Witch island book i new beginnings original


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Witch island book i new beginnings original

  1. 1. Robin L Loveless20770 Sycamore StreetWeston, Ohio 43569Cell # (419) 309-0971arllaw3@gmail.comWC 19,470 WITCH ISLAND SERIES I A WITCH NAMED MEM Written by R. Loveless How close to death will she have to get to win the day? Let us begin with theday of reckoning. The day she finds her own inner being. On a night in the full noonlight, she falls upon her face to ask the universe for her right to the powers to be. The clouds part and the wise old owl, Screech, present her with the gifts ofintuition and dream sight. What happens next is magickal. Once like a small child with eyes closed tight, now has become a force toreckon with. Slowly and cautiously, she progresses toward her true gifts. She beginsto look into the wonders that she is destined to achieve. Follow deep for in thedarkness is her keep. From her awakening come great powers received. THE GIFTS On a night in the full moon light, she is feeling over-whelmed by despair andfear. The life she has worked so hard for is gone forever. Not knowing what else todo, she begins to construct a spell of reveal. She cleanses herself of all negativeforces. She begins by filling her bathroom with ritual. In a tub of warm water, sheadds essence of rose oil and lights three candles, a white one, a yellow one, and apurple one. She concludes a whispered prayer to the Lord and Lady for blessingsand protection. She lowers herself into the waters of purification and meditation.With reverence for all she has learned from her studies of the Wiccan way, she looksforward to what she will do next in her reveal. The time had arrived for her to bare her soul to the powers to be. Feelingcleansed and purged of negativity she wraps herself in a black lacey cloak. On theway out to her place of power, she picks up the alter candle that has been dressed,blessed, and dedicated to the Moon Goddess. In the dark of the deck overlooking theriver she loves, with only the light of the moon shining bright upon it, she begins theritual. The circle is drawn and the directional corners are established and standfirm for the calling. With a deep breath, she lights the Altar candle. Her feelingsbecome raw and surface into heart-felt emotion. She begins to cry freely as ifmorning for a lost love claimed by death. Unable to contain the pain she feels insideher body, she speaks aloud demanding an answer or a sign sent. While she lays face
  2. 2. down weeping in desperation, she hears the faint sound of a screech owl nearby. Shelooks up in the direction of the sound and sees for herself that she is not imagining.Bigger then life, an owl has perched itself on a branch in the tree that her bat houseis nailed. At first, the sight is startling; for several moments, their gazes lock inwonderment of one another. She feels relaxed until a voice gently settles in her ears.She hears, “Mem, calm yourself, I am here.” She stumbles to her feet and whirlsaround almost catching fire to her black cloak. She asks, “Who‟s there? Is anybodythere?” but doesn‟t hear a sound. She turns back to see if the owl is still present andobserves the owl‟s movements. The owl slowly turns its head in the direction of theriver and then takes flight. Left alone in the dark with only the moonlight shiningand a candlelight flicker upon her, she wonders if this is real or if she is dreaming.She sits back down still safe within the circle and stares into the flame of the candle.Tears come to her eyes as she replays the words she heard as if inside her head.„Mem, calm yourself, I am here.‟ The name Mem has a meaning that she somehow knows. She remembersseeing it in an alphabetical chart in one of her books. She is brought back to theearth ever so gently; she realizes it is very late and that the ritual rite is fulfilled. Shegives thanks to the powers of conjuring, bids a farewell, and then closes the circlewith the offerings. The candle is left burning in place to safeguard the magick thatexists now and forever, from that day forward. She gets ready for bed then retrieves the book she believes that has the name„Mem‟. For several hours she reads and researches the word that she was nownamed. This name is her secret witch name or eke name given to her by the MoonGoddess meaning; first mother, bringer of winter. On this night is a rebirth and born to her a Book of Shadows that will keepher secrets sacred. She lain in the candle lit safety of her room and imagines all thatshe will do from now on. Not knowing clearly what door, she has opened; but kneweverything changed for the better. Content and satisfied with the outcome of theritual, she falls asleep and dreams of many white kittens bouncing and frolickingabout in the tall, green, swaying grass all around where she is resting. White kittensin your dream means a fortunate sign of powerful gifts that she will receive. On rising the next morning in her sun filled room, she rolls from her sideonto her back and stretches like her kitty cats do. They are with her in the fluffycovered bed stretching and yawning welcoming the daylight. She bounces out of bedwith a feeling of great rest and wonders what will happen today. She goes to thekitchen to start a pot of coffee and fills the cat‟s bowl with their favorite food. Whilethe cats have their breakfast, she decides to take a quick shower. While in theshower, she prays for a good day. The bathroom fills with the scented mist of the shower gel. The moisturefrom the hot water covered the fixtures. When she pulls back the shower curtainand then wipes her eyes and face, she is astonished at what she sees in her looking
  3. 3. glass mirror. She feels frozen in time as she stares at the mirror and the image thathas appeared. She hurries to dry off and then grabs her Book of Shadows. She runsback into the bathroom as quickly as she can before what seems to be an imagemessage fades away. She puts pencil to paper to draw what she sees in the mirror.Not looking away from the image, she draws as fast as she can before the imageclears from the mirror. With the rough sketch in her hand, she goes out to the livingroom and seats herself in her favorite chair to examine what she has sketched. Sheworks the drawing into a detailed image of a crowned feline. This cat image isprofound and of royalty. When completed, she lays it down and gazes at it for whatseemed to be twenty minutes or more. So much had transpired in such a shortperiod of time that felt like hours. The image of the cat queen has to signifysomething. Therefore, she goes to the local library to research goddesses of everyKind and found the Goddess Bast, the goddess of creatures, especially cats. Thisinformation pleases her because she is very fond of cats. When she returns home,she goes directly to the bathroom and prepares the mirror to be sacred and blessedwith many more image-messages that will soon come to guide and remind her of thehonorable position she holds with the Goddess. Filled with delightful feelings of importance, her life becomes like a beautifulsong that she just cannot stop singing. She believes in new beginnings and successfulconclusions again. Mem is who she is now and the Goddess Bast and she becomemore and more acquainted and closer then blood sisters. Mem‟s spell castingbecomes stronger and more effective with the blessing of the Goddess Bastre-enforcing Mem‟s every conjuring and request. With each prayer offered to theGoddess Bast, for example, “Oh hear me Goddess Bast, my favorite goddess, thegoddess of creatures and of cats; wield the magick that I ask and make it last; fulfillthis petition is my will by the power of three, so shall it be!” In the circle of protection in deep conversation the two of them come to knowwell one another and with sacred words conjoin as one in secret. The spells are spunwithout any harm to anyone. Their union now bound and sealed with goodness forthem and others on many occasions, especially her loved ones. Day one with the Goddess Bast has been filled with joy and great happiness.Mem can barely stand to wait for their next encounter when they merry meet again.Mem offers this prayer, “All is well in the house of Mem with her cats and conjuring;I am blest by the presence of the Goddess of creatures, the Goddess Bastet. Blessed betimes three, for all that I will, have been fulfilled without delay and consequences. Onlythat which is good and beneficial has been sealed.” Now Mem must gather the tools of her craft. This becomes an interesting andfun task. All the things that she seeks are found in nature. She journeys down the
  4. 4. magickal path with the Goddess Bast. Within a week, she finds a shop in town that is conveniently located and willbe having a grand opening. This is a gift amongst many to come. Once inside hersenses are filled with the many wonderful aromas and her newfound existence. Shemoves through the shop in amazement of all the supplies she will need. With thereasonable prices, she is able to purchase everything that will be part of herapothecary cupboard. She is so pleased with the variety of incense and essence ofoils. There are candles, herbs, and ritual jewelry. She finds scented soaps andpowders, colored ribbons, string, and rope. The greatest gifts found are the two newfriends that she feels she already knows. They also feel the connection and ask ifthey had met before because she seems familiar to them as well. Their friendship isshort but fulfilling. Within one year of the grand opening, the shop closes because ofthe lack of business. These two sisters taught her much in one year about theproperties of their products that they created. Shannon is the chemist behind themaking of the products Mem uses. Maggie is the smile and story keeper of all theyexperience. They move their business to Texas and are doing great with the new shop„Essence of Romance and Mystery‟. Mem misses them and has to find newsuppliers. There is very few days that the sisters of the gifted shop don‟t enterMem‟s thoughts. To find a new shop is no easy task, but Mem is not one to give up.With months passing like days, Mem‟s supplies become depleted, but then a friendinforms her of another such shop that is about twelve miles farther. The trip is wellworth the drive for now. When it is time…a new place will be found…for Mem hasthe gift of wish magick. If it is needed or necessary, she will only have to think it andit will be given. Mem prepares her spells and rituals on paper first because this is thebeginning of success in her craft of Patients, preparation, presentation, and practice,practice, practice is what makes perfect. With her colored pens, pencils, and papermatching her every intention, she does well and is learning from trial and error toalways strive for perfection. Haste makes waste, waste not, and want not. Withperfect love and perfect trust as her main ingredient, the rest is just icing on thesuccess. Always be well rested and in a healthy frame of mind, body, and spirit isher best advice. “When at first you cast, for protection and guidance you will do wellto ask.” She has carefully sown these gifts. Her gifts she longs to share and makeknown. So heed the warning, “Do no harm,” these words are her gifts to you aboveall else, for what you send out, returns three-fold. She closes her eyes, bows her head,and speaks these words. “Blessed be times three to understand and take heed andfrom harm will be free. Trust and believe in thee.”
  5. 5. The need for a wand arrives. She is not sure where to retrieve a wand andmeditates about it. A few weeks later, for some unknown reason, she cannotremember why she ends up in Michigan at the farm of her dead grand parents. Heryoungest went with her and they visited her Uncle El Brockway. He leads her out toa shed and reaches up into the rafters. When he has in his hand what he wassearching for he begins to tell her the story of why he carved it. She is amazed atwhat he has made for her. From the twisted roots of a tree is born the enchantedcreation of her wand. He starts with, “When I saw this root I only thought of you.” He describes toher how it resembled the head of a horse. “I remember how much you love thehorses at your grandfather‟s house when you were young.” He hands it to her and says, “It is my gift to you and a part of who you are.” While holding it with both hands she can feel the power of creation he hasenlivened. She has no idea that he even thought about her until that day. She thanksher uncle with a warm hug and a gentle kiss. Her eyes start to fill with tears when he looks away and asks, “Would youlike to see my brown, egg-laying chickens?” She follows her uncle as he loads her up with fresh eggs and stories of herand the horses. Her daughter is in awe over what she has just heard and witnessedbetween her mother and great uncle. She is starting to become a firm believer in allthat is unusual and hard to reason away with logic. They now proceed back up tothe house to join the rest of the family. While within the home of her uncle, morememories of Mem‟s pass are enjoyed when her cousins arrive. Mem believes thatthis visit was arranged by a higher power. There are too many magickal incidentsfor this to be a coincidence or chance happening. When she and Ceece return home,they both know instinctively what to do next with the horse headed walking stick. Itwill become Mem‟s creative wand of magick. Mem clears an area on the counter and sanctifies the house. They gatherstring and feathers that she has found on her many walks. She feels that she needs apair of silver bells to help ward off any negative spirits. She prepares a blessingpotion of rose oil and salt in a bowl of purified water. With incense of sage, allsurfaces and items are blest, sanctified, and directed in their purpose. Ceece washes her hands in the holy water and begins constructing the wand.She places each found treasure carefully and binds them with the string of naturalfibers. Her face is serious and serene as she creates this majestic instrument ofpower. When Ceece is finished, she speaks the words blessed be three times just asnatural as a witch could be. The walking stick is complete and now is directed inwhat it shall be by these words, “The wand and Mem bound as one, do thy will, forthe good of all, harm none, this ritual now is done.” Blessed Be! This project inspires Ceece to new and magickal heights. She now wants to
  6. 6. know more about what also seems to dwell within her. Together they create andconjure at will and it happens with bigger results than they originally intended. Soon Ceece realizes she has wish magick and all her desires begin to manifestthemselves. Mem and Ceece have always had a close connection. There is a specialbond between them that will never end, even after death claims them. After a year of magickal conjuring and ritual practice, they come to thedecision to make talismans for themselves. This is a very important next step indeveloping their craft. The talismans must accurately represent the Witch‟s inneressence. Mem discovers who she is by meditation and self-examination with truth.They both begin by studying their personalities. They write down every discoveryand underline their every strength. The description of their element, which iscalculated by their date of birth, also was used. Their birth sign is entered into theinformation and then all is analyzed. Carefully chosen symbols of their best qualitiesare constructed and assembled into the talismans. Ceece‟s occupational connectionscome in handy. The creations of the emblems represent what they stand for. The rope of leather for strength, silver discs for purity and its protectiveproperties, copper wire to form the star and circle of life and knowledge, Hebrewletters to name the five elements, a bird and a dragonfly are what make up Mem‟stalisman. Ceece‟s differs only in the creatures she has chosen to engrave upon hers.Mem is amazed at the results of her daughter‟s designing of the talismans. They join them together in a circle to be made sacred. At the completion ofthe ceremony of offering and acceptance by the god and goddess, they findthemselves concerned more for spiritual being rather then their physical needs.They are now a part of a higher ordinance and calling. They realize that they have anew respect for even the most mundane objects, living things, and a reverenceunmatched to anything they have acquired from bible studies in the past. In their continued growth in the craft and their abilities to cause change forthe better in many situations, there is a new found peace deep within that they havenever felt before. They now feel ready to become initiated into a coven. They don‟tknow of any local coven that they can contact. They have been practicing their craftas solitary witches for two years. Not sure as to what to do, they decide to form theirown private coven. With prayer and meditation on this matter, born is the SecretHearts of The Sacred Star Coven. Since the founding of the coven, they now consistof four members. With each of them representing one of the elemental directions,they become a strong force of power. With power, they display great responsibility,doing what is right and beneficial and harm to no one. For another year, they grow,study, and have many wonderful experiences together. Then as we all are aware,circumstances tend to change, when least expected. Four become two again and thatis acceptable, when they consider what is for the greater good for those involved.
  7. 7. The two newest members decide to establish their own place of power. Theyonly have what Mem shared with them and the gifts of incense and candle. They forthemselves did not make any tools or Book of Shadows. When the winds of changecame in full force even the familiar that Mem assigned to one of them deserted themby running away. Next is the saddest outcome of all. Mem‟s daughter, Ceece, also must moveon to her own life. Ceece stays in contact with her mother unlike their departedsisters of the craft. On the day that everyone moves to his or her new surroundings,Mem prepared herself for the solitary existence that will be her reality. With thecircle formed and candles lit, she offers up all that she has in exchange forprotection against all negativity. When she believes all is well, the feeling of woepresses in on her senses. Not knowing what this feeling is, she continues to go aboutas if it was just her imagination because of being alone. A few days have passed and the intruder is knocking and then gains accessinto her thoughts. The Simp of mind bending begins its reign of spiritual attack. Shegathers every tool available, her intense studies and practices over the pass threeyears will aide in this battle against psychological attacks. Her daughter senses her dilemma and comes to her aide. With only thepower of two to guide them, they call on the Goddess of truth and light. The GoddessThea is present, firm, and willing to assist in any way possible to vanquish theinfluence of this troublesome Simp. Now with the power of three established andreinforcements of a higher power, they engage in war against all that the Simp triesto inflict upon them. This battle waged on for nearly a year. Many spells andincantations are cast before the witches realize that what they are dealing with istheir own powers being returned to them. This Simp is more cunning and craftythen they gave it credit. Their power of compassion proves to be more powerful thenits power to bend reality. The witches proceed with new tactics and enlightenment. The Simp is invitedto stay and then ignored after they cast the „Return to Sender Spell.‟ Within threemonths time the Simp grows weary of its exile into its own realm of inflictions. Itceases to attack any further torment on them. The Simp is subdued andrelinquished of its power over Mem and her daughter. They feel with the battle wonthere still looms the many wars that will erupt over their lifetime. She writes in herjournal that the power over negativity is the power to recognize the source of theattacks and act accordingly. Most cures come without bells and spells. First identifythe source, name it, accept it, ex-spell it, and then forget it, but always be preparedfor a return of it. There is nothing to fear accept fear itself. Do as you will, harmnone is the best advice one witch can give to another and the world. Mem returns to dealing with the issues she now faces in her life. She to mustmove and establish a new place of power. The Simp has ceased to attack but hascontinued to stay. Unable to co-exist with a negative force, she abandons the
  8. 8. dwelling and moves to different surroundings not cohesive to her well being. Shestruggles to maintain her sanity as she strives to cause change in her circumstances.The power of prayer and fortitude toward survival of her mind, body and spiritsustains her for now. With the necessities needed to exist met and her dreams to feedon, this will keep her safe, for she is strong and accomplished in her beliefs. Several moons pass before she returns to the old dwelling. Mem‟s daughtercalls her to inform that the old dwelling is sold. They arrange to meet there one lasttime to close that part of their lives forever. The familiar that ran away returns on the very day that Mem and herdaughter are there to pack everything and leave forever. They cannot believe thatshe is still alive. At first glance, they are not sure that it‟s Mystical kitty. As if frozenin time, Mem and her daughter stand still and so does Mystical. They feel that thefamiliar has stopped time so she can check them out to be sure, of whom they are.When they all have come to the same conclusion about each other, it is as if theworld started spinning again. With great relief that she is in fact alive, they run toone another with happiness filling their hearts. Mem is so awe struck that she doesnot notice how frail Mystical has become. She feels like skin and bone when Memembraces her. Mem and Ceece immediately give her some food and water. She eatswith great urgency and keeps her eyes trained on them while she consumes everymorsel. Once they are reacquainted and relaxed from the excitement, Mem and herdaughter pack up the remaining items that they have decided to remove from thedwelling. Mem takes Mystical kitty with her to the new place. Mem whispers inMystical‟s ear, “This is only temporary, don‟t be afraid. Mystical‟s sister, Calico, is very accommodating to Mystical‟s needs. Manyweeks have passed and the cat sisters are as close as before separated by time andspace. With the girls together again so is the power of three evident. Mem‟s brokenheart is repaired by the return of Mystical and the three of them are happier nowthen before the nightmare of her running away. Mem eventually tells the two former members of Mystical‟s return and herintentions to keep Mystical with her. She calls the two former members to set up atime to visit with them. They claim to be too busy that this endeavor takes up tothree weeks to accomplish. When they finally meet after many weeks of unsuccessfulattempts, Mem is not at all surprised about what she finds. The once competentspell-casters have fallen into ruin. Their surroundings are intact, but their state ofmind is not. They have nearly forgotten everything she had taught them. They havestopped practicing and believing because their senses were dull by their loosedrinking habit and all night parties. She is very disappointed in their abandonmentof all that was sacred. With disgust and anger, Mem recuperates a sense ofreasonableness toward them. Many of her belongings fill their home and this sheregrets. They understand however that this is only a temporary condition of the
  9. 9. agreement. Mem intends to retrieve all that is hers unwaveringly. She departs withsettle pleasantries and returns later, she promises them. Since this unpleasant visit,many things have changed for them. Not all is good, but they seem content in theirnew situation. She finds herself feeling detached from them and uncomfortable withthem. Mem resolves herself to her feelings of lose and continues her pursuits andimproved things for herself. She realizes that she has only one thing to remember, totake care of her and in time, the rest is added. With her faith intact, she pushestoward to an unforeseen future that is hers alone. In her visualization exercises she concentrates on her desires and needs, tosome day have her own space, to be free to wield the powers that she believes in.With this kind of freedom comes contentment for her and those she loves. The timehas come for the winds of change to blow advantageously in her direction. Thewitch‟s New Year is upon them. The moon is now waning, as is the turbulence ofthis situation. Before the next full moon, all will be as it should be. PREMONITION Much has happened. Many moons she has waited for an answer. Mem is nowcloser to the outcome of her choices. Good news or bad news, soon to be revealed. The money and housing pursuit is now at a close. The outcome will be what itshould be. She knows that all things happen for a purpose, sometimes not for us tounderstand at first. She has been driven or directed many times in her life to knowwith certainty that what ever will be, will be. With confidence, she feels that all willbe more or less, what she needs. She has done everything humanly possible andmagickal to ensure she will receive exactly, what she needs and when it is needed. The time of need is very close and taunting. It must be soon for she feelsweakened by the mental trials of just existing in this unsatisfying environment. Hermagick is fading and hard to hold. She renews what is left of her magick and tries tobuild on it every night. The human presence is crowding her style of living. She haslost the freedom to do as she wills. With their chores to do as well as her own andthe duties to pay for her stay, she feels trapped and suffocated. This cannot continueon this way. She needs to be saved from this decay. She fights for every breath shetakes inside this tomb. The light that shines in this darkness is also fading with eachpassing day. With each candle she lights she prays, “Give me tolerance and thestrength to endure, so when I am free there can be a rejoicing.” She yearns for the future that will take her away from this cesspool ofcorruption. She longs for the colors of freedom and the peace of contentment thatonly she can know through solitary existence where there is no one to answer to andnothing in her way of progression. She has a need for growth in self-reliance and aplace to lay her weary mind and body, which for her is sacred. She wants the
  10. 10. privacy of oneness and the joy of independence. When she comes to visit, it will beon her terms; moreover, she loves her family; but is a hermit. She wishes not tobother anyone and not to be bothered. She wonders, is this too much to ask? Shethinks not. Therefore, she says, “It will be, as it is written times three!” Mem has many times demanded a result with great success. She has no fearthat this to will become as she wills. Longing to escape she goes on a long walk toreflect, then on her return to her new dwelling, she returns to her reality. Feelingtired and cold she retreats to her space. Welcomed by her kitties she is comforted.Thinking about the wanderings, she knows that the visions are not nothing andwrites these thoughts; [The wild life is robust with activity. The season is cominginto autumn and the leaves are changing and falling from the trees. The sky takeson a clear crisp blueness and the air is fresh and sweet with mature fruitage. Brightorange and yellow pumpkins are ready for carving. The children are filled withexcitement about All hallows‟ Eve approaching. The stores filled to capacity with avariety of candy, costumes and tricks of the season. With the cooling temperatures,everyone seems to be feeling invigorated. The whole earth is celebrating thenewfound relief of plantings. Everything and everyone is getting ready for a muchneeded sleep. Day light becomes less and the night becomes a welcomed friend formany. The promise of the coming holidays of colored lights and presents incites thememories of gathering friends and family. The feasts of food and drink are uponthem. Looking forward to new beginnings and better tomorrows are what comfortsthem. They hope against hope for another chance at fortunate endings and worthyof a blessing. This is the year of changing. Mem starts to slip into a trance like state.She is still aware of her surroundings but her thoughts and images play in her mindlike a movie. She continues with the thoughts of new elections and campaigning fora lofty position; debates and questioning for a position in the presidency; a womanfor president sounds crazy. The winds of change are desperately needed. We are ina season that none other can compare. The year Two Thousand Twelve is the year of reveal. The message is in thestars, has been sealed, and will be broken in July of that year. The face of religionforever smeared and the beast will be not only killed. The fires of redemption willburn deep on Capitol Hill. No more will humankind rule to its extinction. MotherEarth is making the distinction of her revolution. The Universe joins in thecelebration of truth in this final awakening. Astrologists worldwide are scramblingfor the understanding of alignments they are scanning. Archived writings anddrawings stir and frighten nonprofessionals. Suffer not a witch of gnosis. Buffer notthe agnostic. Shout on high the knowledge. We will release the truth of our dawning.The truth and the light will set us free. The sword will guard our gates and the meekwill inherit life ever lasting. No more will we suffer the agony of humanity. All willbecome its opposite to encourage the positive. As it has been written, so will it becommissioned.] It will be fulfilled even better then in her vision. This she knows from the
  11. 11. depth of her soul. Her walk was more then she anticipated. Her gift of dream sightshe takes seriously. She cannot share it because it is not given to her to be exploited.Besides, no one will believe her anyway. The information is given in secret and mustbe respected and held as precious. She knows what must happen with no regards forself-interest, this for her becomes a comfort not something to be feared. Whateverthe outcome, it will end all suffering and those who cause it. Some innocence will belost. This is a cost unavoidable. Is it too late to change the outcome? If you must askthis question, then you must also accept that possibility. Mem is not a gloom anddoom soothsayer. She holds dear all hope for happiness for everyone. She purposesher talents to help herself and others often. The purest of evil is the only element sheseeks to neutralize. She is one among many who work toward beneficial results forthe Earth and its inhabitances. This work is very important to her and to the powersthat enable her to practice magickal efforts to this end. When it is time, all that was,will be again and then some. She looks forward to the day of her release from these environmentalrestraints. This reality is a reminder of what is important to Mem. Therefore, shearranges to visit close family and be thankful for the simpler things in life. For twodays, she is able to relax and enjoy the company of her children and reconnect withwhat is precious to her. Her daughter, Ceece, is planning an October wedding. Memis happy to be of help in the arrangements of such a celebrated event. They spend most of the weekend window shopping and searching theWebsites for great ideas. They come up with a theme that is very much a part ofwhat they are about. The groom is agreeable and gets involved at a certain level, hissuit and the kind of cake they will have. The cake is a medieval castle covered inclimbing roses, surrounded by an enchanted dragon. There is much yet to decide onin the coming months. There is a little over a year to pull this all together and haveeverything ready for the happy day. Mem‟s future son-in-law aware of all that is needed gives Mem a small, butvery thoughtful gift. It is a leather-bound journal with a leather tie strap to use, asshe needs. Mem is grateful and thrilled about the journal and is on the last fewpages of the last one he gave her a year ago. He is a very kind and giving person anddeserves a name. I now introduce her future son-in-law K.C. Cochis. This marriagewill be a great success because they are so blessed. Mem adores him and cast manywell wishing chants for them. They all have so much in common and are already aclose-knit family. This union is a promise of all the great things they hope. There aresome in-law issues to be dealt with, but Mem is confident that they can all work itout to benefit their children. Wedding bells and wishing wells will be the keys totheir family‟s unity under the “Get along Spell” Ceece and K.C. Cochis naturally willseal, with their pure and sincere love, any gaps that may exist. Tranquility is therecipe of their enchanted seed to be. Their children will be the seeds of the magickthat will bind their families. In this, they can be sure for love conquers all that isdark and negative in the world above and below. This Mem believes. She says hergood-bye and returns to her reality after what she feels has been a very good day.
  12. 12. She goes straight to her journal to record all that she experienced on thisday. Once all her thoughts are carefully written, she ends it with a blessing and aprayer of gratitude and for further enlightenment into her life to be. Many adaydream reveals to her secrets that are the sacred words of her ancestors. Theprimal truth of her existence is hard to accept and yet they comfort her. Shewhispers to herself, “Truth is not always a welcome visitor, but with the sweet comesthe bitter, Yea, who loves a lie have feet in a hurry to run to badness and fall intoruins, Yea, who loves the truth will find comfort and rejoicing and have strength ofendurance.” Now she enters into her journal these words: [The truth no matter how itcomes, out shines the darkness of lies. Many died by the sword of truth and happyto do so. Those who die by the edge of a lie have died in vain and forever. The truthsets us free and makes us worthy of life. The very truth sustains us in life. We willfare much better in spite of the lies that are bombarding us if we hold fast to thetruth that is in all of us; the Kingdom is within and all around us. We can be like thegreatest one who ever lived we are the Jesus that the Christians speak offiguratively. We all possess the gifts he demonstrated time after time. The Magickthat comes from unconditional love is contagious. If we only learn to infect oneanother with it, we to could perform miracles for the masses of lost souls. I believethat we could end all wars because we would have the truth about the greatest lieever told, „believe in me and you shall be saved‟. You must believe in yourself first,because there lay the Kingdom we must all seek. The source of our power is insideevery one of us.] She believes that we are One, rather we choose to agree or not. Shecontinues by writing, [What effects one of our members, does it not affect the entirebody? Stop being misled by what is customary to some and seek first yourself fromwithin. Question the master and challenge its answers. Be not afraid because fear isan enemy that will devour the truth that can set us free. The knowledge of theMaster of the truth and light will reign supreme and darkness will be found no morein all the inhabited Earth, until time indefinite. Blessed be all will be made free,great and small for eternity.] Mem has much knowledge about religion and realizes how controversial itcan be. The proof is in the textbooks of history as to what is behind wars and hatred.We all have a divine right to believe whatever we please. So now, you know a littlemore about the witch and her beliefs. There were times in her searching that shestudied intensely. She finds the truth in their lying. She watches them carefully andwithout preconceived judging. She does not claim to have all the answers; however,she is not misled by human hypocrisies. She is always working toward a peacefuloutcome; moreover, she is a peacemaker and a voice in a wilderness of blacknessthat she is born from. The blackness is her light and power. When in the blacknessshe strives to seize the light of truth and the power to endure all things. Theblackness is her strength and where she finds determination to go forth and conquerthe madness. When she emerges victorious, the angels, faeries, gnomes, sprites, andspirits greet her with gifts of gratefulness. She is never alone for she has a home safe
  13. 13. within the realm of imaginings. We all have this capability. We are born of it. Some time after we become acertain age, we tend to forget our child and leave it alone in the blackness. If wenever look for it, the child will cease to exist. Mem claims that she just never grewup or old. She never stopped believing in magick. For a short time, however, she hadmisplaced it. It took many loses in her life of loved ones to awaken what she knewdeep down was always there stirring. When she loses her mother, Mem finds out after three moons that hermother is trying to contact her. At first, it is just in dreams and then one day whileout in her garden, Mem gets a whiff of her mother‟s perfume. She looks aroundtrying to find the source of the scent and hears a voice calling her name. She feels asif she is being watched. She proceeds to walk around the house to investigate. Theincident is unnerving. She sees that there is no one around or out side. With thisreveal, she runs back to the garden and there she finds an empty packet of fouro‟clock blown in by the wind. This flower is her mother‟s favorite. Mem believesthat this is a message from her mother. She goes into the house to reconsider thisevent. With logic and understanding about paranormal activity, she concludes thatthis is her first encounter with the realm of the nonphysical. Mem doesn‟t put muchweight into the event and goes on with her every day activities. It is the followingmother‟s day that she finally understands the message from her departed mother. On the next visit, her mother has with her, Mem‟s grandmother. Mem isonce again working in her garden when she feels that she is not alone. In adream-like state, Mem hears two familiar voices whispering behind her. With aquick turn, so not to miss what is standing there, she sees two spirits. She can smelltheir perfume and feels their love filling her heart with an aching sensation ofloneliness. In an instance with tearful eyes, she recognizes them and embraces itwith her whole soul. As quickly as they appear, they disappear. The feeling however,is with Mem forever. When she returns to her gardening; wrapped around thehandle of her shovel are two strands of gray hair. As she stares at them, she recallsthe message that is in her mother and grandmother‟s visit. The message is clear andloving. This helps change Mem‟s perspective on life as well as on death. No matterhow lost or alone one feels, love will find you in the most unexpected way. Ratherpast, present, or future, love perseveres. Life is not the beginning; moreover, deathis obviously not the end. All is eternal in one‟s heart and mind. With a sigh ofsudden loneliness overcoming her heart, she sinks back into the present. The place that she feels exiled to is full of miseries. The Simp of mindbending has returned. She is aware of it by the dangerous way in which she isthinking. The Simp is stronger now then when she vanquished it. Mem needs thepower of three to win again. The foreigners are unwilling to help. They feel that herproblems did not concern them. She battles the Simp herself. Mem knows she may
  14. 14. not win to fight another day. With a phone call to her daughter, she finds somestrength to survive this one-day alone. She knows all too well her weaknesses. Sheprepares for the battle, not knowing what will become of her. She commits herself tothe task of surviving. The mental attacks are deep and dark. Her emotions begin tounravel as her eyes fill with the bitter tears of defeat. She has no money andnowhere to hide. All her resources have dried up. Her daughter is unable to be ather side this time. Mem is too far away to reach even telepathically. Thinking thatonly a few days ago, she felt positive about her situation. She wonders if she will everbe free and happy. She is in the eve of her season. The end is not far from her residence. She hasnowhere to fall back. She must go forth and fight for what she believes in. The Simpis relentless and has no mercy or remorse for what it is doing. This Simp is selfishand self-centered. Mem knows that the Simp couldn‟t be anything more or lessbecause of its nature. With this in mind, she realizes that she will rise to theoccasion. Nighttime is fast approaching and she has to make a move before the Simpdoes. Mem gathers everything she has in her arsenal. She begins to meditate andpray for the daylight to find her alive. The Darkness is back and not to comfort her, but to consume what is left ofher. There is no recourse but to come out fighting with everything she is capable. This battle wages great damage to her psyche. She suffers from short-termamnesia. Unable to reveal the cause of her condition to the worldly physicians, theyare left clueless. Mem seeks out and finds an alchemist to treat her memory loss. Sheis a well-known hobbit named, Bonitah Noeblet. Mem has known her for severalyears from working as an associate in medicine. She trusts and respects Bonitahwith her well being. Mem knows that if anyone can save her from this mentalcondition she will. A short time has past and Mem is in better health; however, the Simp‟sattacks have permanent effects on her. With her weak financial situation and nohome of her own, hopes for a complete recovery take longer than expected. Theattacks continue on lower levels of impact everyday. Mem suffers the ills of thisSimp until she finds security in her homeland. Someday, Mem hopes to buy herfreedom from the rulers of this foreign wasteland of human afflictions. Thecompanions that Mem has found on her latest travels agree to assist her in anywaypossible while in Exile; unfortunately, they are limited in their powers of persuasionover the foreigners that control this land. Mem walks in poverty and oppression of her gifts, she battles with thenegative dictators and sharp-tongued persecutors. She is full of spirit and hopes for
  15. 15. a brighter path even while in her agony. For however long it takes, she walksbravely with nothing but a lantern of faith. Day after day and night after night, shetravels toward her freedom. She wonders if anyone will remember what she hasendured? Would anyone be inspired? Would she be free in time for her daughter‟swedding? Could she defeat the Simp that pursues her, who hopes to devour her andtake possession of her powers? Mem still has one last gift that even the Simp cannot take. She knows that ifit kills her, it will not survive the most powerful gift of all, the power of love!Therefore, she invites the Simp to feast on the last of her gifts, the ultimate gift. Shebegs the Simp to do its worst. The Simp also has this knowledge and refuses topartake of such an offering. Mem realizes that her adversary has a weakness as well.She uses this information to defeat it. She concedes that all she has to do is survive one attack at a time. Whileunder attack, she fills herself with every good thought and feeling. The power of love and loving thoughts become so sweet, the Simp cannotWith stand the bitterness once ingested. The Simp has no choice but to back off. The attacks become less and Mem handles the few and far between episodesof attacks. She regains most of her strength and is able to think more clearly. Shefinds her joy again in the little things that she is thankful. On first rising, she counts every blessing and prays for strength to endure,absorb, and to reconstitute the negative energy into positive energy for her benefit.She hopes it will be enough to get her to her next destination on this journey, backto herself and her homeland. After several more moons of battle with the Simp, she needs sleep. When thenight falls and covers the land like a black cloak. She dreamt of a happier place inwhich her children live. When the flickering flame of faith from her lantern nolonger gives forth its light, it is time to move on. Her dear friend and associate,Bonitah, returned to her trade and work place. She leaves Mem with many readymixed remedies for future use. They kiss each other‟s cheeks and say farewell. Mem lays in the shelter alone and frazzled. She is exhausted from theemotional strain. It is very late and Mem just wants to sleep. Therefore, she takesone of Bonitah‟s remedies and does just that. The sounds from outside her dwellingfade away into muffled noises. The cats curl up beside her in bed and fall asleep aswell. She begins humming a song to her feline friends and then slowly slips into adream, or is it a nightmare? WINTER‟S JOURNEY She found herself in front of a roaring fire. There were people outsidemaking a racket. She could only make out shapes and shadows as she tried to figure
  16. 16. out what was going on. She felt drowsy and uncoordinated in her movements. Shewas at the opening of her little space of existence remembering how she got thereand why. She let out a loud scream as her surroundings started to spin. She realizedthat she was trapped inside of some sort of void. She started to reason with herselfthat it was just a dream and would wake up soon and all would be as it was. Amyriad of thought gripped her. At first, she tried to rationalize what happened. Shedidn‟t know if this was real or just a bad dream. She wasn‟t sure about what day itwas or for that matter what year. She only thought about a way out from whereverthis was. Everything seemed as real as was before she fell asleep. She even cutherself to make sure she would bleed. The air smelt and felt the same, wretched andold. She walked a little ways from the opening of her space to get a better lookaround. All seemed quite normal as she remembered. After convincing herself thatall was as it should be, she lay back down next to the kitty-girls. While staring at theceiling she fell into a deep sleep. When she woke up the next morning, as usual, shecounted her blessings, made a few entries in her Book of Shadows, and then began anew journey with her familiars at her side. In short, new dangers arrive. In the dawn of winter, Mem reached her final days of exile in a foreign landof desperation. On December 11 at first morning light, she found what she thoughtwas a way of escape, which meant a long trip to endure. Mem was not afraid oftraveling. She cannot rest and was accustom to moving around and never stayed inone place. She knew that she must continue moving or be killed. She sent word ofher intentions to her children, but no response. She found herself alone again facingthe trials of her life. Will she ever be truly free from her nightmares and dayterrors? Mem changed her name and appearance. She gathered some herbs, lit threecandles, and got to work on a spell. She cleansed herself in rose water and smudgedin incense of sage. The spell that she decided on was a glamour lotion. This wouldmake her appear to others as a harmless stranger. She needed to be able to movethrough them freely; however, this spell did not fool the Darkness. What ever shehad to do, she had to move quickly. She prepared a chant for her name change andit went like this: “Same name, name change, and my name now hide from fame!Blessed be times 300 seas.” This spell made anyone who wished harm against hernot understand what she said, the words became jumbled in their heads, they wouldlet her go and be out of her way.
  17. 17. The hour was nearing. She must wait for the dark of the moon before shestarted out on this dangerous journey back to her homeland. She had severalappointments to keep with persons who wished to help her in anyway possible.These people had influence over the local residents and magickal talents. She had only seven more days before Half-light would expose her to theDarkness. Half-light was a liar and a cheat. It was the eyes of the Darkness. Thiscreature could travel day or night and was undetectable by the human eye. Memknew this and befriended a faerie of tri-sight who had agreed to travel with Mem asher companion and scout. This beautiful faerie‟s name was Trinitee. She hadtelepathic powers that aided in the quiet conversations while on their quest forMem‟s freedom. There was much to do and pack. In two weeks time they must beready to leave the hiding place. Mem had been in this place for six moons now. Winter was upon them andthis made traveling dangerously wicked. The heaviness of the air made it harder tohear anything or know from which direction a noise may be coming. Mem‟s safetyand health was very important to Trinitee because they depended on one anotherfor everything. If they were to make it through alive, they had to trust and believe inone another. They had prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. There weremountains, valleys and rivers to cross. The scariest place they would venturethrough would be the forest. Mem collected seven white stones. Each stone represented one day. Whennight turned to day, she would cast one of the stones into the smoldering campfirebefore they started on their way. On the night of their departure, Mem cooked up a meal and saved some ofthe leftovers for the journey. She gathered her familiars, Tabby and Calie, and theyslept snuggled all through the night. Mem‟s faerie companion arrived at firstmorning light and then they packed up the sled and were on their way. The Mountains, covered in white caps of ice and snow, were not very faraway and seen for miles. The winds blew down from their peaks with a chillingforce. Mem and Trinitee had to stay close to the foothills in the shelter of theevergreens. The river ran through these hills, so they followed the river until theyreached the valley. The landscape was beautiful but dangerous. The hill‟s steepnesswas full of obstacles of impending doom. There were creatures roaming abouthungry and scared. The hills were dotted with small encampments of nomads; theywere not always friendly. Mem and Trinitee sometimes had to give away their
  18. 18. reserves to gain passage. This weakened their efforts in making it to their nextdestination. With the cats following close by, they did their part to survive. Tabby and Calie worked together as a team and always had a fresh kill forall of them to feast on. When they had reached the other side of the mountain, theyknew that they would be safe at least from the foreigners that they left behind. Nolonger able to see the tiniest flicker of light from the land behind them, they couldonly look forward into the unknown. After several nights and days of traveling through this vastness ofwilderness, Mem‟s spirit of determination was worn. She took a moment to herselfto reflect on how far they had traveled. She put her hand inside her coat pocket topull out the bag of stones. She poured what was left of them into her hand. Shelooked around at the location and then counted the stones that were left. Shecalculated that they had traveled for three days. This meant that they were halfwaythrough the mountain. They still had three or four more days before reaching theflatlands. They hoped that when they had arrived in the flatlands, that there would bea place to restock their supplies. It was frigid at this altitude in November. Theymust make their descent immediately or it could mean the end of their lives. Thereality of their situation was the driving force for them to continue down themountain for as long as they could. They needed to get to warmer temperatures ofthe flatlands to ensure their survival. They had been traveling northeast along the ridge of the mountain with thewind forces in front of them. They finally reached the bottom of the steep foothillsand started walking due east to the flatlands. They could see it as the day faded intonight. They found a giant, hollowed-out tree that they used as shelter. Mem starteda small fire and cooked up what the cats had dragged in for supper. It was big, gray,and plenty for the four of them. The next morning while Mem was taking a walk, she found a small wateringhole. She took a bath and replenished her spirit to endure the remainder of thejourney. When Mem retrieved her clothing, one white stone fell from the pocket ofher coat. She stared at it for what seemed like thirty minutes. Then a sound startledher back to reality. She had a dream sight of the forest, a scary place, which she waswarned. This was a place of enchantment. Few had gone and returned to tell thetales of the things that they had heard and seen. From what she could see in hervision, this place was a mystery. This place was full of magickal powers and beingsand winged things. The prospects of what she might encounter excited her. She ranto where the others were and told them about what she had seen in her vision. Whenthey had heard everything that she wanted to share with them, they became just asexcited and their spirits were up-lifted to renewed energy. They packed up whatthey had left and started out for the flatlands. There they stocked up on the suppliesneeded for their exciting adventure through the forest of mystery and intrigue. The forest was named for the lives lost. They called it Tymelast Forest for
  19. 19. this place may be the last time you are heard from, if heard at all. The trees wereclose and dense with mold and moss. The canopy overhead was like a web of death.There was no light shining through even when it was day it was pitch black and fullof movement above and below. A person traveling through here was well advised toexpect nothing good to come of it. With what they came up against Mem andTrinitee were prepared. They knew that fear was their greatest enemy. They hadbrought with them white-lighter stycks. All they had to do is strike the styck againstany hard surface and it would glow like a streak of lightening. The glow piercedthrough the dense darkness like a hot knife through melted wax and lasted for up tofour hours. The forest lasted for two days. They met up with some unpredictablecharacters while journeying toward the center. The images were not what theyexpected to meet up with, considering their surroundings. One would think that theonly thing found in a place like this would have to be as ugly as its environment tobecome undetectable. We were foolish to believe what our eyes showed us. Hardlesson learned and miracles do happen even in darkest hours. The center of this forest was as dark as dark can get. This was the point oflife and death. This was the curse and the cure of both. With a deep ragged breath,Mem went in first ahead of Trinitee. What seemed unreal became their reality forhowever long it took to make it past the center. There at the center it seemed as if time had stopped. There were no soundsand nothing moved. This place in time was ageless and eternal. The power there wasneither good nor evil, neither positive nor negative. The closer they came to the coreof this point in time, the more anxious they became. Their feelings of anxietysubsided after the appearance of something neither of them could describe inhuman language terms. In this place there were no words spoken, only the veryessence of being. Here is where only the metaphysical existed. They were no longerwithin but without. This place revealed the defining truth of what they are andwould become. There was a sense of self without the burden of flesh and bone toobscure their inner spirit. Here they entered with what was within them and leftwith so much more. „The spiritual condition of self by which you enter determines the condition ofself by which you exit‟ was written on a piece of wood tied to a dead tree. Triniteeand Mem hesitated for a moment after reading these words. They knew that theyhad no other choice but to enter with what they believed in. The unpredictablecharacters were of their own creation. They were their inner fears and ambitions inlife. They knew they had to purify their feelings and thoughts if they wanted to seedaylight again. They puffed up their faith, humbled their flesh, and entered withperfect love and perfect trust that they would be better for it. Facing their fears and conquering them was a battle in itself. The greatestpowers of destruction are fear and love. Mem‟s personages now had faces and hervirtues had essence of spirit. When they had reached the core, a message was given through the waters ofthe Divine. This is what they experienced and witnessed. In the waters of the Divinewere two images, one of a giant healthy tree and the other of a petrified rock.
  20. 20. “Hither stands the truth and Tether sits the lie, the truth is not seen throughhuman eyes. To bare the soul, you must abandon the body and its members there of.The lie is easier to see for it celebrates openly. The truth you seek is deep within theeand most are afraid to see me. „THE DIVINE‟ does not judge, punish, or condemn.The understanding is that all those living are not perfect but still learning. Being bornis not the beginning neither is death an ending. All are travelers on a celestial journey.We are many; we are one in origin. When all admit that, they know nothing, only thenwill they know something. The blind do not see and those who see are blind.” “Seeingis not believing. Believing is seeing.” Mem‟s understanding is that the core of our existence is of the collective. Weare all connected but divided. When we realize the source of our division, weunderstand the words that are written. This knowledge is born in us and thendistorted by humanity. Mem would rather lie down with the truth and rest easythen stand with the lie and grow weary because of it. Life is hard enough andshort-lived, so why fight and argue over religion. She has read; do not forsake thegathering of yourselves to one another. Nowhere is it written, do not forsake thegathering of (denominations, ethnic groups, color, race, gender, generations, orspecific beliefs.) we are not divided by „THE DIVINE‟ we are divided byhumankind‟s need to control humankind. Mem further expressed it in this way, “THE DIVINE; it is a light that livesinside us. It is untouchable by hands. It cannot be seen or heard by human eyes orears. It is a feeling deep down in the core of our hearts and minds. It is beneficialand all that is good. It moves humans toward compassion for others. She knows itlives inside of her. It does not reveal itself. You must search for it. It is the miraclesby humankind. It only lives in living things and is expressed naturally throughkindness to others and then yourself. Its light does not co-exist with the darkness. Itilluminates the badness to its punishment. What one sends out returns three-fold.What goes around comes around. Do onto others what you would have them do ontoyou. These are the Golden Rules to live by and live for. It has been said, „love coversa multitude of sin‟. With unconditional love, humankind would never war againstone another again is the opinion of Mem. Mem knows all too well the reality of human condition, she writes, “It wasfound wanting and was judged imperfect. We all fall short of divine grace.” She alsois aware that as long as we are alive there is hope. “We cannot give up or give in tothe wilds of our fleshly desires.” The end is not yet for Mem and her companions. They still had to findtheir way out of the notorious forest of great secrets and mystery. Mem began towonder what time of day it was. The dense and endless night that existed therefooled their minds. Trinitee took flight as she often did to fly up through the canopy to measurethe placement of the sun. She had excellent navigational skills. Trinitee was of acelestial nature. She originated from the blue stars of Troika, the stars that existsbehind the moon. She had an aura that matched her world. There were times thatshe lit their path with just her illuminating personality. She really liked to play hide
  21. 21. and seek with Mem‟s cats, which was quite entertaining. Trinitee returned with the time of day. It was noon and they all noticed thatthey were hungry. It did not seem appropriate to eat in the presence of what feltHoly. They walked through the center and around the core with respectful silence.Once outside of the center, they felt the climatic element of the dank, dark, andmusky forest again. When they looked back, the center was non-existent. The foresthad consumed it into oblivion. They were puzzled about this and walked back towhere they believed it was. There was no evidence that there was a center to thisplace. Strangely, the words of Mem‟s father came to mind; he once asked her aquestion. „How far can you go into the forest‟? The answer was only halfway,because then you would be coming out. It amused her and she had to share it withthe others. They found it to be as humorous as Mem did and they all had a goodlaugh. The laughter served as a release valve for the stress that they had been undersince the beginning of their journey. The kitty girls reminded Mem with playful intentions that they were all veryhungry now. Mem caught the hint, they gathered up their belongings, headed outand found a clearing with better lighting. On the way out of the forest, Mem heard the little voice of Trinitee in her ear.She was reminding Mem that seeing is not believing-believing is seeing. Her heartfilled with warmth and she could not hold back the smile that burst forth onto herface. Mem remembered a time with her sister, Alephax. She could see herselfsitting next to her on the living room floor. They were watching the televisionprogram, Bewitched! Ale leaned over to Mem to whisper a secret. “You know, ouraunts and grandma, on Mayjee Island, are witches don‟t you?” She remembered how their secret made her feel. She had a tickle in herstomach and a giggle in her throat. She felt excited and happy to know the truthsrevealed. They noticed that their eyes were starting to see a dimly lit haze in front ofthem. After being in the dark for so long, they thought that maybe it was a trick ofsome sort. The light became brighter as they began to run toward the daylight. Thecolors were so vivid and bright that they could barely look at them. The forestwidened and the trees seemed to part from one another. They could hear birdsflying and singing with such joy, it was as if they were welcoming them back into theland of the living. By the position of were the sun was they could tell it was lateafternoon. Before Mem could walk any further, she had to stop and take one morelook at where they had emerged. In her silence, she gave thanks to the TymelastForest for its gifts to them. She made a promise that she would never forget any ofit. Her companions sincerely agreed with her and came away with the greatest giftof all „the validation of knowledge‟ that had enriched their lives and foreverchanged them for the better. If there were never hard times, we would neverappreciate the good times. These words came from her mother and grandmother.“May they continue to live within Me. Blessed be times three.” were Mem‟s parting
  22. 22. words of appreciation. “The color of life is the magick of miracles.” THE NARROW Mem had traveled many roads. They all seemed to lead to the same end.The hidden road had room for only one vessel. It is tailored to the one who dared tobrave what it had to offer. Mem had chosen this path for reasons unbeknown to her.It was more like the road had chosen her. This road was a lonely road. Seldom doyou see another soul during your travels. What you needed found you along theway. This was what Mem had to say about her hidden road days. Now that Mem and her companions seemed to be out of harm‟s way. Theylooked forward to the road ahead of them. It was scary and sometimes dark. Thisroad was littered with unforeseen obstacles. Mem felt alone even with hercompanions. What she endured was personal. Many had traveled this road but wereunknown. There were moments that made her scream and shout and holler. Theonly gain from such lunacy was silence, because no one was listening and no oneknew her agony or cared. She kept most of it to herself because she felt that no onehad the power to help. So she knew she had to be stronger than the problems shedealt with. There were very few places along the way where she could seek comfort.She came to a sad conclusion that her companions had become a burden of extraresponsibility. They held her back from what would have been easy. In fact, sheblamed them for ending up in Exile. These feelings disturbed her but she just couldnot shake them. She loved Trinitee and her kitty-girls and could not live withoutthem. They became more then just companions. They were her reasons for living.More times then Mem cared to admit, her feelings would get in the way of her logic.Logically she knew that her decisions, because of love, were hard choices. It took alot more strength to do what was right when love was the reason behind thedecision. Mem never did anything unless it was something to do with love. She was aromantic. She loved and dreamed of happy endings and had yet to realize them.Trinitee, with her telepathic talent knew what Mem felt. So in her little faerie voiceshe tried to send comfort for Mem‟s heart and whispered, “Mem, I am here. Youare not alone. I love you to.” On hearing these words that were not hers, Mem looked around frantically.She cried out to Trinitee and her kitties to forgive her of her selfishness. To Mem‟srelief they were close by and came running to her. Mem felt ashamed of the way shehad been behaving. She knew her thoughts were not normal. She had a suspicionthat maybe the mind-bending Simp had followed her. Mem had to be on her guard
  23. 23. against her own thinking. She told her friends about what this Simp had done andwas capable of. Mem felt that if she shared this knowledge with those who loved her,that they would have a better chance at recognizing their enemy. Trinitee would bethe first to alert Mem of any mental attacks since she was psychic. The cats had aunique gift of sight as well and a keen sense of smell. So the power of three had beenactivated by faerie sight, feline instincts, and a witches‟ intuition. Mem‟s daughter had packed a special item for her. When they stopped torest, Mem was looking through her backpack. She found a small leather book with awrap strap to secure it closed. She pulled it out carefully and was amazed. She knewthat her daughter, Ceece, had to of packed it for her. It was safely wrapped in abrown sandwich bag. When she opened it there was a note attached to the frontcover. After reading the note, Mem began to cry. If ever she needed to see herdaughter‟s words, it was right then. In the note were words of renewed hope for thefuture. Ceece had written the most beautiful words a mother could ever hope for,they read like this; There will be a new arrival come spring. You will have to behome because she wants to meet her Grandma. We miss you and want you with us toshare in raising our new little witch. She will need you to teach her our way. I needyou Mom more then ever. Love you, Ceece--P. S. She needs a name that only youcan give her. Blessed be! I thought maybe you might need a new Book of Shadows. Ithas been charged in bringing you home. (A witch should never be without herweapon of choice) I knew you would agree. So do your will -- Harm none! XX OOP.S.S. Love and Life surrounds us and binds us, now & forever. Trinitee heard every word that Mem had read and was so full ofencouragement that she jetted straight up into the sky. She looked like a rockettaking off with a stream of colors like the rainbow flashing all around. When shefinally returned from her emotional flight of cheerful joy, she gave Mem a tenderfaerie kiss that felt like a million butterflies fluttering on her face. Mem neverstopped thinking about the words of her daughter‟s news. She was so excited andhappy. She felt like she could do anything now. Once Trinitee had settled down, they realized that Tabby and Calie wherenowhere to be found. So off Trinitee flew again to see if she could spot them fromabove. Sure enough, there they were, hiding in a bush nearby. Trinitee flew abovewhere she could see them until Mem reached the spot. Mem quietly walked over towhere they were. She stood there looking at them all curled up and frightened. Memwaved to Trinitee that she had found them. Mem carefully bent down and sat nextto them in the bush. She let them decide for themselves when it was safe to come out.They had been frightened by the commotion that Trinitee had stirred up on her
  24. 24. exciting little flight. Tabby and Calie recovered and came out on their own oncethey saw that Trinitee was all right. After a half hour of soothing them withcalmness, they were themselves again, curious and playful. They went back to wherethey had been sitting and had some dinner for the long road ahead was awaitingtheir arrival. After dinner Mem took the last white stone from her coat pocket. She held itin her hand for a moment and then together they buried it along side the road. Thesun was about to set and they had to get going. They had to find some shelter beforedark. Trinitee flew out ahead of them in search for a safe place. After about twentyminutes of walking, Trinitee flew back with good news. She had found a rocky outcropping in the side of a hill just ahead about a quarter of a mile. Mem was veryrelieved to learn what her dear friend had found for them. On the way to theirresting place, they gathered some branches and sticks to make a fire. By the light from the fire, Mem conjured up a blessing spell for good fortuneand health to remain with them for the remainder of their journey. She encircledthem with sea salt for protection to shield them from harm. By first morning lightthey would start again on their quest to find home. Mem dreamt about her unborngrandchild and it inspired her to drum up every ounce of strength she possessed tomake it home before the baby‟s due date. She figured that her granddaughter wouldbe born around her birthday in June. Which would be late spring or early summer.There was so much she wanted to teach her and so much Mem would learn fromsuch an innocent. She prayed that her daughter would be okay during herpregnancy. Ceece was not in the best of health to carry a baby. This knowledgemade everything else seem small in comparison to being with her children. Memknew that what she would go through was not as important as her daughter‟s needs.This put a whole new perspective on the issues at large. Mem didn‟t get much sleepthat night after reading her daughter‟s note. She woke in the morning feeling verytired. They had already decided to camp there for a few days. Trinitee had gone off into the bright morning sky to search for water. Shealways found what they were in need of. She was the best scout of her kind. Memand kitty-girls were very fortunate that Trinitee wanted to go on this journey withthem. You see, the great thing about good faeries is that they love helpinghumankind and love a good adventure; especially magickal ones that expose them toa world beyond their own. Now getting back to the day‟s tasks. Tabby and Calie went hunting for foodand brought back a pheasant and a rabbit. Mem came across a nest of eggs and theyhad a hardy breakfast to start their day. After breakfast they followed Trinitee tothe watering hole that she had found. There they were able to relax and bathe andfill all the water jugs.
  25. 25. “Blessed be times three.” Mem thought, “The Gods are watching over us andblessing our every effort to survive.” They loaded up the sled and headed back to the campsite. In the safety of theelevated rock ledge, they sang some songs and fixed the leftovers from breakfast.That night Mem was sure to get the proper rest she needed for the next days travels.They huddled together for warmth and comforted one another with love andappreciation. Mem fell asleep only to awake after a few hours. She looked around into thedarkness. When her eyes had adjusted to the faint lighting from the embers of thefire, she gently moved out from under her kitty-girls. She found that she neededsome alone time to think. She walked over to the opening of the alcove. Her thoughtswere muddled with past memories and what the future may hold. She started towonder what it is she felt she had to run from, or was she running towardsomething? She decided it was time for a reading. She went to her bag and pulledout her magick sack of goodies. By the light of a single white candle she did a tarotreading. The first card was the High Priestess card. This is always an importantmessage. She knew by the appearance of this card that she would receive a veryspecial message. She did a full reading of all eleven cards. The time was midnightand also the first day of December. (The cards revealed painful changes were on theway; however they would be beneficial in her personal growth. While proving to bea force to reckon with, she would become the person she was meant to be. Oldnegative influences would soon be replaced with her own self-confidence that wasdeveloping. All her hard work was about to be rewarded and she deserved it nomatter what others may believe). The High Priestess card message informed Mem[that she had to learn to be flexible and handle more than one crisis at a time. This isnot something to fear. In fact only death should she fear for it would come and takesomeone close to her.] When she saw this message, she immediately thought of her ailing father. Sherecently was told of her father‟s will. He had left everything to her including, thecontinued care of her brother. Mem realizes that these facts were part of why she ison the move. She does not want to deal with lose of her father then deal with theresponsibility of her mentally challenged brother. She realized that she must acceptand be thankful for what she had by making it better, not by eliminating it. She had a strange feeling that she was being watched from the dark. Thenshe realized that the spell she had cast on herself to appear as a harmless strangerhad expired. She had returned to looking like herself. The spell only lasted for sevendays. She now had three days to make it to her next destination, „The Blind ValleyRetreat‟. It was somewhere in the flatlands. She had to meet with the Sorceress offuture sight. This Sorceress had a plan on how to change her life‟s course for the
  26. 26. better. She only had until two o‟clock on the third of December in the afternoon tocomplete this journey. Mem felt overwhelmed by a feeling of something touching her. She heard anoise in the bushes below them. She went to investigate and found a small beingsneaking around in the brush. She tried to catch it but it was not something solid. Itwas more of a shadow. It disappeared and she knew then what it was. Half-light hadrecognized her now that she was no longer protected by the image spell. She knew itwould report her location to the Darkness. This Darkness would never stop stalkingher and she would always be at battle with its influence. Mem wondered how shewould survive the elements that wanted to destroy her and consume her powers. Sheneeded to find security in something or someone. This Sorceress may have ananswer for her. This situation had turned into a life and death matter. In the morning Mem gathered them for a meeting. There were seriousdecisions that had to be made. She did not want them to risk their lives for her inthis way. The Darkness was very powerful and destructive. She remembered howbad it was when it had her in its void. She wanted to spare them the pain and theinsanity that she knew it could inflict upon anyone, who tried to help her. She activated her cloak of disguise. It was an effective source of magick andshe had used it before on her travels. This may at least get them through to theSorceress safely. With Mem in a weakened state, casting was not a good option. Ittook a lot of energy to hold a spell in place for extended amounts of time. Thechange appearance spell had used a dangerous amount of magick. Mem‟s power ofwill was low and she was so tired. She needed a safe place to refortify her innerpowers. But nevertheless, she pulled her cloak from her bag; they stood in a circlearound the cloak, and called the corners. Mem offered up a libation and a prayer ofprotection. Mem now was ready to invoke and cast the activation spell. It went likethis; “Cloak of stark black lace, change and transform my face; protect those whotravel with me, with heavenly grace. Surround us and now embrace; hold the magicksecurely in place. Blessed be as I will, for all to see now fulfill; harm to none, timesthree! Then Mem gave thanks and closed the circle. The cloak was now enchantedand would get them to where they needed. The trip to see the Sorceress was not long. In just eight hours they were ather hide-a-way in the valley past the end of the flatlands. She was expecting themfor several days. She spotted them on the horizon, whisked them to her dwellingwith her mind. The Sorceress could teleport objects and living things if necessary.She introduced herself as Janknight. Mem did like wise with her friends forJanknight. Mem started to tell Janknight of her problems but before Mem could
  27. 27. utter another word, the Sorceress quieted her in her heart. Janknight told them thatshe was aware of the situation and that they need not explain. The Sorceress had a feast spread out before them and invited them to justrest and to enjoy the food she had prepared. She said, “It is the hour of great powers,Mem, I send thee the powers to be. Accept and be healed! To your companions withhope and accomplishment they will lead! To each of you I give the gifts to set you free.The darkness, not one of you, will it see. I blind Darkness and Its servant of darkdeeds, you will now flee!” The den filled with blue smoke and then white light and the Sorceress wasgone. This was the place she had prepared for them to stay. Mem was hoping tospend more time with her because she felt indebted. They did what Janknight hadasked of them and they were completely refreshed by morning. Mem cut a lock ofher hair to leave behind as a gift of gratitude. Each of them had their own gifts togive. They slept like babies in the arms of the Great Mother. Never had they felt sosafe. Never had they dreamt of such beauties as on that night. On rising the next morning, Mem still had a weight pressing down upon herheart. With all the knowledge she had gleaned from her journeys, she still waslacking faith. She had faith that the sun would rise that the moon would shine, andthat the seasons would continue to bring renewed life. The most important faith ofall that she lacked was faith in her self. She was saddened by this realization. Shewondered what it would take for her to finally believe in her own abilities. Memwondered, what was holding her back from the gift of faith in herself. All theelements that she fought everyday were her own views of the world she created. Itmust come down to one simple solution. Maybe soon she would discover her innerbeing and inner strengths and be able to just love who she was. Some things stay thesame for a good reason. Maybe she had to change something about herself beforesomething outwardly changed? The weather was taking on a wintry air. The sky opened up and the snowbegan to fall. She called her friends to see the beautiful snowfall. They ask if theywould be leaving the den in this weather. Mem turned to them and sighed and justshook her head in a no answer. There was plenty of food to hold them over ifneeded. Mem was thinking about a piece of cake and when she looked at the table itjust appeared out of nowhere. Not only was this den enchanted, but everythingwithin it was also. So they stoked the fire and sat back down to refigure what wasnext.
  28. 28. They were safe in the Sorceress‟s cave because she had cloaked it with hermagick before she left. Janknight left them with gifts of plenty for she knew theywould need to stay longer then they realized. They stayed for one week and duringthat week Mem learned a lot about herself and her friends. They shared theirsecrets and wishes about life and told stories that were inspiring. After a very fillinglunch on their second day in the protection of Janknight‟s den, Mem opened herBook of Shadows to begin a new entry on their adventures thus far. She alwaysbegan her entries with; Dear Guardians of the Universe small and great I praise thee. Mem kept a journal for the rest of her days. Every entry was dated and theweather was mentioned on each date entered. She would draw little pictures andrandom designs around the edges and top and bottom margins. There weredrawings of dreams that she had and visions of friends and foes. Each and every oneof her journals was unique and special. She was quite an artist and a poet at times. Trinitee was so full of magick and insight that she gave very useful advice.She never had a bad attitude or lost sight of the mission. Tabby and Calico were mostly playfully serious when hunting for the day‟smeal. They were great companions and entertainment. The four of them as a teamcould not be matched. They came to love one another very much. Their partingwould be heart breaking. Thankfully the kitties would remain with Mem and livetogether forever. Trinitee continued to stay in contact with them even when she wasthousands of miles away. Mem knew that Trinitee would telepathically be with herno matter how far apart they became. She would envision Trinitee‟s world if shebecame lonely for her faerie friend. It was a beautiful vision of color andphenomena with a blanket of stars and astral colors that revolve around theirplanets made up of three blue stars. They are blue because of the freezingtemperatures. They share the same source of sunlight and warmth that, in itself,makes them close to one another. Trinitee‟s world was a land of winter and wonder.They lived in ice castles and played in the snow and looked like angels. They had akindness never heard of except in faerie tales. Her eyes were like watery emeraldsand her hair was white spun silk. When she smiled it reminded Mem of polishedenamel. She was all of three inches with a heart thrice that in size. Mem could onlyimagine what it would be like to feel the love Trinitee had, multiplied by OneHundred Thousand like her, everyday for eternity. She and her kind have beengifted with immortality. Mem had to ask, “How does one achieve immortality?” Trinitee replied, “One does not achieve immortality; it is a birth right.” Shetried to explain it but mortals have no concept of forever. She continued with, “Yourkind live always for yourselves and that is what blocks your inheritance of life
  29. 29. ever-lasting. Humankind lack faith and trust in one another and that had turnedinto a curse upon all humankind. Humankind had forgotten how to believe in whatthey can not see and had depended on only “that” which they do see.” Then Trinitee asked Mem, “In your world what do you see endlessly?” When Mem started to reflect on the world she lived in she began to cry. Trinitee touched Mem with her heart felt thoughts and said in her tiny voice,“You and yours are so full of sadness; how could you ever embrace a gift of purejoy?” She continued with, “When humans have everything that they thought couldmake them happy, humankind still remain unhappy and hopelessly search for that,which cannot be possessed by mere mortals.” she sighed and kissed Mem‟s cheektenderly. Trinitee could feel the agony of humankind, especially Mem‟s, for she lovedMem more than any human she had ever met. Because of Mem‟s special child-likequality, she bestowed upon her a gift that she would carry with her to the afterlife. Trinitee passed her hand across Mem‟s face and placed Mem in a dreamstate of her passing and rebirth. Mem saw herself as a very elderly woman withgreat insight and knowledge of the world that most could not see. She felt anabundance of love all around her. What she had suffered was like that of a baddream that she had finally woke from. She was warm in a bed surrounded byloved-ones when she took her last breath. When her son-in-law had released herashes to the mountainous winds, her essence was released and reborn into a new life.She was embodied with all the knowledge of her pass life but not of the loved onesfrom it. They faded into strangers that she would meet again in her new existence.This revealed a lot about what would become of those she loved and it served as acomfort to her soul. Now she heard Trinitee‟s voice calling her back to the present. When Mem felt awake, she also felt humbled and thanked Trinitee for whatshe had done and knew she could never pay back such a wonderful gift of dreamsight. Trinitee reassured Mem that there was no repayment expected of her, onlyappreciation and for Mem to never stop believing in the miracle of magick. Mem made a promise and sealed it with a single drop of blood. The crimsoncolor spread out on the freshly fallen snow and then crystallized into the shape of adragonfly with wings outspread as if in flight. This was a sign for the gods andgoddesses to see that Mem was in deed serious and committed to this solemn oath,sealed in her own blood. It was late and getting colder. So the two souls moved inside to prepare ameal to share with their beloved furry friends. The snow showers turned into a
  30. 30. snowstorm that kept them safe inside the den of so many gifts, which were onlytheirs to enjoy. Blind Valley looked like a winter wonderland from the rockyhide-a-way just above the flats. Since their stay was extended they made snowshoesand heavy cat sacks for Tabby and Calie so they would not have to walk through thecold wet snow. Trinitee was accustomed to the cold because she was made from the sparkleof blue ice. She loved the snow and ice and cold. She had said many times that thistime of year reminded her of home and that it pleased her deeply. Mem had to be responsible for the comforts and health of herself and herfury little friends. On the last night there, they thought up practical foods to takewith them on their final trek home. The first day of the last miles home were full ofactivity to make sure nothing was forgotten or left behind, that could tip offHalf-light as to where they were going. THE CRIMSON CIRCLE The weather turned out to be a blessing. Once they had started out, the snowthat was still lightly falling covered their tracks. Although, Half-light was closebehind, it was not going to be easy for it to find them. They meet a menacing-looking soul that wanted to help get them homesafely. It seemed like an unlikely character to do this, but you can never judge abook by its cover. Destiny had become a friend, believe it or believe it not. Destinyhad its good qualities as well as anything else did. What Mem felt was a threat,turned out to be a friend with deeds that many did not know about. She found outthat Destiny aka Death aka Omagi could become useful, if it chooses. When Mem spotted it on the side of the road, she was a bit apprehensive.The air around them took on an ominous feeling and odor. To Mem, it was all sofamiliar. She felt this presence before. She knew what the odor was. She stoppedwith fear in her heart. Trinitee quietly whispered in her ear, “Mem, I am here, calm yourself.” This phrase was once whispered to Mem three years ago. The night that shewas drawn up into the embrace of the Goddess of the Moon and immediately
  31. 31. became calm. The image that was standing before her raised its arms in an outspread gesture to welcome them. It changed from an ominous apparition into that ofan angel of light. No longer tall, dark, and fear inspiring, but looked like a shiningstar with spears of light reaching toward them. They could feel that its intentionswere good. When the light had faded to a dull glow it spoke to them in a gentle,deep, and soothing manner. Mem was now able to breathe and speak in return. Itswords moved Mem with compassion toward it. Death gave itself a name and malegender for Mem and her companion‟s sake. It wished to be addressed as Omagi.This seemed to mean, seer of the end and beginning. He had showed her somethingfrom her future that expressed to Mem goodwill is what he was offering. Knowing who and what he was made her afraid to ask the questions thatwere on her mind concerning him. Sometimes it‟s better not to know the truth aboutcertain subjects, objects, or beings in this case. Mem accepted his offer to help andthey were on their way in short order. As they were walking, one question was intensely on Mem‟s mind that Omagiheard and said, “Be not afraid to ask what is pure and honest from your heart.” Mem jerked her head toward him and on doing so, caught sight of his eyesbeneath his grayish blue cloak. He told her that there was no need for words beforeshe could speak them. He continued to connect with Mem as Trinitee did. He statedthat silence speaks volumes of its own. She somehow understood it completely. Thetelepathic connections pleased Mem deeply and she smiled and said in a soft voice,blessed be! On hearing these words, Omagi replied, in his soft-spoken voice, “It has beensupremely.” Mem, every now and again, looked over at him remembering only thebright-blue, icy appearance of his eyes. She wondered what was in this quest forhim. How surreal it was to be walking in partnership with Death. It hadmaterialized itself into an image of comfort for all their sakes. Things started tomake sense now. When they were in the Tymelast Forest at the core of the truth it was written,seeing is not believing-believing is seeing. She also remembered that there wasnothing to fear, accept for fear itself. Then she wished that she could defeat theDarkness that stalks her. At that thought, Omagi remarks, “Sometimes defeat is not victory. To
  32. 32. co-exist is sometimes conquest, and that is admirable.” She realized that the darkest personification known to humankind wasenlightening her. She felt so honored to be in his presence, that it filled her withdeep appreciation for such an opportunity. To be chosen, by such an icon ofawesome power over life and death, was beyond human description of Mem‟sfeelings. There were no words magnificent enough. In Omagi‟s words, „silencespeaks in volumes‟ is the truth when there are no words that can do justice todescribe what is beyond greatness. She started to wonder about her ailing father. Reflecting on the tarotreading, the message from the High Priestess came to Mem about the fear and thatdeath would come and someone close to her would die. Was Destiny here to take herfather? Was her father already dead? She knew in her heart that Destiny was nothere to take, but to preserve. She felt confused and at that moment, Omagi with hiswhite-icy blue eyes reassured Mem that her father was fine for now. They continued to move through the Valley quietly as the snow gently fellupon them. It was so peaceful and magickal along the winding path, that it felt likethey were the only creatures on Earth. It was two days before they reached the edge of the flat open land. In thenext small dwelling of huts and dens a message for Mem from her sister, Scythia,was waiting. In Scythia‟s letter, she expressed that she wished to join Mem when shewas settled in her new situation. She wrote that she would be free to go wherever shepleased, come February 1st. P.S. I need your help if I am to remain free of thestrangers that are lording over a small group of us with special talents. They havemade slaves and prisoners of us. Urgently, I beg for your help! Your blood sister andsister of the craft. Love and prayers for your safe return has been sent, Love, Scythiaand Raynha XX OO Mem knew that this situation with her sister existed and had already madepreparations to change Scythia‟s circumstances. Mem still had two months beforeshe would have to deal with her sister‟s dilemma. She safely placed the letter in herBook of Shadows and turned her attention back to the situation at hand. When sheturned to speak to Trinitee she was already up to speed on the latest news. Triniteeinformed Mem that she had sent a helper faerie to her sister so Mem would not beover concerned and keep her mind on their survival. Gratefully Mem thanked herfaerie friend and they got on with the task before them. They had traveled most of the day and it was late evening. Therefore, theywent outside the little habitat of huts and dens and made camp for the night. Omagi,
  33. 33. a supernatural being, not in need of rest, stood over them like a guardian angel.Omagi assured them he would let nothing and no one do them harm. He thentransformed himself into the starkness of the night and could not be seen by human,animal or other super beings. In an abandoned stone building they started a small fire and prepared a nicewarm meal. By the fireside light Mem added several new entries in her Book ofShadows. All through the night as she continued to write, there were attacks on thecamp. Omagi managed to keep all harm from his new charges. Mem‟swritings began with [Omagi was ordered by the supreme council of the GoddessHecate to preserve the lives of we four creatures. The protection had been extendedto Mem‟s true friends and loved ones. There were lesser guardians of Omagi‟srealm surrounding those closest to Mem. Her family members had been chosen fortheir courage and purity of heart to be protected and would become an inspirationfor humankind. Mem and her relatives had gone up against great adversity and tyranny thataimed to destroy what was good and magickal. The attacks on mortals awakened the great gods and goddesses andreminded them of why they themselves exist. The financially strong and selfish try to exterminate those who prove to bepure in heart and lovers of humankind‟s spiritual beauty and godly potential. Thesuper beings who were sent to watch and protect the lesser beings argued the case ofhuman worth to the great and powerful gods and goddesses. This occurred in theyear nineteen hundred fourteen in the month of the Witch‟s New Year, OctoberThirty-first. For the wages of sin is death ever lasting. Sayeth, The Great One. The wrath of The Great One was a fearful scene of great cruelties byhumankind. The pangs of the world had increased ten-fold. Born was the age ofdarkness. Darkness so dense no one was with reasonableness. The destructionbecame irreversible and so came the complete cleansing of the whole inhabitedEarth. This cleansing was not of a supernatural element, but that of super-humanintervention; the age of knowledge, the knowledge of truth, „Gnostics‟. They cameas alchemist, illusionist, soothsayers, and wise-ones witches. They were inventors,magicians and artists of philosophy. They were the first Christians. They spoke ofgods and goddesses and the oneness of conscience, the supreme being of male andfemale and the importance of balance in all things. The concept of good and evil was a false teaching. Evil was not a naturalelement, but a symptom of sick individuals. Good was a natural element, the