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Argelès, my hometown


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Argelès, my hometown

  1. 1. Projet Coménius 2009-2011Classe : 3°2professeur : Mme Arlettaz
  2. 2. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  3. 3. My townArgelès, the most beautiful town in the area.Relaxing, with many magical places like the RacouGripping, fabulous, so special.Enjoy the Catalan food!Look! The most colourful food in the world; in the summerEvening, a famous festival!Sea, mountain, forest, everything is here.Stadium, a meeting-place called Gaston PamsUnique, unbelievable, it’s a show and aRugby place with other sports too.Museum of Catalunya and traditional cultureExplore and enjoy this placeRare, remarkable, that’s Argelès! Pierre A.
  4. 4. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  5. 5. Hello, I’m Peter Yellow. I’m an Argelès born and bred and this is my guide to my hometown.   Argelès is a special city because there is the old and the new. Because there are a lot of houses made in “cayrou”(an old stone) and there are a lot of new flats. There are a lot of cafés too, the best one is oppposite the Roman church.Time for some shopping in summer? The allée des pins is pure shopping heaven. There are a lot of new shops each year and there are a lot of restaurants near the beach. My favourite restaurant is “Casa Blanca”. It is Moroccan.   You want something to do? Argelès is so exciting! Argelès is art and music. Because there are a lot of exhibitions and concerts.And my friend will kill me if I don’t tell you about the most important thing in Argeles : rugby! Did you know that the French rugby team coach is from Argelès. And our local team USAP won the French championship two years ago?   Well, see you in Argelès! Cheers!
  6. 6. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  7. 7. Hello! My name is Maxime, I live in Argeles ; so I know everything you have to know ! Argeles is not really a city, its a big town and there is a very big contrast between winter and summer . In summer the population is higher than in winter ,there are a lot of cars and the town is crowded. But Argeles is very attractive ,and its mainly touristic . First we have the biggest campsites in Europe ,we have «Camping Les Marsouins»and le «Le Dauphin» and many others...Its a heaven for tourists, the temperature in summer is hot and everyone goes to the beach . We have many beaches like «Le Racou» or «Plage Nord». We have a very interesting history, museums about Catalan culture and history ; the town centre with old houses and a roman church in the centre . If you want to do shopping in a pleasant atmosphere go to the «Allée des pins» its really nice,there are narrow streets where you find shops on each side or in the town centre ; markets on Wednesdays. Restaurants, bars, creperies, everything you need ! After a walk along the sea, go to the beautiful port ,where you can eat food from the sea . Young people ? We have a few nightclubs where you can dance and drink . And there are also exhibitions and quite a few concerts . Sporty person? « Rugby » here is the best sport .And my friend is a world boxing champion ! And most importantly Argeles is situated between the mountains and the sea where nature is beautiful ,like the « Massane river » which crosses the town . So open your eyes ! See you there ! Good bye !
  8. 8. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  9. 9. Hello, my name is Elodie H. I am in 4th year in the “collège des alberes”. Argelès sur Mer isin Languedoc Roussillon, in the south of France. It is in Northern Catalogne and near Spain. It is one of the sunniest area, sun, sea and montains “les albères”, Catalan traditions, gastronomy and vine growing. In my  hometown there are religious celebrations. I am Argelès born and bred. The city centre has it all. There is a library, a Roman church , chemists’, flower shops, banks, the library, two cinemas... In “les albères” there is a castle called “Valmy”. In Argelès you can eat traditionnal food  as “pan con tomate”,”fideua” in all the restaurants of the town. In summer Argelès is so exciting! A lot of tourists come to see the beach and  catalan culture. The  tourists stay in campsites. There are 53 campsites! In my town rugby is the most important game everyone supports the Catalan team “Usap”. My favorite place is in an area  called “Taxo d’avall”.This district is ancient with ruin of the castle of avall but also new with  houses in the surroundings. There are a lot of camp sites near the beach. A pedestrian street along the sea where there are many restaurants and little souvenir shops. In my region Catalan is spoken as often as possible. Argelès is a very warm town, its inhabitants are nice. You must come and visit Argelès.
  10. 10. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  11. 11. Hello and welcome everyone ! I’m Léna , I’m fourteen years old and I’m not an Argelès sur mer born and bred, but I have lived in Argelès since I started primary school, in 2002, and this is my guide to my town.You want something exciting to do ? Argelès sur mer is sardanes, Catalan dances, typical in Catalonia, because Argelès is near the border with Spain. In Argelès there are a lot ofrestaurants and bars in the town centre, you can eat Catalan food as the famous cargolade, or Spanish food as the paella or simply French and more other foods too.There is a famous rugby club near Argelès ! A Catalan club called USAP, this club represents Catalan people, a language, a country, a strong identity and more. There are so many campsites and hotels in Argelès for tourists. In our historical heritage we have a beautiful and roman church named Notre-Dame-Dels- Prats, Built in the XIV century, and a Catalan museum on the Castellans place, in the town centre. In Argelès village there are many shops; butcher’s, fishmonger’s, grocer’s, baker’s, chemist’s, greengrocer’s, stationer’s ... In the heart of Argelès sur mer you can see old streets and old houses. Argelès is near theMediterranean sea, and next to Argelès beach there are a lot of shops and restaurants open during the summer to all the tourists, and there are more hotels in Argelès beach than in Argelès village. In the summer the allée des pins is the most populated avenue. During the summer holidays, there are festivals, concerts, fireworks on the beach. So in Argelès sur mer you never get bored ! See you there ! Cheers !
  12. 12. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  13. 13. Hi ! My name is Marion and welcome to Argeles, a little town.. You must know it is situated in the Catalan country in South of France.In argeles no problem for the sea, high mountains only 2 hours away and Spain very near. The tourists like Argeles for this. In July andAugust, Argeles is more populated than now. And during the festivalthere are many catalan traditions like San Jordi or Easter... But most importantly here, we love rugby and rugby is all our life. I’m an Argeles born and bred and I grew up in Argeles. But I walk more in the town center than to the beach, to see my friends and goto the newsagents or the bookshop. There are many things to see in Argeles ! So come here, you are most welcome !
  14. 14. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  15. 15. Argeles is a very touristic town with a large beach.Religious  and beautiful, Argelès is a very interesting town with a littlemuseum and its exhibitions.Good ! You can ggo shopping to little shops and with the: “allée des pins”too.Elementary my dear friend ! There a lot of hotels and you can do campingtoo.Ladies and gentlemens, if you like eating out, you can eat specialities of thetown and drink a fine country wine in a good restaurant.Every body love sports ! It’s possible to in Argeles, because, there is alittlke football and rugby staduim, a tennis club, a swimming pool and allthe rest.Super nice Argeles: you say ! A library, a theatre, a river (La Massane), achurch, garage, chemist’s, school... All the rest is here to welcome you inArgeles.   (Léo)
  16. 16. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  17. 17. During spring, The country side is coloured and perfumed by the mimosa which announces the end of a cold winter. The sounds of the villages market on Saturday morning wake me up slowly and tenderly. I open my window and I see the rocks of the churchs walls : It reminds me so much good times. In Carnival Day, Catalans instruments parade through the streets of the town. When the hot summer is finally coming,The bells of the schools are ringing : what an exciting moment to know that it means holiday break. My little town will grow and have fun for some months. I already hope for different parties. My so little town during winter is becoming a great place to be. When autumn arrives, The vineyard shows its fruits and leaves, full of the sun of the previous months. School begins and the little shops meet the inhabitants again. Every winter, The streets wear the Christmas make up. I smell the warm odours of the Christmass market. The New Year has already begun in the centre of this Catalan myth. LORETTE
  18. 18. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  19. 19. Argeles is a very cultural and touristic town especially in summer ! Let me explain why:In Argeles, there is a village and an attractive beach because there are a lot of things to do. In summer, there are a lot of tourists because they go to the beach to practice different sports or simply to sunbath. Near the beach, there is “L’allée des Pins” which is a very important place. There are a lot of clothes shops or even small galleries. Argeles is also a cultural town, you can visit museums or exhibitions.Rugby is a very important and famous sport in the town. “ “USAP” is the most famous rugby club. You can eat the specialities of the town or drink good wine. The tourists can sleep in campsites or in hotels. So, if you like to have a good time during your holidays, you must come and enjoy yourself in Argeles !! Manon
  20. 20. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  21. 21. Hi ! My name is Clément, and I will talk about a beautiful town, Argeles! Near the beach, there are a lot of restaurants where you can eat good food everyday. If you want to swim, the beach is near the “allée des pins”. There are shops where you can find everything you need. In the village, there is a market on Wednesdays and on Saturdays.There are two schools, a very good library, and if you love reading, you have to go there!You want to do sport? In Argelès there is a rugby stadium, a football stadium, a swimming pool... To discover the seashore, you can take a boat. Next, you can go to the Catalan museum in the village, he is very interesting! At the night, Argeles is very good! There is music, and many more activities. So, come in my town, you will be very happy!! See you soon!!
  22. 22. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  23. 23. Hello ! My name is Cathy, and I’ll speak about my hometown. Argelès is a very beautiful town .There are a lot of activities, as in summer with the beach.We can do shopping, near the beach during the season, there is much choice. In summer there are a lot of people; people are attracted by the beautiful landscape, and the heat. Summer’s a nice season. There are a lot of sports, handball, football, but the most important is rugby. There is a stadium near a school and the police station. All year long, there is a market on Wednesday and Saturday. The oldest monument in Argelès is the church in the town centre and the Castle of Valmy. There are a lot of restaurants, cafés, but just a few are open in winter. The cinema is situated in opposite the library, the town hall is near the Massane river . If you want to see beautiful things, welcome to Argelès. Argelès is the town to visit.
  24. 24. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  25. 25. Hello and welcome everyone ! I’m Léa G. ; I live in Argelès-sur-Mer. As its name suggests it is situated near the sea, the Mediterranean, in the extreme south of France.The sandy beach of 7 km has many attractions in spring and autumn, as always with the best sun! Here, the Pyrenees flow into the sea creating the Côte Vermeille, whichextends to the Spanish border through Collioure and Banyuls-sur-Mer. Argelès-sur-Mer is in the heart of Catalan country, 20 minutes from Perpignan and at the foothills of the Albera mountains. Clean bathing water, beach cleaned every day, safeguards, passages adapted for the disabled, a valued heritage. Thanks to its geographical location and its pleasant climate, Argelès can offer visitors sports venues, outdoor sports or at sea.The light is soft, the space on the sand is wide, with the blue and green décor, Argelès is a wonderful place for the many pleasures and water sports offered by the beach clubs such as diving, sailing clubs which provide various water sports facilities (sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, stand up paddling ...) Thank you and goodbye !
  26. 26. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  27. 27. Hello ! I want to present my spectacular town named Argelès .Argelès isn’t a simple town, Argelès offers many activities! Football, handball, swimming in the sea and in a swimming-pool; Argelès is a sporty city.And the beach! If you like the sea, Argelès is for you because there’s a very large beach in Argelès.Oh! And shopping ! In every street, there is a shop because people here love shopping! Yes! Do you like Catalan, food, Spanish food, Chinese food, pizza and good meals ? Dont panic, many restaurants open their doors to you. Bye! And dont forget! Argelès isn’t a city, it is a monument! Quentin
  28. 28. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  29. 29. My city Argelès-sur-mer, the town centre Side-streets and little pavement, But traffic-jams and a lot of people, Particularly on Wednesday and Saturday, market days. No department stores but traditional shops, Butchers, Greengrocers and Bakers at every corner of the streets. Flower shops, hairdressers and newsagents. Near the high-street, cafes and an old hotel-restaurant. Opposite the cinema, there’s the big library. At 10.30 am, I can hear children scream in the school playground. Argelès, the beach Sand and a large pedestrian alley. Many many tourists cycling, Hotels and a lot of camp sites. In “ Allée des Pins ‘’, Shops and restaurants But unfortunately little local food. At night, there are festivals or musical bars...In my city, there is a Catalan museum about Catalan tradition and culture, And you can play every sport you like. The mountain itself flows in the sea. It’s the perfect mix of environment. Joris
  30. 30. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  31. 31. Hi ! Here is Argeles, a small town with 10,000 inhabitants. Argeles is very beautiful for its mountains « Les Albères » and for its beach ! Argeles is a destination for every moment of the year. In summer, many Argelesians and tourists go to the beach, have a swim, sunbathe, and take part in many activities : beach volley, rugby or dance competition... Its attractive! Tourists go camping, in Argeles there are more than 50 campsites! Its incredible ! In winter Argeles is more dreary than in summer because camp sites are closed and the beach is deserted. But at Christmas time, in the streets of the village, you can hear Christmas carols and visit the Christmas market, Its magic !In February, theres the Carnival, its my favourite period because many people are costumed and sing, dance in every street. There are colourful and illuminated floats and you can hear brass band play with shiny instruments. Its fantastic ! In Argeles, there is a museum : « Le musée Catalan » near the city centre; this museum shows Catalan culture and its traditions. Its very interesting ! You can visit «Le parc de Valmy » too, a big castle and its beautiful park. Its pretty ! You can go shopping, in summer near the beach, and in the town centre all year long or in the local supermarket in the industrial district. Its practical ! You can eat in many restaurants in Argelès, in traditionnal restaurants on the beach in summer… Envoy your meal ! Argeles is a lively, amazing, happy, dynamic and warm town! I love my city ! Pauline
  32. 32. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  33. 33. Argeles is a very beautiful and touristic town. You can do a lot of things in summer or even in winter.Thanks to our beach, in summer you can do many things, watersports like sailingor canyoning. Many tourists come to visit our town, we can walk along the beach or in the mountains called “ Les Albères”. There are a lot of concerts too.Art and culture are very present in Argeles. You can visit museums or art galleries.Rugby is the most important sport in our town. There is a big place for it near the school called “ Gaston Pams” where a lot of people got there to play with their friends. Near the beach, there are a lot of beautiful restaurant where you can eat catalans specialities like” paëlla”.The city center has it all. There is a library, a cinema, a church but there aren’t bigshops but in a beautful place called “ L’allée des pins” there are many little shops open in summer near the beach . So, I think we are very lucky to live in Argeles sur Mer ! Anaïs
  34. 34. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  35. 35. Argeles Sur Mer Little village near the mountains , Little village near the beach , How I love this perfect harmony. When I hear your sweet Christmas carol , That I admire your decorated streets and your illuminated steeple , That I feel on my cheeks this little fresh air, I seem to dream. Little village near the mountains , Little village near the beach , Decorated with flowers and berries, When the birds sing the song of your beautiful spring,When the smell of your violets and of your lily come into my heart , I am so amazed....
  36. 36. Little village in winter, Big town in summer, Argeles sur Mer is completely transformed. When I visit your old ramparts and your Catalan museums , When your beach tells me its history ,When I listen to these fantastic voices in the Park of Valmy , When the traditional music enter in my ears and my legs to make me dance the sardana , I am so proud of you. Big town in summer, Become little in autumn , When I go to watch rugby matches, I see on the road, your mythic game of pétanque played here. Such different sports but that make of Argeles sur Mer, My little village. Samantha
  37. 37. Argelès-sur-mer, my hometown
  38. 38. CREDITS● Texts : élèves de 3° 2 (collège des Albères)● Photos : - mairie dargelès-sur-mer - restaurant La Tramontane