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  • The caption of the first photograph says it all..why not Instagram your own eye?
  • The hypewithinstagram

    1. 1. The Hype with
    2. 2. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"
    3. 3. The Facts• Gains one new user every second• Over one billion photos have been taken with the app• Roughly 58 photos are uploaded each second• 40 million photos shared each day• 8500 "likes" per second• 1000 comments per second sources:
    4. 4. What We AskedGeneral Questions About Usage• When did you create your Instagram account?• Is your account private or public?• If your account is private why did you chose to do this?• What do you mainly post pictures of?• What is the most interesting aspect of the app?Public Self vs. Private Self• Does it matter to you the number of followers you have acquired?• What is the difference between the pictures you post on Facebook versus Instagram?Why do You Do It?• Does the app. make you feel artistic?• How do you use the filters? Do you think Facebook or Twitter should add these kind of filters?
    5. 5. Why Do Users Love Instagram?
    6. 6. When Did Instagram Usage Spike?• April 2012- Instagram Available for Android
    7. 7. What Are People Posting?
    8. 8. What Do You Mainly Post Pictures Of?Based Off Our Survey:Top Categories - Friends - Pets - Food/Drinks - City Landscape - Nature - #TBT (Throwback Thursday)
    9. 9. Pets Friends Family
    10. 10. #TBT (Throwback Thursday)Nature Landscape
    11. 11. "Because why not Instagram your own eye?"
    12. 12. Compliments Guaranteed• The caption says it all..why not post a picture of your own eye?• Instagram is the ultimate excuse when looking for compliments• Filters are there to enhance the coloring and create an "edgy" almost editorial picture• "Your eyes are so blue<3"• Are they really that blue or is that just the work of our favorite filters?
    13. 13. • The random pictures that seem so normal on Instagram would rarely be found on Facebook• Pictures of nails, food, buildings. etc have become the norm on Instagram• These pictures are perceived as artsy or ones that speak to the users
    14. 14. Instagram: 20 likes Facebook: 0
    15. 15. Ordinary Images Become Artistic
    16. 16. “I like Instagram because you get to view the world in a whole new light, a photographic light, and it really enables people to highlight the beautiful parts of the world. Even if that means those beautiful parts are recently painted fingernails or whatever haha. I think it differs from other social media sites because there isnt necessarily a chance for negative comments or stigmas to be expressed. Everyone on Instagram seems to be there to have fun and enjoy photos that celebrate what people are doing in their lives and just life in general.” Chris Roys
    17. 17. Do You Feel Like an Artist When Using the App?
    18. 18. The Statue of David Art imitating art Iconic piece of artwork isnt safe from Instagrams filters
    19. 19. The Power of Black & White• The app allows you to instantly make a photo seem old or worn out• Communicates nostalgia• Todays culture values products or images considered "vintage"
    20. 20. Public vs. Private
    21. 21. Public vs. Private "My account is private because I dont like the idea of any random person with an Instagram being able to see my pictures. Theyd be able to figure out so much about me just by viewing my pics and could probably find me if it came down to it!"
    22. 22. Instagram is for Unique Pictures
    23. 23. So Why Instagram Over Facebook?Logic behind Facebook:• Serves as a database where you can archive and store many pictures that have happened• Allows for photo albums of events• Gives friends an idea of your identityLogic behind Instagram:• Real time stream of events• Attached to mobile devices, so theres this "do it now" aspect• Photos become this meaningful moment of real-time
    24. 24. Users Dont Post All of TheirInstagram Pictures to Facebook
    25. 25. Popular Page and #Hashtags
    26. 26. Popular Page/ Hashtags Popular Page "Instagram has used [hashtags] to great effect for a while. And if youre an average social media user, you will probably have a much easier time gaining followers with hashtags on Instagram for two reasons: One, when you search for a hashtag there, it’s much easier to scroll through photos and click and add users you like than it is to read lots of individual tweets about a topic. Secondly, though Instagram’s user base is growing rapidly, right now it’s still substantially smaller than Twitter’s, so the amount of people using the same hashtag at once is more manageable." source: network/
    27. 27. So Why Are PeopleMigrating to This App?
    28. 28. So Why Are People Migrating to This App?"Because its not like Facebookwhere people literally upload every single picture from their night. I dont need to see the milliondifferent ways you posed last nightwhile you were out. On Instagram,people generally choose to upload only one really good picture. Its usually their funniest or most artistic photo, which makes the pictures posted a lot moreintriguing. As opposed to viewing a million boring pictures onFacebook, you can view one really
    29. 29. Where is Instagram Going?Front page Instagram photo of Alex Rodriguez taken by a professional photographer via Getty Images
    30. 30. Where is Instagram Going?• NYTimes photo started new conversation about Instagram becoming a journalistic tool• Potential downfall of traditional photography• Instagram "Beauty Contests"
    31. 31. Conclusion• Instagram is a unique app that allows users to express themselves in a creative manner• The "real time" updates are the driving force to the success of the app and makes it different from Facebook• Facebook should not incorporate filters like Instagram does because Facebook is typically used for uploading albums rather than one individual photo• Instagram is becoming a credible photo source that many companies are using for