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Daniel villalobos 20pts


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World Languages Project - What do I do during a day? using Postcard 1 Methodology

Published in: Sports, Health & Medicine
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Daniel villalobos 20pts

  1. 1. What do I do during a day? By Dr. Daniel>Villalobos
  2. 2. First, <ul><li>In the morning </li></ul>I brush my teeth I get dressed I eat breakfast (Special “K”) and Special “K”
  3. 3. Then <ul><li>At noon </li></ul>I eat lunch I do my homework I wacht TeleVision I sleep a nap and
  4. 4. Next <ul><li>In the Evening </li></ul>I go to the gym I study martial arts I eat dinner I take a shower and I undress
  5. 5. And Finally <ul><li>At midnight </li></ul>I get undressed and I go to sleep