Finland C O M E N I U S


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Finland C O M E N I U S

  1. 1. Protected areas and National Parks in Europe URHO KEKKONEN NATIONAL PARK Nature and animals
  2. 2. Facts Urho Kekkonen National Park is located in north-eastern Finland, Lapland The park also known as Koilliskaira The park was established in 1.May 1983 The second nature protection area in Finland The park covers the area of 225 000 ha
  3. 3. Location on map The College of Central Finland is in Suolahti Helsinki is the capital of Finland located to south From Helsinki to Urho Kekkonen national park there is about 1070 km distance
  4. 4. Specialities The most majestic views of forested Lapland. Round shaped and bald fell tops The rough nature A rich and wide range of species The wilderness Old forests
  5. 5. Everyman’s right People of all nationalities have the right to enjoy the Finnish countryside freely under the traditional Finnish legal concept known as everyman’s right. Special regulations in national parks and many nature reserves additionally limit activities such as: Camping Hunting The use of motor vehicles Access to sensitive areas during the nesting season
  6. 6. Nature
  7. 7. Nature Wide, unbroken fell area The Raututunturi–Saariselkä fell area is made of Lapland granulite, a rock material formed around 1,900 million years ago. The present-day fells were formed by block movements around 30–50 million years ago.
  8. 8. Watershed area The national park is a watershed area. Some of the rivers empty into the Arctic Ocean, some into the Gulf of Bothnia. The Urho Kekkonen national park’s waterways consist mainly of rivers and brooks.
  9. 9. Animals Twentyone different mammals have been encountered in the national park, amongst them Finland's large predators the bear …
  10. 10. Bear National animal of Finland Biggest predator in Europe In Finland there is aproximately 800-1000 bears Endangered in Finland
  11. 11. Lynx Lynx is the only wild cat native in Finland Lynxes prey on hares, rabbits, rodents, wild boar, foxes, roe deer and reindeer The main method of hunting is stalking, sneaking and jumping on prey.
  12. 12. Reindeer Common mammal in Finland, expecially in Lapland It’s not a predator at all, although it may look like one It eats grass, leafs, lichen and mushrooms There are many reindeer herds at Northern Finland
  13. 13. Wolverine Largest land dwelling species of mustelidaes (weasels) It is a stocky and muscular carnivore, resembling a small bear more than other mustelids Adult wolverines have no natural predators, though they do come into conflict with (and may be killed by) other large predators over territory and food
  14. 14. Siberian jay Siberian jay belong to the group of crows It’s the smallest bird on crow groups in Finland It eats berries, mushrooms, seeds and insects It’s also known as ”friend” of rangers, because often it is sighted to come begging for left overs of food in campsides.
  15. 15. Santa Claus Everybody knows that Santa Claus lives in Finland, but you don´t necessarily knew that Korvatunturi is the place where Santa Claus (or Joulupukki in Finnish) is said to live. Korvatunturi is located in south east part of Urho Kekkonen national park. It´s 483m high arctic hill.