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  1. 1. What Is FDA? The Future Doctors of America Club was founded to enrich the knowledge of high school students aspiring to enter the medical field. This club is meant for people who are curious or serious about entering the medical field.
  2. 2. Goals of the Club We want to give members a long term interest in a certain field, by the end of the year For everyone to create their own academic and extracurricular goals To increase overall knowledge about most medical fields To explore as many academic areas as possible, and learn as much about them as time permits For everyone to have a great time 
  3. 3. What Will We Be Doing? Around the end of each month we’ll vote on a certain topic to learn about in the next month; from podiatry to neurology, we’ll learn as much as we can about the selected field (We’ll study monthly PowerPoints) We’ll hold monthly trivia games
  4. 4. Why Should You Join? You choose what we do (You all vote) We’ll have guest speakers come in to discuss our chosen topics “All work and no play” isn’t what we do. Our work is play, we play trivia games at the end of each month to review.
  5. 5. Why You Should Stay We’ll cover exactly what you should do in high school to prepare for college We’ll also go more in depth than your regular classes, allowing for deeper understanding of the material and will allow you to find your passion as a Future Doctor of America This looks great on a résumé We make learning fun and interesting and will teach you more than what’s covered in class
  6. 6. When Will We Meet? We’ll meet regularly every Thursday at lunch in Ms. Pytel’s room (K101)