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Health divtrip


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10 years ago this week, the UCG health division celebrated its 15th anniversary . . .

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Health divtrip

  1. 1. UCG Health Division15 th Anniversary TripCoolfont Resort/Shenandoah River West Virginia  July 20-21, 2001 Photos by Richard D. Hadley & Bruce Seidel
  2. 2. Tonya gets us organized(to the extent possible)
  3. 3. Waiting for the lightning-fast Coolfont check-in system to kick into action
  4. 4. Before dinner, Carl mesmerizes listeners with tales of web site specifications
  5. 5. Beach games: Players plotthe physics of fill-the-bucket
  6. 6. Quick, Matt! More water for our drinks
  7. 7. Jay: "We never had to do this on the 6th floor."
  8. 8. Scavenger hunt:Team-building gone awry.
  9. 9. "This way to Nancys candy dish."
  10. 10. "We won! Now parkthe tank over there."
  11. 11. Judi, just before thePurple Heart ceremony
  12. 12. Quiz Master Doug Hernan
  13. 13. Elizabeth, Bob, Carl:Theodore Roosevelt -- NOT
  14. 14. Burt, Jeffery, Sara"...and thats how cold fusion works!"
  15. 15. Laura, Jonathan, Jay."These trivia questions are harder than company-trip clues"
  16. 16. Health Div. staffers break into smalldiscussion groups to analyze industry trends
  17. 17. Brett, Rachel, Laura. Obviously, the most thoughtful of the discussion groups
  18. 18. Well...not any more.
  19. 19. Kristina and Jennie express enthusiasm fortheir plan to lift Health Div. revenues 20% by shifting to the next-level paradigm
  20. 20. Burt waits for Dick to return his killerserve. Or maybe it was the other wayaround. It was early morning...who knows?
  21. 21. The Shenandoah River almostdried up fearing an assault by this hardy band of rafters.
  22. 22. Pamela & LaCrisha suit up for battle
  23. 23. Jennie assists the chief guide in showing how to do a “wheelie” in a raft.
  24. 24. Jeffery signals white water is ahead. Or he just found his car keys. (Not sure which.)
  25. 25. Alan, Carl, Dick, Elizabeth,Bruce. Ready to rock. Literally.
  26. 26. OK, who gave Brett the water bucket?
  27. 27. Maybe it would have been faster to take the train
  28. 28. Dan signals theres a tongue-shaped passagethrough the rapids ahead
  29. 29. Whitewater!
  30. 30. Trips end.Shenandoah sunset