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Road Beacon System (RBS) project presentation

  1. RBS Road Beacon System The new global road sign paradigm presentation to industry and investors 2011 1
  2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. RBS: a revolutionary concept 3. Project history and current status 4. The Technology 5. The Market 6. The Challenge 7. The Opportunity 2
  3. 1. Introduction Who we are 3
  4. 1. Introduction • Armengol Torres Intelligent Signage for an Inventor, entrepreneur, concept developer. increasingly complex environment… • Road Beacon System [RBS] Is an entrepreneurs project in development phase, looking for the support of industry and investment. 4
  5. 1. Introduction • Based in Barcelona, SPAIN, founded a startup company developing AmI oriented solutions • Applications oriented to road safety, indoor positioning (RTLS), work safety, early forest fire alerts, blinds guiding,… • Won local, regional, an Spanish public funding and recognition for its projects 5
  6. 1. Introduction Some featured projects: • Firemen of Barcelona: Positioning and guiding system for underground fire supporting services - All control from outside safe vehicle - Knowing were is everyone and how well - Individual air bottle monitoring - Dead-man alert - Get out alerts - Gas leakage detection - Local temperatures plotting - Every thing audited. Twin backup 6
  7. 1. Introduction Some featured projects: • High risk industry: Positioning and alert system for high risk workers in hostile environments - All control from surveillance site - Knowing were is everyone and how well - Panic button - Dead-man alert - Every thing audited. Backup 7
  8. 2. RBS: a revolutionary concept Why RBS is the best choice for deploying the onboard road sign paradigm 8
  9. Road Signs history 120 BC: All roads led to Rome Mile stones were used on a regular distance from each other. On the poles was indicated how far one was from Rome. After the collapse of the Roman Empire this system was maintained, the poles were decorated and contained more and more information. Fe. how much had to paid to use road, how far it was to the next city, etc.. 1908 and then: Colors, shapes, images and text Organizations for tourism were active in road sign placement proposing direction signs, but also warning signs. At the first International Road Congress (1908, Paris) several countries showed proposals as to how the traveler could be guided and warned. It became clear there and then that it would become of utmost importance to come to a common system. Many national and international congresses on this subject followed and gradually a consequent European system of direction signs, warning signs do- and -don't- signs were agreed upon. First the discussion was about clarity of shape and meaning, later about reflectivity and pure form. 9
  10. Road Signs history 1868: The traffic light On December 10, 1868, the first traffic lights were installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London. They resembled railway signals of the time, with semaphore arms and red and green gas lamps for night use. The modern electric traffic light is an American invention. As early as 1912, Salt Lake City policeman Lester Wire set up the first red-green electric traffic lights. The first three-color traffic lights were introduced in New York and Detroit in 1920. The first interconnected traffic signal system could be seen in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1917, with six connected intersections controlled simultaneously from a manual switch. Automatic control of interconnected traffic lights was introduced March 1922 in Houston, Texas. The first Automatic experimental traffic lights in England were deployed in Wolverhampton in 1927. 10
  11. Road Signs are history 20th Century: Road signs have reached their limits - So many to recognise and to remember - Many to see at the same time - Or even not enough time to get one - Others can be confusing... 11
  12. Road Signs are history 20th Century: Road signs have reached their limits - Completely useless if they can not be seen by snow, ice, trees, rain, fog, glare... 12
  13. Road Signs are history 20th Century: Road signs have reached their limits - Also useless when some like to get them for other uses... 13
  14. Road Signs are history 20th Century: Road signs have reached their limits - Globalization demands also an update on road signs - Can we read it all ? 14
  15. Road Signs are history 20th Century: Human error and risk-taking the main causes of road traffic accidents  94% of accidents caused by drivers distraction, high speed, or driver inexperience  1.2 Million people die every year (+50M inj.) by this cause  Can reach a cost of 2% of GNP  Black spots concentrate about 50% of accidents  Being well alerted is a key issue in preventing road traffic accidents 15
  16. Road Signs new history 21st Century: the Road Beacon System changes paradigm - New road sign paradigm based on use of wireless roadbeacons buried on the road and OBU - Improving effectiveness of current traffic signs - Simple, intelligent, affordable, rugged - Invisible, vandal proof, harmless signs - A future broad of road, fleets, and pedestrian applications - An alternative non satellite based positioning system 16
  17. RBS Approach Every territory has so much to tell, besides its coordinates Signaling Messages that only have meaning for a specific user, on a particular site, and for that precise moment ! Personal Messages that can alert with sounds, voice, and vibrations on the best possible environment: inside HMI your car Opportune alerts and related information Universal Common and global regulations for all readers, applications, users, cultures, and languages 17
  18. RBS Approach • A means of alerting risk prompting for the appropriate reactions • A means for precise geo-positioning • Universal use for vehicles, cycles and pedestrians • Opportune notices in time and context, always in the language of the user • Featuring: – Transitory and fixed warnings (complementing standard road signs, black spots) – Positioning (topographical signalling, geonavigation, tourism, services…) – Identification, Auditing, Traceability (vehicle black box) – Never need digital maps updating! 18
  19. RBS Approach • Fixed (roadside), mobile (vehicle), and portable (pedestrian) use modalities • Reliable in every area, open ceiling or not (unlike GPS) • Not dependability on onboard digital maps, neither GNSS • On board reader attractive for being financed by other interested parties (insurance companies, etc.) • Quite low per sign cost, very much less expensive than traditional signs (deployment and maintenance) • Based on reliable and proven technologies well known in road equipment • System open for supporting new added value services 19
  20. RBS basic configuration The vehicle with Traffic Sign ID onboard RBS reader x,y,z coordinates Other road info The road with buried wireless road beacons 20
  21. RBS application example 21
  22. Co-pilot specific information On HUD main road traffic and personalized warning signs On Board Sign filtering by choice, by driver or On HUD secondary traffic signs by vehicle profiles Actual speed measuring and alert Navigation with no satellite disadvantages'... Voice alert messages Black-box: Optional vibrating alerts on recording latest steering wheel and gas pedal signs gathered, cockpit sounds, speed, posit Personalized messages ion, alert for this user and for this beacons, etc. vehicle (SmartCard) 22
  23. RBS urban scenario All roads led to Rome, around 120 BC Mile On board readers Public transport specific Personal e-Safety, Traffic signalling readers signs, Navigation and Navigation and Information Positioning for pedestrians & the handicapped 23
  24. GPS vs RBS GPS RBS instead… Centralized system Decentralized system One government has the (military) control Owner of the road is owner of its e-signs Malfunction or terrorist attack could leave No malfunction nor attack could interrupt global or many areas in black-out the whole neither main service Limited use in high density, covered areas Highly efficient and precise in urban (urban, in buildings) environments Does not operate in closed environments Ideal in closed environments 24
  25. GPS vs RBS GPS RBS instead… Only provides time and position Provides direct information (the sign) and information also its position Always requires digital mapping and No digital mapping or updating required for updating, or references to databases basic and timely information Expensive to implement and to maintain. Inexpensive to implement and for the user Expensive and difficult to update for the final user A system looking at the sky… A system with the feet on the ground… 25
  26. RBS main returns Returns in Traffic Safety Returns in Public health & insurance  Expected mortality and main accidents reduction of at  Savings in emergency and hospital least 15% services, ICU, surgery, prosthesis, critical care  Speed limits reduction rehabilitation,...  Better black spots protection  Savings in labor and production losses, less  Better law enforcement injured  Better citizen driving mind, education and posture  Cheaper insurances, less indemnification costs  Pay as You Drive models Traffic accidents cost is about 14.5 billion €/year in Spain (2% GNP) - In Europe over 42.000 die/year, and 3.5 million are injured Returns in Life Quality Returns in Transport  Less wounded in traffic accidents  Better signaling at very low cost  New services oriented to local and foreign tourism  Better fleet management and control  New help and assisting services  Alternative road charging system  Lesser environment impact  New traffic management applications  Privacy respected  New emerging industry & services 26
  27. A future environment without traditional (ancient) road signs around... „Virtual signs only shown when appropriate and only to whom they are addressed…‟ 27
  28. 3. Project history and current status From the initial idea to undergoing tests and developments 28
  29. RBS Origin RoadBeacon was inspired from adapting security & safety concepts from the air navigation industry These concepts implemented towards a safer road traffic, for personal navigation and positioning applications Using RFID technologies buried in the ground, diversity and range of its applications become nearly endless The Road Beacon concept was born… 29
  30. 3. Project history and current status 1. Concept validation 2. Patent filling. Patent granted 3. Startup foundation 4. First prototypes and road tests 5. National and EU R&D proposals 6. First application proposals 30
  31. 3. Project history and current status “ROBITS” Proposal: EU 6th FP - "Information Society Technologies” e-Safety – Co-operative Systems for Road Transport - (ADAS) • Telvent Tráfico y Transporte • Robotiker • Road Beacon • Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia • Alcatel Space • TagMaster • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der angewandten Forschung • Warsaw University of Technology • University of Rome, La Sapienza 32
  32. 3. Project history and current status “CABINTEC” Project Supported by the Spanish Ministry for Innovation and Science as a PSE (Strategic and Singular Project) • Universidad de Alcalá; Universidad Rey Juan Carlos; TECNUN • Universidad de Valencia; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - INSIA • Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas de Gipuzkoa (CEIT) • Investigación en Seguridad y Factures Humanos ESM • CTAG ; Applus+ IDIADA ; ALSA • Lear Corporation Holding Spain (EEDS) • LANDER Simulation & Training Solutions • SIGNALETICS • BIDEGI; SERNAUTO • Fundación Instituto Tecnológico para la Seguridad del Automóvil (FITSA) 33
  33. “CABINTEC” Project
  34. “CABINTEC” (RBS Subproject)
  35. “CABINTEC” (RBS Subproject)
  36. “CABINTEC” (RBS Subproject) Idiada: High speed test tracks
  37. 4. The Technology Wireless based road signing 38
  38. 4. The Technology • The roadbeacons: high speed RFID tags • The OBU: RFID reader and antenna • The HUD: best with • The application: customised • The ASIC: the key 39
  39. 4. The Technology On Board Unit (OBU) “Powered by RBS” Supporting equipment “RBS certified” RBS core ASIC Roadbeacons “RBS inside” 40
  40. 5. The Market Some application examples Some actual proposals 41
  41. The RBS market Tourism e-Safety: Multilingual information related with Black-spots warning, speed control, law the exact situation, personal enforcement, areas under repair, “black- navigation, interactive advertising,... box”, pedestrian and cyclist protection,… Value added services on the road and urban areas Social applications and the Fleet management and control, road Environment charging, topographic information, e- milestones and reference points, traffic Specific reference and information points for regulation, intelligent parking, vehicle children, the elderly, blind people guiding. Natural identification,… resources identification, weather alerts, visual impact reduction,... 42
  42. Value chain proposition for RBS applications & services
  43. RBS business model A major long term business On Board Unit (OBU) OEM and aftermarket A basic public free service (e-signs) as Costumer: Auto components manufacturers killer application Main customers are public Final user value added services administrations Costumer: Integrators and service providers contracts’ and car components manufacturers Road beacons “seeding” on main roads Costumer: Public works administrations' Road beacons “seeding” on municipal streets and sidewalks Costumers: Bus service, Captive fleets, Pedestrians, Tourists, Handicapped
  44. RBS business model: 3 branches value chain RFID personal readers Integrators Service providers, Pedestrian manufacturers Telcos Consumer Core Auto components Car Vehicle driver technology (OEM) manufacturers Consumer RFID chips Traffic & sign Public manufacturers providers Administrations
  45. RBS business model: 3 branches value chain Long term, traffic sign RBS core Short term, niche applications technology applications Branch 3 Branch 1 Branch 2 RFID chips and RFID chips Auto components personal readers manufacturers (OEM) manufacturers Integrators and Service providers Traffic & sign Car providers manufacturers Telcos Public Vehicle driver Pedestrian Administrations Consumer Consumer Huge and Heterogeneous and homogeneous market fragmented market
  46. Long term, traffic sign applications RBS business model: 1 of 3 branches value chain example RBS core RBS core ASIC technology manufacturing Buy core road beacon ASICs (including license use) RFID chips manufacturers RBS road beacons manufacturing Buy ready to use road beacons Traffic & sign providers road beacons deployment and maintenance Contract road beacons deployment For Traffic Public For Pedestrians For Military and Security Administrations
  47. Long term, traffic sign applications RBS business model: 2 of 3 branches value chain example RBS core RBS core ASIC technology manufacturing Buy core OBU ASICs (including license use) Auto components (OEM) RBS on board unit (OBU) manufacturing Buy on board units Car manufacturers Tech support and certification pre-installed RBS vehicles Service providers Buy car or aftermarket OBU For personal cars For corporate vehicles Vehicle driver For public and private Consumer Fleets
  48. Short term, niche applications RBS business model: 3 of 3 branches value chain example RBS core RBS core ASIC technology manufacturing Buy core RBS ASICs (including license use) RFID personal readers manufacturers RFID ready mobile Buy std readers phones, PDAs, Develop apps and services MP3 Integrators RBS niche readers, software, new applications GPRS, WiFi r-Signs, r-Positioning Service providers, r- Guiding, r- Telcos Buy RFID ready readers Emergency Contract road beacons deployment r-Services… Buy communication traffic Buy third party apps and services Pedestrians Indoor signage users Intelligent buildings Pedestrian Blind persons, Tourists Consumer Municipal assets management
  49. 5. The Market • Some actual RBS proposals: • Metropolitan bus fleet control 1.500 buses, 4 main bus garages Objectives: - Fleet control on garages - Road safety - Incident auditing 50
  50. 5. The Market • Some actual RBS proposals: • Complement of Metro safety alert system 2 trains, 2 black spots, 12 rbeacons, 10 sensors Objectives: - Improving safety and signaling on black spots - Incident auditing 51
  51. 5. The Market • Some actual RBS proposals: • Metropolitan motorway 4 highways, 40 Km, 4 toll stations, … Objectives: - Emergency and Service fleet control - Road safety 52
  52. 5. The Market • Some actual RBS proposals: • Caribbean highway + truck fleet 100 Km main highway (350 rbeacons) 1.000 trucks (1.000 OBUs) Objectives: - Auditing fleet using reference points - Improving road safety 53
  53. 5. The Market • Some actual RBS proposals: • Metropolitan bus service control system 6.500 buses, 10.000 bus stops, 60.000 furniture, 2.000.000 eur/year maintenance expenses… Objectives: - To reduce 10-20% maintenance expense - Fleet and inventory control - Furniture surveillance, vandalism alert - Incident control with bus stops and buses - Road safety 54
  54. 5. The Market • Some actual RBS proposals: • Spanish touristic city Pilot blind guiding system Objectives: - Blind people indoor & outdoor guiding and alerting - Tourist oriented applications - Pedestrian road safety 55
  55. 6. The Challenge Being first, being best 56
  56. 6. The Market 6. The Challenge • Pros • Cons • Potential market is huge: • Complex implementation • Global Traffic signs & Road Safety • Chicken & Egg application • Fleet management and control • Institutional support • Positioning, as a complement to GNSS • Main agreements between car manufacturers and other players • Based on robust, reliable, proven, and well • Company size known technologies • Being the first • No competence (patented app.) • Pilots, pilots, pilots • Very very low cost 57
  57. 6. The Challenge • Agreement examples • Leading high end car manufacturer • Leading RFID manufacturer • Integrators, other developers 58
  58. 6. The Challenge • Others are trying… • Siemens VDO Traffic Sign Recognition • DaimlerChrysler 59
  59. 7. The Opportunity For the first leading the market 60
  60. 7. The Opportunity • An ad hoc startup • EU brands and Patents • Website, online campaigns, etc. • The knowledge of knowing the what and how 61
  61. 7. The Opportunity • Leading ITS forum at XING • Active since 2005 • Active members: 620+ • Articles: 380+ • Discussion forums: 5 - ITS projects and ideas looking for partners & support - ITS Events - ITS News - ITS reference links - Old Events 62
  62. 7. The Opportunity • International Patent • Patents granted on – USA – Germany – UK – France – Spain – Italy – Ireland 63
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