 has been introduced. The enhancement of yield is very good – about 25% in all crops. Master farmers have undergone the training successfully and equipped with skills. 6 nos of exposure visits for farmers are organized . Experience sharing workshops are also organizedne at Baliapal and Bhograi Sl.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Particulars Paddy Demonstration patch Demonstration area Total farmers Variety 16 160 426 MTU1010, KHANDAGIRI, PARIJAT Yield enhancement Master farmers training conducted Total Master Farmers benefitted Field days observed Exposure visit conducted Total farmers benefitted Experience sharing workshop conducted Vermin bed installed Baliapal Groundnut 14 140 409 TAG24 Pulses 6 60 173 HUM1 2 Paddy 25 % 3 21% 3 14% 1 30 300 600 Rani, MTU 1010,MTU 1001,Gayat ri,Pratiksha 17% 8 96 91 36 5 1 426 1 11 1 409 1 2 1 173 1 Bhograi Groundnut 14 140 280 TMV 2,AK 12/24 Pulses 4 40 80 PDM 139,HUM 12 16% 4 13% 1 270 130 36 5 1 30 1 18 1 28 1 8 1 8 1 100 Review meeting conducted:48 Total staff: Block Coordinators:2 Technical Speciialists:11 Accountants:2 ProgrammeOrganisers: 29 Major achievements of the project– • More than 95% farmers accepted the new technologies in Agriculture. • Cooperation of PRI Members/other stakeholders were good • More than 15% Yield enhancement recorded. • Seed replacement rate was good 11
  12. 12. ARM Annual Report 201-13 IRRI Project Cluster Demonstration on stress Tolerant Rice (Swarna Sub-1) It is a ambitious project for poor farmers at Baliapal and Bhograi blocks. During the reporting year 500 Acre of land have been covered in 2 patches, 250 Acres each patch at Baliapal and Bhograi blocks. 332 farmers have gained the skills on cultivation of stress Tolerant Rice (Swarna Sub-1). The farmers have been provided support for Ploughing and land preparation, Transplanting, Seed Treatment, Micronutrient support, Weed management, Plant Protection. The result is very good as the yield enhanced about 19%. KVK, Balasore has provided the valuable technical support in this regard. RKVY BGREI Programme In Kharif season 1250 acres of land of 743 farmers of 40 villages have been covered under paddy cultivation. It is a fruitful initiative because 832.64 acres is covered in line sowing. SEED VILLAGE PROGRAMME During the reporting year we have conducted 3 Seed village programme on Groundnut, Black Gram & Green Gram have been conducted. Groundnut: 173 farmers of 8 villages of Baliapal block have cultivated Groundnut (TAG 24) in 280 Acre of land. Green Gram: 97 farmers of 3 villages of Baliapal block have cultivated Green Gram in 104 Acre of land. Black Gram: 155 farmers of 2 villages of Baliapal block have cultivated Black Gram in 85 Acre of land. 12
  13. 13. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Community Health PHC Management Women, children and tribal cum backward communities suffer from poor health due to poverty, social deprivation, lower levels of literacy, inefficient health systems and lack of infrastructure for health care and disease control, socio cultural inequalities and barriers, insufficient assertion and demand for health care, inadequate geography spread of service outlets and poor quality health care reduce access to effectiveness of public services. ARM has been managing a Primary Health Centre at Paschimbad for last 5 years with active support of local public as well as financial support from NRHM, Govt. of Odisha. The goal of NRHM is thus to improve the availability of and access to quality health care by people especially for those residing in rural area, the poor women and children. During the reporting year the achievement of PHC are as follows: Health service Provided Total Total outdoor patients treated 21963 Total indoor patients 694 Total Referral to nearest hospital 238 Total Ambulance service 443 Total Institutional delivery 151 Total Pathological test conducted ANC 1455 210 Health Extension Activities: Focus Group Discussion: Focus Group Discussions are organised at various places under the PHC servDiscussion ing area with major emphasis. 553 nos of community members are orientated on various aspects of PHC such as NRHM Mission, aim & Objectives of PHC, scope of the PHC, Role of ASHA and AWWs, Malaria awareness, prevention & control, control of STD / RTI, control of Diarrhea, ANC & PNC, safe motherhood tips, promotion of breast feeding, family planning, promotion of institutional delivery system, early management of motherhood problems etc. The details of FGDs organized are given below: 13
  14. 14. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Sl. N o Village Venue Rela Dt: 01.10.12 Hurshikesh Nodal UpraBidyalaya Namkana Dt: 02.10.12 Kantapal Dt: 03.10.12 Baiganbadia Dt: 04.10.12 8 Paschimbad Dt: 16.10.12 Paschimbad U.P School Akna Dt: 17.10.12 Ghantiyadi 14 Devkumar Dt: 28.11.12 Satagariya Sahi 26 Akna Dt: 29.11.12 MajhiSahi 15 16 KismatPaschimbad Dt: 30.11.12 Anganbadi Center Jharpipol Dt: 22.02.13 MajhiSahi 17 32 18 Rela Dt: 02.03.13 Acharya Sahi 16 19 Baiganbadia Dt: 23.03.13 MahadevMandi 23 Namkana Pat- Dt: 28.03.13 nayakSahi GiriSahi 9 42 PrathamikaBidyalaya 7 29 Anganbadi 6 Gouridi Patna PrathamikaBidyalaya 5 Devkumar Dt: 27.11.12 28 4 13 36 Kalikapur Dt: 26.09.12 U.G.M.E School 3 Chhutkhanpur Dt: 23.11.12 M.E. school 12 36 Jharpipol. Dt: 20.09.12 MahadevMandir 2 Paschimbad Dt: 21.11.12 PiraMasjit 11 32 Majhijenasahi U.P School 20 42 Devkumar. Dt: 14.09.12 Sl. No 29 1 Total Participants PrathamikaBidyalaya 1 Dt: 16.11.12 0 Sub Total 21 318 20 Village Venue Total Participants 32 20 22 21 27 Sub Total 19 235 Grand Total 553 14
  15. 15. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Health Awareness Campaigns: Awareness on health issues is essential for prevention of diseases. 7 nos of Out Reach Programmes are conducted under the PHC at various places and 196 participants are oriented. The details of outreach programme are given below: Sl. No Village Date Venue Total Participants 1 Kalikapur 23.09.12 Majhijenasahi 19 2 Kalikapur 26.09.12 BeheraSahi 23 3 Rela 29.09.12 Acharya Sahi 27 4 Ghantiyadi 30.09.12 SahuSahi 26 5 Baiganbadia 02.10.12 MahadevMandir 41 6 Kantapal 07.10.12 JhadhaswarSaskritBidyalaya 32 7 Akna 18.10.12 Palasai U.P School 28 Grand Total 196 RCH MELA On the occasion of organizing 2 nos. of Reproductive Child Health (RCH) Melas or camps free health checkup and medicines distributed to the patients at Paschimabad. The first camp is organized at Paschimabad on the occasion of Subarnarekha Mahotshab on 7th Jan 2013 whereas the second camp is organized at Baiganbadia Panchayat Office, Baiganbadia, Jaleswar on 21st Mar 2013. There are 310 nos and 308 nos of patients treated in these camps respectively. Dr. Bishnupriya Dash, Dr. Laxman Jena, Dr. Sapan Kumar Mohanty, Dr. A Islam, Dr. Uttar Kumar Dandapat participated in the RCH camps and took part in health check up, medicine distribution to the patients. Diabetes Treatment Camp One Diabetic camp is conducted on 27th Mar 2013 at PHC New Paschimabad. In the camp 102 nos of patients get treatment facility. . Dr. Pravas Sundar Nayak and Dr. Bishnupriya Das treated the Diabetic Patients. Patients are also made aware of their diets, exercise etc. 15
  16. 16. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 IEC BCC WORKSHOP The workshop on IEC BCC organized at Gram Panchayat Office, Paschimabad on 30th Mar 2013. The workshop is attended by 41 participants, out of them mostly are ASHA and Anganwadi Workers. The aim of the workshop is skill development of various stakeholders on health education material, advocacy on health rights, the need for coordination to serve the community better. Among the resource persons are Mr. Kabi Prasad Sahu (BPM), DR. Adhip Kumar Bera, Dr. Dayanuidhi Khatua and Sarpanch Mr. Rabi Ray, Mr. Ashwini Kumar Dasadhikari, Mr. Pramod Kumar Bhuyan, Programme Officer, ARM. They participated in the discussion and oriented other participants on the necessity of Information Education Communication materials and the aspects of Behavioral Change Communication. Reproductive Child Health Programme for Vulnerable Community in Jaleswar block: MISEREOR, Germany has been providing support to achieve the goal to improve the reproductive and child health status of the people, especially women and children of 12 villages in Jaleswar block, Balasore district and development of mechanism through capacity building, network and coordination with existing health system and structure. During the reporting year services have been provided on following health issues: Adolescent health care, menstrual cycle, pregnancy in under age, early registration, proper care during pregnancy, risk sign during pregnancy, institutional delivery, physical and mental growth of new born child, breast feeding practice, child immunization, RTI and preventive measures, sexually transmitted diseases, family planning devices and their use, liaisioning with local health clusters etc. Activity wise beneficiaries are given below in tabular form: 100% women registered during pregnancy Sl.No. Activity No. of programmes 45 64 1 2 No. of participants 661 348 30 75 1 2 3 4 ANC/PNC Campas Sensitization to SHG/MahilaMandals BCC Workshop for community leaders Training to married adolescents on birth preparedness 5 Facilitation of Inter sectoral meetings to enhance ANC/PNC 2 40 6 7 8 Social mobilization and community meeting IEC campaign Orientation of Health Workers and ASHA on safe delivery Conduct Immunization cum child health check up camp 1 1 6 100 40 332 9 10 11 Community mobilization and mass IEC CAMPAIGN Gender sensitization and reproductive right workshop Sensitization meeting for SHG/MahilaMandal on Family Planning 8 1 30 400 43 470 12 13 14 15 Training of Adolescent girls Training of adolescent boys Training of SHG leaders GP Health Monitoring Committee Meetings 1 1 1 6 100 100 50 42 100% women registered during pregnancy 98% women received 3 antenatal check up 98% women received 2 TT injections 98% women intake 100 IFA tablets Increase in Institutional deliveries and reduction of MMR/IMR One orientation training on Small Family Norm has also been organized at ARM campus for 40 participants. 16
  17. 17. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 Inauguration of AVM School Building Mr. MitsuoKawaguchi, Hon’ble Consul Gener al, Consulate of J apan, Kolkata, inaugurated the school building of the primary school for the under-privileged children in the ARM Campus at Parulia village in Baliapal Block in Balasore district in Orissa. The school building has been constructed with the financial assistance from the Govt. of Japan through Japan Consulate, Kolkata under JAPAN’S Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP). To mark the occasion a befitting function was organized. Govt. of Japan has sanctioned and released US$ 79616 for the construction of the school building. ARM has been running the school since 1997 with financial assistance from ACA, Denmark. 17
  18. 18. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 PARTNER IN PROGRESS ACA,Denmar k Child Education & Empowerment 2 NABARD, Bhubaneswar Women Empowerment & Sustainable Agriculture 3 NRHM,Govt. Primary Health Care of Odisha 4 M I S E R E - Reproductive Child Health OR,Germany 5 Give In- Socio Economic dia,Munbai support to poor 6 Consulate of Construction of School Building J a pan,Kolkata 7 Blue door Socio economic Foundation development of Women 8 G l o b e M e d , Health equity & USA rural prosperity 9 Childli India Child Protection & Rights Foundation, Mumbai 1 10 Global Giving Support to poor Foundation, USA 11 I n t e r n a t i o n a l Rice Demonstration Rice Research Institute,New Delhi 12 De par tme nt RKVY/NFSM Demonstration of Agriculture,Govt. of Odisha 18
  19. 19. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 CREDIBILITY ALLIANCE NORM COMPLIANCE REPORT 2012-2013 Identity • Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM) is a Non Government Development Organization registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 (Registration. No. BLS-2723-681 dated 16.12.1989) • ARM is Registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 for any foreign donations and grants (Registration No. 104820036 dated 17.06.1992) • ARM is registered u/s 12 A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (Registration No. Judl/37/12A/96-97/17041 dated 04.10.1996) • ARM’s Registration Certificates/Memorandum & Byelaws are available to any body on request • ARM has been functioning its activities since 1989. • MoA & Byelaw of the organization are available on request Name and address of the bankers UCO BANK, AT/PO: Baliapal, Dist:Balasore, State: Orissa, INDIA, Pin Code 756026 (FCRA account as well as Indian transaction) ICICI Bank,Balasore FM Golei Branch,Balasore State Bank of India,Jaleswar Branch Name and address of Auditors Sanjeeb Kumar & Associates, Chartered Accountants, 475, ESEN DEN, Aiginia, Asiana Plaza entry, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar, Orissa , India, Ph.0674-2472770/771/772 (Fax) Email: Vision To find out an alternative strategy of rural social intervention and facilitate the NGO movement in the state of Orissa. Mission Establishment of an equitable social order through motivation facilitation and self activity among backward rural communities with emphasis on women and children in the sphere of health, education, human rights, economy and rural leadership 19
  20. 20. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 GOVERNANCEGOVERNANCE-DETAILS OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS (as on 31.03.2013) Name Age Ms. Sumati Raj 45 Mr. Rajendra Pradhan Gender Occupation Area of Competency F Position on Executive Committee Chairperson Social Work Group Management Meetings attended 5/5 71 M Vice Chairperson Academics 5/5 Mr. Rajendra Kumar Rana Miss Binata Rana 56 M Co-ordinatinag Member Former High School Headmaster Social Work Organisation Management 5/5 46 F Treasurer Teacher Teachership 5/5 Ms. Jayanti Giri 42 F Social Work 39 F Housewife Accounts/Project Management Tribal welfare 5/5 Mrs. Jayanti Soren Tribal Development Secretary Member Mrs. Sumati Ranga 46 F Member Housewife SHG organisation 5/5 5/5 ARM’s Executive Committee met 5 times in the fiscal year 2012-2013 (Dated 01.04.2012, 10.04.2012, 18.08.2012, 17.12.2012, 15.03.2013) Minutes of the Executive Committee are documented and circulated to all members. Accountability & transparency No remuneration, sitting fees has been paid to Executive Committee members only Rajendra Kumar Rana,Coordinaating Member received Rs.60,000/- and Ms. Jayanti Giri, member of the Committee received an amount of Rs.42,000/- for coordinating the project activities. No traveling allowance to any Executive members Remuneration of highest full time paid three staff members (Per month) Rs.25200/-(MO) 2. Rs.15000 /- (Technical Specialist ) 3. Rs.12000/- (Block coordinator.) Remuneration of lowest full time paid staff member (Per month) Rs.2000/-(Teacher) Staff details (as on 3st March 2013) Gender Full time paid Female Male Total 10 51 61 Part time paid Contractual paid 4 4 8 Total 1 4 5 15 59 74 Distribution of Staff according to salary level (as on 31.03.2013) Gross Salary <5000 5000-10000 10000-25000 Female male Total 13 7 20 1 35 36 15 1 16 2 2 45 74 25000-50000 50000-100000 100000> Total 29 ARM Executive Committee & staff members are not availed any air travel facilities to any places in India & abroad. Donor Agencies of ARM International agencies: Action Children Aid, Denmark MISEREOR,Germany Blue door Foundation,UK GlobeMed,USA Global Giving Foundation,USA Japan Consulate,Kolkata Indian Donor / Govt. Agencies NABARD National Rural Health Mission, Govt. of Odisha Give India,Mumbai Childline India Foundation,Mumbai Department of Agriculture,Govt. of Odisha IRRI,New Delhi 20
  21. 21. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 21
  22. 22. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 22
  23. 23. ARM Annual Report 2012-13 23
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