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System Analysis Tugas Ke 2


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Published in: Education
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System Analysis Tugas Ke 2

  1. 1. System Analysis Tugas Ke 2 Mata Kuliah Asas dan Penerapan Sistem Teknik Dosen Pengampu : Ir. Supranto, M.Sc., Ph.D . Muhammad Arman TIKM – A MST-UGM
  2. 2. Background • Population of Indonesia : +/- 250 Million • Enermous people need enermous food • Food Industries have to supply the requirements of food • Food industries are supported by agriculture industries • Booth food and agriculture industries need food and raw material preservation • One of preservation process is refrigeration process • This assignment focus on refrigeration system especially for food, drink, agriculture product
  3. 3. Typical Facilities
  4. 4. Refrigeration Machine (in supermarket)
  5. 5. Refrigeration system Source : Refrigeration and Air Condtitioning by A.R. Trott and T. Welch
  6. 6. Simple vapour compression refrigeration system and its element
  7. 7. Comercial refrigeration system
  8. 8. System Boundary and Environment
  9. 9. Input output • Refrigeration machine •Electrical supply •Product •Operation High quality •Standard and Process refrigerated food/ regulation raw food material •Environment condition •Demand and supply variation
  10. 10. Problems Electrical Environmental Quality and Variation of and ambient quantity and load (product) temperature cost variation
  11. 11. Optimation of Problems How to cope such as three major problem
  12. 12. Goals/Targets • Maka a refrigeration system that can handle such as variation Adding control ability in refrigeration system
  13. 13. Actions •Programmable logic controller •Varible speed drive
  14. 14. Thank You Very Much