WorldLink Level 5 workbook units 1-6


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WorldLink level 5 Workbook units 1-6

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WorldLink Level 5 workbook units 1-6

  1. 1. [.1[JIJ[.1[JIXICC'" 1i!I 6) with words from the box. Fillsome cases, Who is Cathy talking to? In in the blanks more than one answer is possible. boyfriend acquaintance parents ~oUeague supervisor best friend 1. Yes, Ms. Jones. I'll write all those letters today. She's talking to her 2. I really don't like my job. I have so much work! I never fInish it. What should I do? She's talking to her . 3. Chris, can you help me? Can you check this letter for me before I give it to the boss? She's talking to her . 4. No, I can't go out on a date with you on Friday night. I have to work late again. She's talking to her 5. Hi, Mr. Choi. How are you today? She's talking to her 6. Hi, Mom and Dad, I'm sorry I didn't call you last night. I was at the office until 10:00. She's talking to her . G Who are they? Complete the chart with the names of the people in your life. ' My parents My best mend My otber friends ..,- MY colleagues or relatives II! My acquaintances '- ./ 2 . Unit 1 AllAbout Me -.J i
  2. 2. 6) Read these introductions. 1. A: Hi, Michelle. I'd like you to meet Susan Chang. B: It's nice to meet you, Susan. My name is Michelle. C: It's nice to meet you too, Michelle. 2. A: Dave, this is my sister, Graciela. B: Hi, Graciela. Nice to meet you. C: Nice to meet you, too. Circle the more formal introduction. Write the words or phrases that make it formal. 4D Write conversations. 1. Introduce your best friend to a famous person. You: Famous person: Friend: 2. Introduce a classmate to a member of your family. You: Family member: Classmate: 3. Introduce your teacher to your friend. You: Friend: Teacher: Lesson A . The people in my life 3
  3. 3. 6) using theissimple present or the he's on vacation. Look at the pictures and write sentences about Richard Richard a teacher, but today present continuous. Usually Richard He 4D Put the verbs in the correct tense. Use the simple present or the present continuous. 1. Sorry, I can't talk to you right now. I (be) late for work. 2. Kevin (not, like) loud music. 3. Don't turn off the TV! I (watch) a great movie. 4. Sarah usually (play) tennis with her friends on Saturday. 5. I (study) English now. I (study) every day for an hour after class. 6. This basketball game is really exciting-my team (win) by only two points! 7. Usually, my mother (cook) dinner, but today my brother (cook) for us. 8. Jason (not, drink) coffee. He (like) tea. <I Find the mistake in each sentence. Cross it out and correct it. 1. Luis speaks Spanish at home, but now he is speak English. 2. Do you listening to me? 3. We usually are having a lot of homework in this class. 4. Right now Irena writes an e-mail to her family. 4 . Unit 1 AllAbout Me
  4. 4. ---- ............................................................... All About Me .. Lesson B My memories I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 6) Fill in the correct words from the box. 1. You buy this to remember your vacation. 2. You need this to travel overseas. 3. It tells you when and where you were born. 4. You keep old letters, papers, and photos here. 5. It shows that you graduated from high school. 6. This contains your grades. 7. It tells how much money you earned. 8. It contains memories from school. 9. You write in this every day. 10. You keep photos in it. 4» What is it? Write one of the words from activity A for each picture. History A Wh;ata great, d;ay!J Science B went to the beach with - ... . English A Jeff andSarah,and was Parent's Signature: beautiful. We went . . . . .. 1. 2. 3. Number: 223987 Name: Sandra Lee Name: Leclerc, Christophe Date of birth: June 2, 2003 Nationality: Canadian Place of birth: Central Weight: 3.2 kg Signature: C. i~ 4. 5. 6. . LessonB My memories
  5. 5. 6) Answer these questions. 1. Do you save a lot of old photos and papers? 2. Why or why not? 3. Where do you keep your old photos and papers? I G Read this magazine article about a new hobby. 1 + HOBBIES + I . I MakingMemories A popular new hobby is scrapbooking-making beautiful books to hold special memories. Scrapbook pages can include photos, drawings, iournal entries. It's not hard to make a scrapbook that you will enioy for many years. Here are the steps. 1. Choose a theme for your scrapbook pages. Some examples: "School days", "Family travel", "Memories of my grandparents", "Baby's first year". 2. Selectphotos for each page. Two or three really good photos are better than ten so- so photos. 3. Find other paper keepsakesto usewith your photos. look for old newspaper clippings, postcards,tickets, report cards, letters-anything made of paper. Useyour imagination! 4. Design the pages. Putphotosand keepsakes together on each page and movethem around until you find a layout that you like. 5. Glue your photosand keepsakesinto place. Thendecorate your pages with felt pens, paint, and stickers.Useyour imagination! 6. label your pages. This is the mostimportant step! Rememberto write down the "5 Ws" of your photos: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Thiswill makeyour scrapbook muchmore interestingand valuable in the future. <I Findthis informationin the article. 1. the defInition of scrapbooking 2. examples of keepsakes 3. important things to write on pages 4. subjects for a scrapbook 5. how to make the pages beautiful 6 Unit 1 . All About Me z
  6. 6. 4) Fill in the blanks. Put the verbs in the past tense. At the age of thirteen, I (1: take) my first trip alone. I (2: go) to visit my grandparents in Los Angeles. I (3: feel) very nervous about traveling so far, but my mother (4: say) , "Don't worry. You'll be fine." I (5: get) on the airplane and (6: talk) for a long time to a very nice woman who (7: sit) next to me. My grandparents (8: meet) me at the airport and (9: take) me to their home. I (10: stay) - there for two weeks, and I (11: have) so much fun with them! It (12: be) my first time in Los Angeles, and I (13: see) lots of really interesting places. In the end, I (14: not, want) . to go home! Write about your own happy memory. ~/ RJ 11 . U ,(to . " i' . . . ' . **_llRUM U JI () . Lesson B My memories 7
  7. 7. Unscramble these adjectives for that food describe. 1. tutryeb __tL_- 6. ucnyrch c- - - - -- 2. ycpsi s- - - - 7. ijuyc _u- - - 3. hayleth ___1__- 8. yrcips c- - - - - 4. tewes ---_t 9. rosu ___r 5. ylio ---y 10. talys - - _t- (i) label the pictures with words from activity A. 4. 5. <I Write sentences about foods you like and don't like. Follow the examples. Examples: I like Indian curry because it's spicy. I don't like lemons because thfJI.'resour. 1. I like 2. 3. 4. I don't like 5. 6. 8 Unit2 . Let's Eat!
  8. 8. 6) Unscramblethe words to form suggestions. 1. movie/ a / how / tonight / going / to / about ? 2. ice cream/ why / class / don't / we / after / have / some ? J. about/ restaurant / how / the / Italian / new ? 4. don't / meet / why / 8:00 / we / at ? 5. playing/ how / tennis / tomorrow / about ? G Numberhe sentences makea conversation. t to - You're right. It's very oily. - OK!Why don't we go to Chicken Paradise? - Well, how about Salad Heaven? - That's a great idea. Their food is much healthier. - Would you like to go out for dinner tonight? - I'm sorry, but I don't like their chicken. It's too greasy. . What would you like to do tonight? Write a similar conversation between you and a friend. Use Would you. . . and Howabout. . . . You: Would you Your friend: You: Your friend: You: Your friend: Lesson A . Foods we like! 9
  9. 9. Write sentences with the comparative form of these adjectives. Use your own ideas. Example: phone calls / letters / nice Letters are nicer than phone calls. 1. cats / dogs / friendly 2. computer games / chess / diffIcult 3. Mexico City / Tokyo / interesting. 4. fried chicken / French fries / greasy 5. swimming / lying on the beach / relaxing 6. cookies / donuts / sweet 7. cleaning the house / cooking / hard 8. sharks / snakes / dangerous 9. (Your own idea) 10. (Your own idea) G Write sentences with the superlative form of these adjectives. Use your own ideas. Example: exciting / sport in the Olympics I think skiing is the most exciting sport in the Olympics. 1. beautiful/place in our country 2. good / restaurant in our town 3. great / athlete in the world 4. interesting / program on TV now 5. big / problem in the world today 6. quiet / place in our town 10 Unit2 . Let's Eat!
  10. 10. Lesson B Eating out .................................................................... I 1 voc.~U~C~t20~~ 6) Completethe paragraph with words from the box. entree portions junJ$ <l{>petizer reservation doggie bag drive-through takeout window ! 1 Last week, my uncle took me to the most expensive restaurant in town! I was a little nervous, because I never eat in nice restaurants. I usually go to the (1) in my car, or I get (2) . My uncle made a (3) for at 8:00, and I was only 10 minutes late. He ordered onion soup for our (4) , and fish for our (5) . The food was beautiful, but the (6) were very small. After we a~ I was still hungry. "Can I get some French fries?" I asked my uncle. "They don't serve (7) I-t here!" he said. Well,I thought, at least I don't need to ask for a (8) t:J~ ."'~p 4 ~ ()Ih --Iii f:I .. v ~b G ~ Write the words from the box in the correct column. 'Vfi;<~ !(./,fI" . --~611 steak chocolate cake orange juice spaghetti popcorn iced tea potato chips fried chicken milk tomato soup cheny pie salad grilled fish lemonade candy <I Now add two more words to each column. Usefood from your country or other countries. . Lesson B Eating out 11
  11. 11. 6) Answer these questions. 1. What are some spicy foods? 2. Do you like any of these foods? 3. Which countries are famous for spicy food? 4. Do you think spicy food is good for your health? Why or why not? G Now read this web page. Hot, hotter, hottest! Surprising facts about chile peppers (1)Gh fifPtchil~p~ppefP morelhah9,OOO yearsago. (2) Thefirstchilepeppers theplant preadthrough probably inBolivia. there, grew From s SouthAmerica andtheGaribpean.Ghri$tPPher G()llJmb~spr()ugh~the~rst~hUe~.pp~1'S tp .Eurqpe. (3) TheheatIii theChile comes fromachemicalealled capsaiCin.CapsaiCinhasnosmellorflavor, butit makes yourmouth feel"hot" (4) SCientists believethatchilepeppers area veryhe(; ...reric:;h iQvitamins. ResearchshbWs thatchilesdonotdamagethestomach, andIndianscientists iscovered d that eatingchilescanhelppeople loseweight (5) Indian foodiswell-knownforusinglotsofchilePeppers, butThaifoo~is spicier. heaverage T person inThailand eatsfivegrams chilepepper veryday thernosfinfheWbrldl of e (6) TheAztecIndians Mexico of lovedchilepepperssomuchthattheygavethemtotheirkingasagift. (7) Thehottest hilepepperntheworldisthehabanero. isbri.ght c i It orange andgrowsintheCaribbean. (8) Therearechilesaucefactories oneverycontinente)(capfAhmrCtica. <I Match the words from the reading (1-6) with their meanings (a-f). 1. crop a. hurt 4. continent d. famous 2. spread b. move over an area 5. are rich in e. largelandarea 3. damage c. farm plant 6. well-known f. have many 4]) Circle true en or false (F) and write the number of the section where you found the answer. 1. Mexicans eat the most chile peppers of any people in the world. T F 2. Chiles are hot because they have capsaicin in them. T F 3. You can fInd chile sauce factories in Antarctica. T F 4. The fIrst chile peppers grew in Europe. T F 5. Thai food is spicier than Indian food. T F 6. Chile peppers can be dangerous for your health. T F 12 Unit2 . Let's Eat!
  12. 12. . Readthis paragraph and circle the correct words. I'm from Korea, and kimchi is the (1)famous / most famous food from my countIy. It's made from vegetables, chile peppers, garlic, and salt. Its flavor is sour, salty, and (2) spicy / spicier. The (3) most popular / popularest kind of kimchi is made from cabbage, but there are many other kinds. White kimchi doesn't have chile peppers, so it's (4) milder / the most mild. The (5) more spicy / spiciest kind of kimchi is made from radishes. Kimchi is (6) the most healthy / healthier than other vegetable dishes because it has more vitamins. I love kimchi, and I eat it every day. Some people don't like it, but I think they should try some different kinds. In my opinion, cucumber kimchi is the (7) more delicious/ most delicious. garlic ~ r . , . ....--. 0 Write about a famous dish from your country. What's it made from? Howdoes it taste? Do you like it? Why or why not? Do other people like it? Useyour dictionary for help with new vocabulary. . Lesson B Eatingout 13
  13. 13. 2 3 Solve this crossword puzzle with the vocabulary from the unit. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Across 4. To make a is to say you did something wrong. 7. To the law is to do something against the law. 9. To a crime is to do something against the law. 10. To a mystery is to fInd the answer. Down 1. A person who does something like killing or stealing is a 2. A person who looks for information about crimes is a - 3. The police someone to get information about a crime. 5. An explains where you were when a crime happened. 6. Doing something against the law is a 8. The police may you if you break the law. 11. A rule made by the government is a 14 Unit3 . Unsolved Mysteries
  14. 14. 6) witheachof thesewordsor expressions. sentence Whodid it? Write one Follow example. the Example: likely It's likely the cat ate the fish. 1. doubt 2. bet 3. unlikely 4. not seem possible 5. good chance G from activity A. What will the womando or not do?Write sentenceswith the expressions 1. 2. . 3. What doyouthink? Completethe conversations with your own ideas.Usethe expressions above. . Lesson A A detective ison the case 15
  15. 15. 6) Who did it? Write one sentence with each of these words or expressions. Followthe example. Example: likely It's likely the cat ate the fish. 1. doubt 2. bet 3. unlikely 4. not seem possible 5. good chance G What will the woman do or not do? Write sentences with the expressions from activity A. 1. 2. 3. (I What do you think? Complete the conversations with your own ideas. Use the expressions above. . Lesson A A detective ison the case 15
  16. 16. I love to camp! It'smy favoriteway to spend my vacation. Every yea my family and I camp in a national park. We sleep in a tent and hiK every day. I like to cook over a fire, and the food always tastes 6) Findatparagraph.Listthem here. in this least three stative verbs wonderful. Fora whole week, I see lovely scenery and smellfresh At night, I hear the wind blow ail in the trees, and I feel so peaceful. It doesn't cost much to camp, and I bel ieve it's the best way to appreciate the How many did you fInd? beauty of our country. 4D Complete the sentences with the simple present or the present continuous. 1. Mmm! That pizza (smell) so good! 2. Please don't talk to me now. I (do) my homework. 3. Right now, we (know) several hundred English words. 4. Miguel says he won the lottery, but I (not, believe) him. 5. I (hate) hot weather because I always (feel) tired. 6. Fred (learn) how to cook. His mother (teach) him. 7. I (own) a car, but today I (take) the bus to work. 8. Carol and Aisha (belong) to the International Club. 9. Our teacher (look) angry. I wonder why. . 10. This exercise (seem) really easy. I (understand) all of the sentences! Mark each sentence correct (C) or incorrect (I). Cross out the mistakes and correct them. 1. Sorry, but I'm not understand that word. - 2. Right now, we look at photos from our vacation. - 3. Rose and Jennie are listening to a new CD. - 4. I think that English is a very useful language. - 5. The onion soup is tasting too salty. - 6. I don't know Ali's e-mail address. - 7: Mr. Jong is having a new job. - 8. This cell phone doesn't belong to me. - 16 Unit 3 . Unsolved Mysteries
  17. 17. ............................................................... Unsolved Mysteries Lesson B Mysteries of the world I 11M........................................................................ " Readthe 1V listing and fill in the blanks with words from the box. Besure to use the correct form of the word. E"han ",a, one of the ",o'ld', g'eate" av~to". The "°')' of he, di"ppea"nce /, on, one eVersaw "'eat", (1)~. and no ofth, wodd', her again. She In J937, ,h, att'mptM to fly "ound th. wocld. On J ufy 2 Eachan took off on a flight ovenhe P" /fie Ocean, simply (2) ~ along with her partner, Fred Noonan. Some soldiers gave (3) ~ that they saw Earhart's plane later on an these stories Saipan. Others say that island called are a (4):= Inthe Pacific Islands, people spread the (5) ~ of a foreign woman who had appeared in an airplane many years before. But there is no (6) ~ to prove that she! Was really Amelia Earhart. What happened to the world's greatest pi/ot? Did <he h,ve 'n "ddenr? he< plane C"'hl Did, (7) ~ Thl, P'"9'am look, at he, (Jill- <"Wn"",, ,ro<ce m'ke "°,> fD Howdo you do it? Write true sentences about you or a friend. Example: nervously I drive nervously. 1. calmly:. 2. happily: 3. slowly:- 4. quickly: 5. neatly:- 6. quietly: . Lesson B Mysteries of the world 17
  18. 18. 6) Readthe articlebelowandfindthe answerso thesequestions. t 1. What happened? 2. Where did it happen? 3. When did it happen? 4D Now read the article and think about what happened. . Write numbersto match the pictureswith the explanationsin the reading. 18 Unit3 . Unsolved Mysteries
  19. 19. - - 4!) Complete the paragraph. Fill in the missing letters in the underlined words to romplete the paragraph. I (1) d t that a UFO caused the Tunguska explosion. In my opinion, UFOsare just a (2) h x. People talk about these (3) 1 s to get attention. Maybe some people really see (4) W d lights in the sky, but we have no (5) e e that the lights come from space. Besides, why do UFOs always visit places with very few people? I think there's a good (6) c e that scientists may fInd the real explanation for the Tunguska explosion soon. @ What do you think? Write your reaction to another explanation of the Tunguska mystery. Lesson B . Mysteries of the world 19
  20. 20. III Computer Use " Read and complete the charts 20 15 10 5 "In this survey, fifty percent of Million teenagers say they use computers every 1980 1990 2000 day. Twenty-five percent use computers two or three times a week. Fifteen percent "In our country, the number use computers once a week or less, and ten - of mothers with jobs doubled percent never use computers." between 1980 and 2000." HighSchoolStudents" University Students Before Now 5 Million $1 4 Million 3 Million "Prices in our country have increased very 2 Million quickly. Since last year, the average price of a house has increased by twenty percent. Furniture 1 Million is more expensive, too. The price of a bed has 50 Now increased by twenty-fIve percent. The average Years Ago price of a new car has increased by thirty percent. Even the newspaper costs more-the price has gone "In our country, the number of high up by one hundred percent!" school students is twice as high as it was fifty years ago. The number of university students is three times as high." 4D Write sentences about your country using these words. You don't need to use exact numbers. 1. majority 2. increase 3. decrease 20 Unit 4 . Today's Trends
  21. 21. 6) Drawlinesto completethe expressions disagreement.Some items have morethan one answer. of 1. I don't a. necessarily. 2. I don't think b. disagree. 3. I c. true. 4. I don't think that's d. agree. 5. Not e. so. ~ Read statementsand give your opinionand a reason.If you disagree.use one of the expressions the fromactivityA. Example: Young people should get an apartment after they fInish high school. I agree. They should learn to be independent. 1. People shouldn't get married before they are thirty years old. 2. The best place for old people to live is with their children. 3. Working mothers are good examples for their daughters. 4. People should live with their parents until they get married. 5. Grandparents are the best babysitters for small children. 6. Coupleswith children should never get divorced. 7. Both boys and girls should help with the housework. 8. Day care is bad for children. Lesson A . Modern familytrends 21
  22. 22. 6) How many of your friends. . . ? Answer these questions. Use all of. most of. a lot of. some of. a couple of. or none of. Example: speak English? Most of my friends speak English. 1. have a dog? 2. like sports? 3. send e-mail? 4. are married? 5. live near you? , 6. can drive? CD Add the quantity expression to each sentence. Use of where necessary. 1. - Americans speak English. (most) 2. I know the people on my street. (all) 3. We go shopping times a month. (a couple) 4. dogs can help blind people. (some) 5. students study late at night before exams. (a lot) 6. families have grandparents living with them. (many) 7. I fmishedreading the books from the library. (some) 8. my friends can come to the party on Saturday. (none) (I) Write sentencesabout these houses. Use quantity expressions. Followthe example. Example: two doors A couple of the houses have two doors. 1. trees 2. white 3. flowers 4. three windows 5. very large 22 Unit 4 . Today's Trends
  23. 23. ............................................................... Todayls Trends Lesson B Iin style ....................................................................... 6) Completethese sentences with words from the box. 1. I don't like to trends. I would rather start them! 2. Fur coats are very . People wore them fIfty years ago. 3. Kyoung-Mi is a very artist. Her paintings are always new and unusual. 4. Jane prefers an elegant . Her clothes are simple and expensive-looking. 5. Armando always looks very because he spends a lot of time shopping for clothes. 6. Edward did work in his fashion and design classes. He was always the best student in the class. 7. Those jeans look for you. They fIt you perfectly. 8. All of the dresses that Salma designs have a unique, look. G) Giveadvice to these people about clothes and fashion. Useexpressionsfrom the box. 1. My friend's wedding is next week. 2. I'm really bored with my clothes, but I don't have any money to go shopping. 3. I have a job interview at a bank tomorrow. 4. I'm going to visit your country in July. 5. I want to give my sister something cool for a birthday present. 6. I'm meeting my girlfriend's parents for the fIrst time! . Lesson B Instyle 23
  24. 24. 6) Readthe article and the opinionsbelow. Which opinionsmatch which problems? Put the numbersin the correct spaces. ~ Sl!CiJJuI givt! ~dt!/'s' Oflinicml QUi!St{- WliICfrRdviceSkOWt/ toanI!/(lJert ami t!tey /:(lke? u"", It's "'" gilt up to the"" a 3. (j) Try to find the meaningof these terms from their context in the reading. 1. dress code 2. dye 3. complains 4. respect 5. side with 24 Unit4. Today's Trends
  25. 25. c; spellingmistakesandofcorrect them "SecondOpinion!"Crossout the eight the next part the article, Here's on the linesbelow. All Illy c~ll ~ "-e ~~ ~>~ ~~ ~>IIIJII(~ 1~, tI1Il{ tbey~ ~ It I¥II On~fo, I tio? CIhdy 1 Cfln't - flhti llffom to fiJI",. ~ ~~'. I IVIsh CO/flflkNNr My !II8n!~'iI1. ():fq~~ Hthtit~ ~ IIbt1Iit: II(Y i}!d-filsJ,loll Clothes. but lrl'<ll/y , " ~ ~/1iI1i<»:: Ym/!I~ ~~ 111miptJ~ lOOk!Jon?fOOo",the cro"", - be , ~ 1. sho~ 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. f) Why or why not? opinion about Cindy's problem. Do you agree with the expert's opinion? Now write a second Second o.einion: LessonB Instyle 2S .
  26. 26. 6) Usewords from the box to fill in the missingwordsin this errand list. G Think about yourselfand two peoplein your family. What errandsdo you usuallydo? 1.Yau 2. 3. 26 . Unit5 Inthe Neighborhood
  27. 27. 2 Conversation,Work:'tjtJt " ',~, Unscramblethese sentencesto make conversations. 1.CanI help you Thank you Yes, I do Excuse me They'rein the back of the store Do you work here Where can I find the dictionaries ( ? ? 2. Yes,we do Are you busy I'll get them for you I need some help What can I do for you Thanks Do you have these shoes in a size 7 ? ? 3. Thank you All the forms are on the table I have a question Go right ahead Wherecan I get a registration form Sorry to bother you Sure ( .) ? lesson A . Runningerrands 27
  28. 28. 6) What would you say? Write a request for each situation. Use can you, couldyou, willyou, wouldyou, or wouldyou mind. 1. You're at ajob interview. You didn't understand a question. 2. You're at arestaurant with your friends. You don't have enough money. 3. You're trying to study. Your brother is watching TV. 4. Your teacher is speaking very quietly. You can't hear. 5. You're cleaning your apartment with your roommate. The furniture is very heavy. 6. You're writing a paper in English. You think there are some mistakes. 7. Your friend is going shopping. You need some coffee. 8. You don't have time to cook dinner. Your husband is talking on the phone. (i) Agree to these requests. Circle your answers. 1. Would you mind going to the store for me? 3. Would you mind driving me to my dentist appointm Yes, of course. No, not at all. Yes, I would. No problem. 2. Can you help me with my errands? 4. Would you answer the phone, please? . Sure. Not at all. OK. There is one mistake in each sentence. Cross it out and correct it. 1. Could you mind turning off the radio? No, not at all. 2. Will you lending me your cell phone for a minute? 3. Could you closed the window, please? 4. Can you explaining that to me again? 5. Would you mind help me with this computer? 28 . Unit5 Inthe Neighborhood
  29. 29. ... . -. . .lIP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In the Neiahborhood Lesson B This is my neighborhood. t """."""".".".".".."."."."."."..""."?o,"".""."""". " > 1 ' I ~~ ~<)JL 1Vo~gt;!;Ylgri~ . .. . '~J) '? "n(~., " ~ . '~4 ()A ~" ~ Findthese words in the puzzle. Look carefully! The words are written horizontally. ~i~~IY, '-t90nally. andevenbackwards. 'if//) ,~ > ..~ QGT H I GH R I S E D MRK N R E T T I L NK DEN L E QQ s X A SL N EW0 H I M F I D U A UN 0 0 0 y N RX F BW 0 E D H L M T E Z MWE RRN CGSD I V CA D GY U S ENWCNN Y I Y X R D AMM A U U 0 S A J ERC I F F A RT C L PRA R0 B HG I EN P E I D E T S E GN 0 C . Lesson B This is my neighborhood. 29
  30. 30. 6) Look through this magazine article quickly and circle all the modes of transportation. How many did you find? II Be . n for Be ds special new roads keeps highways very successful. than one hundred decreased bythirt 4D Now read the article again and complete the chart. Check (,f) the correct answer. 1. has a new subway system? 2. got new buses? 3. built roads for pedestrians? 4. improved their transportation system? 5. reduced the number of cars in the city? 6. built special new roads for buses only? 7. got a new airport? 8. closes some streets once a week? 30 Unit5. In the Neighborhood
  31. 31. . Readthis letter to the newspaper. Complete the letter with the correct form of these verbs. , DearEditot ~ortation (a)- is a seriousproblem year~Ie inourcity.Every buymorecar!landthetraffic(b) morecongested. Wemustdo several to(c)- things this problem. . (d) -- a newtrain station downtown. . (e)--- thepriceofsubway tickets. (f)-- - modernlcomfortable buses. . (g) -- the tax onnewcars. . (h) ~ark their cars downtown. these ideaswill(i) our city a better ~Iaceto live. SincerelYI ~ KimMi-Ja ~ - '- ""- ...... r ~ ..- m Nowwrite your own letter about transportation in your town or your neighborhood. Give as many ideas as you can. Dear Editor, Sincerely, . LessonB Thisismy neighborhood. 31
  32. 32. 6) Solve this crossword puzzle with vocabulary from the lesson. , , , , , 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 Across Down 1. money to help you pay for your education. 1. part of a school year 3. At a school, students live 2. you can borrow books here at the school. 5. If a university is , it's difficultt 4. He was to National become a student there. University. He will study there next year. 6. Many students live in a 1. If you are by a university, 8. Most students eat lunch in the you can't attend that university. 9. She Central High School for three years. 10. To attend PacifIc University, you must before June 1st, 32 Unit6 .Student Life
  33. 33. 6) Match the two parts of each expressionfor askingabout meaning.Useeach item once. 1. Does innovative a. mean? 2. What does innovative b. understand. 3. I don't c. mean by innovative? 4. What do you d. mean new? 4D Write numbers to put the conversations in order. 1. It's money to help pay for education. Does your country give scholarships for study overseas? What does scholarship mean? Yes, it gives a lot of them. 2. Oh, I don't think so. I don't really have much free time. Are you going to join a sorority? It's a social club for women. Sorry, I don't understand. What's a sorority? 3. Yes,it does. Aisha, you've been tardy three times this week. I'm sorry. My alarm clock is broken. Does tardy mean late? 4. I'm going to visit myoid university. I'm going to visit my alma mater. What do you mean? What are you going to do this weekend? <I Now write two conversations. Use expressions for asking about meaning. 1. A: B: A: B: 2. A: B: A: B: Lesson A . Startingout 33 -
  34. 34. 6) Write A or Bto explainthe reason for the verb tense. A. a decision made in the past B. a sudden decision 1. I just heard the doorbell ring. I'll get the door. 2. That's OKif you forgot your wallet. We'll lend you some money. III 3. We're going to meet in front of the library at 2:00. 4. I'm going to go to Oslo this summer. 5. Luis is going to use his scholarship to study at the University of Chicago. 6. I'll have a chicken salad and iced tea, please. G Fill in the correct form of will or be going to. For some sentences. there are two correct answers. 1. I'm really hungry. I think I make a sandwich. 2. I already planned the menu. We have Mexican food tonight. 3. We visit our friends in Sydney in March. 4. It's really cold today. I think it snow soon. 5. Your hands are full. I the door for you. 6. On Friday, I have dinner with Jeff at China Palace. (I) Your friend is making the following statements. Write a response to each one. Followthe example. Example: It's hot. I'll open the window. 1. The phone's ringing. 2. I'm hungry. 3. I need a ride to the airport. 4. I'm thirsty. 34 Unit6 . Student Life
  35. 35. ............................................................... Student Life , I . . I'. Lesson B After graduation I ........ .. .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. 1M ~ 1 Vocabulal'Y-,Wc)r~C)1J .! II! ~ 6) Numberthe time expressions in the correct order. , the week after next next week the day after tomorrow tomorrow 1 next year in a few days 0) Are these sentences about a definite time or an indefinite time? Write D for definite. or I for indefinite. 1. One of these days, I'm going to clean up my desk. 2. Next week, I'm going to visit my grandparents. - 3. I'm going to be more careful about my diet in the future. 4. In a few days, we're going to start taking tennis lessons. 5. The day after tomorrow, we have a vocabulary test. 6. Someday, I'm going to travel all around Africa. 7. Summer vacation starts the week after next. - . 8. I'm going to start exercising every morning sometime soon. calendar.Today is July 1. Look at the Writesentenceswith going to and a time expression. Example: July 9 / tennis with Carlos I'm going to play tennis with Carlosnext week. I', J I i '-ll! f J I ! ~ THU 1. July 2 / dinner with Angela 9 10 11 2. July 18/ concert 17 18 3. July3 / Englishtest 24 25 31 4. July 5 / computerclass ~ 5. July II/dentist I . LessonB Aftergraduation 35 ~--,
  36. 36. 6) Read this article from a student newspaper. " ~ THE PAPER New Graduates Talk i About the Futu re After the City College graduation ceremony yesterday, we talked to three students about their plans and their dreams. Shane Peterson: Wow! Four years really went fast. 1 can't believe it's graduation day! My major was Jameela Brown: I worked so hard Jennie Min: [studied business, and computer science, but I spent all my it was easyfor me tofind ajob. Next free time playing music. I played for four years. [need a break now! month [Oilmove to New York to start guitar in tWo d{fJerentbands. 1also [ majored in biology and chemistry. and I had a summer job in adqy work at Giant Corporation. But 1 play electronic music, using don't really want to spend my whole computers. I have job interviews care center. /'m going to take a l#le working for a company. I hope I with three s(dtware companies next year off before 1 start medical week. I'm not worried about getting school. My plan is to travel and do can start my own business. Maybe volunteer work in West Africa. ['[[ something with/ood. [love cooking! a job, but I really want to play In college, 1 cooked dinner for my music, too. That's my biggest be a doctor someday but I'm not dream. sure what kind of doctor I'll be. roommates every night. CD Complete this chart with information from the reading. ~ Jameela major: biology I and chemistry Jennie - move to New York - work for Giant Corporation Shane 36 Unit6 . Student Life
  37. 37. (t Fill in the blanks with the sentencesare predictions. correct form of the verbs in the box. Some of the work become I think Jameela (1) very interesting experiences in West Africa. She (2) in a day care center. I think she (3) a doctor for children. I predict she (4) ajob in a developing country, or maybe she (5) an organization to help sick children. Q) Chooseanother student in the article and write your predictions for him or her. Lesson B . After graduation 37