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Nme eurofestivals guide_2012

  1. 1. free 16-page magazine EUROFESTIVALGUIDE 2012 Nv!ry I ee Wts tol insidE ck e Ti stIva feYour free guide to the best European festivals
  2. 2. CONTENTS NME’S GUIDE TO THE CONTINENT’S BEST FESTIVALS FOO FIGHTERS SET FOR PUKKELPOP PAGE 14 MUMFORD & SONS HEAD TO BILBAO BBK PAGE 7 Highlights 4 HERE COMES THE SUMMER! BURN SELECTOR 5 ROCK WERCHTER 6 H HEINEKEN OPEN’ER 7 BILBAO BBK LIVE AVE YOU WORKED OUT WHERE YOU’RE SPENDING YOUR 2012COVER PHOTO: RICHARD JOHNSON THIS PAGE: TOM OXLEY, RICHARD JOHNSON 8 festival allowance yet? If not, hold that thought, pause that browser, and BENICÀSSIM 9 check this guide out. We’ve done some extensive research and racked up OPTIMUS LIVE enough airmiles to give Greenpeace a heart attack, and sought out the 12 10 best European festivals this summer has to offer. From beachside raves COSTA DE FUEGO to sprawling stages set in historic cities – and one on its own island – we’ve unearthed a 11 bunch of ideas you might want to consider. They can all be reached within a couple of SZIGET hours and for a comparable price to the UK alternatives, so take a peek and book some 12 OYAFESTIVALEN tickets pronto. We’ll see you there… 13 COKE LIVE 14 TIM CHESTER PUKKELPOP Head to NME.COM/festivals for a comprehensive guide to the summer’s action, including details of coverage on NME Radio 3
  3. 3. BURN SELECTOR ROCK WERCHTER FESTIVAL June 28 – July 1 June 1 – 2 WHERE Werchter, Festivalpark Belgium. DIRECTIONS Eurostar WHEREPoland. Either take the from London or Kent, or Krakow, jump on board a budget DIRECTIONS fly airplane to Brussels. A quick train to Leuven and Try Ryanair, who to Krakow from buses will be waiting to Leeds/Bradford, take you to the site. Liverpool, London Stansted and Edinburgh. WEATHER if previous Mild and dry WEATHER pretty warm years are anything to go by. It should be and dry but not heatwave hellish. FOOD oysters, burgers, & DRINK Pizzas, FOOD & DRINK spring rolls and all sorts of vegetarian food. A smorgasbord of international delights awaits you and your belly. ACCOMMODATION H R There’s several campsites old up, send this page ACCOMmODATION of ock Werchter has come right by the site. There’s a whole range back – someone’s made a mistake. It says this hotels and B&Bs listed on a long way since local heroes Banzai and Kandahar played WEBSITE the festival website. www.rockwerchter.be festival’s only £40. Wow. to a few thousand people in That’s a pretty good price to Poland WEBSITE 1975. The weekender has Main pic: The Cure are sure to be hugely COST pass will set for 48 hours of top notch dance and Main pic: Magnetic Man bring the rave www.selectorfestival.pl grown at an astonishing rate since then popular A four-day good time! Above: Another lovely day at Wercht Above: Hands up if you’re having a you back £162, including COST a two-day ticket. world class electronica. and now attracts some 80,000 people a er Burn Selector is back for 2012 with a day, music fans from across the globe your public transport. better line-up than ever, from insane rave £40 for who regularly make the pilgrimage for It’s £15 more for a Yes, really. camping ticket. kids Chase & Status to eccentric knob- the event’s award-winning programme WIN! WIN! twiddler and wearer of excellent It all takes place in the middle of of bands as well as its legendary, “that was quick”. Take an EasyFlight and headwear Totally Enormous Extinct Krakow, a charming and historic Polish intoxicatingly exciting atmosphere. you’ll be there even quicker. And of Dinosaurs, original firestarters Hadouken! city. The place is compact and The festival’s not resting on its laurels course this one comes with all the and dubstep behemoths Magnetic Man. pedestrianised, so you’ll be able to fully either. Since winning the European benefits of Belgian delicacies and beers. That’s not all, though, there’s a range of explore one of Europe’s hidden gems too, If you want to grab a pair Festival Awards for Best Line-Up last year So if you’re finding a Glasto-shaped hole For the chance of noises on offer for your delectation, from taking in the listed architecture and of tickets to the festival, they’ve added yet another stage and in your festival calendar this June, you winning six four-day RICHARD JOHNSON, TOMEK KOMINSKI Niki & The Dove’s charms to Miike Snow’s sampling some of the fine traditional head to NME.COM/win 2012 looks set to be better than ever. know what to do. passes to Rock Werchter, TIM COCHRANE, JORIS BULCKENS alluring indie. local cuisine. and solve this: While The Cure, Pearl Jam and Jack White head to NME.COM/win The three stages, including Cyan and Which of these is not a represent the international megastar end and answer this: Magenta, will host over 20 Polish artists too, giving you the chance to check out a whole new scene and expand that Spotify Line-up Dinosaurs Magnetic Man? a) b) Skream Benga of the spectrum there’s all manner of new and exciting bands booked and a strong dance presence from the likes of Line-up Jam The Cure Elbow Pearl    Editors  The xx Which of these people is a member of Red Hot Chili Peppers? selection to much more sophisticated Totally Enormous Extinct Stay+  c) Wonga Skrillex, Deadmau5, Justice and Skream.  Jack White  Justice  Skrillex  Skream  The A) Moth dimensions. Add to this multimedia arts  Magnetic Man  Miike Snow  Hadouken! Leuven is really easy to get to, too. Maccabees  Deadmau5  Gossip  Katy B  Red Hot B) Flea across the site and you’ve got yourself  Chase & Status  Buraka Som Sistema Just hop on a train from London and Chili Peppers  Snow Patrol  Noel Gallagher’s High C) Cricket one hell of a weekend.  Neon Indian  Niki & The Dove you’ll be in Belgium before you can say Flying Birds  The Vaccines  Ed Sheeran4 5
  4. 4. HEINEKEN OPEN’ER BILBAO BBK LIVE FESTIVAL July 12 – 14 July 4 – 7 WHERE 4-7.07.2012, Gdynia, Gdynia-Kosakowo Airfield WHERE a stunning Gydnia-Kosakowo Airfield, Kobetamendi, Gydnia, Poland. natural park 10 minutes from Bilbao city centre. DIRECTIONS Wizz Air and Ryanair DIRECTIONS all fly run flights from around Easyjet and Vueling the UK. to Bilbao, and the site’s a shuttle bus away from WEATHER mild the town. Ryanair flies Poland is pretty to Santander, a one-hour in July, but bring wet bus ride away. weather gear just in case. WEATHER have his FOOD &ofDRINK The sun will All kinds European hat on. snackage will be readily on hand to soak up those FOOD & DRINK festival beers. Basque country pintxos (which are like tapas) are ACCOMmODATION very popular, but all The campsite is a stone’s manner of food is throw from the Main available. Stage, although we don’t ACCOmMODATION S B advocate tossing rocks, ure, the Heineken and features a 24-hour ilbao BBK Live has a few The campsite surrounds Open’er Festival has the bands. shop for those 4am unfair advantages over most the site and clings to Rizla/biscuit runs. some spectacular hills. Lots of them, both big and other festivals. For starters, small, across seven stages and three days. WEBSITE it’s in northern Spain, which means the sun rises and WEBSITE www.opener.pl/en bilbaobbklive.com find them here! Main pic: Thom Yorke will need that This year, however, the two-time Best Main pic: Looking for Justice? You’ll shines like clockwork and the COST a four-day pass COST a three-day headband festival sites Above: No wonder the Bilbao crowds Major Festival winner is adding a whole Above: One of the most stunning Euro temperature stubbornly sits in the mid- are happy extra arts programme to the bill, £82 for 20s or above. Second, it’s perched atop a £88 for including a full schedule of theatre including camping or just massive hill overlooking the city, so the ticket, including camping. £75 without. £46 for a day pass. performances and umpteen views are breathtaking and the first peek WIN! WIN! documentaries in conjunction with the Perhaps Open’er’s biggest draw, of the world from your tent flaps in the After that you might just have time to country’s acclaimed Planet+Doc Film though, is the price (see sidebar). Not morning makes the hangover magically check out the streets full of historic Festival. In addition to that, one of the sure about you, but we haven’t seen disappear. Third, it’s a short trip to both buildings or the famous Guggenheim (one festival’s bunkers will be adapted to host festival tickets for that price in years. So Bilbao itself and the beach. of the world’s most interesting museums) the Museum Of Contemporary Art in if you want to party like it’s 2012 with Want to experience the If you’re more used to sitting around before another packed evening of music Want to go to Bilbao? Warsaw, which means it’ll be packed full prices from 1999, it might just be time to Heineken Open’er under damp canvas waiting for the arena begins – especially as a third, new stage Then head to NME.COM/ of art and installations. There will also be try Gdynia this summer. Festival? Then trip on gates to open, this will come as a is being added this year, with 20 extra win and answer this: AMY BRAMMALL, TOMEK KAMINSKI theatrical performances in conjunction over to NME.COM/win refreshing change. Mornings can be acts from around the world. Who is the lead singer of with Krzysztof Warlikowski’s Nowy Teatr, and answer this tough whiled away on the sand or in the sea The Cure? and a 50-piece orchestra performing the works of Krzysztof Penderecki and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. Line-up Justice Björk Franz Ferdinand    Bloc Party teaser: This year’s event is the a) 10th while lunchtime sees half of the city come out to bar crawl and taste Bilbao’s famous pintxos. These dishes are Basque Line-upGarbage a) b) c) Robert Harvey Robert Smith Robert Mugabe ANDY WILLSHER The venue is a disused airfield on  The Kills  The xx  Bat For Lashes  Bon Iver b) 11th country’s answer to tapas, little bite-sized Radiohead The Cure    The Kooks Poland’s Baltic coast. It also packs in a  Public Enemy  Friendly Fires  Gogol Bordello c) 12th delicacies lined up on every bar counter  Mumford & Sons  Bloc Party  Glasvegas silent disco, NGO zone, the Fashion Stage  Janelle Monáe  M83  Dry the River  Orbital and perfect for a quick nibble as you  The Maccabees  Warpaint  Noah & The Whale and a signing tent.  The Maccabees  New Order  Mumford & Sons move from one joint to another.  Four Tet  Tribes  Enter Shikari6 7
  5. 5. Festival International OPTIMUS ALIVE de Benicàssim July 13 – 15 July 12 – 15 WHERE Spain. WHERE Valencia, Passeio Maritimo de Alges, Lisbon. DIRECTIONS hop The site is a mere DIRECTIONSLisbon from Valencia airport You can fly to or you can reach it from cheaply. The site is a Barcelona or Madrid in a 15-minute car journey couple of hours. from the airport. WEATHER to pack WEATHER You may want Glorious sunshine. sunscreen. Factor 25. FOOD &court seats DRINK FOOD &paella and tapas DRINK The food Burgers, 2,500 people and serves provide the mainstay, up the likes of pizza, while large beers come sushi, hamburgers, veggie bigger than a pint. All can snacks and Portuguese be bought for vouchers classics. A pint will set onsite. you back £2.50. ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION is Your four-day festival The extensive campsite B O ticket includes eight days 10 minutes from the site enicàssim is a highly of camping. There’s also ptimus alive might and free shuttle buses sought and fought after gig in a hotel opposite the site only be six years old but its run between the two. and several on the nearby the NME office for good reason. Everyone wants to go beach. legacy is already world- class. Punters of previous WEBSITE www.optimusalive.com/ there because it’s more a that jacket WEBSITE years have seen some Main pic: The Stone Roses reunion en holiday than a festival. Forget your Main pic: Noel Gallagher won’t be needing www.fiberfib.com stunning performances at the beautiful COST ticket will reach Portugal crowds Above: Days in the sun, nights like Above: Benicàssim attracts some lively this… amazing! homegrown damp squib of a weekender, this is a place where the sun never stops COST ticket will cost Lisbon site, from Metallica to Pearl Jam, The Prodigy, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and A three-day shining, the music never stops playing, A four-day Rage Against The Machine. Last year with camping will cost you £155. you £103. and the good times never end. Coldplay, My Chemical Romance and Foo WIN! WIN! Ok, well they eventually grind to a halt have more stimulus than should be legal. Fighters raised the bar yet again. beach for hanging ten or eating shit, around 6am every night, but by that The site’s set near the coast so sun This year The Stone Roses, The Cure depending on your ability. It’s also a point you’ve been spanked with too much and sea are just a short trip away, and and Radiohead would be reason enough quick cab ride to the centre of Lisbon. fun and really do need to grab four and a the cultural delights of both Madrid and to try out Optimus Alive, but there’s So if you want to make the festival half winks before it all begins again. Barcelona are close at hand. Forget Want to get your grubby many other reasons why you should go. into a summer holiday, spending your Want to try out Optimus Now in its 18th year, the shindig has deciding between a holiday or a festival mitts on a pair of tix? For starters, did you notice the price? A nights watching music and your days in Alive? Then head over to NME.COM/win and have a AMY BRAMMALL, RICHARD JOHNSON grown to encompass 100+ artists on this summer, because Benicàssim has Head to NME.COM/win three-day shindig including camping for the sun, and coming home with a tan to go and solving this fiend- three stages over four days and also both. and solve this fiendish £100 is pretty bargainous in our book, turn your mates green, Optimus Alive is ish conundrum: boasts a short film festival to boot. As puzzle: and getting here is cheaper than the one. well as the big ticket acts, there’s all Who did NOT play trekking across the UK anyway. Who is the lead singer PAUL SLATTERY, RETNA manner of top quality new bands to check out, from Spector to Howler and Kurt Vile. Throw in the local likes of Line-up Bob Dylan The Stone Roses   New Order Benicàssim in 2011? a) b) The Streets The Strokes Then there’s the location. Situated right by the Tagus River as well as some beautiful beaches, Optimus Alive offers Line-upThe Stone Roses of 30 Seconds To Mars? a) Jared Leto b) Jared Followill Juanita y los Feos (who probably sound  Florence + The Machine  At The Drive-In c) The Hoobs loads of opportunities for swimming and Radiohead The Cure   c) Jasper Carrott awesome after a fistful of Cerveza), art  Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds chilling in the sun, including Europe’s  The Kills  The Maccabees  Snow Patrol exhibitions and dance shows and you  Dizzee Rascal  Bat For Lashes only World Surfing Reserve at Ericeira  Justice  Florence + The Machine8 9
  6. 6. COSTA DE FUEGO SZIGET July 20 – 21 August 6 – 13 WHERE Costa del WHERE Budapest, Benicàssim, Obudai Island, Azahar, Valencia, Spain. Hungary. DIRECTIONSfly to DIRECTIONS fly to You’d want to Loads of airlines Madrid or Barcelona and Budapest, and the island transfer from there, or is pretty central. Take a jet direct to Valencia. boat down the Danube for Easyjet, Ryanair or Iberia a scenic route. Eurolines can offer the planes. runs a bus or there’s always the “party train” WEATHERclear skies, from The Netherlands. We predict sunny days and scattered WEATHER hot. happy punters. Usually pretty FOOD &burgers, paella, DRINK FOOD & stalls and 72 DRINK Includes Is 75 food pasta, Thai food and bars enough? There’s salads, as well as sweet something for everyone, stuff. Tapas too. including Italian, French and Michelin-starred ACCOMmODATION restaurants. I W Camping is included and f you’ve got some money to the site is walking e asked Michael ACCOMMODATION spend now Sonisphere’s been distance to the festival, Eavis where the Ticket includes camping. the town and the beach. axed, or if you just fancy some distraught Glastonbury WEBSITE metal music in the sunshine, allow us to introduce Costa de Fuego. WEBSITE hardcore should go instead this year, and www.szigetfestival.com www.costadefuego.com or www.szigetfest.co.uk Spain Main pic: Placebo are one of the main Translated literally as ‘coast of fire’, this Main pic: Guns N’ Roses are set to rock he chose Sziget. Why? Well, how long have COST the two-day COSTfor a weekly pass if attractions bill’s highlights Above: Life’s a beach at Sziget! new two-dayer sees a who’s who of Above: Marilyn Manson, one of the you got? The mammoth event, now in its heavy descend on the Spanish coast for £70 for 20th year, is fast gaining legendary status £165 48 hours of dials at 11 – and looks set to festival, including four for good reasons. It boasts over a you book before the end days of camping. of April. burn July down to the ground. thousand acts playing across the best part WIN! WIN! Brought to us by the promoters behind and hot so you can cool off your cochleas of a week to a crowd of 400,000 from £20 note or two in the mud. And with the one of the greatest festivals on Earth, after a hard night’s headbanging with a over 60 countries and is frequently cited Sziget–Budapest Citypass you can combine Benicàssim (and in fact taking place at daily dip in the Mediterranean. Or, much as one of the world’s greatest festivals. the festival with a few mornings exploring the same location), Costa de Fuego sees like at Benicàssim, follow it up with a few Did we mention that it all takes place the beautiful, historic city and its famous all manner of noisenik heavyweights days in the Spanish capital. Wanna try Costa De on an 266-acre island, in the middle of a Turkish spas and special “ruin pubs”. As Hands up who wants a playing live, from Marilyn Manson to Priced at a staggeringly cheap £70 for Fuego? Tap NME.COM/ city? And that it won the Best European alternatives to our own summer bashes pair of tickets to Sziget? Guns N’ Roses, as well as the smaller but two days, it’s the noisiest fun you can win into your browser Major Festival Award? Yep, Hungary’s best go, this one comes close. And you won’t Well, get those hands no less potent likes of Rolo Tomassi and have in the sun, and could become a and answer this stupidly summer event is something else indeed. find anyone going on about leylines. clicking on NME.COM/ ANDY WILLSHER, DANNY NORTH Paradise Lost. regular fixture in the festival season. easy question: Commandeering the aforementioned win and answer this: TOM MARTN, MARK SOMAY Organisers promise “the most island in the middle of the Danube, it’s Which of these bands is energetic rock, hardcore and metal” so expect even more names to be announced in the coming months. And Line-upManson Which of these used to play in Guns N’ Roses? a) Panelface more like a community or small city than a festival, and boasts all manner of extra- curricular stuff, from theatre to circus Line-up Placebo The Stone Roses Korn   playing Sziget this year? A) Corn B) Korn you don’t have to sit in a dank Camden Guns N’ Roses Marilyn  Cancer Bats  b) Buckethead acts, exhibitions and poetry. There’s a  Noah & The Whale  LMFAO  The Horrors C) Cornrows basement or wet Midlands park to enjoy  Opeth  Rolo Tomassi  We Are The Ocean c) Shovelfoot cashless payment system too, which is  The Ting Tings  The Vaccines  The Subways them – this part of the world is sunny  Amorphis  Berru Txarrak  Paradise Lost great news for anyone who’s ever lost a  The xx  Two Door Cinema Club10 11