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The consumer attorneys of california


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Representing over 3,000 lawyers statewide, the CAOC helps legal professionals seek justice for those who have been wronged.

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The consumer attorneys of california

  1. 1. Arlene Kock:The Consumer Attorneys of California
  2. 2. The Consumer Attorneys of CaliforniaI am a proud former member of the California Trial LawyersAssociation, a group now known as the ConsumerAttorneys of California. Representing over 3,000 lawyersstatewide, the CAOC helps legal professionals seek justicefor those who have been wronged. CAOC attorneysrepresent consumers injured by products, patients harmedby professional negligence, those who have been unfairlydiscriminated against, workers unfairly fired, and investorswronged by financial institutions, among others. The CAOCgives its lawyers the tools and resources necessary toconfront the powerful legal forces that represent thedefendants in these cases and achieve justice for theplaintiffs.
  3. 3. The Consumer Attorneys of CaliforniaCAOC members gain the support of the organization’slobbying team, which advocates on behalf of consumerattorneys across the state. The CAOC also publishes ForumMagazine, an invaluable resource for new scholarlyadvances in the field, tips for building a successfulpractice, and important procedural guidelines. Daily E-Clips help keep CAOC attorneys informed aboutregulations and proceedings that directly affect them andtheir practices. In addition, multiple e-mail lists, an attorneymember directory, and a vendor directory allow foressential networking within the community, encouraging acooperative approach to representing those who havebeen wronged.
  4. 4. The Consumer Attorneys of California• Further opportunities for networking and training are provided by the organization’s annual convention and its multiple travel seminars, where members can learn about innovative litigation strategies and study landmark cases. This past year’s annual convention focused on issues surrounding employment, class actions torts, the 21st century juror, and the effect of the economic crisis on the legal profession. Rick Friedman, a keynote speaker for the event, presented on trial lawyer shame and moral core advocacy. The CAOC is an indispensable organization that gives trial lawyers the support needed to successfully represent clients against powerful institutions and organizations and keep them in check.