Mastering the Social Networks: #Instagram


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A thorough and insightful guide to help you leverage maximum traction for your brand from Instagram. The guide also contains tips on how to best use the platform and case studies on how brands used Instagram to raise their engagement quotient.

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Mastering the Social Networks: #Instagram

  1. 1. Cracking the Social Code #Instagram
  2. 2. What is Instagram?
  3. 3. A formal introduction It is a fast, simple and fun way of sharing life moments with your friends via pictures Instagram is Mobile and has a highly engaging community It is all about taking people with you.
  4. 4. platforms Instagram is available on App Still in Beta Windows Phone 8 Awarded App of the year 2011 Apple iOS More than 500 Million Installs Android
  5. 5. Uncovering the truth with Numbers
  6. 6. the numbers are too big to register Since launch in October 2010, instagram has over 150 Million users At least 70% of this number logs in to check instagram everyday 13% of the entire internet population is on instagram Over 16 Billion photos have been shared on insatgram 35 Million selfies have been posted on instagram Over 1.2 billion likes are received across instagram daily Average user spends over 257 minutes on instagram every month More than 55 million pictures per day are shared on instagram You simply cannot afford to miss this Flight!
  7. 7. Instagram Data Matrices
  8. 8. photos are much more popular on Instagram than videos A photo on instagram receives an average of 37 interactions per 1,000 followers, while videos are behind with an average of 24 interactions per 1,000 followers.
  9. 9. while #NoFilter is the most popular filter it is not the most effective Filter usage versus effectiveness varies from the popular choices. Mayfair brings in on average 23.044 interactions with Normal at about 18.009 average interactions and Inkwell with 16.407 average interactions.
  10. 10. most popular day to post is Thursday, but Sunday is the most effective With Mobility a 24x7 phenomenon, there is no arguing you could post whenever you want on Instagram. However, studies show that a post is most effective when made on a Sunday as the audience has free time to actually check it.
  11. 11. best time to post videos is during off hours With the average number of interactions at 33.44, Instagram videos are best posted during off-hours (9pm-8am) gaining on average 33.44 interactions.
  12. 12. for every 33 likes, you get 1 comment on Instagram It’s easy to like a post on Instagram because it only takes a “double-tap” of a finger to do it; however, comments take a little extra work. Likes make up about 97% of the average interactions with comments taking a sliver of 3%. So value your commenters and interact with them well.
  13. 13. the perfect number of hashtags for best interaction is 11+ Large brands on Instagram with more than 1,000 followers receive on average 21.21 interactions per post. But, if you are a new user and lesser than 1,000 followers a post with 11 hashtags receives the highest average of 77.66 interactions.
  14. 14. what is the best URL to put on Instagram profile? When looking at an Instagram profile on a browser on your desktop you are able to click on the links provided in the profile taking you to whatever destination they link to. Make sure this link is to a relevant target website.
  15. 15. more the followers; more the interaction Interaction levels increase as followers increase and Instagram is an “efficient” social platform in that an increase in followers will be roughly correlated with a proportional increase in average interaction.
  16. 16. Best Practices while using Instagram
  17. 17. build a personality and not a brand Your Instagram Feed will reflect your personality and what you stand for. Make sure you do the following: • Your images have a personality and expression. • To have a theme around the pictures you upload which directly talk what the brand is about. • Use variety of colors and personalities in the image to not make everything monotonous.
  18. 18. use plenty of hashtags to start with Using plenty of Hashtags at least when you are a new profile will help you show up in the Hashtag search of users, thereby bringing you likes and followers from people you don’t know. Using apps likeTags for likes could be a great way to automate this.
  19. 19. tag the right people/ profiles Tagging the right profiles or people in your image helps you to: • Establish the credibility of the account. • Make sure that your profile appears in the tagged section of the person, thereby making your profile visible to those viewing the tagged person’s profile. • Helps you leverage a secondary account if you have it by tagging the same.
  20. 20. fill your profile completely and duly A Complete Instagram Profile will have the following Characteristics: • An appropriate profile picture. • A description or bio of the profile • A link or landing page which would be used if someone clicks on the web profile.
  21. 21. use witty captions There is no bigger turn on that intelligently used words. A good instagram profile will have images with captions well done, some of the ideas for the same are: • One word captions • Interesting quotes • A witty one liner • A question of sort • A statement describing the scene
  22. 22. use filters and other features Using Filters helps make your images look good. Not just filters, you could use tricks like borders, focus, rotate, sharpen image etc which would make your images more attractive than plain camera would.
  23. 23. cultivate a following by sharing Make sure you use the inbuilt share feature to publish your image across your social platforms. If you have a good engagement at one of these platforms, it would help you bring that audience on board your instagram profile and vice versa.
  24. 24. wow the audience with photography End of the day, Instagram is all about photography.You want to use moments that will delight everyone and be a pure sighter. Play with macros, long shots, depth of fields and other tricks of photography to come up with results that would simply make your audience say WOW!
  25. 25. Brands that Leveraged Instagram
  26. 26. adaption matrix of instagram per industry The Car, Fast Food, Soft Drink and Apparel industries are most represented on Instagram with a 100% adoption rate. The insurance industry is the least present on Instagram with only a 30% adoption rate.
  27. 27. most followed brands on instagram As Instagram might bring ads to the table soon, it is important for your brand to leverage as many followers as possible. In addition to entertainment and media properties, several fashion brands round out the top 10, including Victoria's Secret, Nike and Louboutin.
  28. 28. case study on brands using instagram: Tiffany’s True Love in Pictures Tiffany’s is centered all around True Love as a brand •They took this to a next level and depicted true love visually Several instagramers were sent to New York and Paris to document true love •Not just influencers, the users were asked to submitimages depicting true love. Thousands of pictures were uploaded on the landing page here via instagram •The campaign is one of the most successful instagram campaigns ever thanks to the emo- chord.
  29. 29. case study on brands using instagram: Nike PhotoID The users picked their favorite background images which were morphed in the pic. Select background Not just could users design their shoes but also browse the work of others on a microsite that was designed here. Design the shoe The users then shared the final images across social and their Instagram. Share
  30. 30. case study on brands using instagram: RedBull Instagram your Inspiration Users were asked to submit pictures of what inspires them Once the images came in, a jury selected the best ones and a billboard of the same were placed in 4 cities of UK The catch was to use only blue, silver and red colors in images with specific hashtags
  31. 31. all said and done instagram is all about… (Credits: Technopaul Productions)
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