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ARM Annual activities Progress report

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Arm annual report 2010

  1. 1. K ¢ 2 [K A h , «->'»*»**“fl ‘ax r ‘I “ ‘ / go‘ _: § lfl E: I3*>‘%}%‘ 2‘kE‘(! :l’ ‘ IE7 133] T’. /,5», xa ‘ , *$w ll — , (53 ’ I; v¢PORT L J 7 '1 n » '— A . , §l‘: ’: "—: ~ » ~ ; :’«"'/ /// I A.1ter: _‘n2;t1Ve%. .f3’ % . _ . 5 Rural 3/ 5 E ” Movement t 1 ‘ r/ I -I. '_ ‘ ‘ , I».
  2. 2. is " _‘~;7jr«: ['»“ MAN DATES To facilitate empowerment, solidarity and leadership capacities of backward rural women and the under privileged social sections. To sensitize, act and promote basic educa- tion, rural health, eco environment and quality of living in the problem villages. To restore and strengthen the advocacy of human and child rights activities of vul- nerable social categories concentrating on women and girls rights for preventing social discrimination and oppression. To garner economic empowerment and rural self employment of socially handi- capped sections through credit and savings, eco friendly sustainable agricul- ture, micro enterprises and establishment of a value chain based marketing network. To conduct information networking, need based research, documentation and create a data base on all aspects of a prospective rural socio economy. Sumati Raj Chairperson CHAlRPERSON’S MESSAGE ii I am glad to know that / RM‘s Annual report 20(iJ9-l(iJ is going to be released soon. Annual reports always carry activities and Achievements that inspire Others to march ahead . An array of projects & programmes have been com- pleted by ARM stalT& volunteers during the past months. focused mainly on the women. children and vulnerable communities in the areas ofrural empow- erment encouraging extensive gender participation in the socio-economic process. more particularly in the primary sector of rural economy i. e agriculture . lt is amazing to learn that / Rl. -‘l is doing a finejoh in improving the food security, health and hygiene as well as live hood of backward rural women as rellected in the pages ol‘ their annual report I congratulate such pioneering ellorts ol‘ A RM in documenting the excellent activities and achieve- ment of the reporting year which would be ol‘ immense inspiration for adjacent community to emulate and advance May this organi7.ation soar into new rights of rural leadership year by year With best wishes Sumati Raj
  3. 3. Dear friends It is incredibly satisfying that an eventful] year of 2009-10 due to sustained efforts and cooperation of the staff and community. Our results have been overwhelming, due to an inclusive and participatory approach. Emphasis is being given an improving primary health care in the remote areas , addressing the women and children related issues, economic self employment and remu- nerative agriculture to address the food secu- rity problem in the previous year ARM has received full cooperation from dis- trict administrator, health dept. NABARD, block authority and the local public in smooth conduct of its programmes & activities . Thanks are due to our esteemed partners abroad including Action Children Aid & MISEREOR who have supported our cause for last several years. We are sure to transform our work and people by way of constant endeavours ahead . Rajendra Kumar Rana . V.. a., . . ~_ _ » lllIl21'll. LRi§. l{7J.3.l.3li9; i2:lJ); tll9i; =»fl: - Own primary health center (PHC) at paschimbard - On campus Model school project on joyful primaiy education - Children Resource Developt (‘enter on quality primaiy education ' (, 'ontinuation of health extension service project - Vocational training programs for risk girls - Extensive women tailoring training under give lndia assistance. leaching material assistance to poor hael<ward children Only partner ol'Glohel/ led at l"SL. ',LlSx‘ lndicorp assistance for improvement ol‘ lield exten- sion through -‘olunteering. l'odal N(_i(_) in Balalorc for profiling ol‘ Ultrasound Clinic lodal N(jO for implementation (: )l‘ll. “BfRl) project on yield augmentation.
  4. 4. b v—. _ 0.l. '%J'Jlli. ';1‘. ‘'l’/ 'l7.’' _: ljflflytz L A Salli“. ll: i:*; .1". l.. I.;'~. i13%-€iil’i'533 PANCHARUKHI v- T‘ We have formed a women group to promote saving and self employment among poor village women. ARM has shown us the way to unity and self dependence . We are progressing to get stronger day by day. Manjulata Giri Secy. Sri Jagannath SHG Parulia Sunita Behera(I9 yrs. Vi1l: Parulia My family of five was in deep trouble after the demise of my husband at an early l T ~ - -A . stage. The training & financial assistance could fetch me livelihood for which I saved my children & in-laws from severe poverty. Parbati sahu 5 K . Basudevpur The drudgery of field work was very painful to me as I was working to eam liveli- hood for my mother & 3 brothers. The handicrafil Embroidery work training of ARM has given me a good income at door step in a drudgery free condition . Sunita Behera Parulia
  5. 5. Vocations practised by rural women r“ Tailoring (43%) ; Embroidery (13%) Leafplate making (13%) L; Nursery raising[13%} Bamboo Craft (18%) | Ell'll%"? ‘“ME‘Hl"l»| §‘l‘l‘ Protecting the right interests of backward rural women and children is inherent to ARM’s vision & mission several projects, programmes and follow up activities have been undertaken continually to address the issue of women, children as well as socially oppressed divorcees and destitute . Backup and liaisoning with WSI-IGs (No)-275 Deposit mobilization by WSHG member Rs. I , 1 3, 54,860 Loans linkages made: Rs.2,24,9S,000 Micro enterprise group 1053 For rural women self-employment Destitute women saved against gender violence: 426 Legal/ rights campaign conducted: I 0
  6. 6. ‘lye COMMUNITY EHEXLTH CARE Rural health is in shambles and the case of women and children health is precarious in the remote rural villages. ARM has strived all the way to increased health access in its operational villages and establish health equity in the social setup still dominated by person as well as inlluentials Our primary health center at Pascliimbard and other health extension activities are a continues process in this regard Support for the PHC: NRHM, Govt. of Orissa No of patients treated:235 1 0 Institutional delivery made: 1 72 Referral to Nearest G. K. Votor Hospital . lls. :252 Health camps organized:8 My condition was critical when I arrived at Paschimbad PHC. The uterus was dry and difficulty in my ddlverlng the 1" Issue. The PI-IC Doctor and staff immediately attended my problem and extended all possible support for which I 8: my child were saved from death. Sitarani Gaan Dev kumar Immunization camps organized:4 1 6 Other health extension activities conducted: Health awareness rally: l(l028 students) RCH Mela-1 (558 patients) Focus Group discussion—l0(94l participants) Major beneficiaries: women. children, adolescent girls and senior citizen . -A ‘ “Our area is an off from the mainland and communication Is not so good. The Hospital was defunct under the Govt. since many years. Thanks to ARM organization who who has taken strong Initiative to revive the hospital giving round the dock treatment and caring to the people. Infact, PHC has become the life fine of Paschimbad / Baiganbadia Panchayats. Sectoral health coverage byARM l .1 PHC M"‘5”k”ma'Mi5h'a I was upset with the delivery RKS Member . . dIfficul'ty. lmmedIately my hlaws IOPDtreat. ment ‘ took me to PHC, PaschImbad. They M8?‘-l _ said 3 to be prolap problem. By -'”5‘_"“"°"°' delivery (15%) expert service of the physician and DAYUSH co, ,E, .aee ANM, the delivery was conpleted (1099) safely. IReferralservices (12%) _ Tuku Dalal l: IPatho| ogii: a|test Deukumar l1°%l I Health Extension (5%)
  7. 7. MODEL SCHOOL EDUCATION No of classes: Class Ito Class V No of children: 150 Support: ACA, Denmark Objective: to prevent school drop out through Joyful primary education Activities: joyful class instructor, art, crafi, song & dance. Extracurricular sports and cultural Activities SCHOOL CHILD RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CENTER Project: SCRDC on child resource development Objective: Empowerment of school children through edu- cational assistance, Extracurricular activities and teachers training Support: ACA, Denmark Target Children: children, from 30 Govt. primary schools. Extracurricular -Art-20,crafi- I 0,Song-20,Dance- 30-Music-10 -advocacy on compulsory primary education Extension programmes: -Health check up camp: 10(l840 patients) -Block level cultural competition: 219 participants -Student leadership development training: 120 partici- pants —Science Exhibition: 392 participants -Annual Games & sports competition: 195 competitors -Advocacy Seminar: 60 participants -Community sensitization: 58! Educational material support of Give India, Mumbai to 39 SC/ ST poor children from l I Primary & Nodal schools( School Bag 1, Unifonn 2 set & teaching Materials ) ii . i-. ;{ ‘ AnnualR PRIMARY EDUCATION 100 % literacy is still a dream in rural Orissa. Primary education scenario is darker still. Poverty lake of parental guidance. Unpalatable course our- riculum in the school and unclevoted teacher add to the educational backwardness resulting in large scale wastage, stagnation and primary school dropout Action children aid Denmark has been our funding partner supporting the children education _. empow- erment and girl child reevaluation for last thirteen year. The components ol‘chi| dren’s issues being covered by ARM includes Joyful primary education AVM model school Teachers training on improved instruction Parental awareness camps and campaigns Seminar/ workshop on child rights Children distribution in AVM Model school Class I Class II Class Class Classv III IV
  8. 8. VILLAGE IKARPAL SAVED FROM FLOOD Annual Report: 2009‘10 DUE TO SAND EMBANKMENT The case of one Ikarpal village was precarious due to its river in location and every year flood disaster . More than 1800 population of the village were set to migrate away in fear of ling lives when ARM identified it for inclusion urder CASA flood rehabflitafion programme. The on site survey by project volunteers and ARM staff found that there was no earth available for making a ring embankment . The entire area was covered with deep layers of river sand. The experts planned to erect a sand barricade around the village towards flood security The cooperation of the people, food support from CASA and supervifion of ARM have resulted in the construction of a 2 KM strong ring embankment of 12 ft. width and 8 ft. height. RURAL LIVELIHOOD Agricultural is the main stay of our rural people which provide livelihood to more than 70% of population, . Ann is always with it's target groups in promoting there livelihood through improvement in agriculture and allied activities. The entire embankment is made of sand in such a fashion that it wil face the flood boldly. The people with their all effort have tuf plastered the embankment site and the base zone ‘s reinforced with Ipomoea plants for protecting the sand mass. Crop cultivation training, vocational courses, microenterprises have been presold for this purpose among the target women communities through SHG structure . CASA Kollkata , GIVE INDIA, Mumbai, & NABARD Balasore have come forward to assets in this regard Programme T Nutrition garden th rou gh 50 SHGs The results are overwhelming in that the people have taken up confident farming of HYD Paddy, vegeable and planning to take up one important cash crop in the coming winter season. All the credit goes to the esteemed CASA, the project effort of constructing a ring embankment and strategic Intervention of ARM to convert the problem into an opportunity. 4 months Tailoring 4 batch (40 women) training from Give India FFCD ‘O00 SI-| PPlV a93i|1St 67076 person days ; "'a'l‘""°“: "“"'° created (Rice 335380 eve op men Kgs. Distributed) Seed martial support from 215 Beneficiaries CASA, KoIkata [5626 Kgs. & Bio fertilizer: 1125 Kgs. ) HW seeds 8: Fertllzer 2 Beneficiaries support from Give India [136 Kg Paddy seeds & 500 Kg Fertilizer] Livelihood support programmes I FFCD Programme 13 Diaster reh abi lilation B! W0 rnen Micro Enterprises I Agrovocatio ns
  9. 9. ULTRASOUND PROFILING ARM had taken one study on the PNDT status of Balasore distrid sporsored by the State Health Department of Orissa. About 16 Ultrasound Clinics induding Hospitals & Govt. centres were surveyed in a specific format. The study was include clinic records, tramparency, liaisoning with health department and found those to fulfill the necssary except a few one. VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY A new attempt has been taken to invite expert volunteers for field work at ARM ‘:1 the coming days. Esteemed Indicorps, india has approved to send two volunhers to ARM for 1 year. .There is a good opportunity for ARM to upgrade its functioning. HEALTH EQUITY He, who has hea| th, has hope. He who has hope & has every thing. Such is the mission with which a new and valuable partnership has been initiated with the all students organization of GlobeMed at Florida State University in the USA. They have taken up many programmes for fund raising and supporting our health extension programmes at Paschimbad PHC. It is the beginning of a new horizon in essential rural health care. Annual Report, 2009-10 NEW INTEREST AREA Some of the focused area perused this year in line with the existing activities of ARM organization are as follows that have enhanced our expertise experience and expose into newer activities Efforts are underway to focus on the primary sector of rural economy by innovative agro intervention. The National Bank for Agriculture & Rural development (NABARD) has collaborated with us for a pilot project on “Augmenting Productivity of Lead Crops" in Balasore disl: rict. The aim of the project is to popularize sustainable agriculture practices of lead crops to reach at the state & national yoiold level The campaign is a concept of Give India, Mumbai that wm celebrated from 27"‘ September to 3"‘ October 2009 by ARM in Baliapal block. Senior citizens of the area, PRI membas, ans ARM staff/ volunteers went round the villags/ markets of Baliapd collecting funds for pressing social issus. A|I cooperation was available from the public and the collections to the tune of Rs.19690/-in a week that was used for patients medicines, educationa| aid to Primary school children & support for the Physically Ch allenged.
  10. 10. llli| SEP. l£{i Illlli NIUSWERK (; 3RAl, H5-4;, 23>’ 9. '2 1 Vans} Giiemna sis 313:? ! m duty: live. each NABARD GlobeMed imlicoips During these years, ARM is indebted to many partners/ agencies without whose supports and cooperation, our progress would not have been so well. Their assistance guidance and affectionate partnership have brought us this far, . we hope it will florish further. SI. Organization Support No ACA, Denmark Children education and empowerment MlSEROR, Germany Gender health and extension activates NRHM, Govt. of Primary Health Care Orissa GIVEIN DIA Vocational trainirg , education materials & livelihood support I CASA, Kolkata livelihood / Food security NABARD, Ro- women empowerment & Sustainable agriculture Orissa G LO BE Florida, USA MED, Health equity & rural prosperity Indicorp, Ahmedabad Volunteer Support
  11. 11. BALANCE SHEET AS ON 31ST MARCH 2010 LIABILITIES AMOUNT ASSETS AMOUNT (R1) (R11 — — As per last Balancesheet 173543587 Add: Excess of Income over 4,530.60 1,739,565tt37 1,651,335.60 Expenditure T TEMPORARY RESSTRICTED F UND FD with Bank 106,000.00 LNSPENT GRANTIAS per schedule 612,475.69 ll OJRPUS FUND 131,123.00 LOANS & ADVANCES (As per schedule-ll) INTEREST FREE HAND LOAN 145,000.00 As per last Balancesheet - OJRRENT UAIBILITIES 686353.96 -11 Audit fees 8: Service tax 23,163.00 ‘- The above Balance Sheet, to the best of my/ our belief contains a true account of the fund and liabilities and properties and assets of the Organisation as on 31.03.2010. As per our separate report of even date Coordinating Member CA. Sanjeeb. K. Mohanty Proprietor. 10
  12. 12. Annual Report, 2009-10 INCOME AND EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT FOR THE PERIOD FROM 01.04.2009 TO 31.03.2010 EXPENDITURE AMOUNT AMOUNT R5. R5. _ To School Child Resource Development 398338.00 By By Grant-in- aid 27315988 3 I Centre (SCRDC) / ACA (As per Schedule-I) - To Model education against Primary School 790647.00 By Bank interest 24298.00 I-_- To Mainstreaming ofGir| s at Risk (MGR) / ACA 331307.00 By Donation & S7507.(X) I—-I- To Mainstreaming ofGirIs at Risk (MGR) 62781.00 By Service charges from 5100.00 I-I- To Primary school chi| d,tai| oring training 7629.22 By Income from IGP 301994.(X) I-I- (CDMO, Ba| asore) Give indie Non FC Project 64716-61 [—- Public Health Centre 589760.00 _— ——_ _— J—_ __ _- Excessoflnwme over Expenditure 453000 ——_ The above Income and expenditure Account, , to the best of my/ our belief contains a true account of all the income and expenditure of the Organisation for the period from 01.04. 2009 to 31.03.2010 As per our separate report of even date. Coordinating Member CA. Sanjeeb. K. Mohanty Proprietor. ll
  13. 13. Annual Report, 2009-10 CONSOLIDATED RECEIPTS AND PAYMENT ACCOUNT FOR THE PERIOD FROM 01.04.2009 to 31.03.2010 The above Receipt and Payment Account, to the best of mylour belief contains a true account of the movement of cash of the Organisation for the Period from 01.04.2009 to 31 .03.2010. Rs III Development Opening Balance: Centre(SCRDC)/ ACA Primary School wastage & Stagnation(AVM)/ ACA 102927538 113676163 By MainstIeaming Girls at 331307.00 Cash-at-bank Risk (MG R)/ ACA By Support the education 62781.00 reprived of SC/ ST Primary scho oi chil d/ Tai ior ing training etc. / Give India Foreign 129746446 —- '"“‘e*i"°"‘ 1°-0°“-'°-0° 23-"isms 2 Z—_: To Banklnterest 21334.00 CRM wsit Project _ 589760.00 . Fofeign KOlk3t3 _ — Indigenous 3368-00 25202-00 j Admi nistrative Expen ses 281454.00 To Grant-in-aid for Corpus 500.00 Loan to PHC. RKS Fund 5000-00 Donation & Contribution 78557.00 Audit Fees 2234300 Empty Container Fu nd- 29997.00 CASA Servicecharges from 51oo, oo N Repayment of HandLoan 187000.00 527299.00 SHGs Fix Diposit-Corpus Fund ‘ 106000.00 301994.00 income From IGP Activity Staff Advance ‘ 40000.00 ProgrammeAdvance - 5100000 To GKSOrientation(CDMO $000.00 By Closineflelance Balasore) — To Refundofsecuritvfleposit 1oso0o. oo Cash at Bank 656993.21 686953.96 401464339 As per our separate report of even date Coor-dinating Member CA. S. K.Mohanty Proprietor 12
  14. 14. Annual Report, 2009-10 IDENTITY - Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM) is a Non Govemment Development Organization registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 (Registration. No. BLS-2723-681 dated 16.12.1989) www. annngo. com - ARM is Registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 for any foreign donations and grants (Registration No. 104820036 dated 17.06.1992) - ARM is registered uls 12 Aof the Income Tax Act, 1961 (Registration No. Jud| I37/12AI96-97/17041 dated 04.10.1996) - ARM's Registration CertificateslMemorandum & Byelaws are available to any body on request - ARM has been functioning its activities since 1989. - MoA & Byelaw of the organization are available on request Name and address of the bankers UCO BANK, ATIPO: Baliapal, Dist: Balasore, State: Orissa, INDIA, Pin Code 756026 (FCRA account as well as Indian transaction) Name and address of Auditors Sanjeeb Kumar & Associates, Chartered Accountants, 475, ESEN DEN, Aiginia, Asiana Plaza entry, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, Ph.06742472770/771/772 (Fax) Email: sanjeeb@sanchamet. in VISION To find out an alternative strategy of rural social intervention and facilitate the NGO movement in the state of Orissa. MISSION Establishment of an equitable social order through motivation facilitation and self activity among back- ward rural communities with emphasis on women and children in the sphere of health, education, human rights, economy and rural leadership H‘ Area of Com p ete ncy Age Gender Position on Occupation Executive Committee Chairperson Meetings attend ed Ms. Sumati Raj Social Work Group 4/4 Management Vice Former High Academics 4/4 Chairperson School Headmaster Social Work «I5 J> Mr. Rajendra Prad han Mr. Rajendra Kumar S3 Organisation ordinatinag Management Member Tr easu rer Te ac her Tribal Social Wo rk Development Secretary Miss Binata Rana Ms. Jayanti Giri Teach ership Accounts/ Project Management 4/4 4/4 Mrs. Jayanti Soren Housewife Mrs. Sumati Range 43 Tribal welfare 3/4 Member Housewife SHG 4/4 organisation 3 39 3 n ?
  15. 15. Annual Report, 2009-10 . “ ' l. '5". I‘t-lTC. I'~E .7-iEJ: ‘*? i:lP; Ll‘ 2l3:ll§: Ii5C3-‘ill ARM's Executive Committee met 4 times in the fiscal year 2009-2010 (Dated 20.04. 2009 , 01.08.2009 , 02.12.2009 & 30.03.2010 Minutes of the Executive Committee are documented and circulated to all members. Accountability & transparency No remuneration, sitting fees has been paid to Executive Committee members only Ms. Jayanti Giri, member of the Committee received an amount of Rs.9000I- for coordinating the project activities. No traveling allowance to any Executive members Remuneration of highest full time paid three staff members (Per month) 1. Rs.12000/-(MO) 2. Rs.5400 I- (ANM) 3. Rs.5000/- (P. O.) Remuneration of lowest full time paid staff member (Per month) Rs.1500/-(Teacher) Staff details (as on 3st March 2010) paid Full time paid Part time paid Contractual Winn‘- ml- _ <5ooo 5000-10000 In 10000-25000 — ——— ——‘ 100000> ——‘ Total cost of National & International travel by staff during (2009-2010) Nil ARM Executive Committee 8. staff members are not availed any air travel facilities to any places in India & abroad The Chief Functionery of ARM is not taking any salary or other benefits from the organisation Donor Agencies of ARM International agencies: Action Children Aid, Denmark Indian Donorl Govt. Agencies Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA). Kolkata National Rural Health Mlsslon, Govt. of Orissa Give | ndia, Mumbai NYK, Ba| asore
  16. 16. A‘ , €"_'‘é. ~_ . ' 0' V - I ' I P‘/ ‘=. lt“§i‘I~iillel= .iii§l gtotiaim l: =lTll'EI§i'. t’L= }fii‘IIL= )ilE tamffl lt. .°ivz; ::i'li‘ii: aé:2.xf-fl : iir«. :i‘nw[il@: t-I Join hands with us 1 Counsel our volunteers 4 Participate in village development " Assist in rural health mission Build capacities of fellow men/ women “ Prepare yourself against disaster ‘ in ’ Promote low cost sustainable agriculture ' Stop child abuse and gender violence l . .’': /.V I ” 9 I -__’ _ » / * lE<_, tiultl 1;-I1’-L-W - 4 -. W:iu. I:I. |1' z:1tij: t: ' ’$3iIm‘_: a1l. @E_= ~ ’fE&‘fiJfl’§ 4 ta. fits 4:C9I_L= v§1tz; @C1§r2}iLTt. tiriitsit‘. -L -#= ®I’_I‘», ‘.r_I‘r: “.fi)iLt-”: ‘.~*‘t. ‘:J‘(sii) Q: -T. -art! 2;: éffiil stn§). ?.Is~s<t§r§; gtr. -:esti. t<‘sii)1'o "; 're1§§t_i3e 9 ituiyaltseterqvaiiriatgtiasexta