English Secondary 1 Express Lesson 4


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English Secondary 1 Express Lesson 4

  1. 1. + Sec 1 Express English 28th Mar 2012 Informal Letter Writing 1 Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  2. 2. + 2 Administration  Place your own letters on the table together with the format of letter writing  Students who have not written your letters please remain standingArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  3. 3. + 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNie6hVM8ZIArmanAlluwie TP2 SHSS
  4. 4. + 4 Elements of Informal Letters: Address  Address is your own eg.  123, Tampines Central 7  #03- 111  Singapore 520123  Format  Block, Street Name (Line 1) neighbourhood  Unit Number (Line 2) postman  Postal Code (Line 3) post office  No short forms/ abbreviationsArmanAlluwie TP2 SHSS
  5. 5. + 5 Elements of Informal Letters: Date spell the month out  6th March 2012 written in fullArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  6. 6. + 6 Introductions: Purpose of Letter I hope this letter finds you well. The letter you wrote me last week, offering to send me to vacation language school in England, was received with much delight in our household, but none are more excited and thankful than myself. I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am at the prospect of spending six weeks in England at language school! Thank you for the wonderful offer, Uncle Samuel. Needless to say, I am more than happy to take you up on the generous offer and am writing to tell you that I would be happiest attending the Belleview School in North England for the six-week course.
  7. 7. + 7 Introductions: Exchanging Pleasantries  I cannot believe that two weeks have gone by..  Thank you for such a great and wonderful time..  I cannot thank you enough for such a great time in..  It seems ages since we last saw each other…  Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful time..  Thanks a lot for spending time with me..
  8. 8. + 8 Elements of Informal Letters Main Body  Let’s take a look at the sample informal letter  Underline the main point of each paragraph from paragraph 2 to paragraph 4  Do you notice anything similar or different?
  9. 9. + 9 Elements of Informal Letters: Conclusion Uncle Samuel, thanks again for giving me this marvellous opportunity. As long as you have no objections, my choice is the Belleview School, and I cannot wait to visit you while I am there! Mum and Dad send all their love, and we would love for you to come to Singapore for a visit with me after the course in England ends. Thanks again Uncle Samuel! Take care and write back soon.
  10. 10. + 10 Elements of Informal Letters Signature Block  Yours Truly  Yours Affectionately  Love  XOXO
  11. 11. + 11 Lesson Objectives  By the end of the lesson, I would have  helped to proof-read a classmate’s letter  written my second draft of letter writingArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  12. 12. + 12 Notes on Marking  Use a colored pen which is different from what your classmate used  Write your name on the top right hand corner in the following format  Checked by: _____________________  As we go along,  Indicate with a ✓ for every part which is correct  I will tell you what to write for the parts which are incorrect  All other forms of marking will be treated as VandalismArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  13. 13. + 13 Checking for: Format  Are the elements arranged in the correct order?  Are they all flushed to the left?  Circle the first one which is incorrect for example… 14th December 2012 16, Rose Wood Street #02-456 Singapore 540016Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  14. 14. + 14 Checking for: Format  Did he/ she leave a line between the elements?  Mark with a (//) on the side of the letter  Did he/ she place a comma beside the  Salutation?  Signature Block? eg.  Circle the punctuation mark 24th December 1994 Dear Grandpa,Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  15. 15. + 15 Checking for: Address/ Date  Did he/she follow the following format?  Block, Street Name (Line 1)  Unit Number (Line 2)  Postal Code (Line 3)  Date eg. 12th January 2012  No abbreviations or short forms eg.  Circle all errors 12, Tampines St. 84 #10-452 S(520012)Arman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  16. 16. + 16 Checking for: Salutation/ Signature Block  Are they appropriate to the audience?  Underline all inappropriate salutations and signature blocksArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  17. 17. + 17 Checking for: Content  Do a quick read of the letter  As you go along, underline parts of the letter which sound odd  We will revisit grammar issues later note that, you are not supposed to correct your classmate’s workArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  18. 18. + 18 Checking for: Task Fulfillment  Read the instructions again  Take note of the bulleted pointsArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  19. 19. + 19 Checking for: Task Fulfillment  Moving from one bullet to the other  Check if your class mate has fulfilled the task on the bulletArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  20. 20. + 20 Checking for: Task Fulfillment  Mark with a (TF) if your class mate has the point  Circle the bullet on the instruction sheet if he/ she did not fulfill the task  Move to the next bulletArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  21. 21. + 21 Checking for: Task Fulfillment  Move to the next bullet  Mark with a (TF) if your class mate has the point  Circle the bullet on the instruction sheet if he/ she did not fulfill the taskArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  22. 22. + 22 Checking for: Language  Read the letter again, this time with a focus on vocabulary  Try to identify where the grammar mistake occurs  Circle the words which you have identified as mistakes  Underline the sentences which you cannot identify the mistake but sound odd to you  Use ∧ if you feel your classmate has left out anythingArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  23. 23. + 23 Checker’s Comments  Leave some comments about the letter to your class mate  What did you like about the letter?  What can be improved?  Return your scripts to your class mateArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS
  24. 24. + 24 Love LanguageArman Alluwie TP2 SHSS