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Pictures from childhood through adulthood

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Armando Camacho Orduno

  1. 1. Armando Camacho – Orduno May 11, 1956 My name is Armando Camacho Orduno. I was born on  May 11, 1956. This picture was taken  in the city of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico on May 11, 1957 at the age of one   year. In this picture I burned my finger because I touched the birthday candle
  2. 2. This picture was taken on November 11, 1956 at the age of 6 months. I was carried by my grandmother Guadalupe Garcia de Orduno at her house in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. She is my mother's mother
  3. 3. This picture was taken on my first birthday in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. I was still hurting from my burn from the birthday Candle earlier that day
  4. 4. Now I have a sister. Her name is Sylvia Elena Camacho.  This picture was taken on May 11, 1958. Now I am 2 years old and growing.
  5. 5. Now I am 3 years old. This picture was taken at downtown Cananea called "El Ronquillo". You can appreciate the famous bridge in the background. This is the main avenue named Avenida Juarez.
  6. 6. This picture was taken on December 25, 1958 . With Me are my first cousin Arnoldo Camacho and my sister Sylvia Elena Camacho.
  7. 7. Now I have another sister. Her name is Martha Irene Camacho. This picture was taken at the back side of the house. Now the family is growing
  8. 8. Another Birthday! Now I am 4 years old. May 11, 1960. I wish I could have been in Kinder garden so I can invite a lot of friends to my birthday party
  9. 9. Now I am 5 years old. I am getting ready to go to Kinder garden. The Kinder garden is only 2 blocks from the house. I am planning to have a lot of friends. I will be attending the kinder garden in the coming fall. I am looking forward to meet new friends.
  10. 10. Now I am in kinder garden. This is at a costume party called "Martes de Carnaval". We celebrate this durng the  month of March instead of Halloween like in the United Staates. I am accompanied by my sister Sylvia Elena Camacho. We had a good time at the party and I met another young lady who she wanted to walk with me. You will see her in the next picture.
  11. 11. This is the young lady I was talking about. She looks pretty but I did not ask her for her name or phone number. My mother is in the background. If I see this girl anywhere, I would not be able to recognize her. It has been almost 50 years since I have seen her. This picture was taken on March 6,1962.
  12. 12. Now I am in first grade and have many new friends. I am attending a private American school in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The school is owned by an American Copper Company in Cananea. It is for the son’s and daughter’s of the employees. This school brings teachers from the United States to teach the American kids that came from the United States. The company at that time was called "The Cananea Consolidated Copper Company" known as the 4C.
  13. 13. This picture was taken when I was seven years old. It is on the way to a small village called "Buena Vista" It is up in the mountains. Today, this small village has been destroyed because of the copper mine expansion. All residents were relocated to Cananea, Sonora. We had good walks or drove there by car. From this spot you can see Cananea and the copper mine company. One of the largest copper mines in the world.
  14. 14. Now I am 7 years old. I am taking piano lessons. I am practicing my lesson at my next door neighbor's house. I am testing to see if I like playing the piano. If I do good, my parents will buy me a piano. I enjoyed playing the piano so the following year we went to Tucson, Arizona to purchase one. My parents bought me a used piano and I had this piano for about 15 years. My other sisters got interested in playing the piano. I have a younger sister named Norma Leticia Camacho and she got serious in playing the piano. Today she is a piano instructor and has many students.
  15. 15. This is my Dad. This picture was taken at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. He was a computer programmer for the copper company in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. He worked for the mining company for over 30 years. He enjoyed computers and that is where I got interested in computers. I used to go to his office and he would briefly explained to me what his job was about. I was fascinated by the work he did that I decided to study computer science.
  16. 16. This is my Dad Armando Camacho Carrillo. We are at the mine called "Mina La Valenciana". We took a trip to Mexico city by railroad from Nogales, Sonora. It was a 2 days trip through great scenery's such as ocean view and through mountains with tunnels.
  17. 17. This is my Dad and Mom Armando Camacho Carrillo and Alicia Orduno Garcia. I took this picture at the entrance of the University of Mexico called "Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. We were on vacation to Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Acapulco, Guerrero. This was one of my first trips and I enjoyed it to the max
  18. 18. This picture was taken in Mexico City at the Zocalo. In front you can see the government buildings where the president of Mexico works. I am accompanied by my younger sister Martha Irene Camacho and my Mom.
  19. 19. In this picture I am resting in one of Guadalajara's main parks. It is called "Parque del Agua Azul". It has beautiful vegetation and fountains. During the day you can take a tour on a mini train throughout the park. At night you can enjoy the sound of the Mariachis. It is really a great place to visit and relax.
  20. 20. ` Spectacular view to take good pictures and videos. I am recording the events of the trip.  This is the last picture in black and white. Color cameras are now more popular. We are taking a summer vacation to Mexico City. My sister Sylvia Elena and I are at the top floor of the highest building in Mexico at the "Torrre Latino Americana". You can enjoy the view of the city for miles .
  21. 21. Now comes the color pictures. I am now eight years old. It is now May 11, 1964. As you can see, that was the only TV set in the house. It was very strange that someone said they had two TV's. That was the family TV and we all sat together to watch one of the three tv stations in town. We hadn't even seen anybody talk about cable tv or satelite tv. There were free and they were CBS, NBC, and ABC. We had a tall tv antena to get the tv channels from Tucson, Az.
  22. 22. I am marching at a parade for November 20th,1966  in Cananea, Sonora. I am the one in the middle. This parade took place at the main avenue called "Avenida Juarez". It was my first parade and I got very tired. We paraded for about two miles but to me it seemed like 100 miles. After the parade we went to the main plaza and drank soft drinks and enjoyed playing games
  23. 23. Costume Party at Academia de Ingles de Cananea former name Cananea English School. I am standing in front of the teacher's offices. This was Oct. 31, 1967. We had a dance from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We all had very good costumes. We had plenty of soft drinks, food and danced to music from the 60's (now called oldies). Our teacher brought her disc player which played 45's singles on one mono speaker. We had no knowledge of the eight track, cassettes or cd players, ipods & laptops.
  24. 24. In this picture we are at the University of Mexico City. My sister Martha Irene Camacho, my mother Alicia Orduno de Camacho and myself. We had been touring Mexico City and this is one of the places we stopped to visit. I was very interested in attending this school at that time
  25. 25. My sister became a girl scout and I became a boy scout. We were getting ready to attend our weekly meetings. I enjoyed being a scout because we attended numerous events. I learn to camp and cook at a very early age. We had camping trips almost every three months. We camped at  Kino Bay, and a boyscout jamboree at the Chiricahua Mountains in Southern Arizona. I learned how to make knots, build a camp fire, first aid, swimming, and become independent. I made many friends with the same interest.
  26. 26. Graduation time. I graduated from Junior High. Academia de Ingles de Cananea went from first grade through ninth grade. I have already been here for nine years and that was my whole world.
  27. 27. Dancing partner at the graduation party. Her name is Mary Dolores Tye. The dance was taken place at the Cananea Country Club. We were 7 boys and 7 girls that graduated. It was time to move forward and leave the school in the past. This school taught us to speak English and all of the material such as math, biology, social studies, etc. were taught in English. Now I needed to attend a school where all the materials were taught in Spanish and get a good education in the Spanish language.
  28. 28. . Gra duating classmates. From Left to Right: Armando Camacho, Ernest Updike, Octavio Flores, William Humphrey, Armando Murrieta, Xavier Verdugo, Richmond Fenn. This picture was taken at the school auditorium before the graduation party at the Country Club. My parents, my grandparents and my sisters attended the graduation ceremony. I played the piano at the ceremony
  29. 29. We were getting ready to have our Valentine's Day party. During the year, I was promoted to Assistant Principle of the Institution . I was working hard and also getting my Mexican high school diploma. This picture was taken on February of 1974. While attending my last year of High School in Mexico, I got a job as a teacher at the other American private school called "Instituto Americano de Cananea". These are my second grade students.
  30. 30. The following two pictures were taken at Instituto Americano de Canaea. First one on a Costume party. I am the one on the left rear side. These are the students from 5th to 7th grade and some teachers and the school principal. The other picture is at the graduation ceremony. These students are the first generation that graduated from this new school.
  31. 31. I am giving my fair well to the graduating class and parents and at the same time announcing my resignation as school teacher and assistant principal. I was thanking the school board for giving me the opportunity to be part of the school system. At the same time, I am graduating from the Mexican High School and continuing my education in the United States. I will be attending Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, Arizona.
  32. 32. Obtaining my High School Diploma  (Escuela Secundaria Federal para Trabajadores). Obtained the highest honors. Diploma handed out by the mayor of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico and the School principal Mr. Octavio Atondo. During the last year of high school I had the honor to carry the school flag in all events and represent the school. The following year, my sister Sylvia Elena obtained the highest honors and I trespassed the flag to her
  33. 33. Since I obtained the highest grades (3.99 average) on a 4.00 scale for three years, I had the honor to represent the school and carry the flag on all Mexican Holidays.
  34. 34. 16 de Septiembre parade in Cananea, Sonora. I am taking the flag at downtown Cananea on the main avenue. It was an honor to carry the flag because it represented something well accomplished and be recognized by friends and family for my efforts in education and succeed in life.
  35. 35. Graduation students getting ready for the graduation dance. This took place at the Civic Center in Cananea, Sonora. My partner's name was Josefina Valdez. Now this would be my last time I would see my friend again and start another stage of my educational life. I would be attending Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, Arizona. 
  36. 36. It is now 1976 and this picture was taken at a Valentine's School Dance. Now I am a Senior at Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, Az. I met Monica Bounds this year and became good friends. We had a wonderful time at the Party. Later that year, I took her to my school prom. I will continue my education at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
  37. 37. was ready to start working or get a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. This picture was taken on my graduation party. This is the first time I danced Belly Dancing. I then moved to El Paso, TX in 1979 and enrolled at the University of Texas at El Paso. I moved to Phoenix, AZ and attended Arizona Tech. I graduated here in 1979 with an associates degree in Business as a computer programmer specialist. Now I
  38. 38. While I was attending school in El Paso, I went to visit my sister Sylvia and my brother-in-law Eric Adamec in Tucson, Arizona. My sister and my mom went to Tucson to have a family reunion. I went to visit them in the summertime and the weather was hot. It only took me 5 hours from El Paso, TX to drive to Tucson, AZ.
  39. 39. While I was in El Paso, I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I applied for U.S. Citizenship and became an American Citizen. I worked at ATARI developing the video games for four years. I developed programs for Finance Companies, Doctors, Pharmacies and for a Custom Broker. My main hobbies are playing the piano and line dancing. I started dancing in 1986 and took line dancing classes at the University of Texas at El Paso in continuing education for two semesters. I enjoyed dancing at the different country line dances places in El Paso. I decided to become a line dancing instructor and taught for the City of El Paso at the recreation centers. I moved to the YMCA of El Paso then to the Sand Dune's Ballroom. Line dancing has helped me in my physical and mind……… ……… ……… ……. …..… ………. ……..
  40. 40. I have attended various Country Line Dance Jambories. This one was in Dallas, TX. A group of friends took a plane and attended the Jamboree for 3 days. We had a wonderful time there dancing, learning new dances and meeting some international choreographers.
  41. 41. I have taken my group to Artesia, NM for the state Jamboree. We rented a new bus and had a good time on the bus and at the Jamboree. At this Jamboree, my group performed  as a group at the Jamboree. We worked very hard to make this performance a success. We were ready to roll
  42. 42. While in El Paso, I had the blessing in knowing special people like Nancy and Ida. I began teaching Line Dancing and they attended my class. They have been wonderful with me. This picture was taken at Sand Dune's Ballroom in El Paso, TX at a reunion party from Marfa, Tx. We had a wonderful time here dancing, eating, drinking and socializing.
  43. 43. This picture was taken on Christmas Day 2009 in Cananea, Sonora. Back row from left to right are Rosalva, Sandra Alicia, Martha Irene. Front row:Armando, my mother Alicia, Sylvia Elena and Norma Leticia