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Comparatives mantel


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Published in: Education, Travel, Art & Photos
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Comparatives mantel

  1. 1. ComparativesThe London Eye is taller than Big Ben.
  2. 2. ComparativesThe Wembley Stadium is bigger than a bus.
  3. 3. ComparativesThe Leicester Square is smaller than Trafalgar Square.
  4. 4. ComparativesThe Oxford Street is longer than Regent Street.
  5. 5. ComparativesA car is more expensive than a moped.
  6. 6. ComparativesThe Saint Pauls Cathedral is taller than Buckinham Palace.
  7. 7. ComparativesThe Soccer City is bigger than Ellis Park.
  8. 8. ComparativesAtlantic Ocean is bigger than Indian Ocean
  9. 9. ComparativesThe Hyde Park is smaller than Cental Park
  10. 10. ComparativesThe London telephone boxes are prettier than the spanish telephone boxes